Sunday, June 30, 2013


Well, this day did a turn for the better. I'm in a good mood now :)

I've been running home all the time today though cause Lei Lei has the runs lol But, I noticed now that she's doing better. YaY!

Btw, this "drinking yoghurt" is DELICIOUS. Like HOLY SHIT! :D
Oooom nom nom! I'll definitely drink it in the future. Yep.

Oh yeah, I may as well tell the ones that know me that my phone is turned off most of the time now. I can't handle all the calls and texts. It's taking a lot of energy... When people feel bad they seem to wanna write or call constantly. I don't mind coming to me when they feel bad bit if it's ALL the time then yeah, it's too much.

I have a LOT to focus on, three different jobs, and my dog and my love and finding time to sleep in between. I work all the time now. For a reason.

So I'll be taking my leave.
My job only contacts me through mails so I get my work schedule each day anyway. Plus, if I'm really really needed... You know where I live ^_^

If I remember correctly, this happened last summer too. I had to take a leave then too cause the pressure and stress was too much.

I love each and everyone of my family and friends, but there's something I want more than anything.

So I'll be working hard to make my dreams come true :D

Equally grumpy

I have a bad day at work, and baby has a bad night. Lets hope we'll get happier in a couple of hours haha


This is just one of those days when you juuuuust don't wanna be at work.

I can tell that it'll be a hard day.
A bunch of noobs working, messing my shit up. Making me clean up the mess. Dickholes.

Plus, I feel fuzzy in my head.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The mom

I'm gonna go fika with Stina today before work ^_^ And I'ma touch the beeelleeeh!! There's a big baby hiding in there! And it's gonna come out in a month! YAY! Me and that baby are gonna be bff's!! :)

I'ma love it, and huh it, and squeeze it! Haha That baby's gonna have a love overdose lol

Ah, talking about love... I wrote to Stina that my connection in the head is a bit slow... And that's half of the reason why she loves me HAHA! Aaaah I feel the love <3 She's a poot.

Well I'm gonna eat my strawberries now and drink my coffee so I'll be a perky koala when she arrives. Uh huh.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Well guess who starts working at a nursing home next week?

Me! :D weeeeeeeh!

The pay is awesome and they're totally fine with me working at the other place too. So this feels great.
This is a whole new field of expertise for me.. I'll only be working with patients that are dying basically. And I'll treat them till they pass away.

"The last stages in life" if one can say that.. Interesting. :)

I get to learn new things, and new ways to work and handle stuff. I'm pretty excited! And they said I could work as much as I want. And they'll work a schedule that'll fit my 60% schedule at the other place. Workaholic mode ON!

Adventures ftw

Aaaws... She likes looking at stuff passing by the windows <3 haha

cheer up buttercup

I dunno why, but when my sister showed me this...I immediately thought of Frost haha! I mean, this is freakin' hilarious. Smile snuggletree, smile.


Well, I'm currently at home. My work don't start again till like...4..or 5 again? haha Maybe I should check it up so I'll know the correct time hahahaha

I'm going to head to the other part of town in about an hour or so, got some work related stuff to do. :D I'm brining Lei Lei with me but she'll have to sit patently outside and wait for me while I go in and talk. It shouldn't take too long right? Normally, an interview takes about 33 minutes (FACT. Cause I've clocked every interview I've done) But this isn't an interview so it shouldn't take that long. :)

I wanted Lei Lei with me cause then we can walk back home together in the nice wether and go through the city park :D it's so beautiful. And I bet she'd like to sniff around there. haha

Wether I take this job or not, I can already tell that I'm having a good day. My days always turn out good when they start off with a talk with Frost in the mornings. Seeing him makes my heart flutter...and then we he looks so adorable and innocent my heart goes SQUEEEEEEZE!!!! haha

I wonder if it's possible to love someone too much? Like so much that your'e about to explode. If so, then I probably love him too much. He's perfect in my eyes. Nothing can change that. I'll always love that man. Yep, that sweetheart is stuck with me forever and ever. <3 He may not realize it, but I really will do anything to be with him. I'll wait a thousand years if I have to. It'll take a lot of Lei Lei's to snuggle...but I'll do anything :)
No matter what happens, 
he'll always have me.

Well, I guess I'll finish my coffee now and then...well... then...yeah. Make myself presentable I guess haha

Hotness in a hoodie

Yeah.. I'm HOT. Haha
It's all about comfort when I work really... And what's more comfortable than sweatpants and a hoodie?

Well actually no pants at all would be the answer. But since that won't work well with my job, I'll just wear sweatpants. Haha

What I lack in appearance, I just make up for with my personality and skills lol

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy happy birthdaaaay

It's lasses birthday today so GRATTIS!
Th cake was delicious btw... Nom nom nom.

Pew pew pew

Feels like I've been EVERYWHERE today. Busy busy busy. We're on our way to zinkgruvan (zink mine) to celebrate Lasse's birthday! :D
lol my sister can't even sit down while we're driving, cause as needs to pee so bad. I'm laughing. loooool well.. yeah, I do know the feeling. -_- but still, HAHAHA!

Oh and Natta is moving in tonight. Woop woop!

And.. Welp,.. Yeah. I seem to be working more now. YaaaaY.

I hope my snuggletree feels better today.

Sorry for all the random little bullshit I'm writing... Robin is driving the car like a carjacker. I'm fucking flying all over the backseat, weeeeeeee...

talketytalk bla bla bla

Welp, Johannes came over earlier.
We had a nice long chat him and me.
He's grown fucking huge btw... like.. GIANT. haha Hard to tell the he's the same cry baby boy I used to tease all those years ago haha Anyway. He left with a smile so what i said calmed his worries. everything feels so calm at the moment. It always does when my Daniel leaves. The anxiety will come back as soon as he does so.. haha who needs valium? I DO.

Right, and I got another phone call about a job earlier..
For a moment I thought, oh penis...maybe three jobs at once is too much to handle? And then i remembered, shoooot, I'm awesome. :3 I can handle anything as long as I keep my eyes on the goal. Stay focused and don't let bullshit get you down.

Three jobs may be a lot to handle, but the whole point this summer is for me to work my ass off, I planned all along to work all the time till I'm too tired to work.

We'll just see what happens tomorrow.

I'm also considering buying a plane ticket to Alabama tomorrow. For october that is... they're super cheap at the moment.

Can't let a moment like this pass by. Duh.

My poor baby is sick today btw... my little snuggletree.
I hope he'll get better soon.
if I were there I'd take care of him and cuddle him.
And I'd cook for him, and bathe him (yeah that's more of a reward to my pervy self than helping him...but still) And kiss him bunches. haha

That's what a good wife does.

Talking about that.. I showed him what kind of wedding dress I want when we get married. It's freakin' awesome.
Something to work hard for as my next goal.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I was being sneaky and took a picture of the worlds finest Sofie earlier :D


Hey beeeb. I'm feeling extremely loving today.
Falling in love with you is seriously the best thing I've ever done <3

Pure luck?

it's kinda funny... just when I'm wondering about work and junk, and feeling sad cause i missed the job appointment today...I got a phone call.

From a nursing home in the other part of town. It's like a hospital and a retirement home all in one. Just not for retired people only. And they wanted me to come on for an interview :D See, this is a job for which I have not applied for. So YAY. I told them about my current job and that I don't work much and so on and they still wanted me to come. So I'll be going there this week and go through the schedule and junk. Hopefully I'll get it. usually they don't tell you that they'll talk about work hours and junk unless they already GAVE you the job. So I'm taking this as a good sign.


They're very competitive in this business about not sharing their temps with another home care. Which is why I haven't gotten a job apart from the one I already have. But these people seemed very happy despite the fact that I already work 60%... cause I said I can work A LOT. A LOOOOOT.

LOL I don't really need a reason to eat cake. But hey ho! LET'S GO. haha What fun and joyous things awaits me this fine tuesday I wonder?! Weeeeeh! 

I'm super excited now.
I'd like that job.

Oh but then I can take the other job at the third place can I? I mean... two jobs might be enough for me?  Unleeeeeeess................ unless I work 24/7....which means... I'D BE RICH.

I like that idea...

a slight change of plans

I was going somewhere today... But my plans changed. Quite suddenly actually. Sooo.... well, I might be able to fix them either tomorrow or thursday. We'll see.

Right now I'm just worried about a friend... I didn't go to my appointment today partly cause the person I was supposed to meet didn't pick up the phone, but mostly cause my friend called. In all the sad moments in life, it's comforting to have someone to lean on. Even if it's just for a moment. I may not be much to lean on.. but I'm chubby and soft, and quite stabile.

We loose some people way too soon, good people. Loved ones... I can't say that I know what your'e going through... cause I don't miss the ones I've "lost". They weren't special to me. But, if I were to loose Frost, or anyone in my family... I might just fall into pieces.

And, I can't imagine the pain of having to wait for it to happen... knowing it's coming.

I'd like to think that when we die, we go to a certain moment that we experienced while living... like a special moment in our lives that was the happiest moment ever.

I think we go there, to our happiest moment..and we get to feel the bliss. Our perfect moment filled with happiness and joy.

Of course this doesn't ease the pain of loosing a loved one, but maybe..maybe it'll give you a slight comfort, knowing that she's reliving her happiest moments forever.

See, I know what my happiest moment would be if I were to die today.
It would be the first time I got to be with Frost...the first night.
Nothing can compare to that feeling..... Euphoria.

That's the word that best describes it.

I'd like to think that we all go to our euphoric moments when we die. 

I don't know how to comfort someone, and I don't know what words to say... But, I'll let you hug me. I hate touching... But you can hug me. I'll squeeze you really hard too, and I wont let go. We can sit like that for as long as you like.

Eventually I'll have to pee.. but we can go right back to hugging after that. Yep.

I'm here...if you need me that is.  <3
And I'm here if you don't need me.

I am where I am.

well, I'll always be there for you.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rocking around

I'm taking a wee break at work, to make time pass cause I'm a little bit too fast today... And I'm sitting in an old rocking chair ^_^ Going back and forth... It's super comfy. I like this chair. I want it. I think I'll buy myself one when me and Frost live together <3 Perfect to sit in while putting your baby to sleep huh? Yeah.

Also, I have some news for y'all.
This week (probably) I'll have a new room mate. Natta is going to move in with me. And my brother too obviously -_- I'm hoping we'll get aloe better with Natta then.

The rent will be cheaper and Natta is a very easy going person that won't be offended if I want to be alone in my room. And she's the same so that's like.. Awesome! Haha

So, I'll be living here till October and then I'll leave for the U.S. YaaaaaY!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Xbox live!

Weeee guess who's playing online with a very sexy man? And talking on a headset too?


We're playing worms haha it's hilarious!

Hi hi hi

Welp, right big I'm watching TV with Natta :D She bought sushi! YaaaaY! Nom nom... So good.
And earlier today I even met adorable Yasmine on my way home from work. We had a good talk. I feel for her, but in also relieved for her cause now she won't spend her life with a complete asshole. Yep. So screw you, you chink!

I'm honestly too lazy to put up pictures right now so I'll just post these pics from my instagram. Look at my cutie! <3 *smoooooch*

Saturday, June 22, 2013

So awkward..

It's fucking embarrassing to have friends over...
Karin was here today, she dropped by after work and we had coffee and junk. And chit chatted since we haven't talked in months.

Aaaaand my room-mate a dickhead.
He insults me all the time while making it sound like a joke. Seriously... he puts me down so fn bad. Even my friends react. 'Why don't you get mad and tell him to fuck off?!' :(

Well I don't know...Feels like I can't.
Cause I remember how he used to be many years ago. We used to be really close.
And now he's mean, ungrateful and rude.

He's jealous of me for having friends that always wants to come over and hang out. While he has none. Cause he's pushed them away by being a dickhole. You have to cherish something while you HAVE IT.

But it makes me feel bad when he insults me all the time. It hurts..

Welp, it's about time I grow some balls.

Buuuuut since I need the money... and I prioritize Frost & Lei Lei above all right now, I'll actually put up with it. If putting up with an asshole like this means that I can save up money for Frost then so be it.

Aaah, love makes you stronger. <3

Yep, it sure does.
I'll do just about anything to get Frost over here. Uh huh.

As soon as the giant hemorrhoid left the apartment, me and Karin did have quite a nice time. :)

Surprisingly, this day turned out alright.
I was so sure it'd suck hahaha

And thank you, for giving me advice. But kindness won't always work. :/

My lunch

I hurried home to walk lei lei and eat my lunch. If you're in a hurry, you're in a hurry.

He makes everything better

Well this morning started off horribly.
Absolutely awful.
I'm not gonna go into details about why it's so shitty but it was shitty.

And then I talked to Frost. Seeing his face and hearing him talk.. Just that is enough for me to feel a lot better.

I'm still convinced that this day will be shitty... But somehow it doesn't matter cause I'm super happy anyway because of him <3
He lights up my day.
He's my sunshine.

So it's about time to walk Lei Lei, and then walk to work. Yep.

I'm sure I'll write about a lot of things that goes wrong today later. So stay tuned for disaster. lol

Friday, June 21, 2013


How I celebrate it?

Well this time I celebrated it by working, comfort home....taking the longest nap ever (and then wake Up and feel like a poot) and then... Play video games wearing panties and a hoodie. -_- Extra trashy today. Yep. That's me.

I'm hungry.... But definitely too lazy to make anything.

Yoghurt and banana yay.


You know it's Friday when the old lady is trying to song along to the "cops theme".

Bad boys bad boys... ' Wadadoodo, whadadadodo whendey am foyo!'


Some patients are just... Well they just make me smile haha

Midsummers eve!

Today is midsummers eve. YaY.
I'm at work though :)

Had such a good start to the day, talked to Frost and got to see his cute face before he went to bed <3

Welp, I'm gonna keep on working now and then go home and walk the pigbear.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Now what?

I feel lost.
But it's not like I have a reason to feel this way.
I am where I am.
In a sofa. Eating strawberries. Nom.

I am where I am.

And my strawberries are delicious.

Bad mood?

I'm not necessarily in a bad mood today... But I'm certainly not in a good mood.

I know things always turn out ok in the end. And if it's not ok then it's obviously not the end. All I need I patience. Which I have. But sometimes even I loose my patience....

Gaah... I just want to work all the time right now. But maybe I won't be able too? Not if my workplace is going I be so freakin' strict on not exceeding your work hours. While I feel that it's my own choice of I wanna work more or not.

Rules... They suck.

Buuuuut I'm pretty awesome, I'm sure I can find a way around the rules without actually breaking them haha Yeah. That's how brilliant I am.

I have the day shift tomorrow, and the hole weekend too and Monday. Boo. I quite like working evening shifts. Especially during the summer.
The evenings are so nice this time of year :)

Such a nice Wednesday

Spent time out with mom and my sis... And then played with Ida. :)
Then met my childhood friend and traded my ps3 for his xbox360 :D Of course Frost is always with me during everything I do haha cause we talk all the time so it's like he was there too. ^^

And also the rest of the night was spent with Frost. Playing games and helping me set everything up. <3 He's the perfect man in my eyes. No one is better than him. *snuuuuggle* Gosh it was difficult setting everything up I tell you. I don't think anyone else could've done it but him haha

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well look what a nice lunch I have today. MmmMMM! Haha Oh when I get home I gotta gather up all the ps3 games and the console so I have thy ready later.

We're out on the countryside right now, in our summer house. :) Well there hasn't been that much sun today but still. :)

And now we're eating strawberries and whipped cream. Nomnom. I'ma feed Frost Swedish strawberries when he lives here. 'Say Aaaaaah!'

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I just happened to go to a patient that lives in my sisters neighborhood so I met her for a wee break :)


It's hard to pee when you see a nose trying to poke it's way between the door.. And hearing someone snort and grunt. Yep. Aaaah, my little loveball.

It's like listening to a pig sniffing for truffles.

Yay peeeeeeee.

Up and moving

I'm starting to act human again.
coffee made the trick.
We went for a nice walk :) And then I met up with mom and her coworker. We stopped by 'Fröken Brogrens' and had som coffee and so on. Fika! YaY.

Lei Lei got water in a bowl from the ladies that worked there.

It's actually quite hot today... My thighs got sweaty sitting down in the sun. -_- Boo. Which ain't that flattering I know haha
Whatever. I know that EVERYONE has had sweaty thighs once in their life time lol

It's the worst when you get sweaty thighs.... Tis what happens to curvy ladies. True story. The ugly truth haha
Oh well. I better prepare for work and shit. Which reminds me, I bumped in to a coworker earlier. She said that I should expect to work more cause their workload has increased. YaY.


Today is a day where I feel kinda indifferent. I could very well turn out to be a grumpy cat but I don't think that's likely to happen. I'm not grumpy... Just meh...

I woke up right before 10 I think... Frost was still awake cause of the thunder, but he went to sleep. How cosy... :) I wish I could've snuggled him to sleep.

I however couldn't even bring myself to get up... I tried.. But then no. Why should I get up?
I didn't feel like going up. And Lei Lei was sleeping... So I had no reason to. So I stays in he'd for hours and just laid there.

Well I'm up now. I know I can't just lay there and stare at the ceiling all day. Work starts at 5. It's a short shift today which is kinda nice... But somehow it's scary going back to work. And I'll be working in a group that I'm not that familiar with... I know I'll be fine though. It's just my mind not keeping up today haha

And now I'm sitting here, in the balcony... Sipping my coffee.

I'll walk lei lei as soon as I finish the coffee. And I need to go to the store too. I don't really have anything to eat at home. I forgot to buy food haha I yoghurt though. Yay.

Apathy. That's more of a word that describes me today lol yep.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weird flavors

It's amazing how they actually managed to make bubbly water taste lemon pie and chocolate shake and strawberry shake! So cool.

Cause it really does taste like it. Yay.

So anyway.... I've been with Sofia and Alicia today. Also mom, Lasse and Josse ^_^ haha Yep. It's been a pretty good day.


Fitting song of the day.

Plus, it's freakin' awesome haha

 This one's also pretty cool. Best intro to an album ever.


I'm very upset

There's always this bad influence in my life. The one that ruins everything. A Mr Snobbelgrott of my own one can say.

A fake, lying bastard that deceives me, talks behind my back and puts me in troubles while acting nice to my face.

The bad seed.

Once again that dickhole put me in trouble. I'm tired of this.
I thought I could handle this but I'm about to call it quits.

Enough is enough.

He wasn't like this before. Before, family was everything. He treasured us more than anything. And we treasured him. And now... now we're nothing but garbage to him. All because of that skankwhore.

When your'e in love, and you've found the one.... they're supposed to make you a better person. Like Frost makes me a better person. A happier person.

But she made him into a monster.

I'm sick of this bullshit.

And thanks to him i need to a back up plan quickly.


It's hard getting out of bed...
I just finished putting my entire schedule into my phone calendar. Yep. Lots of days off in it. And short work days. I don't like it.

So I'll find more work. Lalalalalaa....
I need coffee. Really really bad. And then I need to eat... Something. And Lei Lei, well... She'll probably wanna poop soon anyways. Half the day has gone by and I still haven't gone out of bed. I only got out earlier to feed lei lei. But then she fell asleep again... And I'm just... Meh.
This is a big bed.

I want coffee.
Beeeeebb! Bebb! BEEEEBB? Aw :(

Oh I dreamt of Frost last night. <3
I thought he was holding me.
Turns out I just squished myself up against a pillow... But still.

Oh and here's some good news, I didn't cry myself to sleep. Bro fist.

my imaginary enemy

I named him Mr Snobbelgrott.

See, I worry about my snuggletree sometimes. That he'll get into trouble...that someone would harm him or just get in our way. Ya know? Normal soap opera troubles. So I named that person/thing/trouble Mr Snobbelgrott.

And then I started hating Mr Snobbelgrott.

He's an ass.

I will seriously be so pissed and upset if there's a Mr Snobbelgrott causing troubles.
And I'll find him. And hurt THAT. I'll hurt it. Bad.

I bet it's personality looks like this dude.

This might just be because I saw some stupid cheap soap opera on TV earlier... like, EVERYTHING can happen in a soap opera. Your grandmother could steal your boyfriend by tricking him and drugging him and then the boyfriend turns out to be a woman, and a mad scientist in a closet creates the end of days nuclear bomb and a woman starts doubting her boyfriend because someone is whispering junk in her ear and give the guy dope to make him high and fuck her but he doesn't cause he falls asleep instead and she fakes a pregnancy to make his girlfriend doubt him and even wears a fake belly! And then she kills the girlfriend by running her over with a  boat. ON LAND. And for some reason, during 9 months, 9 FUCKING MONTHS no one notices that it's a fake belly. Amazing.

and so on.

It's amazing really.

it'll give you the mindfuck of the century.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Gosh, leaving Alabama... not being able to be with my fiancé... damn it sucks balls.

Life goes on right? It's not fun to be in Sweden nope. Missing my poot a lot.. The touch of his hands, feeling my cheek on his chest, his body heat. I'll miss him like crazy till the day I'm in his arms again. And missing someone is not always a bad thing. It makes me appreciate him even more :) It makes my desire to be with him grow stronger.

My mom said something really sweet earlier today...'No matter how far away you guys are from each other, you're always so close because of your love.'
Yeah I are with my mom.

I never knew such a good man as him existed. I'm thankful <3 He's miiiiiine!

So, moving on. The trip home was horrible. I hate that the French can't speak English even if their lives depended on it. -.-

Oh and I ate tacos at my sisters house. She's a good sister. With bunches of ideas :D

Monday, June 10, 2013


Frost gave me breakfast in bed today :) D'aaaw... He's so sweet. Strawberries and apples. Nomnom... God, I love him so much.

Welp, it's Monday today..... And I'm leaving on Friday. This is making me uneasy... I don't want to go home. I wanna be with Frost.
But it's ok, I'll work hard so I can visit in the fall :)

Busy busy

We've been lot and about today.
And I met two old associates of Frost as well. And their kids. We went to their home after we did some shopping. Gosh, see... the first video I ever got from Frost was filmed there while he was babysitting little Ava who was just a wee baby back then. And I got to meet her today and she's grown sooooo big. Such a cute lil' girl with curly hair. Gah... Adorable!

And we've been planting flower and seeds in our little garden here too. Frost is such a good gardener, and you can tell he enjoys it too. :) he's so sweet. I picked out the yellow one! See? A sunflower! YAY!
And yes... I was the one who bought that Frog and the little mushroom there haha I think it's cute.

Frost is excited about his flowers too! :)

Had a little trouble with ants eating his seeds though... Boo.

This has been a nice day :)
Oh and I bought two baby jumpsuits for Stinas baby! Weeeeeh!

And twizzlers for Ida haha

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My last Sunday here

It's a really nice day today, sunshine and junk ya know? And I'm out on the sun and Frost is doing Frostlike things...

When the clouds leave the sun in the open it actually BURNS. So freakin' hot... -_- But I'll stay out a bit longer. Frost has a garden now! Where he's growing all kinda of flowers :) We're going out for dinner later and I thought I'd buy some flowers on the way home that we can plant ^_^


Gosh... Ain't it just beautiful?
I love sunsets.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A royal feast

Today was the wedding between Princess Madelene of Sweden and Mr Chris O'neil...of... Of New York.

I wish I could go to a grand wedding like that too. And at lots of fine cakes and junk and wear a pretty dress too! Haha

Congratulations to Madelene of Sweden.

The crown princess and prince Daniel brought the wee princess Estelle with them too! Adorable baby :) Such a pretty family.


It's all misty and nice outside tonight.
Really humid too -_- But beautiful.

Lord of the ring

Oh how I love movie marathons. I do.

Friday, June 7, 2013


So today Grost took me out for dinner. Yes, koalas are extra happy when fed delicious food. And let me tell you, it was pretty dang nommy if you ask me.

He took me to Garden Of China. A small cute Chinese place. I ate the sweet & sour fried pork. Mmmm...

It's funny, cause apparently pork (pigs in general) ain't that popular to eat around here. While in Sweden, WE FUCKING LOVE PORK. Haha Pork filé, pork chops, bacon, wieners etc.. We do enjoy eating pigs in Sweden. And yet somehow, pork is not considered tasty here.

Strange isn't it?
I mean... Sweet & sour fried pork is freakin' delicious. Right?
Hence, I learnt something new about Americans today. Pork no yum here. Haha

And after that we went home and watched The Hobbit, and now we're on lord Of The Ring, The fellowship of the ring. Extended version. Why yes, it IS a fucking long movie.........

It's been a nice day with my honeypuff. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Best morning

Aaaaah this was the best morning ever.
Well, Frost woke me up around 5am just cause he felt like being a poot hah biting my neck saying baaaaaabe all the time. According to him, that's what I do usually.

Which I obviously don't. I don't harass him like thaaaat. I harass him with snuggles and cuddles. Much like rape, but with snuggles instead. Haha No means yes?

Anyway... Later on when we woke up, it was raining and you could here it patter on the roof. And the thunder was rumbling too... Aaw, it was so cosy.

Rainy mornings with snuggles in bed.
God, I love my fiancé. <3

And just now, he came I. The room with my morning coffee.
Gosh, he'll give me a heart attack of looooove one day.

I never knew I could love someone like this. And I honestly never thought anyone could love me this way back :)

I'm a blessed lady.

Oh another good thang is that I got a mail today from the city commune where they wanted me to work as a caregiver part time, outside my regular job. It's in the easy part of my town. And I said that I definitely wanted to but that I have a schedule on 60%, so the other 40% is what I could work at their home care. :)

I'm not sure that they want me now though, cause usually they don't wanna share their workers with other home care units. Yep. But we'll see :D

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Silly silly

Well would ya look at that?
It's Tuesday already.
A week and a half left of my stay... Sad ain't it?

On the right side, at least I got my work schedule mailed to me. So I know for sure that I'll be working. Which puts me at ease a bit. I'm all covered till the beginning of August. So I'll make sure to work bunches and bunches. Save as much money as I can. Keep my mouth shut. An try and pay back mom too :)

The plan so far is to be hack in the dates by October. Yep. Hopefully. Maybe it'll be a shorter trip? Who know? Maybe I'll stay for two months. Depends on how much money I've made.

Gosh, my neck and shoulders are KILLING me today. They're so stiff... And it hurts. A lot. Yeah yeah I know... I'm a whiny bitch. But it's ok. Cause I'm freakin' amazing. Uh huh. And Frost is gonna give me a massage later. I hope it'll be a rough and brutal one ^^

What would I be without my snuggletree? A lonely good for nothing koala. Yep.

I love my snuggletree more than anything. <3 He completes me.

I'm gonna go give him a smooch now. Cause I can! Hah!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


See, we thought it was gonna be rainy today but that shit was a lie. A LIE I TELL YOU.

We're outside on Rogers porch right now and I'm freakin' melting... Gaah.. And Frost is handling the BBQ <3


Baby makes good steaks yes yes.
And we aaaaall know that steaks are delicious. Meat is wonderful. Mmm....


We're about ready to grill some steaks right now :) A mighty fine Sunday it is.

It's the first BBQ for me this year actually :D


Gaah.. I almost crapped my pants earlier. The lightning lit up the whole sky and directly after the thunder struck and went all BAAAANG!!!

I'm not kidding... It scare the shit out of me. And Frost to.. Yep.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kaffe & kaka

Aaaah coffee and a cookie. How nice is that?! Huh? Nom.

Frost is in the shower :) sneeaaaky sneeaaaaky... *peak* haha I love him. I shall snuggle him later.