Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A birthday

It was my mothers birthday yesterday :)

I made her a painting and I even made my own bathbombs.

I hope mom had a nice birthday yesterday <3

Satellite of love

A remix of one of my favorite songs

 I started up listening to Thin Lizzy, then ZZ Top, and then this haha
Shit escalates sometimes.
But this song does have a special feeling in it for me, and I do love me some Lou Reed.
If you're not  following the beat in this one there's something wrong with you lol

I'm currently playing some hardcore in CoD. For some reason I do fucking great with good music in the headphones. The down part is that I can't hear when someone is near me lol
But who cares? Next up:

You have no goofy how get when I listen to this.
You should see me walking in the street with this in my headphones hahahaha
I go full Austin Powers then.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Name change

I was wondering if I should change the name of the blog to the same name that is my gamertag and also my instagram name? It's Awesomest koala.

What's your thoughts on that?

Feel free to give me advice.

Monday, April 17, 2017


I hope everyone had a good Easter this year :D

We sure did anyway. Freya had such a fun time too.
And my friends and family spoiled her like crazy. She had such a good easter.
She seemed very pleased lol
Both Nathalie & Patricia spoiled her like... wow! haha She had a fun time going around as an easter witch saying Happy Easter and handing out a little easter picture. She's still nibbling on the banana chips my sister gave her. She got quite a few easter eggs from people this year as well.
Next year we'll make it an even bigger event :) (I'm thinking a big easter breakfast or something with eggpainting and so on)

After that we went home and rested a little before heading home to mom for the annual easter dinner. Which was delicious btw. Mmmmm....

An easter success I'd say.
I realized after gobbling down the amazing stew my mom made for dinner... that we're getting so old. Cause I was SO god damn tired after the dinner.... even Frost admitted that he was so sleepy. So Freya got to stay over at mom's place over the night as planned, and we went home and napped for a few hours lol Best nap ever though. Yup.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sunshines and all that jazz

Ok, first of all. My man dyed my hair finally.
And it's closer to my natural color I suppose. :)
But it's still very refreshing anyway :D

I've also been playing a lot on bo3 and Paladins online. 
I'm a motherfucking queen on hardcore! BOOM! haha But seriously, we have a lot of fun there.
I finally found a crew! My spot.
And Paladins are really neat too. Such a fun beta!

What else have we been up too... Hmm... me and Freya have been sneaking around.
Playing a lot and watching The Smurfs.

Frost had a job interview the other day. Yep... one of the biggest industrial companies in the world, that build giant mining drills and machines for the underground among other things.
Apparently the job he applied for had already been filled. But they wanted him for another job to build together certain machines and shit. I'm just fucking proud that Frost landed an interview with this place in the first place. They're so insanely picky when choosing people for their services. I've had friends wanting to work for them before, and man it was intense to get an interview for them.

So whether he gets the job or not, I'm just happy they found him so interesting that they wanted to talk like that. Yep. English was required to speak, and I think we all know he's pretty damn good at his native language lmao

So congratulations baby! At landing an interview with such a picky company!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring is here!!

We went to go grill some hotdogs and stuff out in the nature the other day, and we had so much fun :D It always makes me happy to see Freya laugh and smile like that <3





We had a great day! I'm so happy that my daughter have such a huge loving family.
And she's got the best grandparents ever. I was just thinking that particular day that I always wondered what it was like to have loving grandparents or a loving dad etc... Cause I have no idea what it's like. I mean, my grandparents on my mothers side died early....and the ones on my dads side... well. everyone on that side is very cold. (towards me anyway... they favored my cousin more than me) But Freyster.... she's got it all. She is so loved. And that makes me happy <3

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunday's adventures

We've had a nice calm weekend.
Frost and I went on a date on friday. We watched Ghost in the shell. 

It got terrible reviews... But I liked it. (I can imagine that it would be hard to understand the plot if you haven't even heard of the anime)
But like I said, I really liked it :D  I mean, I waited for 20 years for this to happen. I loved the anime back in the day. 
Scarlett Johansson did an awesome job as major :D

They actually stuck with the whole concept from the anime, which I found awesome! ☺

Saturday was sleepy day. We all slept abd snuggles basically. Played some videogames. 
Raged like crazy over infinite warfare as usual. 

Sunday... Aaaah Sunday. It was a calm day. We played in the park. And played ball too... I decided to go to a different park this time. And Freya had a blast! 

And then in the evening, Frost made hamburgers. Mmm.... Freya wanted the Hulk to join us. So, hi Hulk~ 

I'm going to start yoga soon and meditation. I think I need it... 
I want to be the best Jo I can be. 
For my family's sake. ❤

That's the kind of man I love

When you try to take a simple picture of your coffee...
But something comes up and ruins it lol 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Yum yum

I decided to make a delicious breakfast the other day for Freya and Frost and me. With some nice real maple syrup. Mmm.... I'm spoiled like that. I like real maple syrup. That's the best choice for pancakes!

I've been mamking a lot of pancakes and paddies and stuff lately  (accidently bought too much milk that expired earlier his week lol) And what's better than just pouring it down the drain?  PANCAKES!