Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Horror flicks

Ok, it's almost Halloween. (superyay btw)'

And with Halloween comes horrormovies. It's a must, that's just how it is.

But before I put up my "to watch list", I figured I'd post The New Mutans trailer for those who haven't seen it.
See, I love the mutans... and I love horror movies..so... imagine how thrilled I got when I saw this lol

Amazing huh?
I can't wait! :D

Ok, so...A To Watch horror / dark movie list.

Here we go!

Number 1: Beetlejuice πŸ‘ˆ (beacuse why the fuck not? it's one of my favorite movies)
2: IT (The new one, it'll soon be one of the best cult movies in history)
3: The Babysitter (if you havent's seen it on Netflix, watch it. It's awesome haha)
4: The Conjuring 1 and 2
5: Oculus
6: Zombieland
7: The original Night of the living dead
8:The Exorcist
9: Evil Dead 1,2,3
10: The Babadook
11: The Birds (by Alfred Hitchcock)
12: Body snatchers (I was so scared when I watched this movie as a kid)
13: Don't breathe
14: Jaws
15: Poltergeist (the newer version)
16: Gerald's game
17: The autopsy of Jane Doe (now this one actually freaked me out real bad lol)
18:  And despite what people think, I like Bram Stokers Dracula so I'm gonna put it here too.
20: . . . . . Uh... I'm atill thinking about this one.(if series is ok, then I guess stranger things or The Exorcist series, or Outcast, I loved that one.)

The toilet is my thone

I am so fucking tired......first of all I think I'm sick πŸ˜…
Well I suppose it was my turn anyway, since Freya is all good now.

I might as well move into the bathroom and make it my kingdom. Yep.

So...here's some deep thoughts for ya'll.

Me and Frost have been having very fun conversations tonight.
Mostly about artificial intelligence, androids and what ifs and so on.
How the future will be, how one day robots will have their own mind. And I still believe that when that day comes they'll be anything but peaceful. I mean, imagine how they (hypothetically) have been treated. Perverts buying robots looking like women so they can fuck them. Sure, now they claim it's for healthcare and for the robots to help us in our lives in the future... (but we all know how many pervs are gonna buy them to have as sex toys)  But basically for a robots that's developed it's own mind, that would be like being raped and abused over and over. They'd get emotionally branded.

So in the future, they would retaliate and want their own lives just like in Blade Runner (I'm talking about the old one. Duh) I mean, there's already a rumour that there's been one robot that passed the turing test. So, imagine what happens in the future. Dun dun duuuuun.

So me and Frost discussed that what if they'll be capable of loving someone? Just like in Blade Runner? And humans, as vicious as they are (cause we humans are nasty. Most humans fear what they don't understand)  they'd probably try to do just like they do in all robot movies, put them somewhere else, or "retire" them. Like I am Robot, or Blade Runner.

Cause seriously, the scene at the end...it's so beautiful when he says "like tears in the rain".. Gosh.

I'm not gonna go on about how I believe that he's actually a replica too, cause that's for others to debate about (since I already made up my mind) 

Frost and I fucking loved Westworld.  (now if you haven't watched it, you truly have missed out on something incredible) And the storyline is amazing. So let's just assume that that could happen in the future. I mean, of course it'll happen. It's just about when it'll happen.

Soooo, here's my battle list for the top 6 + 1  A.I. and robot characters to have in a war./fight/adventure

I'd pick Data (star trek) cause of his genius mind,
and Vision (from the avengers) cause he's very smart and strategic as the leaders.
For the heavy combat: (I would pick Cell from Dragonball Z, but he's a fucking asshole...so...) I'd probably pick Agent Smith (from the Matrix) instead, cause he's smart and strong and adaptive. Amazing fighting techniques etc etc...
And Dolores (from wetworld, though not the nice Dolores, the darknone) Cause duh. Epic. She's badass.
And to fight alongside me: Re-I (Ergo Proxy) cause her story is just...deep. πŸ’›
And..... Walter (Alien Covenant) Cause he's just adorbs πŸ’™ They both would make good friends.

And as the +1, I choose Susano (from Gigantic Formula) Cause I'm just nerdy, and I've always loved robots. haha

What's yours?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

too warm

Freyas fever is too high and she's been throwing up. Threw up in the middle of the night, and just now all over me, the sofa and my phone. She hates throwing up.

She says her head hurts a lot too and that makes me feel uneasy.

See, most people probably wouldn't worry that much.
But I do.

Ever since I had meningitis that the doctors claimed could've been a virus that I got from the daycare. And that worries me...cause it's easy to miss meningitis on children.

I missed it so easily on myself so it makes me so worried that she'd have it.

I've always felt that it's a scary disease, ever since an old coworkers 5 year old daughter died from it. It took 24 hours and then she was gone. They didn't even notice it, she just got a fever and then poof...she was gone.

So this is what I carry inside my head whenever Freya gets a really high fever, and this time she says her head hurts.
it escalated quickly.
So don't blame me for worrying.

But damn, I am tiiiiiiiiired.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Well damn

Freya didn't even get a chance to go outside today, the daycare called and told me that she had a really high fever and wouldn't stop crying. So of course I rushed over and picked her up.

She was scorching hot. And it seriously worries me cause it's 10pm right now and she's "asleep"... but her fever is still so high.
She was such a good girl though, and drank all her medicine even though it was nasty.

Mama's little weasel.

Looks like it'll be a long night here. Yep...

My precious snugglepuff

This little weasel is a whole bundle of things. She brings me so much happiness ❤

She's epic at driving me insane too of course lol It's the least you can expect from my daughter. 
But she also makes me purr from joy when she smiles, when she hugs me and says she missed me. When she laughs and tries to pull a joke haha

She's hilarious when she says she's got an idea and holds her finger up. That idea is ALWAYS 'candy'.

She's very smart, so loved, kind and generous. She's loving and funny and stubborn too. 
She's hard headed, sneaky and at times even a tiny bit spoiled. 
But always generous and loving and kind.
She has a tendency to beat boys up, especially older boys who tease her or tease her friends.
I myself told her that I will always be proud if she's protecting someone. She can be very brave and feisty.

She is a lot of things. And she's worth more than every star in the sky. 
And I love her more than there's fish in the sea. 

Every day is a day when you should appreciate your loved ones. 

And so, I appreciate Frost too cause he helped me obtain all this happiness. He's a handful too, they both are. But I wouldn't want it any other way. ❤ I love being with them.
Suuuure, sometimes I wouldn't mind some peace and quiet and sleeping in in the morning. But whatevs, there will be time for that later.

For some reason I always love hanging out with Frost. It's been 5 and a half years or so now, and I still love hanging out with him :) It doesn't get boring.

You guys are perfect the way you are. ❤❤❤

Also, ain't she cute in her new hat?

Yet another Grey day

It's colder than I thought today. I hope I dressed Freya warm enough. She's got her mittens and hat and furry sweater and West. I hope it's enough.

Frost made me coffee just now. ☕
I wasn't gonna take a picture nor make a blog post today, but then I noticed how the surroundings looked when I put down the cup.

You can definitely tell I child lives here πŸ˜‚

We made pancakes last night, Freya ate like horse. Still got some in the fridge so Freya even got a pancake for breakfast too. 

I should probably eat some soon too, but for now we're all huddled up in the living room watching a show. It's cold AF in here. 

And you know what? 

I just happen to love cold weather!
Best snuggle weather there is. Cuddle up under a nice warm blanket. ❤
Maybe some hot cocoa, yeah it's awesome. 

Win win.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Coffee coffee coffeeeeee

Man, I'm slow as a turtle today.

Been sipping on a giant cup of coffee (it's not giant enough tbh) I need more. So Frost will make some more. Yay me.
I was up late last night making a big lasagna. I made a huge one indeed, big and juicy and lots of layers. Lots of Parmesan in it too. Yum yum. God I was tired though, staying up so late cooking.
Woke up late too, and was almost late with Freya at her daycare. They were going to the woods today. And we almost missed it πŸ˜… But when we did show up, she didn't have mittens nor a hat 😐 Damn it. Not that her hats and mittens fit her anymore, and she never wants to wear them anyway. It's still the point of it all that matters. Kids should wear gloves and hat. Period.
But I was so stressed out..

Luckily today turned out to be a rather warm day. Phew. In the end I did give her a hat, but like I said...she has a tendency to throw them away -_- She better not to.

Oh, talking about that, Lasse dropped by just a while ago and left an adorable hat and gloves and some mittens for Freya. Supercute really. She's gonna love it. And she'll definitely wear them when she hears that they're from Lasse and grandma. He bought them on his lunch break, very very sweet of him. So when he said he had to hurry in order to be able to make something to eat before his break was over, I figured a giant piece of my delicious lasagna would do the work. YAY. Win win.

He didn't have to hurry like a maniac, and Freya got some nice mittens and a hat.

Right, my coffee. Where is it?

It's like my life essence hahaha

Friday, October 6, 2017

I'm fucking exhausted

It's been a long day... But it's friday so..yay!

I've pretty much spent the day at the hospital. I had a meeting there around noon, and then I spent the rest of the time with mom. Still don't know when she'll come home.
Went on a drive with Josse as well. it...took longer than expected. πŸ˜… ehehehe...

My body is seriously exhausted 😨

But I've had a pleasant evening, me and Frost are snoozing off in front of the tv.
But to be honest, I just wanna go to bed πŸ˜…

It's like it's hard not to fall asleep :)

Time for fairytales now.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Good tunes for mom

I'm gonna post some good songs for mom, so she can listen to them when she's bored :D

Smart huh?

Yeah I know. I have an impeccable music taste.


Life is certainly boring without a phone.
Freya threw y phone on the floor with all her might AGAIN the other day.
Needless to say, the screen is completely shattered. Yep. The glass had already been shattered a little before when she threw it before you know? But this time...yeah... I knew my phone couldn't handle another blow like that -_- It is completely shattered.

Damn it. I counted the cracks in it just for fun (it wasn't fun at all actually, I felt like crying lmao) I counted up to 42 cracks, and then I lost count and got depressed and didn't wanna count it again.

So.......it'll be quite a while before I buy a new phone. I'll tell you that.
I seriously can't afford one at the moment..

I'll be visiting mom later today :)
It is indeed boring to be hospitalized so I'll try to at least let her have some company even if it's just for a short bit. πŸ’™

And here's a hug for all of you out there, especially to you who might be having a rough time :)
Hugs for everyone!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hospital visit

We just got home from the hospital.
It was such a relief to see mom.❤ We sat there for a few hours. And Freya got to enjoy the view too. Even got to see a helicopter take off. 
The whole family was there, and it was nice to see my brother and Wille as well. 

The surgery was bigger than I expected. Jesus christ... I am so fucking happy that she's alive ❤❤❤ 

I'm going back there tomorrow to see her again. Yep yep ☺

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Man, it was pouring down today.

Which I saw as a perfect opportunity for hot chocolate and snuggles and all that jazz. Yep. So I made hot cocoa.πŸ˜„

Alright, well it'll be an early night. Got to go to the hospital tomorrow early as fuck. Bleh. I hate superearly mornings.πŸ˜‘

Luckily Frost will go with me so it won't be as boring as it could be.



Woho!  The surgery was a success!! Yay! I'm so happy!

I got so happy when I heard the news that I fell asleep lol I could barely sleep anything at all last night. So I tried to take a nap today but it just didn't work. Until Lasse sent a text saying that she was finally in postop and had just woken up. And that the surgery was a success!

My god, I can't even tell you relieved I am right now.

Jeez, she's finally getting better. YAY!


In about 7 hours or so, mom is having her surgery. She's hospitalized, and will continue to be that after that surgery as well. I've been trying real hard to keep calm about this too so mom won't be too worried.

Cause she worries a lot, and she gets nervous easily about this too. So you gotta keep the lady calm if you know what I mean? lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm sure it'll be fine though. I mean, naturally I'm worried. Duh. Even though I know the doctors are amazing at these things.
It's a tricky surgery... mom even made notes that are up all around her apartment on things. Made a will and all that shit too. Silly dork. She'll be fine, so there's no need for those things. But like I said, she's a worrywart.

I hope I can visit her after the op tomorrow. (but she might be sleeping longer than I'm assuming, or she might just be feeling too sick for it.) I'll try to visit everyday, if she can handle company that is. If I hurt too much then fuck it. I'm still going πŸ’™ I'm gonna drag Josse with me too obviously :D YAY!

Mom doesn't want me to bring Freya there if she's covered in tubes and shit, and I can respect that. I'll just install skype on her iPAD in that case, so they can skype together. Smart huh?
Yeah supersmart. Where was this cleverness when I had meningitis and was fucking hospitalized for 5 days?? hmm?! I was SO god damn bored then. I even went home way too soon, begged my doctors to let me go home early cause it was soooooooooooo boring there 😣 (yeah I realized soon after that that it was a mistake. I was so sick and weak back then..) But mom will be hospitalized for quite a bit now so I know how boring it is...I know she'll get bored.
So I told her to watch Outlander πŸ˜ƒ Cause duh. It's amazeballs haha

Anyway... I'm gonna try to sleep soon. I've got way too many thoughts in my head but I'm hoping that I'll still fall asleep soon enough. Yep yep.

Good luck tomorrow mom πŸ’› Things will go great, cause your'e strong AF.
I wonder if you know how loved you are by all of us? I hope you know.

Damn, I might actually be a little spoiled, cause things like these makes you realize how much your mother does for you. And how much you rely on your mom. Shit, I AM a wee bit spoiled lmao
You do spoil all your kids mom πŸ˜†

Jag Γ€lskar dig mamma πŸ’› SΓ₯ jΓ€vla mycket!

Ses snart πŸ’š

Wish my mom luck :D

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Playdate and stuff

So today I got a fun phonecall, and a surprise visit.
I'm not a superfan of surprisevisits, but this kind me gustas.
We went out for lunch (which kinda failed lmao) and then out for some fun in the parks.
We went to the small park first by request πŸ˜ƒ

I was fun to see the kids so happy πŸ’›
And as always I loved being with my old friend πŸ’œ
So all in all, it's been a good day. And me and Frost had a nice evening after that so I'd say this day was a success. Yup yup.
Apart from an allergic reaction lol Other than that, me and Frost enjoyed the evening.

Anyhoo...time for bed.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Black and white

I rarely take selfies, but sometimes I fucking do. lmao

But most of the time it's pics of Freyster & Frost πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
But Frost has been complaining that I'm never in photos so he decided to change that. πŸ˜‘
But I do love the pics with Freya-Rose πŸ’›

I love black and white photos. 
My 2 favorite people have very colorful and goofy personalities.
They're just 2 colorful beings. Simple as that.
They bring so much color into my life, and my art ideas are endless. 
(it's like a colorful explosion inside my mind, full of fairy tales & legends)

But putting them in black and white pics makes the photos kinda lively. 
Don't you think?
It's black and white photos with such a colorful feeling.

You know...I have been blessed with a peculiar mind. It works differently from most people.
My way of seeing things, and my imagination is definitely a blessing. 
And for that I am happy.

Guess finding the small things in life and appreciating them is more important than you'd think huh?


I've created my third character in Destiny 2 now. Since my other two are past 290 now. (if I use the best gear that is) so I figured creating a titan could be cool 😁

Our clan is doing awesome, so it's been fun :D All that's left is doing a raid.
Luckily we're part of the best clan ever.

It's been a few rough days I suppose... I guess I'm still in denial about having hEDS.
I mean I KNOW it, I just..didn't quite accept it. According to Frost....I guess he's right.
I still hope to suddenly wake up one day and not be in pain anymore. But oh well.
Shit happens. There's so many people out there in worse situations than me. And if they can manage, so can I.

Plus, I can't say this enough, but I have the best friends and family. I'm surrounded by amazing people. I love you all far and near. Each and every one of you mean a lot to me.
Ah, we went outside a bit earlier today. Picked some acorns and chestnuts and shit. It was nice. Even though I probably stepped in dogshit. πŸ˜’

OH! Freya hit her poor toe earlier today, SO HARD! Right before I was going to meet mom for lunch.
 Ugh, the feeling in your heart when you see blood sipping through your kids fingers... I mean, I sorta panicked on the inside. I may have seemed calm, but I was screaming on the inside.

Cause at first I didn't know what happened. I just heard her cry and saw her lying on the floor, and then saw a lot of blood (ridiculous amount of blood for a toe really...) When I finally managed to pry her little fingers open and see the toe...I realized that she had hit the toe so hard that the nail almost got ripped off and the skin right before the nail too had been scraped. Poor baby. πŸ’” She cried so much, and I tried to clean it best I could and put Frozen bandaids on it. At least she got to see queen Elsa on her toe πŸ’š My little sweetie...she eventually fell asleep on out bed.
It's always a horrible feeling when your child gets hurt. And blood always make shit seem a 100 times worse. Gah...my heart.

well, Moving on, she's fine now. (thank the gods) She got to choose what kind of treaty treats she wanted for tonight and she chose chips (that's probably thanks to Lasse haha) And she's really happy now.
Well, I'm gonna snuggle Freyster a bit now, and watch Oggy & the cockroaches (Frost hates that show but I kinda like it lol and so does Freya) and after that I might play a round or two :D

I wonder if one ever really accepts the truth if it's something bad... I mean, I'd much rather keep hoping for a day when I'm not in pain you know? But I'm also very logical. I understand how real life works. But I still think a small part of you always hopes for the best no matter how much your'e trying to deny it. Like how someone in a wheelchair wishes to walk again. I'm not comparing myself to that, but the feeling of wanting to do something but not being able todo it  or something like that...I understand it very well.

But whatever, Frost is studying for his license, and swedish... and he'll either study biomedicine at the university or mechanics and shit, or maybe find a cool and awesome job. So I guess I'll root for him instead :)

Monday, September 25, 2017


Today me and my sis went out on adventures πŸ˜€
Strutted around in town in the early morning, went for some fika at a fancy shop, aaaaand we also went to the chocolatier shop πŸ’› And while we were at it, we just snooped around in some other shops  too :) I loved hanging out with her today πŸ’œ It was nice.

We took some treaty treats with us home and ate it together with the rest πŸ’• Freyster got a freshly baked cinnamon bun πŸ’›
(they sold some tasty pannacotta and chocolate mousse with caramel and coconut in a jar. Fucking tasty)

Also, the pralines were pretty to look at, but kinda disappointing to nom on. But then again, my tastebuds have been acting weird lately πŸ˜” 
Pity ain't it? Yeah, I know. But oh well. That store usually have delicious ones, and the owner adores me lol If she had been there today she'd given me epic flavors I tell ya. (she did gave me a bunch of stuff when I left for America)

But some of these pralines were still tasty. Like the champagne truffle, and the honey one too 😊
I bought some for Frost too but he just munched them down so quick that I never got to know what he thought about them hehe

Well, I have to say that I've had a splendid day after all :) I think we all did!
Apart from my phone being a dick, it's been great! I mean, before the day even started I even got an awesome and sweet full body massage from Frost πŸ˜‡ Not only did it feel amaaaazing, but it also made me feel really loved πŸ’• Plus, We even got so sleep till 09:25 this morning. Do you know how rare that is?! RARE AS FUCK I tell you πŸ‘ˆ 
Freya snored away between us in bed lol So technically the day even started supernice πŸ‘

Well, we're about to hit Destiny 2 soon, and Freyster is about to brush her teeth and getting ready for bedtime! πŸ’– I wonder what tomorrow has in store for us.