Sunday, November 8, 2015


Also, I just happened to walk all the way to grandma's house today.
My grandma that is, not Freya's. Yep. She was still alive.
Dad was there too. Freya was kinda shy in the beginning, but she warmed up after a while :) Melting them with her charm. haha No one can resist my doodlepuff.

Guess old people appreciate things differently once they're old.
I wonder if there's anything she'd choose to do differently in life if she got the chance to.
I know she still feels like she ain't done nothing wrong to me or my family at all. (By family I mean mom and sister) But she's old. So I pity her. Maybe there's at least one thing she regrets? Who knows. She seems kinder these days. But that might also just be death knocking on her door, making her nervous and shit. But I'd like to think she's kinder cause she's realized how precious love and kindness is(?) I have no idea what I'm saying.....

Well. It's been quite an all right day.

Mom and Lasse dropped Freya off this morning. (They're besties now so Freya sleeps over more and more lol) It makes me happy to see my mother that happy with my little angel. :) It warms my heart. I'm happy that mom finally gets to be the grandmother she always wanted to be :)

Moooooooooooving on.

I'm working extra tomorrow morning. Shift starts at 06:30 , apparently there's a crisis at work and I'm always asked first (totally appreciate it though, that's the deal me and my boss have. Ask me first cause I like extra cash lmao) Oh and I have a dentist appointment at 2. Yay. (Yes, I'm fucking nervous. I'm terrified tbh) I'll survive. Boo. 

I think I'll just continue watching Supernatural now. Till it's time for bed or something.

I have mixed feelings about something. And I don't know what to do really... 
I talked to dad about it. (he gave a speech about it..not very helpful though)
How do you keep a good balance between you and coworkers? Not all coworkers will like you. Some will be mean. Some will be sneaky. Some will act innocently. (This is actually quite an important question. For anyone in the working field) This is not a stupid teen movie where you go with your heart and fight for what's right blah blah blaah.... although that's what you'd like to do sometimes really....
At one point in your life, you will find yourself face to face with someone who just won't like you. Or someone who talks behind your back (It's a possibility) Or someone who's just simply put: A bitch. You'll also meet nice and cute ones too, naturally. But they are not the ones we're focusing on today here.
There's no right or wrong thing to do then either. It's just a 'you wanna keep your job? Don't start a fight then' kinda thing. It sucks but it's true. 

So, I have to work with someone, who talked behind my back. She knows I know.
I don't believe she's a bad person. Then again, I don't know her at all really.
It'll be awkward, and I'll be embarrassed for some weird reason. Cause I'm trying to correct some thing that she had criticised behind my back, BUT I DON'T WANT HER TO KNOW THAT I AM, BUT SHE'LL NOTiCE FAST. Butthole. Though at the same time I'm pissed for the trash she said too.

So do I smile? Should I joke? Act like it didn't affect me? Or should I just be quiet? 
You guys might think I'm weird for talking too much, but trust me: I'm way more awkward when I'm silent.
Nah, I have no idea how to act now.
So how do I act like this didn't affect me? 

I suppose that in order to keep the calm in the group (and to keep my job) , I need to act "normal". And not express my opinion this time. Act normal, act normal, act normal.
So, there's my fucking problem.


Feel free to comment below, about how normal people act, what normal people talk about, what do they like? 
 They seem to only like things that they know everyone else like. No one is unique. I also noticed that they don't know much. At all. Their IQ's seem quite low. Ah, maybe I should read like girly magazines?  Cosmopolitan

Feel free to give me tips on how to act.

Cause I might just be a bitch without intending to be one. (it kinda comes with the resting-bitch-face-syndrome I was born with) Help? Plus some find my straightforwardness a little intimidating sometimes apparently. I guess combined with my face it just...doesn't sound cute lol
Also a reason why I need to act normal and NOT express my opinion and be straightforward.

Gosh this'll be so very Aaaaaaaaaaaawkwaaard.
I hate it when it gets awkward like that. It'll be so stiff and weird. Gah.

Yes, that will be a very awkward day.

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  1. I mean... I'm obviously NOT normal, but to put my few cents in it I'd say there's quite a lot of options.
    The more socially acceptable thing to do is to go to work, act like nothing happened, do your thing, say something somewhat funny and try not to panic. Like... almost forget what she has done or whatever.
    The second one (also still socially acceptable) is to do what I said above buuut add some passive aggressive-ness. Like... when you do the things she commented on that you did wrong before, comment on them. Like "see what I did there? yeah I fucking did it." and things along those lines.

    My personal fave in those situations is to arrive at the scene of the crime and calmly confront people, which is sadly enough NOT socially acceptable. I mean... I might have pissed people off, and people even denied that they spoken about me after I confronted them, but at least then I could end on the note: "well then... now there's def no need for us to talk about each other, riiiiight? teehee~"

    So, take your pick or do something half-half or whatever. It will work out.


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