Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sunshines and all that jazz

Ok, first of all. My man dyed my hair finally.
And it's closer to my natural color I suppose. :)
But it's still very refreshing anyway :D

I've also been playing a lot on bo3 and Paladins online. 
I'm a motherfucking queen on hardcore! BOOM! haha But seriously, we have a lot of fun there.
I finally found a crew! My spot.
And Paladins are really neat too. Such a fun beta!

What else have we been up too... Hmm... me and Freya have been sneaking around.
Playing a lot and watching The Smurfs.

Frost had a job interview the other day. Yep... one of the biggest industrial companies in the world, that build giant mining drills and machines for the underground among other things.
Apparently the job he applied for had already been filled. But they wanted him for another job to build together certain machines and shit. I'm just fucking proud that Frost landed an interview with this place in the first place. They're so insanely picky when choosing people for their services. I've had friends wanting to work for them before, and man it was intense to get an interview for them.

So whether he gets the job or not, I'm just happy they found him so interesting that they wanted to talk like that. Yep. English was required to speak, and I think we all know he's pretty damn good at his native language lmao

So congratulations baby! At landing an interview with such a picky company!

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  1. Ohh whee! You and Freya both such pretty! I'm gonna kiss both your faces slap-smooth off!😘


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