Sunday, December 31, 2017

Blade of the Immortal

A really epic anime and manga has been made into live action on Netflix. Which is pretty fucking cool if you ask me. Yep.
This is one heck of good manga and anime so it'll be hard to live up to it's reputation.

I'll watch it nonetheless... duh. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
The trailer looked good though. 

It's new year's Eve today. 
This has been a bad year, that then flipped to be an awesome year.
But I wouldn't complain if next year was a little better lmao 

Alrighty then. 
It's dinner time.

And later tonight it's the new year's dinner at Mom's place 🎉🙏🏻 woop woop.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


haha this used to be Nathalies ringtone like fucking 10 years ago or something haha
A different lifetime.
I still know how to appreciate korean music though ^_^

So listen to this pretty lady and dance with Dio. (Use his cone as a mic)

The funny part is that 10 years ago kids used to say I looked like G dragon from Big Bang.
I even had a 14 year old girl ask me out. (there's actually been more girls asking me to be their boyfriend online back in the day so I suppose I can see why mom said I looked like a dyke then huh?)
Just ask Marty about all the little girls acting weird and shit. -_-

Well my fav was always T.O.P anyway. hah.

( I happen to know a woman who likes this photo of me very much hahaha)

I was a teacher at one point there too. . . . . . 12 year old girls can be awkward as fuck.
Was I ever that awkward? Nah. I'm fantastic baby.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I'm coming up!

I mgith as well come clean with it.

This man is my spirit animal. Yep.

And now it's date night lol We're watching Blade Runner 2049 💙

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas eve

This has been the best christmas yet 💖
Amazing food, such awesome gifts and a lot of love.

Freya had so much fun.

Thank you guys for making this such an awesome christmas.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry christmas!

I'll definitely make a short blogpost tomorrow, but apart from that I'll probably be gone from the world for a while. haha

But I have to at least try to post a few pics of a happy Freyster tomorrow. Duh. She's superexcited about santa coming tonight 💙

But apart from that, I'll be back on my phone after the Christmas rush and all that jazz in a few days :D We've got too much stuff to do and I'll just be too busy.

Merry christmas everyone!

Friday, December 22, 2017

The adventures of the Hastings family

I've got a cute family right? 

Oh oh oh Frost got a really awesome Christmas present from his job! Yay! 
I got to choose so I choose a cool twister smoothie blender. Yay me. Always wanted to have one. *Score*

Anyhoooo...everything is finally ready for Christmas. Good job us.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Du vet vem du är

Nu gör jag så här att jag skriver på svenska till dig. För du vet minsann vem du är.

Jag ska försöka göra det här så kort som möjligt också.

Nu räcker det. 
Jag vill inte ha med dig att göra. Det faktum att du traskar in i mitt trapphus och står och smyger är fan skrämmande. Nu hade jag tur att grannen kom på dig.
Det är fan illa om allmänheten till och med tycker att det är något off.

Jag kanske inte var tillräckligt tydlig sist... so this one's on me, men här kommer det igen.

Vi är INTE vänner. Jag vill inte ha med dig att göra. Kom aldrig hit igen.

Kommer du hit en gång till så får du skylla dig själv. Nu har du iaf fått en varning.

Så försök respektera det så går allt bra.

Det här behöver faktiskt inte alls vara så dramatiskt egentligen, om du bara låter mig vara. 
Svårare än så är det inte.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Oh I totally forgot!

I forgot to even write about this weekend.

See, Frost decided to pamper me on Friday, and since I had spent what felt like an eternity at the tax department....a delicious dinner and rinks didn't sound too bad.

I gotta say, Elderflower Collins was delicious. Frost laughed at me for liking that drink so much haha but what can I say? I do like gin.

We had such a nice dinner (minus some EDS issues... I really suck sometimes...)

Saturday, I poisoned Frost.

Yep you read right. I poisoned my man. 

I cooked chicken...that was probably a mistake. I think it had gotten bad but just didn't smell bad. Which is weird... But he spent the entire Saturday evening and the entire Sunday barfing his guts out..

Yeah....... I'm ashamed. I deeply regret that. Bad bad Jo. He was so sick.

He's better today though...sorta. I hope O_o

He made steak and potato gratin for dinner when he came home from work, while I sat and played some videogames with some dickheads. It was amazing. Freya was too busy with Frozen, which I had seen waaaaay too many times... So WW2 really was my only option lol
But Frost cooked.
And it was delicious! (Thank you honey for making dinner today!) 


Me and Freyster had a good talk tonight while we snuggled in bed. (Boy do we love snuggles lol) But yeah, good talk.
Yeeeeaaah... I got mad at her cause she pissed on my stuff. On purpose. (Insert super angry shocked face here) 

Pissing punishment. (!)  When did parents start getting punished by their kids?! With piss?! Like WHAAAAT?? 

It just ain't right lol

But we talked, yep. And she doesn't like when I get mad and I don't like to get mad so...we decided that I'll just let shit go, and she'll work more with me, than against me. Win win. 

Yay us! 


Everybody seems to complain about the weather right now. And I don't really see why... It could snow a bit more if you ask me 😄

Plus I love snuggling user a warm blanket and watch good stuff. 

I watched like 11 episodes on a row of Erased cause I thought it was so damn good. It's like a Japanese version of the Butterfly effect. A better version too tbh.  Yep.

More of that please ✌🏻

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Waking up to this snowy weather made my heart go "wheeeeeeeiii" for a moment lol

Freya is superexcited about the snow and a sled, and I'm getting there too 😄

Update: We got the sled and we went to the hills and went weeeeiiiii for a bit. I just wished it'd snow a bit more tbh. So we've been out quite a bit today so I'm pleased about that.

Oh and my old lovely friend Ed is writing me now. AAAAW!! Gosh I missed yoooou.

D'aaw....I was looking at pictures of Ed holding Freya when she was a newborn and that made me miss some of the old times too lol

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Happy Lucia everyone! (Well I guess most countries don't celebrate this, but we are a few that does so Happy Lucia to us lol)

Freya was actually only interested in Snuggles... She and I ain't morning people. Too early for her makes her grumpy and snuggly. And waking up before 7 is to early for her. We're talking about a kid that usually wake up after 8am. 😅

Me and Mom was there to watch the kids sing. Though it appeared to be more than just Freyster that just wanted to snuggle with their mommies and daddies. Haha 

The other we got a package from Scotland. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for Freya to open on Christmas.... But she got so heartbroken over the fact that she wouldn't be able to see what it was since she came with me to pick it up.

So I finally gave into her sweet little tearfilled puppy eyes and let her open it. And omigosh she was somexcited and she flipped out when she was what was in it. 
"CAREBEARS!!!!!" She yelled and pulled out a pink bed set with the Carebears ❤️ while jumping up and down. 
And then she was what else it was that was hiding in there....a Frozen headphones. Oooooch goodness lol She ride around in her Victor with those headphones in her while listening to pretend music, and then she put out the Carebears set on the floor and had a picnic on it. She was so happy. That's as just pure joy haha 
And it made me happy to see her to overjoyed with the gifts. 
And she said "thank you Stevie" for the gifts (but it was more like thank you Stacy lmao) 

Yeah he definitely put a smile on my daughter's face. So thank you for that 😊 

I'm bad at showing just how grateful I am for things, but most people know that I AM a grateful person. But I'll still say thank you. Duh. 😄

OH and thank you guys for making last night awesome. Lussevakan at SF movies was sweeeeeeeet!!!!!!! We watched The sneak premiere of Jumaniji in 3D and 30% of at the SF store. Yay! And we also watched Molly's game which was a good movie tbh. Good story 😃  I wish we could go every year 🤣

But last night was awesome. But because it ended late in the middle of the night....none of us got much sleep. Zzzz ...
And Frost had to get up for work around 5:20.  😅 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Second advent

So I made a chocolate cake for second advent :)

Oh and here's a pic of the morning on Saturday before we went to the market.
We seriously had a supercozy morning.

My innerchild was in bliss lmao

All the christmas feels

We went to the Christmas market in Nora this weekend :D
We were quite a few that went so we needed 12 cars ahaha And we had a hoot!

Seriously, it was so wonderful to see how excited Freya was when she saw Santa!
And Wille too. It was fucking adorable. :3
She asked Santa for a doll for Christmas 😍 
When she's happy, I'm happy 💚

Aaaand we made lussebuns on Friday. YAY!
I'd say this weekend was pretty dang epic.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Morning morning

It's a nice monday ain't it?
Supercozy morning ❤️✨

We're watching The Muppets Christmas carol (which is still one of my favorite Christmas movies) ❤️ while nibbling on our breakfast.

And let me brag a little here, Freya slept the entire night without a diaper. She told me last night when I was putting her to bed, that she didn't want a diaper :O Nope. She didn't want one at all. Nuh uh.

And she didn't pee herself at all throughout the night. Aaaaawesome! 
And around 7:40 this morning she came into my room and I asked her "Oh! Wanna go pee with me??" Haha everything is easier and more fun with mom lol
And so she did.  😄

Aaaaw man, She's doing so well. ❤️

This Christmas is going to be great!! Best Christmas ever! 
I know my man is spoiling me r Al hard this year.
He's always been that typ of person though. Always spoiling me. But I think he went even further on the spoiling his year lol 😂
Freya is getting awesome gifts too. 
I've really put a lot of thought in all the gifts I got for people.

Talking about that, I'm gonna try to make a blogpost later to show you how awesome our weekend was 🙌🏻 (Freya met Santa!!!) I know...epic AF right? Aahah

It seriously was epic.✨
Obviously I've been hurting a little extra, but that comes with the package. It's a "small" price to pay for having fun.

Anyhoooo... I'm finally finish my candy cane latte and watch the movie with Freyster. 
I've been trying to find Barbie and the nutcracker, but damn it's a hard movie to find....

Friday, December 8, 2017


Good God were sleepy AF tonight.

It's been a really nice Friday. Willie is sleeping over and Freya was so happy! 
And they're both asleep now, so I'm gonna try to sleep too since I haven't been sleeping well lately. 😴

Oh I also baked with my sister AND I finished the hat for Freya too!! Productive huh? Whoop whoop! Aaaand I made a decadent deliciously chocolaty rich cake with chocolate ganache on the top for sunday.

 Ah, I really gotta sleep! I promised the kids that they'll meet Santa this weekend....(damn they got so excited haha) so we're going on a wee adventure tomorrow (unless it rains) 
It'll be Christmas movies and saffron buns then haha

I think Wille is going to sleep over here more often :)
Cause it's really nice!

It was nice to have two happy kids snuggling in the sofa watching christmas cartoons.
Maybe having another child in the future wouldn't be so bad huh?

Well, we'll see what the future holds. I want Freya to be older if that were to happen.
All our focus is on her for now and I want it to stay that way for a while 💙
She's our precious little moon fairy 💙

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Stuff & junk

So...for a moment there, this day got a turn for the worse. But then I turned again...and then it turned again or the back started hurting too bad and I started to panic when I was going to pick Freyster up from daycare.
Luckily Freya was already outside playing with her friends so I didn't have to move too much. 
But I still had to cancel going to one of my most beloved precious friends.
She's superspecial to me... But yeah, it was her birthday to day.

And I was going to go to her and celebrate her but my body just ruined everything.
Which of course made me feel even more down than I already did....
But she cheered me up and so did Freya and Frost.
Frost got me treaty treats and hugs. (And that shit works almost every time lol) 

And now I'm sitting here sipping on a cup of camomille tea that Frost made me, while I knit on Freyas winter hat that I'm making for her.
 Yep...I've knitted so much that my thumb is numb lmao 

Freya has been doing so well without a diaper lately and I couldn't be prouder.
And today was the first day at daycare without a diaper....and she was AWESOME. As expected of course lol 💖

Tomorrow I'm baking lussebuns with my sis. Woho! I'm making the dough myself....which makes me nervous haha Cause I've never made this recipe before.

But I'm sure it'll be delicious. 

Ah I gotta try to get to my friend soon, before midnight. I've got a gift for her 💜


Frost sent me a picture just now. Of his lunch. Yum.

They're having a big Christmas lunch at work, that the company paid for. Haha typical swedish Christmas food though.

He was kinda nervous about it beforehand, but turned out it'd be like I told him it would be. It went great and he had fun with his friends. Plus free food lol 

I'm watching a crappy Japanese/American horror movie on Netflix right now. "The temple". I think it's about a kitsune. (And I do find the myths about kitsunes and gumihos interesting) 

Welp, sometimes even shitty horror movies can give you a scare. 

Let's see what this one has to offer.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Ok, so like I wrote before: we had a good weekend.

I'm not even gonna bother by writing everything.

I can say we've snuggled a lot, watched good shit on the tv...
Had Moa and Arthur drop by on sunday 💙

And this lil' family had hot chocolate and homemade gingerbread cookies... and not just once lol

Today however, is a day I will write about haha :D

Freyster and I decorated the Christmas tree today! Iiiih!

 And Frost wanted everybody to know that he helped.............. With one ball. 😂

And I'm so damn proud of my little Freyster. She's finally accepted the potty.
After walking around without a diaper for 2 days she's now fully pottytrained. Wooooh!

It's about time too. 3 years old. My big squirrel.

And tomorrow's St. Nicholaus. (And she's suuuuuuuperexcited about that ahaha)
I peeked inside her room earlier and she was watching her christmas sock like a hawk lol

Welp, me and Frost have been playing Destiny today (The curse of Osoris) and so far so epic.

But we're about to wind down a bit now and chill, watching the 100 and cuddle up against my snuggletree in the sofa sounds like the perfect end of a day.

Gingerbread makings

Freya wanted to make gingerbread cookies on last friday.
So we did haha And we did a gingerbreak house too.

It's awesome.
Nathalie came and helped with it too 😌

I'm pleased to say that we're almost done with all the Christmas presents. (yay)
All we need now is one for Lasse and one for Big B.
Yep... toot toot (that's me tooting my own horn)

But I figured we'd do the last of the shopping the day before Christmas (when you get paid)

Shit is going so well in our lives now that it's almost scary.
I'm always used to something popping up ruining shit...but everything is awesome.

Frost is even getting a crane license that the company is paying for him. :)
And that my friend, is awesome.

I also got a snowglobe for me.....................because it's so majestic and pretty :D

the weekend in stockholm

Freya's Christmas adventures!

Oh and a kids birthday party while we're at it lol