Friday, June 30, 2017

The rising sun

I'm listening to The Animals right now. The House of the rising sun, one of my all time favorite songs.
It'll never get old. It'll always be awesome.

Just like me.

Moving on, been doing well on PS4pro lately. Me so proud :3

My rep's waaaaaay better there than it is on xbox... -_- I don't like bullies, and shit talking, and I have no problems confronting dickwads like that... and that's how my reputations got really really reeeeaaally bad. It's actually pitiful how bad it is -_-

That, and that I cuss a lot I bet. And apparently they fucking hate when you leave games in the middle of it. Well fuck you then. How the fuck do you do it if your'e a god damn parent that has to leave a game cause their kid fell and hurt themselves? Or shit themselves and need a diaper change??
or YOU have to got shit? Or the dog took a shit in front of you? Or if your kid is poking the dog in the butthole. I can come up with a thousand reasons why your rules suck.

Yeah your rules are dumb. it ain't bulletproof and it ain't parentproof.
Yeah I'm talking to you Xboxlive support. You. *points*

Anyway, I'm just playing The Walking Dead right now.
Frost is next to me playing Persona5.
I'm a lot of pain today and we just don't feel like doing much, so it's a gamer kind of day.
Figured we'd rewatch some show later too.

And once Freya comes back we'll eat dinner and play till it's bedtime.
This household is a playful and happy place :D And I'm making sure that Freya has fun every day :D

Tomorrow we've got a bunch of adventures in store. As long as it doesn't rain that is..........

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