Monday, April 30, 2012

Look at that derp

Haha derp face!


well, I'm ready now.
Let's go Lei Lei! hidy-ho!

Bye bye!!! :D  Have an awesome day everyone!

my tattoo

lawl, I forgot... I was going to show you my tattoo on the arm. haha I suck. Someone asked me to do this the day before yesterday but I managed to forget it anyway tehe~  Me so sorry woman.

So, the dragon was made by Lisa at Everlasting & Traditional tattoo and the flowers by Joel Ang from 8 volts tattoo / singapore :D

There you go.

That reminds me..

Berenice still haven't made me tamales. Nor enchiladas or buritos. WOMAN COOK FOR ME SOON DAMN IT! nomnom.

I can be patient (I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE....) so I'll be sweet and wait some more.


As gross as this may look, it's actually one of my favourite things to eat. Tacos all mashed in to goo :D and loads of garlic. Mmmm nom nom nom <3 spivey as hell! This is how I like my tacos ^_^

Taco goo <3
 tomatoes, garlic, salad, meat, creme fraiche, taco sauce, cheese all in a nice little  farrago. :D


Today is Valborgsmässoafton. celebrating may 1st :) I like this holliday. Even though i continuesly keep forgetting it :P

I'll be going for a BBQ with Josse and Robin later :3 it'll be smashing nom nom nom

Josse was here earlier btw. We had strawberries and whipped cream. Oh yeah, strawberry season is ON for me!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


A close friend of mine called me today...we talked for hours. She said it's sad that I never ask for help when I'm sad or feeling down. It's hard to notice when I'm down cause I smile and laugh and act as if it's nothing. She told me how it makes her sad and that she can't help me... back in the old days, people used to always go to her for help. Then she had enough, cause they took her for granted. But she said she still wanted the ones she loved to be able to come to her from help.

But that's kind of the thing. I don't tell people when I'm down for a reason. Either cos I feel like I should'nt be feeling like this. or because I don't want people to know. Simple as that. I don't WANT to feel like this. yet I do. And all this with emotions and's still new to me. So i can't pinpoint the problem just yet.

But nowadays it's not as easy to hide it as it used to be. But oh well. Shit happens.

Tomorrow is Valborg. And I ain't got any plans, as usual I managed to forget about these festivities -___- I'm such a derp.

And next weekend there'll be a party at my place. No idea how I'm supposed to fit in a those people in this tiny place but hey, the more the merrier.. Or something. Guess we'll all go out to the clubs later cause I don't wanna bother my neighbours too much now. I swear to god, if I fart. My neighbours will hear it -___-yay.

Anyway. Haven't done much today really. I did eat though :3 yay me. *high five*

I'm gonna get back to criminal minds now. Toodels.

My new home

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Yus, after a long and eventful day... I'm just lying on the couch. Chilling like a baaaws. Aaaah... It's nice. Everything is perfect like this.

Today is one of those days when I feel like not being online anywhere and just derp on my own :3 which I shall. So don't miss me too much now my darling readers :P

Movie night with Lei Lei <3 tehe~

A true friend


It's feeling more homey each day that passes. Yus, I'm liking this ^_^


Btw I got a really nice "moving-in" present from Ida :D so pretty!

Thank yooooou :3

Good old swedish fika

Got a nice visitor today :)

Friday, April 27, 2012


Now, I'm quite bored tbfh... and I'm about to take a stroll in the park with Lei Lei and then go grocery shopping. Having the family over for tacos tonight ;D

Anyway, since I'm bored. I'll just pass the time by writing some more norse mythology and such.

I thought I'd tell you about trolls :)
I've always been fascinated by trolls. Honestly, a part of me still believs trolls exists. And don't fucking judge me. How can one not believe in them? :P lawl I once wrote about trolls in a fairytale remember? the tale of the four big trolls and Vill-Vallareman?

Anyway, A troll is a being from the norse folklores...said to descend from the prehistoric ice and fire giants. They differ in both looks, temper and size. There are trolls as big as a mountains (it is said that a sleeping troll could actually BE that mountain.) And they can be tiny as a cat. But the size has nothing to do with their kindness. Some could be kind once in a while, others mischievous and malicious. But all of them were tricksters. They may be slow witted, but not stupid.  There's also many dfferent kinds of trolls. We have skogstroll (forrest trolls) grott troll (cave trolls) and bergatroll (mountain trolls) and also stentroll (stone trolls <--- they're said to MADE out of stone.) Here's the thing, some believe that forrest trolls, as well as stone trolls and tree trolls can actually handle sunlight. (?) But cavetrolls, and mointain trolls can't. The stone trolls can do it only because they turn themselves into stone before sunrise. While in norway it's mostly believed that they can't handle sun at all. Hmm, what else... ah, All of them are incredibly fast. They can run like the wind. And take a step big as 7 miles.
Well, nowadays trolls, alongside with giants are believed to be extinct. Some say that they simple hidd deeper in our forrest since they felt that sweden became too "christian" and the christianity took over sweden. Also, they can become veeeery old. Several hundred years old. So why would'nt some of them still be lurking in the dark forrest of Svearike huh? Everyone knows that trolls used to stay hidden deep inside our forrests. Fearing the sunlight as they might turn into stone if their bodies meets the sunlight. THAT is what i was told as a kid. And THAT is what I believe. They'd die from sunlight, unless they turned themselves into stone before the sun rises :D

Not only do they come in different shapes and sizes, but their looks differ just as much as us humans do. But there's a few things they all have in common. The troll tail, the pointy ears, the broad nose and peering eyes that glows like burning charcoal in the night . Many of them have beards as well :) Some can look just as we think a troll looks like, and some can actually be considered beautiful.  They love glittery sparkling things and always wear big heavy jewelry. On the other hand, troll ladies are considered pretty. And with their shaggy tail they could easily be mixed up with skogsrået.

Now trolls were rarely seen since they only move around after sunset, and some say that they can move around while being invisible. They used their invisibillities to steal food from the humans and do mischievous acts. Ooooh And switch their troll babies with a human baby.  See, a trollmor (trollmother) would very much like their children to get a human upbringing since humans (usually) treats their children so well, and educate them and dress them and feed them and so on. So the mother would switch the children. If a family suspected to have a changeling in the house, they could threaten to throw the child into the oven. And then trollmor would come running fast as fuck and save the baby. Despite how trolls may seem, they love their family and protects them as well as they can. Unlike many swedish entitys and spirits etc...trolls actually live in packs. With their "families".They have many friends and they're very social and loud in their own crowd.

And back in the old days, a few hundred years ago... people really did believe in these things and they were very affraid of trolls and skogrået and all the other beings that we have here ;) But it's the same as the famous With hunt we had here hundred of years ago. it was horrible. And so easy to point out a poor girl and accuse her of witchcraft. They'd burn all of them, and sometimes drown them.
So, if a child was accused of being a troll changeling..their lives could easily be ruined forever. Some could even get abandonned by their families and thrown into an orphanage or into the streets. :/ But, the best thing to do would be to baptise the child as fast as they could. Trolls hate everything that has anything to do with christianity. They also feared churchbells, and Tor and his hammer Mjölner.  It is also known that trolls are very greedy and they collect all the gold and silver they can get their hand on. Hence, the saying "rich as a troll" :) haha

And many people utside the north, have no idea what a real troll looks like. You've all been mesmerized by world of warcraft, lord of the rings, and such fantasy bullcrap. THAT IS NOT HOW TROLLS LOOK. After all, that's fantasy. This is real :P Swedish folklores and mythology is not fantasy at all. It's a part of history and a part of our ancestors beliefs.

This is what a real troll looks like.
these are swedish trolls though. But as I've said before, finland,norway,denmark...we all share our mythology :3

oh btw, there are still people that say that trolls aren't bad beings. On the contrary, quite kind. They are the balance of nature. And the humans have blamed the trolls for their own mistakes and failures. Using the trolls as a scapegoat. Sound logical enough if you ask me. Same as the witch hunts. If there was someone you were jealous of or didn't like. Just accuse them of being a witch. problem solved. Such cunts really. Doing such mean acts.

I myself think that it totally depends on what troll you may stumble upon :P

well, this does it for today. :D


I'm trying to somehow make any sense of it all. Trying to figure out HOW to fit all my stuff in this tiny apartment. Trying to accept the fact that I need to actually throw a lot away (and I've already thrown like 12 BIG garbage bags away these past couple of days) oh god.

Like Lei Lei, I'm feeling quite lost haha

Yeah. There's a lot to do.

Break time.


You know, I love it when springtime has arrived in this part of town. :)

It's called Vasastan. (vasa town) lmao Just so you know. Our new hoooooome ^_^


This would be Lei Lei's first morning walk in this neighbourhood. Not for me though, since this is where I used to live a few years ago :) I love this area. This is exactly where I wanna be at the moment :D

Don't get me wrong. Lei Lei is used to this area too. My family lives 3 minutes away from me now :) haha


Indeed I am.

Aaaaaand I'm also sitting in my new home :3
It's quite comfy and I kinda like it ^^ tehe~

Tomorrow, I'll give you all a "tour" of my new place haha. It's tiny yeah, But I still like it :D I feel at home already. AND i managed to assemble the couch aaaaaall on my own :D So now I'm sitting on my couch. Like a baaaaws. And my new bed is here! A BED! A BED I TELL YOU! Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh! it's gonna be so nice to sleeeeeeeeep in it!

I feel like I've been a huge pain in the ass to everyone today. I am so sorry :< I AM NOT AN ORGANIZED PERSON AT ALL! But still, you guys helped me out today and for that I'm eternally thankful :)

well, My family is the best family in the world. And I'm so thankful for having them ♥ And they really helped me out today! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

more norse mythology

Sooooo today I figured I'd write about Näcken and Bäckahästen.

Näcken is a male water spirit. Or entity if you may call it that.
He lives in dark waters, like small rivers, creeks and ponds.
He is said to play the most beautiful music on his violin. He would be seen sitting on a rock in the middle of the streams playing it... luring people down into the depths of his waterfalls drowning them.

Some say he could be willing to teach his arts of the violing to streetmusicians in exchange for three drops of blood. They would then play for an entire night and by the morning the streetmusician would be amazing at playing the violin. Now he was a very sly sprite... Extremelly wicked. He would try and lure the musicians down in the depths. But if they managed to not get lured away by him, they would become excellent violinist. But there was also risks with making a contract with Näcken. The musicians could end up playing the music and never being able to stop it, till the go insane. And the same goes for the people listening to it. They would dance till they all went insane. Unless someone involved in that act realised what was happening and cut of the cords on the violin with a certain knife.

Now people say that he's also a shapeshifter. So there's many different describings about his looks. The most common one is that he's seen naked in the waters, with long golden brown hair. A very youthful and good looking man. Others say they saw him with only one eye in the middle of the forehead. And some say his eyes are shaped like two crescent moons. Many also claim that his legs are those of a horse, with hooves on them. On one of the sites I was checking it actually said that Näcken is rarely seen naked. BUT as a child I always heard that he would be sitting in the river naked. I never heard about him wearing clothes O___O

Ah, needless to say, he was a very attractive and seductive man. And he definitely enjoyed enticing young women. So women back in the days were very careful with crossing a stream or a bridge over a river. 

And here's the wonderful part, one of Näckens most important characters is  The horse. It's light grey in it's colour.

 (pictures from google yeah...)

Now some say that that horse would be Bäckahästen. And that Bäckahästen and Näcken are two completely different beings. While others claim that they are one and the same.

But you can get your own opinion about that. They're characteristics are quite different from each others if you ask me.

Bäckahästen (literally means The creek horse) is said to be a vicious and malicious water spirit. And he lured little children to jump up on his back and then he runs down into the depths of his creek and drowns them. And Bäckahästen back could hold any number of children. As many as he'd like. Cause his back would only get longer and longer for each child that sat on it.

When I search about Bäckahästen on google nothing about his song will come up. But as a child, I often heard stories about Bäckahästen singing. Making the children get captivated by his song. Hypnotized actually. I was scared a fuck of Bäckahästen as a kid btw. Honestly. While I really wanted to catch a glimpse of Näcken, I'd never wanna run across Bäckahästen.

It is also said that on the botton of the creek/pond where Bäckahästen lives it would be filled with skeletons and skulls  O___O
ah, but you could break his spell by saying a christian word. Or even throwing an object made of steel between the horse and the creek. Then he would'nt be able to walk that way.

So yeah, that's about it with the Näcken and Bäckahästen :D

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


How hard it is to sleep when it's Criminal minds on TV right now :<

Ah well, I've seen this episode but it doesn't matter. I STILL WANNA WATCH. But I can't. I have work in about 6 hours. Fudge.


Aaaaw my baby is tired now.
We've been quite busy today :)

Oh god how I hate cleaning and packing. OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD! I don't want to. I'm a bit stressed out and now I suddenly feel lost haha

My mother

I'm sipping my coffee now while I'm watching my mother smile :) she's happy now. Just as she deserves! She deserves to be happy everyday of her life.
It's her birthday today.
So happy birthday to my beloved mum! I love you loads <3

giggety giggety

hahahaha oh gosh, I've been laughing so hard now that I forgot what I was supposed to do :P hahaha back to cleaning!

Swedish /north mythology

Well, I've noticed that there's quite a few of you that are instrested in norse mythology, especially swedish. Let me tell you, that since sweden, norway and denmark all used to be one big country our myths and creatures are all the same but different names.

So, I'll tell you about a few.
Skogsrået. Ramon was intrested in hearing about her so here we go.
(technically, she's probably know to the world as siren of the woods...) But she's not a siren. She's a troll entity.

Skogrået has many names, Huldra, Elverpigen, mosekonen, or even Vittra in other parts of sweden. But she's mostly knows as Skogrået. She lives deep in the dark forests. She is said to be the most fairest of women, But also the most repulsive one. Depends on what her mood is. Her back on the other hand is hollow, and looks like a rotten tree trunk and she has a tail. Which she is very ashamed of having (for some odd reason, personally I find a tail AWESOME but hey..) In some parts of sweden, especially up north and other pasture fields it is said that her tail looks like a fox's tail. What I've heard from old people (and many of my old patients) is that she had dark dark hair, sometimes even green.

Some say that if a man made love to her, he would stop speaking. Cause his soul would remain with her. She lured men into the deep forests and if she liked them she'd seduce them, and if she didn't like them she'd mislead them, making them get lost and disappear in the dark woods.

In some parts, mainly Svealand (where I come from) and southern Norrland, She is said to have cattle in the forest whom she herded. She would also have a dog there.

She could be kind to those who had shown kindness to her though. As a hunter, it was very important to stay on Skogsråets good side. She would then bring you good hunting fortune. She would blow down the riffle barrel making the weapon unable to miss it's aim. BUT she would also make it so it could'nt shoot one of her own riding mooses. She would also help little chaletgirls wth their cattle...

According to old stories from the northic mythology,  Oden held a grudge against Skogrået and he would hunt her like she was a prey.

Despite Skogrået being a solitary entity,  she might've belonged to (hard to translate this) the colletive entitys similar to the southern swedish trolls.

well, I think that it turned into a long blogpost so this will have to do for now :D haha
Next time, I think I'll write about Näcken :D Mesa mesa like Näcken!


Just got home from lunch at Saigon with Christian :D
He had his break now and said we could eat together so whyyyyy noooooot? :) Lei Lei even got to be with us!

Kent made a pic where he made it look like a "dogs aren't allowed" sign. HAHA  laaaawl. Chrille had to put it over Lei Lei and take a picture of it. Easily amused aye?

aaaaw, everyone loves Lei Lei. And it was nice of them to let Lei Lei be there too ^_^

 Well, I need to start cleaning and packing now! PANIC! Moving on thursday damnit!

Monday, April 23, 2012

oh shoot

See,  Once again I fucking forgot about that god damn 100 day photo challange I had. DAMN IT. But, in my defense....I've been sorta busy. We'll, not now maybe but you know what I mean.

I blame it on the break up and the moving. laawl
And also, I'm supposed to take a photo of my bedroom. Which isn't possible at the moment cause I sleep in a couch in the living room since the bedroom is completely empty. LAWL. But on the other hand, imagine all the pics you'll see from my new place?

And btw, I move on thursday :D EEEEEEEEEEEEK It's gonna be awesome! Aaarghahsfahfljhgkhgfkähgäh can't express how psyched I am about it.
If I weren't so lazy I'd be fucking jumping up and down right now.
Already did that today though so ;) hahaha 

Not too psyched about the packig and cleaning part though :/

aaah I need a laugh.
Derp. Got it :>

Allergic to Monday's

That's partly true.
But right now I'm allergic to every fucking day of the week. Not just Mondays.
Mesa wants to work.


I guess it's safe to say that this truly is the love of my life. She'll never betray me and she gives me unconditional love. And I give her the same :)
You get what you give, my love <3


I'm out with the asiandog <3

Yet another Monday

And yet another Monday where I don't have any work.
But I'm quite busy today despite the fact that I don't have a job to go to.

Kirre and his dad are here and they took down the closet. And then at 13:00 we're gonna meet my landlord to sign over the contract to the new girl. And then at 14:00 I'm gonna meet the new landlord with the new girl so I get heeeer apartment ^_^

Btw, my couch is surprisingly nice to sleep on. :3
Would've slept real good too if it weren't for Lei Lei the loud Ninja. She decided that she needed to let me know loud and clearly as soon as someone was near our door so yeah... she's been barking the entire night. This is something she'll probably be doing till she can calm down and realise that I am fine and that I'm happy the way things are. It's just that things are changing and she probably has a hard time catching up. But like I said, things will calm down. She just needs some time to adapt. <3

Oh and there's a few people who's been asking why I'm moving and why my bed is gone haha. It's because Kirre and I broke up after nearly 10 years together and he took the bed with him. Alongside with the tv and Internet :/ Hence, I'm moving to a cute little apartment in the centre of the city instead :D

Kirre and I are good friends though so there's no need for pity :)
My choice of leaving him was a good choice for both him and me.
This is the beginning of the rest of our lives :)

 oh btw, eeek Kirre and his dad are having a wee fight. I'm sitting here like ooooh herpa derp lalalalala I can't hear a THING lalalalala O.o

not liking it

I am not liking not having a bed at all. It's so fluffy,warm and cosy... and my couch is....well. hard. And cold. Damnit....

But I'll have to make do :P

lovebites ♥

Oh yeah, big brother came over with little Wille today as well. Aaaaaaaaaw gosh I love you too much you little toddler <3

oh LAAWL I just remembered, I played these songs for Sofia at the party yesterday. she was a bit...uh... i cheered her up real good.

haha you know, girls LOVE me for some reason? I mean "love" as in 'heeeey let's get buuuuusyyy.....NOM'  Which I do NOT appreciate. At all.  4 different women grabbed my face and kissed me last night, whereof one of the women was someone I knew since before. Which also made me a little cunfundled.... cause I hadn't seen her in years. And then she's like HI! Mwah! And then derps away again O.O The fuck?! But seriously... I didn't even dress boyish. For once, I was dressed up in girl clothes! Fuck you... (`^´ ) hmpf!! I was pretty.