Friday, August 29, 2014

Catching up

I figured I'd catch up on some series that I've been missing out on these past few weeks. So I'm watching them while the wee one sleeps. :)

She's been a bit grumpy today. But who wouldn't be when you have poopy diapers? I'd be pissed too. Naturally.

She's been pooping a LOT a looooot lot. Like whoaa... Haha But we do our best at changing her diapers. It's just hard to know when she's finished pooping lol

But for now, she's quiet and sleeping, so yay!

She did sleep for 6 hours last night. Now THAT was a nice treat for a change. 😃

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bear with me

See, we're still in this 'stay-at-home-with-the-baby-and-do-nothing-else' phase. So there's bound to be ONLY photos of her for a while haha

I'm surprised over the fact that nothing else matters right now. It's like I don'thave time for anything else than her and Frost.
Just checking facebook is something I can feel like i don't have the time to do. haha Even is she's sleeping or if Frost is snuggling her. Cause then there's always something else to do. Like a quick nap. lol

Sometimes I feel creepy, cause I can sit for hours just looking at her. She's so adorable and beautiful. So perfect. We made that ya know? We did. She's made out of true love :)

I am so proud that I managed to do this. I managed to get her out in this world, even if it broke me to pieces.

Buuuuut I sure wouldn't mind if the pain went away NOW. haha

Oh oh oh  and last night was the first time since her birth that me and Frost managed to snuggle in bed :D YAY!

My everything

So Frost discovered that Freya calms down if you give her Eskimo kisses <3 So she's been getting bunches of kisses!

She's too darn cute.

And you know what?

There's no feeling in the world that can compare to the feeling that bubbles up inside you when you see the man you love, holding and snuggling your beloved baby. Your creation. That amazing.

All I wanna do is attack him and kiss him bunches haha

We had a quiet night last night. Freya slept a long time which we liked haha I think we actually slept. :) And he brought me breakfast in bed, with lots of bananas in yoghurt. Yum :D

Feels like all I do I breastfeed all day long lol

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Poop queen

So, Freya is only 5 days old, and a baby shouldn't have their first bath until they're one week old (I actually have no idea why now that I think about it)

But anyway, she had her first bath today.

See, I was actually really REALLY tired this morning.. First time since we came home that I actually felt sleepy.
So I fell asleep with Freya on my stomach while she was eating.,.
Right before I fell asleep I heard her fart and said 'oh, we need to change your diaper soon'

And then snooooooore...

And then after an hour or so I woke up... And Frost was gonna change her diaper.... And BAM!

Poop fest deluxe. EVERYWHERE.
And not only that, when I helped him change the diaper so it wouldn't be schmeared everywhere, she peed.... And it went aaaaaall over her. And her head haha

so sad had to shower with Freya.
That was also a heartmelting moment. She enjoyed standing in the shower with him :)

But I let her lay naked now or a couple hours so her hoohah would get some "air" and junk.

But her toes scratched her umbilical cord!! She scratched it harrrrd.
Luckily we're going to the doctor today so they can take a look.

So it's been a busy day I guess.

But it started very very nice.
Around 6:30 I woke up to Frost brining breakfast to me <3

That's always a nice surprise. :)
And then he took our little princess and slept next to her a big so I could rest. Wheeee~

Now the poop fest is (seems to be anyway) over. Thank god!

I wonder why Freya need to lay on me an suckle aaaaall night? And she hates the baby crib. I can leave her in bed and she'll sleep alone. Or on the sofa in her little nest. And she'll sleep perfectly. So whyyyyyy not the crib?!

Ya know, she cried so loudly last night. A lot! I get my neighbors hate me hahahaha I DONT CARE. I has a princess! *mwaah!*

One sad thing though, the pain I'm going through is getting in the way of me snuggling Frost. I can only lay here in my stupid position on the sofa. Yay..... I just want to snuggle him so bad.
But at least I can hug him while I sand up. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Freya-Rose

This amazing little babypuff was born 00:54 on Wednesday. (Not so little though....)

14-08-20 will forever be one of the most important dates in my life.

I'm not even gonna talk about the labour.
Lets just say it didn't go as planned.

I stayed a long time at the hospital. But Frost stayed with me the entire time. <3 But it was hell. Especially for Frost. IT'S SO NICE TO BE HOME! (We got home yesterday)

Unfortunately I can't do anything without Frost now. He does everything. But I breastfeed! And that trumps everything right? ...


Anyway. I'm in constant pain and I HATE it. And I hate that I can't even move without help.

But Freya makes it all worth it. She's just so beautiful. Gorgeous and adorable. The cutest face on the planet.

I can lay for hours and just watch her sleep...just laying there breathing.
I've never seen such a wonderful face.
And when I watch her and Frost together... Gosh, my heart just melts every time. She's his little princess :)

I'm so happy <3 I feel weird. Like mommy-power-up-PEW!!!

It does make me sad that I miss out on all those things I looked forward of doing with Freya.

Like long walks in the orange and yellow autumn weather, with her in the stroller, walking through all the leaves and trees. I had it all pictured in my head.

But it's ok. :)
I have a daughter!
And she's amazing! Look at her. Look how perfect she is. I'll nom her up! NOM!!

Monday, August 18, 2014


So tomorrow (Tuesday) at 09:00, I'll be in the delivery room waiting for my baby to come out. :D

It's nice to finally have a time set, even though I honestly had my hopes up for today. (You can't blame me for it... I really hoped she'd come out today)

But this gives me more of a good timeframe. I can be more prepared now. Which is nice.

I'm watching the latest episode of Ray Donovan. YaY! And I have three episodes of another show that I'm saving, so I can watch them once we're home with the wee one <3


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last night?

But it MIGHT be the last night I'm pregnant.
The last night little babypuff is inside of me, kicking and punching.

As difficult as this pregnancy has been....I'm actually gonna miss this. I'll miss the tummy. Her bumps and hiccups.
But then again, I won't miss the handicapped me. The bloated and swollen me...pain and immobility ain't something I'll miss at all :D haha

The belly might look small in the photo, cause I took it from above. But trust me... It's m***erfucking HUGE.

Although she's sunk down a lot now so ah least I can lean forward without completely breaking haha

Moms picking us up early tomorrow. And then we're off to the hospital. :D Iiiiiih!

Ooooh I want snuggletree's snuggles right now.


Not yet really. But I'm getting there. I bet I'll be shitting bricks by this time tomorrow. Yup. I'm going to be a mom!  

Yesterday Sofia dropped by :) She gave me newborn diapers and wetnapkins. :D I'm prepared now!
And today I got the diapers from my diaper smuggler Hanna from Norway. (It's soooo much cheaper in norway) I got 8 packages! That costs less than 200kr. Awesome! 
And Hanna gave them to me for free cause she wanted it to be a gift. What a schnookums sweetheart <3 She even got a clipcard on diapers now in Norway so we can get more and cheaper ones. She'll buy diapers and come to sweden once a month. It'll be perfect really.

Sofie also dropped by, on friday actually. She gave me baby clothes :)
Wheee~ Adorable freackin' clothes.❤️

Mom is coming home soon, we'll go to the store then :D
Which is nice cause I'm insanely bored. So it'll be like a lame adventure. YAY!

I suppose after tomorrow my life will never be boring again in a'll be stressful, and mindblowing among other things, but probably not boring. haha

Friday, August 15, 2014


It's not exactly cold outside, but it's definitely chillier than it was before. Frost gets cold at night. I'm still sweating though...And I'll probably continue doing that till the baby's out.

But I'm getting an autumn feeling...I've noticed that the fall might be around the corner. Which would be nice, it came late last year. Like october.

I LOVE the fall. And the winter. So much cosyness. Snuggles under blankets, hot chocolate, knitted clothes... YaY! The fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. (Cause there's sooo many to choose from lol)

Autumn pictures I took in Alabama and Sweden :D

And it's almost time for this toooo!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

You ready?

Am I ready?

As ready as I can be I suppose.

On monday, our little babypuff will come out :)
They're going to induce the labor then. But then again, it could take till monday till I manage to squeeze out that bundle of joy haha

Ah, I'm so excited. :D Iiiiiih!

Oh, yeah..I fell asleep as soon as I came home today basically.
I ate some lasagna and then went of to snoozeland.
I was exhausted for some reason. Even though it only took three hours today at the hospital.

welp, we might play some video games later but I feel like a rotten eggfart. I need to sleeeeeep haha

Much no fun, such

I don't think it can get much more boring than this. -_-
Laying like this for hours... Boo.

Hopefully after today I have something good to tell you :)

Well, guess I'll continue being bored now. Yay.
Frost is dying of boredom too haha

Oh, the sky looks dark. Maybe it'll rain! Wheeeee~

Sunday, August 10, 2014


I really love Frost more than anything. Sometimes I can just look at him and my heart goes *squeeeeeze!!* He's the love of my life :)

Such a cutie haha

Our weekend was nice. I swam a lot. And I love that haha Minus the fat part everything was nice.

I didn't like the crayfish though... haha But the pie..Mmmmm.. Much tasty. Such good. WOW. Mom really did make an awesome pie. :)  (I'm not sure what Robin is doing here on the picture but he looks a lil'....frisky lol)

We're sitting at home, playing CoD Back ops II Zombie mode together. Made it to round 16. Fucking aye we're good haha Teamwork!

How not to be when pregnant

We've had an awesome weekend really. Crayfish party and kubb playing haha

I swam a little yesterday too. (I'll make another post once were back in town about that)

Although I've had a good time, I was freakin' heartbroken yesterday cause my mother took two horribly ugly pictures of me and both of them got posted online. She even sent one to Frost. Everyone saw them.

And I woke up to a text message this morning from an old coworker:
'OMG I saw the pics of you. Holy shit. I couldn't even recognize you. You're ginormous (gigantisk). I'm sorry you've gotten so fat sweetie. It'll be hard for you too loose weight, But that's ok, I'm sure you can do it!! we still like you :)'
Geeeee.... Thanks. That totally didn't break my heart again. At all. No.

Yep. Yesterday... Was the first time in my life that I actually felt truly ugly. Ugly for everyone to see. Hideous is a better word for it.

And tbh I'm shocked that I'm this ugly and fat. I mean, yeah...I'm pregnant. I kinda know I'm huge. (I can feel it too) But I just never realized exactly how disgusting I looked. How fat I am.

Like What the hell... There's nothing beautiful about me at all.. Which really does make me sad.... I thought pregnant women automatically looked beautiful. Everyone I've ever seen did. How come I turned out like a fucking space cow?? I wanted to be a pretty pregnant lady too.

I don't want to feel like this ever again.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Gosh, I am SO bored that it's freakin' weird.
I wanna snuggle, but my body is just not cooperating with me at all. Blah..If I weren't so fat I'd crawl up against Frost and snuggle the living shit out of him, haha
I'll just send a virtual hug or whatever.

I've been cleaning the apartment since that's good. I guess. (Althoguh I've been up since 3am) I just can't seem to relax. Everything is uncomfortable so I couldn't sleep. Even though  moved to the couch. Boo..

But at least it looks a lil' cleaner here now.
I mean, it's not that easy to clean in the dark but I think I did well.
I've also cleaned the kitchen, and I could use the light there so I did the dishes too. YAY.

Tbh, just sitting here writing on my blog hurts.
It hurts my back and my stomach. -_- Smaller annoying contractions and shit and whatnot.

Seriously...It's totally worth it, but it's been one hell of a pregnancy haha

Aaah But I am so excited about Freya coming soon. It has to be soon. I'm entering week 39 on sunday. So better pop out soon babypuff
I can just imagine how hard I'll fall for our baby. I already love her so much, just wait till I actually get to hold you. *mwaah!*

Well, it's about 5:44 now. And I suppose I can try and sleep a little. Or something. If we had a bigger apartment I'd totally go and play CoD Black ops II. Yup. (Thanks for that Nas) It's gonna be aaaawesome.
But not now when beeb is sleeping.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Well yesterday was anything but slow and dull -_-

First we went to the kennel and bathed Lei Lei. She had to take two baths cause Claes let her go out after the first one...and she shoved her face in the ground. He gave her ear drops. I knew that would happen then... So when he came carrying a big black and grey dog...I didn't see that it was Lei Lei. Haha So fucking dirty. So she had to be bathed once more.

After that I had problems with my stomach. Contractions were being a bitch... Plain torture really.

I realized that I was having pain under the right rib...
And eventually I called the delivery room at the hospital. I was told to do that when the pain got worse.

I wasn't prepared to sit there and wait in a room. Blood pressure tests, heart frequency tests, it one tests, blood samples... So freaking booooring.
I fell asleep countless of times.
Josse and Frost was with me though :) But we still almost died from boredom. lol

In the end, they decided I don't suffer from preeclampsia (yay me!) But I don't have a urine infection basically they have no clue why there's protein in my urine. Strange.

But it made me happy to hear anyway :D WOHO!

The problem was that when we came contractions were worse than ever. Painful and nasty, bugging me all night. In the end I had to lay on the couch instead. -_- Boo... It sucked big time.

Yeah this has been the night from hell. Horrible and painful.

I want her to pop out. Haha

My ribs can't really handle her anymore. Nor can my tummy. There's no more room in it haha

Well, whatever. She'll take the time she takes I suppose.

I wonder what we'll do today.
Frost is super bored... I need to entertain him <3

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Aaah, how I wish she'd come out now.
Life is pretty miserable these last few days before delivery.
I can't sleep.. I can't feel comfortable whatever I do.

And today she's been extra wild for some reason.
Crazy little babypuff <3

Why not just pop the fuck out now so mommy can kiss you bunches? :) 

I have to say, we've both been pretty miserable today.
I think Frost might be getting sick...he's been having a hard fucking time today haha Worse than me anyway.

Friday, August 1, 2014

20 days

Frost and I did a lot of errands yesterday. Which was good, cause they needed to be done. And now they finally are! Woho!
Oooh and we discovered a delicious surprise at Burger King.
Cappuccino Frappe. tasty haha

All that tastyness in one little cup.
The absolute best part was that it wasn't sweet!
I hate sweet coffee so this was a real pleasant surprise. Ah, I also finally bought an umbrella. haha

When we came home, I kinda felt like dying a little haha My giant fat body can't handle all that walking anymore. Bleh..

Oh, and we've started watching a new show.
Ray Donovan. Really good :D
We like it anyway. Yup.

Oh and yesterday, the contractions were horrible. So nasty and painful. Jeez...I actually had to sit down at the store cause I honestly couldn't stand anymore. -_- And it continued like that the entire evening. It wasn't easy falling asleep, I tell ya that.

Welå. Frost is snoring, the baby is having her usual stretching Yoga inside me. And I need to start walking now. I have an appointment at the maternity clinic at 10:00. May as well walk off early since I seem to move like a sloth.................

Oh and about me moving around.
I tripped up town yesterday. And fell forward...It must've looked so retared :( I couldn't stop running forward so I wouldn't fall on my stomach.
Frost is scared of letting me walk alone these days. I always trip or slip. I've always been a little clumsy..
He' also scared that I'll trip WHILE holding the baby after it's been born too since I'm so clumsy. -_- I'm not that clumsy....sometimes I just have accidents while moving around. Yup.

But today I'm going alone :D
Frost looks cute while sleeping, and this will be a fast appoinment. So I figured there's no point in waking him. Plus I can listen to music while walking over there :D