Tuesday, June 20, 2017

These damn shades

Damn, I sure do love these sunglasses. ❤
I look somewhat fabulous don't I?

Uh huh...daaayyuuum girl haha I'm liking them.
You know, I had some last year that were fucking awesome...but I have no clue where they went. (it sucks, I know...)
So...about series
You know I love me some good series to bingewatch.

So, yesterday was the last episode of ✔American  Gods. Damn it.... It's such an awesome show. :D I love the entire shebang really. The concept and everything. It took me a while before I watched the show though. But I finally looked past that poor description and watched it. Mhmm! Made a good choice there, didn't I?

Oh and I seriously can't wait till ✔ the Gifted starts! Good God, now that one might just he fantastic. It's a Marvel show based on young mutants.
Kinda like ✔ Legion but with a clearer story and background as well. It's clear that they're mutants, some of the more famous mutants will appear in it too. Blink even has a part so that's exciting. It's about a family, and I think the dad puts away mutans (maybe to a prison? or an institution..) But it seems like his kids are mutants, and when they find out they must keep them safe at all costs. There's not much info out yet about the show. But the trailer seems intressting enough to me! Yep. Can't wait!

We've also watched all episodes of ✔'Anne with an E', (Anne på grönkulla) Yep, it's a new "Anne of Green Gables". The girl playing Anne is really good at acting. It puls your heartstrings a little. (And sometimes you find her annoying and way too dramatic. But maybe that's what it's truly like being a young girl) haha Who knows. It was a good show though.

We also saw the end of ✔'The Leftovers' last week 💔 They said that Leftovers had one of the best endings in the television history that the critics had ever seen. I wanted more from it I guess. I was left with a lot of questions and wonders. But it really was an amazing show, and a cool ending.
'Outcast' was also a show I reeeeeeally liked. It's hard to find good horror series, but this one is interesting. Same with The Exorcist series with Geena Davis. Ooohohohohoo..I liked it. I liked it a looot :D Scary, creepy, good acting, fucking fascinating story too. Twists and turns were brilliant too. Frost wasn't that into it. (though he's not too fond of hauntings and possessions like I am lol)

 And  ✔'Into The Badlands' is over for the season as well... This season was amazeballs. They actually spend a lot of time on the fighting scenes which makes it pretty much top notch. And I like the intro. I wasn't sure if I'd like this show when I first started watching it...But turns out this was a very interesting show. Postapocalypse shit and magic.

And the day before yesterday we saw the latest season of ✔'The Ranch'.... Gotta love those idiots hahah it's a good show to pass the time with. 

I'm looking forward to ✅'Glow'. I'm loving the story already. Set in the 80's, about a woman who wants to be an actress but somehow ends up in a female wrestling show haha Just like in Stranger Things, the went all out with making it look like the 80's, hairstyles, fashion, surroundings...even the actors. They have a certain kind of face... yeah anyway, I like vintage kinda shows... That's why it made me so disappointed to hear that the new season of ✔'The Get Down' has been canceled. 💔 Damn it. That show was dope.

Obviously we've been watching way more shows than just these, but these are some worth mentioning. Plus I didn't have much to write about so I figured that maybe writing about series would be fun. AND IT WAS lol

This is a good way for me and Frost to snuggle and have a nice time too. See, snuggles are of the highest value for me. (well sex too...but snuggles might be even more important for a relationship. Honest to God) If your man doesn't want to take time off the day to just snuggle then you should probably be concerned.  
A man that snuggles you against his will is actually in agony lol

See, both of you has to want it. It's just soooo soothing. If you're prioritizing sex over snuggles then you  probably aren't getting any love are you? Hmm? You're just thinking that sex=love aren't ya? Go back and think again.
I'm all about them snuggles tho lmao 

Oh there's something else's that's been bothering me lately... I'M SO DAMN SLEEPY. I want to sleep at all times. Seriously. I'm soooooo tired.... I loose focus of everything. I loose the motivation. I loose the will. Blah... I just wanna sleep lol
I get cross-eyed cause I'm so sleepy. I'm constantly tired from the moment I open my eyes till the moment I close them at night 💤💤💤
I've been like this for a week almost.. Frost has been really supportive though... and I've been able to lay in bed for a long time in the mornings.. Just sleeping and snoozing. Mmmm...that's heaven haha But then eventually you have to get up anyway. Boo.... 

I wonder what's wrong really...


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  1. Sounds that you lack of vitamin's and iron in your body. Get tested.


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