Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well I did Nathalie's hair earlier.
I'm pretty awesome aren't I?
Yep. I used her pantyhose to do the hairbuns.

Ah and we just had dinner. I made mashed cauliflower with butter and cream an junk. And some chicken and gravy. It was actually freakin' delicious.

I'm quite a good roommate.

Chillaxing all cooool

Welp I'm just enjoying my day off. I've been to the baker to look for some sour dough bread but he sold then all already. And it was like 1 o'clock or something. Hah... He sells it like butter in sunshine. Anyway.

I also made blueberry smoothies this morning.

I'm gonna start cooking soon too. Yep.
Some TV watching for how though.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


right, did I mention that I have a new job AGAIN?
night shifts. yay.

Let's hope this place is better.
It's boring being an outcast like I am... constantly judged and looked down upon. Kinda sucks from time to time. But who am I to complain really? There's bunches of people that have it worse than I do. Some don't even have a job yep. So I should be grateful for having a job I suppose.

I'd be even more grateful if all of a sudden all my coworkers came down with a horrible case of chronic diarrhea. hah.

The new place I've been working extra at... turns out it's full of sneaky assholes. I don't do well with sneaky assholes.

I'm much better with just plain honest assholes.

But anyway. I'll keep my old job (just don't wanna work with thse peeps..) get rid of the "new" one. And start my NEW one next week or so.


How bout I just die now?

Dear lord...

I applied for another job just now.
And you had to send a picture of yourself.
So I did.

Except... I clicked the wrong picture.........

That's me. Fucking Fabulous. retarded am I?
I bet they'll forever remember my name, that's for sure.


So... I'm working in a group I don't wanna work in today. A group where it's very obvious that they don't like me.

And today I'm also working as a team with one of the ladies that nagged at me last Friday about not forcing an old lady (she was mad at me for letting her stay in bed during the evening instead of forcing her up despite her screams and refuse)

And we just so happened to he AT that old lady's house juuuust now. It's funny... She's showering the old lady and I can hear the old lady scream for help, yelling NOOOOO and junk. I'd say this is forcing someone against their will. But I'm not allowed to say a word.

What's even more funny is that after that, the coworker came out and suddenly acted really nice towards me. Saying good job Jo and so on and acting really kind and supporting.

What a complete load of bullshit.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

82 degrees

Today... Is motherfucking hot. I'm dyyyyyiiiing....

I'm sweating to death in my scrubs here. I'm at my new job tonight. Thank god. I'm still pissed at my coworkers at my old job. ROAR.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Let me tell you... I've had a horrible fucking day at work. I got into a biiiiig argument with my coworkers. They were really really mean about it too. And they actually managed to piss me off so bad... That I've decided to make life hard for them.
Ignorant bitches.

And now I'm at my other job so... My mood is actually bunches better cause I got to talk to Frost now on my break and see his cute sleepy face.

He's the beeeeest cure for a bad mood haha

Welp I gotta continue working now. Todelooooo!


Good morning everyone.
I've been up since 3am. Sucks not being able to sleep... But hey ho. Eventually my brain WILL get so tired that it'll have to sleep. Lets just hope it doesn't happen when I'm at work or riding a bike or crossing a street lol

I've talked to Frost all morning though, so that's the beauty of not sleeping today haha

I'm enjoying my coffee while looking at my Bama kitty, haha Frost gave that to me <3

And it's been raining aaaaall night and thundering and lightning and all that junk. Sometimes I curled up like a cheesedoodle cause the thunder scares me. My windows are shaking right now...

And I have to work outside in this weather now. Yay.

A 15 hours work day ahead of me. But only HALF the day will be spent outside so yay!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My "day off"

It was half day off. I'm going to work in a bit. The his called me herself and begged me to come. Plus she offered me more money for tonight so of course is said ALRIGHTYROONY!!!! :D

So this was my day off so far.
Fried pork with Nathalie. And then Sofia and Alicia came over with strawberries. Lovely surprise ^_^


My sister took this pick of Doris. Ain't she just adorable? Frost says she's an anteater, not a dog. She's just tricking us into thinking she's a dog lol

good news

well first of all... my paycheck this month is a LOPT better than I expected. Which means, next'll be HUGE. Ah that's just great :)

That means I'll have enough money to buy a ticket right then and there to alabama if I wanted to. I'm gonna continue to work hard like this, for as long as it's possible. This is the summer so it's easy to work but during the fall there's less people gone ya know? But I have two jobs. Two jobs that seems to pay real fucking well too.

This made me happy.

This means I can save up for bunches of things!!!

Oh oh oh Alabama wait for meeeeeeee!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Change of plans

I just got home from Stinas place. Get ready to catch up on True Blood an junk. Bought a Loka to drink and all...

And the phone rings.

Soooo now I'm waiting for Sofie to pick me up. She doesn't like walking in to other people's apartments alone, so she's bringing me with her to water her brothers plants.... Yeah. So that's how I is.

Guess true blood will have to wait till later.

Btw, my skin is not this beautiful in real life haha But the camera somehow made it look like I'm freakin' fabulous. Thank you camera, cause I feel like a douche today haha

Well well

I'm in a fuckton of pain today so I figured, why not walk it off?

So me and Lei Lei walked aaaaall the way to Baronbacken (Baron hill) haha And now I'm enjoying a nice cup of coffee and some nom noms that Stina made herself.

Stina, Marcus, her mother and then me. Plus 5 dogs lol crowded place huh? :)
Stinas mother and I have been discussing the pros an cons of home care. Made me think about what I'm gonna do with my future.... Hmmm... We'll just see what kind of work I end up with I guess.

I really need to pee..... Again.
But Marcus is taking a shower so no toilet for moi. Boo. I'll just go pee behind his shoes.

Oh oh and it's aaaaalmost time for stina to give birth!!!! AAAAAH BABY COMING SOON! WEEEEH! *jumps up and down*

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Some of orange is the new black

Figured I'd enjoy me some Netflix before work :D

Orange Is The New Black and a cup of strong coffee. Yay.

Oh and I slept ALL night last night. Like 7 hours straight. Aaaaah.... It was heavenly.

Anyway. Guess I should walk the pigbear soon too. Blah...
I miss my snuggletree <3

Friday, July 19, 2013

The best dog

Yep. I've good some nice company with me at the office. I usually put her outside but all my colleagues and junk we're all 'Aaaaaaw let her in, she doesn't wanna be outside alone' and shit. So she came with me.

That wont happen often. Cause I trust no one. Uh huh.

good stuff

I'm feeling positive and junk today.
I mean, this weekend will be the weekend from hell. Sure enough. I work 15 hours straight again tomorrow. And I have 30 minutes to go from my job here, to my part time job. Woop woop. I'll just go really really fast.

Yesterday was a really awesome day. Though, for some reason..I missed Frost an extra bunch last night. Like crazy much. He's the cutest dork. <3 We did however get to talk for a loooooooong time. YAY

Ah I was supposed to sell a painting today buuuuut the person who were supposed to buy it didn't get his paycheck, so he'll buy it at the end of this month or the next. whatever. I'm in no rush actually. I'm still enjoying my crazy sketching sprees.

I need to buy new canvases and colors and junk.

I need more space too  .  .  .

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Thursday in ages

I so needed this.
Ah, I've got fucking ACE friends really.
Keeping my energy levels up and all happy and junk.

We went swimming today in Harge, and then went to askersund and went around and looked at places. I showed them where I'll be taking Frost and stuff. Yep.

And work went brilliant as well. Woop woop.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I've had a horrible morning...
Most things went wrong for me at work.

Lost the key to the bike. Had to walk back to the office, got reeeeeaaally late to all my patients. (It's not even my own bike btw) THEN out of nowhere... I got my period -_- and theeeen I realized I had my clothes inside out.

Brilliant...Just fucking brilliant...

But, then I got this message in the middle of work and aaaaaws.. It did cheer me up.

Well I don't have time to respond to it just now but still. Made me happy :)

I am smiling btw.
Even when shit happened I smiled cause Frost was there to write with me <3 So I'm all good now.

I've got a long day ahead of me. Woop woop!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Orange is the new black

A cup of coffee and and a new show.
Fucking sweet ^_^

I'm liking this show. It's pretty awesome.


I think not.

It may look nasty... But it's actually onion and broccoli soup with chicken in it. So a chicken broccoli soup I guess :)

Yep. Well... I made up the recipe myself since I only had a handful of things to use. All I knew was I WANNA MAKE A FUCKING FABULOUS SOUP TODAY. Yep.

So I did.

Aaaah... I work 15 hours straight tomorrow. Eheeheee.... I might be tired lol

Sunny day

We're just sitting outside the food dock... Hiding in the shadows haha

And it's super windy today. Boo. I look like a witch. YaY!

There's a nap waiting for me when I get home after 1 o'clock :D yay!


I'm moody today.
Talking to my tree in the morning helped a bit though. Cause he's adorable.

But I fucking hate it when people interrupt my god damn sleep!

Aaaah mother of fucks.
And neighbors suck...

No Marty, you haven't written to me after 23:00 since I told you that I'll wake up from messages. So don't worry cutie pie :)

But after careful thinking and debating,,. I have decided to just shut down.

Yep, no more phone. You can't reach me. And that's about it.

If anyone needs me you know where I live. And if you don't know, well then you're not supposed to know either.

Seriously.... How did humans survive 10 years ago without cellphones?

Have a great fucking day.


Monday, July 15, 2013


Holy fucking fuck!

World war Z is so intense all the time that I feel like I can't breathe!

Ah my poor nerves -.-

But it's oh so good!


Weeeeell I was supposed to go to the clinic today and see the doctor as we agreed to on Friday.... But, I don't feel like it.

I can always go tomorrow.
It's just a bunch of weird tests. Some, that I've already done before.. And some that are new. It's not really a big deal.

And I'd definitely appreciate it if people could stop calling me/texting me saying that they're worried and wanna know how I'm feeling and junk. Acting like it's all serious and shit...

Don't fucking worry.

I'm ok.
In fact, I'm fucking fabulous.

Lack of sleep and a lil' nervousness never killed anyone. lol

But seriously, enough with the worry..

If I were in trouble and/or actually really sick, then of course I'd fucking tell my friends and family. Who do you think I am?

I see people that are sick, and dying everyday.
I'm a very lucky girl to be this blessed and rather healthy too.

Don't ever take your good health for granted, there's a lot of people that would kill to be as healthy as you are. To not die from cancer or other horrible diseases.

So be grateful that you're able to wake up everyday and spend yet another day with the ones you love.

I've noticed that a lot of people have trouble handling death at my new job. Some of them seem to think I'm weird for handling it so good, not being scared or upset. Dead people never really did scare me.

But see, it's cause they see it from a different point of view than I do.

When a patient of mine dies, I don't feel sad. Cause they've finally been set free from that cage they've been stuck in for so long.

Now they're finally free. No more misery and pain, no more old cracking weak bodies and weak tired lungs... No more brain tumors, and days filled with medications.... They can finally rest.

So, my point is.

I'm grateful for what I have.

Don't take shit for granted.

Learn to appreciate the small things in life.

Cause they could be gone tomorrow.

World War Z

I'm watching World War Z right now.
I felt like watching something before work... And this movie keeps me jumpy at all times. Seriously... This is a very creepy movie. So far at least.

The zombies... They're fucking scary. And super fast. They scare the hell outa me all the time... :O Nerve wracking I tell ya. I can feel a heart attack coming up....

And this is a pretty good version of the movie. It's just the sound that's a wee bit bad. But totally fine :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

For freeeee

For meeeeee!!

The ladies at the cafeteria (in the nursing home) gave me chocolate pudding and whipped cream.
Aaaaaw :)

Nom nom!

Sleepy Sunday

Actually, I'm not that sleepy.... Just... Meh. I feel fuzzy haha And my hair won't work with me today. It's just everywhere.

I did sleep a few hours though, despite my noisy neighbors -_-

I'm working in a group called Marklyckan right now. I'm kinda lost.... It takes a lot more time for me to finish my jobs today when I don't know my way around the place. But hey ho... At least I'm working with a bunch of happy and fun people today :)

And also, I started the day with Frost <3
My snuggletree! Puss!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My own

Welp... I'm working on this little piece right now. Just felt like making thick lines and a fuck-ton of details. Yep ^_^

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Look what's floating in the sky right now :)

Babe, when you move to Sweden... I'll take you on a ride in an air balloon some day. So you can see our town from above. 💋 This is a must!

I'll take you on so many adventures!

We have the rest of our lives to go on adventures, laugh, have kids, marry, snuggle and have fun together :)

I have SO many adventures planned out lol
Realistic ones too I might add. I'm not just a dreamer ^_^


He hours just flew away and I had to cook a quick dinner before my other shift started. So, fried salmon with spaghetti goo... Yep. I gotta say I succeeded pretty damn well with the goo. Very tasty. Haha

valium oh valium..

oh how I need you now.

well, we'll see what nice little treats the doctor will give me. Anything that'll make me calm the fuck down and sleep is a good thang. Yep.

Oh and today is Frost's & mine anniversary! YAAAAY!
Well, the facebook anniversary anyway lol We'll go after that one from now on. Yep.

My little snuggletree. <3

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You don't say?


Let me just say... That I had the best time last night with Frost :) We had fun and junk. Played xbox and talked. Me enjoyed it bunches. ^_^

Oh and today ain't bad either.
So far, it's been a pretty dang good day I tell ya. Mom came in to town and we went for a good ol' fika. Mmm...
Swedes and their Fikas haha

I've cleaned EVERYWHERE today. Aaaand the toilet too. Dishes, sink, toilet, bedroom and so on, and so on.


I'm going to work soon too. Weeeeeeeh!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It's a slow and calm evening at work.
I'm at skebäcks gården right now. In my scrubs and all that junk...

I miss Frost a lot today.
But we're gonna talk and have a looooong Skype date tonight ^_^ yaaaay! Longer than usual. I decided that. Yep.

Oh, and I ate kalvdans today,, never had it before, pretty dang tasty! It's my patients good but we have to throw away everything that's left and I has a mouth, uh huh.

And no, it's not food that they've touched haha

Giant meal

I've had a really nice day so far :3
I'm enjoying my gigantic meal before my next shift starts. Haha

I managed to sleep for about 2 hours before too. Pretty awesome.

As usual... Frost makes my day.
Plus, I've been quite lucky today too. Woop woop.

OOOOH! And dearest little Moa called me earlier <3 Aaaaaws she's back in Sweden! YAAAAAY!!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Salmon and cabbage

The beauty of having a looooong break is that I manage to sleep quite some (yes I accidentally wrote s&m before...) time AND make myself a nice dinner.

Yay! *bro fist*

And after this I'll have a cup of coffee too. Cause I can. But I have to go to work in about 50 minutes so I better finish up and then walk Lei Lei :)


Aaaaw I woke up around 5am and did the usual things... Talked to Frost for almost an hour and had scrambled eggs :3

Lei Lei almost MURDERED a chihuahua and almost succeeded in breaking it's owners legs -.- Those 80 year old twig legs..... Gosh. Hello panic.

Anyway... I'm at work. Things are going smoothly so far. I have a loooooon break later too an I'ma sleep like motherfucker. Haha

I barely slept at all last night. Boo...
Well it's normally for me when I work. Dunno why... But I'll have to do something about that...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What an awesome bag haha

I feel special ^___^


Would ya look at my new awesome coffee cup that I got from Sofia? :D haha

Plus, I got a walking dead shirt toooo.

I've been at the park today as well. With Ida and Viktor. Yep. And then I met up with Sofia and Alicia ^^

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Haha I was watching Pretty Little Liars in the living room... And I wanted to pull my table closer to the couch.
But I wanted the carpet to come with it cause I always move the table AND the carpet at the same time. (Yeah I don't know why but it's like an OCD haha)

Only I couldn't move the carpet at all this time. It wouldn't budge.

So I grabbed the carpet and pulled really hard to make the table move..
And instead something fluffy and white came flying up all shocked and dazed.

Someone feel asleep down by the table and I didn't notice her haha

She's so cute :3


I've been having massive a headache today... Like wow.

It snuck up on me in the afternoon...
And just now I was thinking 'hey... I haven't had coffee today. I think I'll have some' :3

And that when I realized... Maaaaybe I have a headache cause I didn't get my daily fix lol

So I'm currently enjoying some stroooooong coffee while listening to the radio on the balcony. It's quite nice.


What's more summer than ice cream, sockerdricka and raspberry soda?

Noooothing haha

I've been at the park, laying in the sun with LeiLei for over an hour. Getting a tan on my ass again. lol

I found a spot where it's super sunny and not a soul that can see me. YES! *bro fist* So we laid there for a long time on a blanket. And then I bought some sodas and ice cream.

Just cause today felt so summery :)

Oh, sockerdricka (sugar soda) is delicious. I haven't had this in years... We used to drink it when we were kids ^^ Mmmm... Om nom.

You can say I'm having a nostalgic Swedish summer moment :)

He makes me smile

I have the best boyfriend in the world. Nuff said.

Nothing can compare to him.

He's my twinflame <3


Friday, July 5, 2013


I thought I'd show ya my scrubs :D

I must say... This job is so very different from my other one. Like here, things will take it's time and it doesn't matter how long it takes.. No stress. Just a slow pace.

On my other job, things have to be done by the minute and you've got a tight schedule.

This is nice.
It's nice to change routines and pace once in a while.

My shift here ends at 16:00... And my other shift at my other job starts at 17:00. Yay!

Ok, I'll have fika for 15 minutes with my mom now! Bye!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Well I'm in the car with Josse right now. Listening to Some good songs...I'd say I look decent today haha well I've been looking worse if I put it that way... lol

We're going to the funeral now.
I think me and my sis are the only ones wearing all black. Yep. Mom siad not to wear black..but ya know.

So basically not much different from what we usually wear.

Oh oh oh

Yay presents!! I like that!
I wonder what it iiiiiiiiis!!!

True story bro


I've laughed till I cried tonight :'D
Two dogs and two morons... We're a good team I guess haha

Three is a crowd

What about four? Haha

Anyway... I've had a great day.
Started it off by talking to my beebb, and then went to work. And then after that shift ended.. I went on another shift at my new job. I like it so far :D

I might just wanna stay... Who knows? I need to give it a few more times before I know for sure. Yep.

So... I can't sleep. I had way too much coffee today. Like waaaaaay way too much haha! It's 3am and I'm thinking about taking a long walk. Or something...

This is pretty much my last night being able to stay up late and junk for a while... So, I ate raspberry pie!!! NOM! haha But now I feel like I have to walk it off for some reason lol

Yep. I am a working girl. Working haaarrrd. 15 hours a day more or less. Almost everyday. Exciting I know! :D Weeeeeeeee! *jumps up and down*

I wonder when I'll get too tired to handle it lol


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Food delivery!

I'm the awesomest food delivery EVEEEEER! Plus I'm happy. And that's better than having a grumpy person giving patients good right? lol

Hey... Later today... I'll be wearing a nurse uniform. How interesting huh? Can't wear sweat pants and hoodies then nope :D


Aaaah drinking yoghurts. How nice is that huh? So tasty.

I have a pretty tight schedule today so I'm drinking this on the go. Very nom nom yes!

Plus, I noticed now that it says high on protein and less sugar.... Well that's good :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lie To Me

That would actually be a dream come true for me to work like Cal Lightman does. I just love shit like this. It's sad I failed to apply in time for the Criminology course last year but hey ho... there'll be more chances. Next year I'll apply as a Psychiatric nurse. It's a two year course :D YAY

aah, and tomorrow... my new job starts. Exciting. I hope I'll like it. If I don't then I always have a spare job lol

Right now, Natta and me are watching Lie To Me... it's a nice way to spend time before my late shift starts.  So far, so good. She's a great roomie. We're a good team lol, we haven't seen each other much lately but that's cause we've been working around each other haha She did night shifts, I did 14 hour day shifts... yep. So this is nice. :D

Lei Lei is still sick..... boo. She dragged me to the park earlier. DRAGGED. I basically flew after her in the leash. Poor doggy..... :/ well, I hope she'll get better soon. She's all happy and jolly though. And PLENTY of strength. haha

I'm gonna sip my coffee now and enjoy this calm afternoon before work.... yep.

Aaaah, I had a long nice talk to Frost last night. This time, NO ONE interfered haha I had him all to my self <3 YaY.

Hmmm, I think it's laundry day on thursday :3

Monday, July 1, 2013

oh the cheesyness...

I will never let you GOOOOOOOOOOO

Oh yeah, I'm totally yelling my lungs out right now. This ain't even no where near what you'd call "singing" haha

I don't care if anyone agrees with me or not, But Ozzy... his ballads are always beautiful. Like 'Mama I'm coming home'.

well, I got a call today.. from one of my bosses at one of the places that I work. She told me something disturbing that an old boss had said about me.... well, the old boss said good things too..which made me happy.

She said I was trustworthy, loyal, dutiful and flexible.
And then she said, 'The only negative thing I have to say is that she talk too much'........ uh...well. I know. But I don't do that anymore. cause I learn my lesson.

never trust anyone.

I trust Lei Lei and Frost. I think that's enough :3

well, it sure does look like I have three different jobs now. How will I ever managed them all? The third job is more cause I'm being forced to accept it.

Can't dirty the family name now can we? -_-