Friday, November 30, 2012


I started having cramps... -__-
Luckily Frost is still asleep so he didn't have to see them. I took a shower hoping that my body would calm down... Looked like half my body were having an epileptic attack ahaha It's calmed down a bit now...

My right leg is still shaking though but everything else has calmed down. :D I wonder what causes such attacks every now and then? It's very hard to stop shaking when I get them... right now it just looks like I have restless leg syndrome ;P


That's what Frost is doing right now. He's snoring right next to me... ya know, I took the most adorable photo of him snuggling up on my boob...But I figured that he probably wouldn't be all that happy about seeing his sleeping snoring face all over the blogworld.

But he really looks so adorable.
Ya'll will just have to take my word for it.

It's not really that late here... not at all actually. It's 8 pm right now. He's been passed out for the last hour or so. I don't mind having him all snuggled up next to me though :) This actually just makes me fall even more for him, if that's even possible? But he's so cute! And he makes little noises...gaaah... I can't help it. I'm going in to attack-mode here. Rawr... Anyway... Oh dear, the months just pass by O_o  Fast. I've already been here for two months... It'll be time to go home soon. But it's alright. I'll be back here next year again. *Can hardly wait*

Right, I started writing here cause I don't really have much to do at the moment and also cause someone has me under snuggle-control. <3 But then again, what can I write? I've mostly written a shitload of wordpoop as I usually do :)
So... we haven't done much today really. Well... we have, but...yeah. Moving on. And I ate PIE. As you may have noticed ahaha Nerd as I am I even put it out on instagram.

koalaland <---- feel free to have a look :D

Anyway........I seriously really really need to pee right now so I'm gonna go. I need to figure out an escape route through the bed and all the wonderful cuddles.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Triple chocolate pie

So, this is the "pie" I was telling you about yesterday.
Yeah, I'd call it a cake, not a pie.
And it's oh so god damn delicious! *heavenly* I go nom nom now.


I spill a lot.

But most of it goes in my mouth. YaY. Lucky me. I must be retarded -_- Messy messy koala.


Ermageeerrdh!' I've had an awesome day today :D
We went to see a movie, Life Of Pi. It really was a beautiful movie. Not a movie I'd watch again probably but it had such beautiful effects ya know? And I liked the story :) First time I went to the cinemas with Frost <3

Aaaand we ate at Taco Bell. Ooooom nom nom nom. Yes. That's a good place for moi. And we did some shopping (I did some shopping... Nothing crazy this time) And I've bought some Christmas presents and a hoodie and a t-shirt for baby :) And these body lotions for me. My god, I smell fucking fantastic! Delicious Jo!

And after the movie we ate at Waffle House. :) I liked it! Aaaws I like diners around here. Diners are AWESOME. Oh oh oh and OH.MY.GOD. I bought the biggest fucking pie in history. it's SO heavy. It's in the fridge right now. Imagine my happiness right now. hah.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My awesome boyfriend brought me breakfast and coffee in bed today. I must've dozed off cause I was sure he was sitting right next to me and then suddenly he says 'Here you go babe. Breakfast!'
N'aaaw... He's the best <3

I bought that coffee cup yesterday :)
It's good to have one of those cause the coffee stays warm a looooong time in it. Excellent. I just need to learn how to not spill on myself.... Yep.

Well, I'm ready for adventures now. My face is ready for fun yes? Ahaha

Not sure what's on today's schedule but possibly a movie and dinner and junk? I have no idea. But we're going out, that's for sure. Out on adventures! Weeeeeh!


Aaah life, life's good right now :)

I don't really have much to say... We went shopping for stuff today. I found a little bit of this and a little bit of that :) I'm a happy koala indeed.

We're gonna watch a movie now, Alien 3 actually. I don't remember much from that movie.... Or is it the one with that female robot (what's her name? Miss klepto?) anyway. Movie. Weeeeh!

Oooh and btw, I am so totally brining medicine from here back home. Like aspirin. Wow. That really did knock my head the fuck out. And something else, a powder in a piece of folded paper that you pour in your mouth (no I'm not an idiot. I did not do illegal drugs.) I bought it at the gas station! it really worked fast as fuck against my head ache. So these, I'll be bringing back to Sweden.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012


Omigosh! Everything is decorated now :D YaY!
And yesterday when we were going to Rogers house, people had put up christmas decorations outside their houses and in the parks and so on. I am so totally going to take a shitload of photos of that.
And also, there's a Christmas parade December 6th and I wanna go! Weeeeeh! *jumps up and down* Gosh. America is definitely a nice place during Christmas I tell you. It's like they ass-raped Christmas and made it their bitch.

But to be honest... I like Swedish Christmas the best <3
And I'll be home on Saint Lucy's day (Lucia) I tried explaining that its a Scandinavian Holliday :)

I'm going to snuggle my tree now. He's singing Christmas songs now and abusing them a bit. And even managed to get Joe Pesci in it O_o

Ya know, my honey caught a cold. Poor baby, he needs to be taken care of now yep. Aaaaaaand we're gonna watch Home Alone!!! Mega-super-fucking-YAAAAAY!!!!!! *falls over in a Christmas bliss*

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sweet potato pie

Frost's grandmother gave us some sweet potato pie apparently. So yeah... I decided to try it.

First time eating sweet potato pie.
It's quite good. But according to grandmother it's not good at all since this one was store bought. Home made is better.
Since I've never had any before, I can't really say if its bad or not cause I've got nothing to compare it with. But it's quote delicious I think.

Southern peach lemonade

Shooo I really like this lemonade. It's really good :) I think I'll try and get some with me back home.

Ah and Alabama is still kicking ass :D


I like this, Christmas decorations and American football.

Alabama vs Auburn is on now. Bama is beating the shit out of Auburn haha

Big big game it is. When we bought food at Sneaky Pete's, the girl at had an Alabama sticker in her cheek. Everyone is watching.

I actually really enjoy watching football :) It's a given that I root for Alabama. Weeeeh!


it's one month till Christmas now! Iiiiiiiiiih! *jumps up and down* Gosh I love christmas. Well, this year will probably be a lil bit...weird for me. Since I wont be able to shower people with gifts as I usually do. Considering how sweden is with work and money right now I really don't have that much to spend. But I'm hoping for a job after christmas. Yep.

I'll still buy gifts though. Duh! ahaha Cause I freakin' LOVE Christmas time! I've bought a little so far for mom and Josse.Gonna find something for Lasse too. Hmmmmm.... tricky tricky. I wanna find something special. :D

And baby, well... such a difficult man to buy gifts for. I'll just buy random stuff here and there for him lol

Alrighty then...we're about to head out now. YaY. It's a real November day today.

Den bästa i världen <3

Haha Aaaw I really do love this man more than anything. He's adorable when he's totally in his game like this... So concentrated <3

I just got out of the bath. My tummy still hurts a lot.... No idea why. It's not menstrual cramps or anything. Had that yesterday. Weeeeeeh tis ok. I got some nom noms and poof the pain was gone. :D But this pain... Bah... My stomach is a dick. Frost made sure that I've eaten a lot today though. Me is a good girl and all that junk...

I'm gonna sit here and watch my cutie pie a lil bit more now. Yep.

Dat face. I JUST WANNA NOM IT! Nom nom nom... <3


My baby poured me a bath.
I shall go swim in it for a bit now and relaaaaax :)

I do

I really really do! :D
What I want the most is to be with Frost though <3

Friday, November 23, 2012

Banana pudding

Gosh, Frost gave me a huge plate of thanksgiving leftovers. And theeeeen his grandmother made banana pudding which I'm eating now. Yuuuum. Looks gooey but its delicious.

We're gonna watch Argo now <3


Jag älskar Frost. Han är så söt och underbar <3
Welp I think a movie would be nice now :) next to my honey!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I've had such a nice thanksgiving <3
And the food.... Gaaah.... So good. Turkey, Turkey dressing and junk, and potato salad, jams, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and then pecan pie (which btw is insanely delicious) Shoo... I like this. :)

Potato salad and turkey dressing was by far my favorite! Nomnom! I may just eat some more now. Yep.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This commercial always makes me laugh ;D

Pre thanksgiving stuff

Frost's mother is experimenting with cranberries and apples while Frost is preparing stuff to cook tomorrow. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow! YaY! My first thanksgiving. And I get to spend it with the one I love more than anything <3 I'm pretty satisfied uh huh!

So they're busy busy in the kitchen... And I am sitting riiiiight here on the sofa looking splendid as always -_-


Shooo my fiancé is truly the best <3
And he made real fast again for me :) Nom nom... Scrambled eggs, southern a style. Fried in bacon grease. Yuuuum!

Hmm... He's sitting right in front of me. I wonder if I can attack him and pull him down in bed with me and snuggle the living shit out of him? Hmm.... Thoughts. I haz them.


Here some more pix ^_^


I've had the best day ever :D
We went on a loooooong roadtrip! Very long. Ahaha...
Gosh Little River Canyon was beautiful. Bucks pocket too but little river was more fun cause we could drive through it and see amazing places.

Though we did climb some at Bucks Pocket :) Yes, me... The clumsy koala.
I swear, sometimes you could see Frost biting his lip cause he was so worries I'd slip and fall of the cliff haha My little cutie. Aah I've had a fun day with him <3 He even made picnic nom noms for us :)

Yeah I'll post more pics later. I'm so tired that its hard to keep my eyes open -_-

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I reeeaaaaally like these mini Rolos. Om nom nom.... Haha

We're watching the game between Chicago bears and SF fortyniners. Chicago is kinda loosing big time so far -_- Meh.... *disappointed face*

Oh right, we'll probably head out for adventures tomorrow. lol Frostventures. Ahaha... It'll be fun fun! Weeeeh!

It's either tomorrow, this weekend or next week. Cause we need to prepare for thanksgiving the rest of this week. Its on Thursday ya know? The turkey is currently being thawed. Oh oh oh There's a LOT of delicious things Frost plans to make... Mmmm... Yum yum. My first thanksgiving <3

Anyway. We've mostly been in bed all day. Haven't done much.. just...doing..Stuff. And junk. And watching the game now. Yus.

Monday, November 19, 2012


It was a nice view last night. :)

Quite the beautiful sunset don't ya think?

Hello hello


Meep meep!


I'm totally going on a diet after christmas. I've been way to unhealthy here. Ate too much unhealthy stuff I guess lol Soooo I shall diet. Shouldn't call it a diet... It's easy and tasty really. And diet just sounds SO FUCKING boring. I shall call it.... 'FIESTA'!! I'll have a fn fit body next time I'm here. Uh huh! Uh huh... Uh huuuuh (doing the lama dance from the emperors new style)

Being healthy. and awesome. After Christmas.... So I can eat cookies and lussekatter :D lmao

I also have plans on sending good stuff for my sweetie in a niiiiice big package! YaY!

The Walking Dead Sundaaaay

Shoo my boyfriend can sell I've to Canadians really. A way with words he has haha

This would be him and Roger discussing how awesome an iPhone is :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Did you know?

I'll spend first and second Advent here in the U.S.
Hmm... interesting. They don't celebrate it here. But I'll probably celebrate it. In my own way ;)

Maybe I should make lussebullar before going home???

I wonder.


Me and babe are sitting on the bed now, planning our little adventures. I wanna go to Huntsville Botanical Garden and see the Galaxy of Lights. It seems amazing! :D

Aaaand I wanna go to Little River Canyon. I bet I can take beautiful pictures of the natures there. OH and we're totally going to eat at AppleBees. Om nom nom nom...gaawd...

I'm gonna have to ask his mother again about the Amish market cause that would kinda be interesting to go to.

Ah, she laughed a LOT btw, when she saw my face after we changed the brakes. I forgot my hand were all greasy so I itched my face -_-


Not only will we be going to Little River Canyon, but we'll go to Bucks Pocket!! They're near each other :)  Oooooh imagine all the lovely photos I'll be able to take then. Gosh. I look forward to that! We'll have a picnic and I'll learn how to drive as well. Sweet!

Here's some photos I found on google of Little River Canyon and Bucks Pocket.

Shooooo we're gonna have a lot of fun <3
It looks amazing doesn't it?? Too bad I only have an iphone camera but still. I'll try and take amazing pics!

Nom nom

Huddle house

Oh oh oh *jumps up and down* we've been on new adventures today! I bought Christmas presents for my mother and my wee sister! And an "outfit" for Lei Lei to wear on Christmas :) teeheee~ She'll look adorable I tell you <3 she really will. Oh and I bought Alabama fussy socks for myself cause my feet are so fucking cold. And now they're not. You know why? CAUSE I'M WEARING THEM! :D woop woop!

And we ate a Huddle house. It's always been sort of a dream for me to eat at a diner, so it always makes me happy to do it ^_^ It never gets boring. And people are always so freakin' kind and polite. This whole 'tip' thing is still new to me... I never know how much to tip -_-

Next time it'll be something like Applebee's or something. OM NOM NOM NOM!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012