Friday, June 30, 2017


I hope your'e grieving properly. Getting your feelings out of the system...
I'm sorry you lost someone important.

I wish I could be there for her... but I know that if I do that, then I'll ruin it all again.
And I don't want that. 

But she probably can't see what I'm trying to do. I bet it seems weird what I'm doing anyway...
But this is for her in the end. So she can grow and be more independent. 
I'm watching over her though, in my own way.

I miss her a lot though. But I'll deny it if anyone asks.

The rising sun

I'm listening to The Animals right now. The House of the rising sun, one of my all time favorite songs.
It'll never get old. It'll always be awesome.

Just like me.

Moving on, been doing well on PS4pro lately. Me so proud :3

My rep's waaaaaay better there than it is on xbox... -_- I don't like bullies, and shit talking, and I have no problems confronting dickwads like that... and that's how my reputations got really really reeeeaaally bad. It's actually pitiful how bad it is -_-

That, and that I cuss a lot I bet. And apparently they fucking hate when you leave games in the middle of it. Well fuck you then. How the fuck do you do it if your'e a god damn parent that has to leave a game cause their kid fell and hurt themselves? Or shit themselves and need a diaper change??
or YOU have to got shit? Or the dog took a shit in front of you? Or if your kid is poking the dog in the butthole. I can come up with a thousand reasons why your rules suck.

Yeah your rules are dumb. it ain't bulletproof and it ain't parentproof.
Yeah I'm talking to you Xboxlive support. You. *points*

Anyway, I'm just playing The Walking Dead right now.
Frost is next to me playing Persona5.
I'm a lot of pain today and we just don't feel like doing much, so it's a gamer kind of day.
Figured we'd rewatch some show later too.

And once Freya comes back we'll eat dinner and play till it's bedtime.
This household is a playful and happy place :D And I'm making sure that Freya has fun every day :D

Tomorrow we've got a bunch of adventures in store. As long as it doesn't rain that is..........

Thursday, June 29, 2017


We've been walking in town again. Yay!

It's Resident Evil 7 time now. :3

The coffee wasn't that good at Hälls tbh... Nope. smh

Aaaaand here's a quick pic of Lasse'ss birthday cake.

Sometimes I think deep thoughts...and I get lost for a while, thinking too hard.
I worry at times, I worry about all my loved ones. Since everyone has their own battle to fight. 
I'm just a simple medic running around the field helping those who's fallen when I can.
That being said;
I hope an old friend of mine is doing well. I hope her economy is ok and that she's found new people to talk to, cause loneliness is very cold and hard. I just want her to find happiness one day. 

I'm above that

I just saw that I got a comment the other day that I forgot to check.
I showed it to Frost and he started laughing lol I couldn't help but to giggle a little bit myself then. Cause his laughter is so contagious... <3  
But it's probably mostly cause I'm kinda childish that way lmao I can't help it.

We've had a good day :D We went to town... Looked at weird art.. (It's open art in town now. And some shit is just plain weird. Like A fort of chairs, or a blue road with a blue giant chameleon. Yeah.. it was weird. But I suppose that's what it's all about) What else? Meh.. we just sat down on a bench and watched the people and the castle. Drank some coffee and just chilled. I love hanging out with this dorkface. haha I'm glad you can't hear what we were talking about in the video hahahaha

well you'll have to excuse my pale unpainted face. I didn't feel like putting on makeup.

Frost got an email from some chick that works for some company saying how she was interested in Frosts merits and that they might call him from the other branches too. That's pretty neat.
He's still employed at his original job as a "montör" as we like to call it in sweden, but I still hope he gets something else with more pay and hours :D

Got some funny texts from people throughout the day too haha Man, I've gotta admit that I have amazing friends. they're gold worth. ❤ You're all awesome, and I fucking love you guys 

And also, I won't be posting some of your comments, simply cause I ain't here to start a war. I write about everything, and I don't tell lies, I'm proud of being who I am... and I'd like to keep it this way :) Posting your comments would open up a new chapter from a book that's already been closed.
So let's just be peaceful <3

I'm pointing at you S.P.   Be nice :P 

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Have you watched Glow yet?

I've been waiting for this for so long! And it's finally out! 

We started watching it the other day and I'm fucking looooooving it! ❤ Wooh!

Frost and I love bingewatching series like this, so this is fucking awesome! It's nice to just sit with him and watch stuff. Yesterday we watched Glow, and then played a few missions on Destiny on ps4. Woop woop! 

And Freyster got home a short while ago, so she gets to watch glow too. (but she's mostly watching The Smurfs lol) 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy midsummer

On the way there, Freyster & dad fell asleep after like 30 minutes. The ride was like 2 and a half hours long....and they slept for the most part of it tbh. Thank God for that too,  cause Freya had a rough time. 😟 she got motion sickness and then so did Frost. (yeah I had to worry about getting puked on from two different angels, so it was kinda nice that she fell asleep on her papa) 

It felt awesome to see Freya so happy ❤
She's been running around aaaaall weekend, and Lei lei has been running around like crazy too ❤ Hahaha 
Two little doodles running around like maniacs lol 

Aaah but the bed. Good God... The bed... It was fucking awful. I didn't sleep a wink. I was in so much pain. Jaysus... (I shit you not, I tripled my doses on painkillers and it still don't help) 

Yeah.. It's been a 8 on the pain scale today.  😑 
And I was even lucky enough to get a migraine. Yaaaay.... 
Which btw almost made me puke on the busride home lmao 

But anyway, I've managed to have fun despite the pain. Yep yep. Kicked ass in poker yesterday too. Boom. 

Freya's been having a good time, and she's been a good girl too. She's actually staying there one more day so she'll come home tomorrow. (it might sound lame to some...but I seriously miss her like crazy already. Haha I always love being with Freyster) 
Both of us miss her a lot ❤
You know, I used to know girl, that never wanted to be with her kid. I mean, she couldn't wait to get rid of her kid all the time. And I could never relate to that... Cause I always loved having Freya around. (still do, duh) So I could never relate to any of the weird shit she had going on actually. In my opinion, your child always comes first. But she always put men before being a mom.
And I think that's why our friendship fell apart too....
Yeah... I think I might've been subconsciously mean to her cause I didn't really like who she was. (I generally don't like cheaters, or bad mothers...or women who trades everything for a man, even her selfworth)
Jeez. You know, for a while I kinda felt sorry for her man....yeah. I kinda pitied him.
But theeeeeen I heard how he is behind her back soooo... Yeah. I stopped feeling sorry for that asshole. Both of them kinda suit each other. lol

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I don't make any sense... Haha this story seriously escalated sooo hard. hahaha it doesn't even have anything to do with anything.

Moving on. The whole point was that I miss my daughter when she away yep.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

An hour

lmao Something out of the ordinary happened.

Me and Nathalie just spoke on the phone, for almost AN HOUR! haha (see, that's superrare for us haha)
That never happens. We don't really like to talk too much on the phone. Though today we laughed quite a bit. ehehe...

Neither of us are phone people. I don't like to talk on the phone usually. I like it with certain people though. Like mom, Frost, Natta, Onka, Stevie, and my sister (though she's not much of a talker while on the phone haha) She could call sometimes just to have company, and then in the end I had to do all the talking ahahahaha she'd giggle whenever I told her that too XD
Anyway, Freya was wishing Josse a good night last night. She wanted to call her and tell her night night, but then she suddenly got too tired and said 'Moyoow Waav yoo!' (Tomorrow, Love you!) So I had to promise that Freya could call either Josse for a good night talk tonight, or Granny. It's up to Freyster.
 I'm so excited about this weekend :D
Weeeeiii! Frost & Freya are both very excited to go on a bus for over 2 and a half hours :) Me too haha Not sure about LeiLei, I hope she doesn't have diarrhea that day -_-
But I'm sure we'll have a superawesome weekend. Good food, fun people, lots of love and games :D It'll be freakin' hoot I tell ya.

Might be nice to get away a little, pretend that I don't have any problems and that I'm not sick etc. Yeah, we all need to get away from time to time.
Me and Frost will kick everyone's ass in "Kubb" too! BOYAAH!
Y'all should learn to play kubb. It really is fun.

Have a good day now doodels!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

These damn shades

Damn, I sure do love these sunglasses. ❤
I look somewhat fabulous don't I?

Uh huh...daaayyuuum girl haha I'm liking them.
You know, I had some last year that were fucking awesome...but I have no clue where they went. (it sucks, I know...)
So...about series
You know I love me some good series to bingewatch.

So, yesterday was the last episode of ✔American  Gods. Damn it.... It's such an awesome show. :D I love the entire shebang really. The concept and everything. It took me a while before I watched the show though. But I finally looked past that poor description and watched it. Mhmm! Made a good choice there, didn't I?

Oh and I seriously can't wait till ✔ the Gifted starts! Good God, now that one might just he fantastic. It's a Marvel show based on young mutants.
Kinda like ✔ Legion but with a clearer story and background as well. It's clear that they're mutants, some of the more famous mutants will appear in it too. Blink even has a part so that's exciting. It's about a family, and I think the dad puts away mutans (maybe to a prison? or an institution..) But it seems like his kids are mutants, and when they find out they must keep them safe at all costs. There's not much info out yet about the show. But the trailer seems intressting enough to me! Yep. Can't wait!

We've also watched all episodes of ✔'Anne with an E', (Anne på grönkulla) Yep, it's a new "Anne of Green Gables". The girl playing Anne is really good at acting. It puls your heartstrings a little. (And sometimes you find her annoying and way too dramatic. But maybe that's what it's truly like being a young girl) haha Who knows. It was a good show though.

We also saw the end of ✔'The Leftovers' last week 💔 They said that Leftovers had one of the best endings in the television history that the critics had ever seen. I wanted more from it I guess. I was left with a lot of questions and wonders. But it really was an amazing show, and a cool ending.
'Outcast' was also a show I reeeeeeally liked. It's hard to find good horror series, but this one is interesting. Same with The Exorcist series with Geena Davis. Ooohohohohoo..I liked it. I liked it a looot :D Scary, creepy, good acting, fucking fascinating story too. Twists and turns were brilliant too. Frost wasn't that into it. (though he's not too fond of hauntings and possessions like I am lol)

 And  ✔'Into The Badlands' is over for the season as well... This season was amazeballs. They actually spend a lot of time on the fighting scenes which makes it pretty much top notch. And I like the intro. I wasn't sure if I'd like this show when I first started watching it...But turns out this was a very interesting show. Postapocalypse shit and magic.

And the day before yesterday we saw the latest season of ✔'The Ranch'.... Gotta love those idiots hahah it's a good show to pass the time with. 

I'm looking forward to ✅'Glow'. I'm loving the story already. Set in the 80's, about a woman who wants to be an actress but somehow ends up in a female wrestling show haha Just like in Stranger Things, the went all out with making it look like the 80's, hairstyles, fashion, surroundings...even the actors. They have a certain kind of face... yeah anyway, I like vintage kinda shows... That's why it made me so disappointed to hear that the new season of ✔'The Get Down' has been canceled. 💔 Damn it. That show was dope.

Obviously we've been watching way more shows than just these, but these are some worth mentioning. Plus I didn't have much to write about so I figured that maybe writing about series would be fun. AND IT WAS lol

This is a good way for me and Frost to snuggle and have a nice time too. See, snuggles are of the highest value for me. (well sex too...but snuggles might be even more important for a relationship. Honest to God) If your man doesn't want to take time off the day to just snuggle then you should probably be concerned.  
A man that snuggles you against his will is actually in agony lol

See, both of you has to want it. It's just soooo soothing. If you're prioritizing sex over snuggles then you  probably aren't getting any love are you? Hmm? You're just thinking that sex=love aren't ya? Go back and think again.
I'm all about them snuggles tho lmao 

Oh there's something else's that's been bothering me lately... I'M SO DAMN SLEEPY. I want to sleep at all times. Seriously. I'm soooooo tired.... I loose focus of everything. I loose the motivation. I loose the will. Blah... I just wanna sleep lol
I get cross-eyed cause I'm so sleepy. I'm constantly tired from the moment I open my eyes till the moment I close them at night 💤💤💤
I've been like this for a week almost.. Frost has been really supportive though... and I've been able to lay in bed for a long time in the mornings.. Just sleeping and snoozing. Mmmm...that's heaven haha But then eventually you have to get up anyway. Boo.... 

I wonder what's wrong really...


Oatmeal porridge

Thus little weasel helped make breakfast the other day.
Yeah she was real proud & happy when she poured in the cups of water, and then the cups of oats in it.. and she stirred with pride lol

Saturday, June 17, 2017

New header

Figured I'd make some kind of summer banner.... But I ain't even done yet.

I'm feeling funky today. I think I'm getting sick -_-

Anyway, I might play a little with the others later. Oooor I'll fall asleep.

My milkshake brings all the boys at the yard

So yesterday we decided to make milkshakes.
Me and my sister went to Willys, 
and I found swedish strawberries there for a pretty ok price.

Sooo... Freya got to help me make milkshakes. haha
She was so cute too. <3 

Needless to say, she loved it.


Man, she's growing up so fast. And I'm like...please slow down there dude. 
Her hair is long enough to braid, and Frost is going to learn all kinds of cool braiding techniques on youtube. Woho!
(I also trimmed her bangs a little haha)

Alright, I'm considering making homemade quesedillas tomorrow :3
They're pretty simple to make. I just need tortillas and sourcream basically...I think I've got everything else. I mean, some fresh cilantro wouldn't suck but we'll make do without it. :D

Morning dickwaffles

Hey sunshines. It's finally time for a blogpost haha Been a while huh?
I've been up to a little bit of this and a little bit of that lately.

I'm not even sure what to write tbh... I mean, sure I can tell you what I've been up to...I guess. (though it ain't anything interesting)
I met Moa & Arthur the other day, they're moving to Brickebacken July 1st so that's fucking awesome. Me and Freyster will go see them a lot then. Gotta give Brickebacken cred for their outdoor pool for the kids. (That's about the only good thing about brickebacken...)  Ah, and Hanna is back in Sweden finally so I promised to go to Hanna & Malins house some day soon. We've been friends for so many years, and it's nice that we just remained the same.

Aaah, what else. . . Oh I've been hanging out with Sofi too. And me and Natta have been meeting up for secret short walks lmao You take what you can get right? :P haha

I've gotten to know some guys that are pretty fun to play with, so I've been goofing around with them a lot. Which is kinda nice~ cause that way I can play with others when Stevie doesn't have time for me haha Or when Stacy has strippernight. You feel me? Sometimes it's good that Frost doesn't play bo3 online with me, if he heard the stupid shit some guys say...he'd pitch a fit. Then he'd find them... and destroy them. Yep. He gets pretty pissed of when someone disrespects me. go figure huh? haha


Well I'll just end this post by showing you how fucking amazing I am sometimes haha
I can't play anything but hardcore these days... I tried core but it's just so boring. Black ops 3 is still fun. Infinite warfare sucks...adwanced is dead. And wwII is around the corning. Gotta play the beta.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dickwads on Xbox live

Gotta love it when idiotic nimrods learn to type. 
And what do they do with their time? 

Well if they come across someone with a vagina while playing Bo3, they simply send dumb fucking messages. 

This is a regular thing though. It happens pretty often. I do meet nice people too, but the majority are idiots like these. 😑

Well Xbox live's customer supports gotta have some fun reading huh? Hahahah

These were rather "nice" compared on how dirty they usually can be. Lmao