Saturday, March 31, 2012

my saturday

I spent most of the day with Johanna today. Drinking rum, smirnoff and so on.... Nothing special. Ate at Saigon. Talked to Christian.

Yeaaaah....... i'm not feeling to good roght now. I bit drunk. And tired. I have to be up for work in about 5 hours. Yay.


And this is number 2 of the 100 day photochallenge :D

Day 2 - A photo that makes you happy
My nephew Wille. This photo is adorable XD

Friday, March 30, 2012

old school metal

I was wondering the other day why they don't really make music like this anymore? Hmm, I found my old Orange Goblin album. BROKEN. Fuck. Well, nowadays things can be downloaded (hush hush don't tell) but the feeling of owning that album was awesome since it's hard to get.

Right now I'm going through all my old stuff that I found hidden ^^

gotta love eagles of death metal :D

anyway, imma snoop some more <3

100 day photo challenge

Aaaw you guys, I'm sorry I failed the photochallange. BUT. I shall start another one :D

I found an intresting one online ^^

I'll do my very best to fullfill this one! I swear.
I know, I know...I suck balls. But hey, if I miss I day I'll just make two of them the day after. Sccchhhmaaart I am aye?

So let's begin :D

Day 1 - A picture of yourself taken on the first day of the challenge
Day 2 - A photo that makes you happy
Day 3- Favorite book that you own
Day 4 - A picture of yourself 10 years ago
Day 5 - A place that makes you happy.
Day 6 - Your favorite quote, in your handwriting
Day 7 - Something You love
Day 8- A picture of the best moment of your life
Day 9 - A talent of yours
Day 10 - Your bedroom (In it's current state)
Day 11 - Your favorite food
Day 12 - A prized possession
Day 13 - Favorite board game
Day 14 - Something you hate
Day 15 - Your childhood home
Day 16 - Something embarrsing in your room
Day 17 - Your pet(s)
Day 18 - Your favorite outfit
Day 19 - One of the best days of your life
Day 20 - Your Grades/Report card
Day 21 - A picture of your cell phone
Day 22 - Favorite cd that you own
Day 23 - A school picture
Day 24 - Favorite purchase ever made
Day 25 - A gift from a friend
Day 26 - A gift from your family
Day 27 - The shoes you wore today
Day 28 - The shirt you wore today
Day 29 - A pretty flower(yes go take a picture of a flower)
Day 30 - Your breakfast
Day 31 - A picture of yourself taken today
Day 32 - Something you collect
Day 33 - Something you made
Day 34 - Something that makes you smile
Day 35 - Favorite movie that you own
Day 36 - A place were you spend alot of time
Day 37 - The last restaurant you ate at
Day 38 - A useless tricket you own
Day 39 - Your favorite picture
Day 40 - An embarassing picture from your rchildhood
Day 41 - Someone in your family
Day 42 - Something you did today
Day 43 - The weather outside
Day 44 - A hobby of yours
Day 45 - Your favorite food
Day 46 - A picture of your favorite state
Day 47 - A room in your house
Day 48 - Your bestfriend
Day 49 - A day your remember really well
Day 50 - Something you drew
Day 51 - Something passed down from your parents/grandparents
Day 52 - A picture of yourself celebrating for getting this far
Day 53 - The last thing you bought
Day 54 - A picture of yourself from middle school
Day 55 - What your wearing today
Day 56 - A drawing of your favorite cartoon charcter
Day 57 - Everything inside your purse/backpack/wallet
Day 58 - Your favorite animal
Day 59 - Your most used electronic device
Day 60 - Last movie you watched
Day 61 - School class picture
Day 62 - Last place you traveled to
Day 63 - Sports awards
Day 64 - Favorite childhood book
Day 65 - A picture of you and your bestfriend
Day 66 - A picture in your room
Day 67 - Something Green
Day 68 - A magazine you like
Day 69 - Something Red
Day 70 - Something you borrowed from someone else
Day 71 - A picture of your favorite piece of jewelry
Day 72 - A stuffed animal
Day 73 - Your lunch
Day 74 - Something you found under your bed
Day 75 - You and a friend
Day 76 - Something that annoys you
Day 77 - The last thing that you bought
Day 78 - Your sunglasses
Day 79 - A ticket from somewhere you've been
Day 80 - Your favorite childhood movie
Day 81 - Something you baked
Day 82 - The most embarrssing thing in your closet
Day 83 - The moon tonite
Day 84 - Your favorite pair of shorts
Day 85 - Something Pink
Day 86 - Something your mom bought you
Day 87 - Something you hold dear to your heart
Day 88 - Your bathroom
Day 89 - What's in your fridge?
Day 90 - A photo you took at work
Day 91 - Something that made you smile today
Day 92 - Something wierd in your house
Day 93 - The view from your bedroom window
Day 94 - What your doing right now
Day 95 - Something yellow
Day 96 - A place you went today
Day 97 - Something heart shaped
Day 98 - Your favorite nail polish color
Day 99 - Something that makes you feel accomplished
Day 100 - The final picture of yourself.

So here we go.

Day 1 - A picture of yourself taken on the first day of the challenge

Done and done.

over and out lads.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am SO proud. hahaha I love making derp pictures for the lolz of it :D

it's the band My darkest days. Martina loves them and I HAD FUN.

herpa derp derp :D


So fucking funny! LOOK LOOK JOSSE!

Fucking priceless

hahaha the biggest search keyword that actually lead people to my blog is "Damn right bitch" and "I fucking hate mylife" and theeeeeen "goldfish". HAHAHAHA

epic. So fucking epic indeed.

welcome to my blog. It has everything and more :D


I know what you did. Tehe~
I'll be your worst nightmare baby.


btw, I smell SO fucking good right now....


oh yeah.... see, if I wasn't gonna get fired before, I most definitely am now.

First of all, I snapped at a patient yesterday. He's a mentalcase I know....I'm supposed to overlook things like that. BUT when I'm about to close his door and he starts yelling at me that he'll call my boss and have me fired cause I'm slamming the door...I GET ANGRY. So I snapped at him and said "FFS I HAVEN'T EVEN CLOSED THE FUCKING DOOR YET. HOW CAN I BE SLAMMING IT THEN?!!!? Knock it off and go to bed!!!!"

And that was the end of that.

Today, I'll have a serious chat with that patient. Cause I'm still narked. I am NOT letting this go.

Today I'll hear a lot of excuses from him as usual but I'm kind of getting sick of hearing them. Shit, should shit have. haha as we say in sweden :P


If someone sends me ONE more fucking game invite on facebook I'll motherfuckingSTRANGLE them.  <3


I've actually never gotten this many compliments for my looks befroe which is fun considering the fact that I don't really look or dress like other people do. Then again, I am the most comforable like this so i'll never change :3 I like it, and that's what matters.

Aaaah that reminds me, my mum hated a pic of me with a fag in my mouth I took yesterday. BUT that pic was apparently very popular so HAH!!! Tis ok muuuuum! Derp said, and I quote "tbfh your'e hot as FUCK on that pic". LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Aren't you proud now mum? :D I'm a good girl, my momma siad I'm special lalalalala   See, this means it's OK to look like I do :3

Everyone can back off a bit about disliking my looks.
But yes, the smoking..uhm...I'll quit....all in due time. Don't worry :3

still ain't gonna let my stepmum find a boyfriend for me. Never.
Neeeeeeveeeeer............................... the way things are now is totally fine with me :D

I'm actually starting to be happy again. I'm enjoying myself more and laughing more :D I'm sort of feeling free. AND I GOT THE FUCKING APPARTMENT! It's MINE! Just have to sign the contracts :D YAY life is fucking good right now.

right now I'm going through a lot of Black Label society albums and found this one. Gosh i love this song ^^ it's a pretty one indeed :D

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It started raining as soon as I went out the door today. Buuuuut I've had an awesome day at work with Camilla. My shift ends now :) yaaaay


Right, number 5: something you wore.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


dear lord I'm in sooo much pain. -.-
Last night I managed to fall down all the stairs.... I'm a bit sore in the back and so on but the only thing I actually DID hurt was my wrist. I might've twisted it. But it hurt's insanely much. BLAAARGH....

I was supposed to cook today. And so I didn't. great.

Balls to that.


Monday, March 26, 2012


Me and Louise are out in the countryside at the moment. Figured I should take a pic of the sunset cause it was so pretty ^_^ I like sunsets and sunrises... But then again, who doesn't? :P


This is Louise. Say HI Louise! :D
This fine piece of ass of what I'm working with tonight hahaha


Delicious breakfast aye?
Well, maybe I should call it brunch? Haha either way I go nom nom nom nooooow!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

So good..

oh god it's so good...


Right. I'm town having lunch with my ex. MY EX. It's nice and comfortable and we're discussing on who gets what.

It's difficult meeeh

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fucking love it

juuuuust my kind of humor :P

Memory suck

Bah I took a pretty pic this morning while I was working in the countryside with Camilla... And I was gonna post it on the blog BUT I FORGOT!
So here it is. Beautiful day huh?

Black'n white

So Camilla the little paparazzi took a shitload of pictures today.... Of course she took this without me actually knowing it so everyone's ready except for me. But that's ok. I like this pic ^_^ it's pretty.

Friday, March 23, 2012


first of all, todays photochallange was "Letterbox" I don't have one. So, haha no picture for you.

What I do have is amazing people around me. Far away and right next to me. <3

yeah, I might loose my job, and yeah I don't really have anywhere to go. But I'm really hoping to get the appartment that I looked at today. Both mum and me loved it. (yes my mother has a say in everything haha) almost. I had dinner at their place as well (my family's place I mean) TACOS. om nom nom. *oh the joyrush I'm on now..*

And even though I might loose my job, I still somehow feel like maybe, maaaaaybe things are actually going alright for? :) I'm kindah happy.

What I do need to learn is how to not rely on others. Well, I never really rely on others and I find it hard to trust people BUT I need to learn how to to explain it.. I need to learn that I can be happy alone as well :D I'm the one to make me happy. Yus.

Oh god I need to get some sleep now. Me too tired... and yet I can go to sleep! Cause everything is so intresting right now :O


When the weather is like this, I really love working outside ^^ I'd kill myself if I ever have to work in a retirement home or something similar. Too boring for me :P haha

Aaaah it's quite hot outside as well :) spriiiiiiing is heeeeere!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I managed to get a few more days of work. And on sunday I'll be working the nightshift. OH YAY. x3 exciting. Especially when I know that the house is haunted :<  derp.

I'll be working EVERYDAY till next friday I think? No wait, the monday AFTER that.


Almost there

So I'm almost done with work. ^^ I'll be home late and then sleep for 5 hours and then go up for work again.

It's funny how good I feel when I'm working. Work is sort of all I've got now. And not even that am I allowed to keep. But oh we'll, c'est la vie or whatever. Or maybe it was Que sera sera? Meeeeh you know what I mean hahaha :D

I love my job no matter what others might think of it. I enjoy it and I love my coworkers :)


I figured I'd put up two pics today since i didn't put up any at all yesterday :3 even though I promised to at least make ONE a day. Sorry.

So here two:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what I want

I want these so fucking badly it hurts :<
If you love me, you'll buy me those ^^hahahaha

naaah, when my life changes for the better, and I get things straight THEN I'll buy these for myself and make love to them everyday.

This one is the one I want the most <3

gosh they're just so pretty and they looks so comfy.

once a day

right, so here's me :)

well, since people seem to think I'm sad nowadays I figured I'd post TWO pictures of me. Me not sad :D I'm really not. There's always hope right? And I have Lei Lei <3


I am the way I am. Take it or leave it. And I fucking HATE it when things don't go my way when I really really really want them to go my waaaaaaaay. Damn it.

The glory of Joanna

Oh the glory of falling asleep around 3 am, and then being woken up at 7 am for work. And knowing you HAVE to do it cause you need to be grateful that they even called you. Yeah. The glory. The glory of knowing that you'll probably get fired in a week because of cutdowns...

My life's so full of glory right now that i feel like exploding.


Look at this. This seems fun don't you think?
Imma try this out. A photo challange. Yay.

I'll try to make at least one of those things a day. :D

I'll start tomorrow kay?

Monday, March 19, 2012

AAARGHHHHASDFGHJKKL!! My mood just went down the pooper. Damn it. I'm sad now. And annoyed. And qiäröycn9´v78c8450öälkerieääå9y uyityhrimöätmyi5   yeah I can feel like shit if I want to -___-


yeah i didn't get what i want. But then again, I rarely do. I'll just keep fishing then.


The sun is shining and there's a storm. Yay. :3


Forgot its Monday today haha


So, I've applied for two cute little apparments near "Vasastan" (wasatown if you please) haha They were ADORABLE and really cheap. I WANT THEM. What's best is that it's central and close to my family and Stina. :3

oh god I want them!! Give me give me give me!

Herpa derp lalalalalala

So I wonder what this evening at work has to offer meeeee...



I woke up early today... But then I decided to just lay in bed and think..... And so I fell asleep again :/ darn it.

But it was nice... I've been tired lately so sleep is GOOD :3 it might be a visits going around cause they talked about it at work yesterday, that everyone has been strangely tired lately. Like extremely tired, this is odd even for me. And I'm a lazy fuck.

So we'll see what happens ^_^

Right now I'm enjoying my "morning" coffee... Hmm... What else... Ah, i went to the store, and I've also been out for a walk with Lei Lei. ;>

Should get ready for work soon.


well, this evening has been....eventful. And...uh...yeah. I'm happy. that's all. looks fun to dance in water x3

Tomorrow I'm grabbing the bull by it's horns. I'm going to the boss to have a serious talk with her!!! :D She needs to know what I need. That's what I feel anyway.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Springtime's here baby!


This woman is tired

Tired as hell

The Milk

These guys are just a bunch of happy fuckers.
This song is stuck and an I can't get it out <3

it's SO GOOD!

sunday morning

Good morning :3
I am SO tired right now -___- like WOW.

Gueeh..... I'd much rather hide under the covers and sleeeeeeep. Even Lei Lei thinks that this is TOO early :P haha I could sleep for ages with her snoring and the warm bedsheets... meh.

So I've got 14 hours of fun ahead of me at work. Tralalala.... Imma have a nap at 1 o'clock though :D Cause I can. Yay.

Oh shit, I've gotta finish up my smoothie and take Lei Lei for a walk before work.

Cheers! <3

Saturday, March 17, 2012


sometimes I wonder how people they use their brain... or if they're even using it at all. I just remembered something that happened a while ago.  It's fascinating that "some" seem to think that their opinion actually matters? Well, it might matter to some, but certainly not to me. I honestly don't giva a flying fuck about what two boring women thinks about my looks, or my hair or the way I dress. That my eyes are TOO BIG AND TOO BLUE (are you fucking kidding me?!) Too many piercings in my ears, and too "colorful tattoos". hah. it's not the fact that I HAVE tattoos that bothers them, it's that theyr'e "too colorful" aye? Now that certainly does sound logical. Really. Not only that but they kept treating me like I was some dirty braindead swedish whore... I was starting to actually get annoyed.  Now, here's my first mistake that I made. Making a sarcastic comeback comment while looking as evil as possible and then finish it off with a cute "ehe~" and a smile.

Not good.

My comment was btw "see, if this was YOUR country, I would've stoned you by now."
Yeeeeaaaah.... not the best thing to say when this is the part of town where white people are a rarety. Good one Joanna. *thumbs up* But when I get narked my mouth just runs faster than my brain. (not just when I'm narked or angry...this happens basically all the time... -.-) Not one of my good points I guess.

The second mistake was to look down on them (since our hights were quite far apart) my 5 ft 8 VS their little  4 ft 11something, and smug grin on my face and let out a self satiesfied "..heh.."  And Boom. They blew up, yelling in a language, I almost thought was a long forgotten language from the muppet show. (no idea what they said either, but I can guess ^^) This was just a reflex btw...I do that when I feel like someone below me are insulting me. tehe~

And the third mistake: Me waving and saying" now now hags, calm down and drink your tea. Ta-Ta!"


I am brilliant in making enemies.

The consequenses of all this was a lot of vegetables flying, (think I saw a mango flying as well) and a sock. And a whoooole lot of words in an unknown language as well as maaany many many bad words in swedish. You know, that's probably the first thing they learn when learning swedish. "whore, slut, ulgy, bitch" yeah you get the picture?

Funniest part is that I never knew I was such a provocative person. well, I knew but I had no idea I was this big of a cunt haha. I've always been told that I have a gift for pissing people off, since I'm such a provocative and mischievous girl  and tbfh I think I might  sometimes get off at making people as angry as possible with very little effort, just for the fun of it. ^^ All this is easily learnt by observing people. It's not hard to see what triggers their anger. trolololol

anyway, yeah.......

I should add that I have NEVER in my life met these women before.


Life isn't always easy.

Nope, it really isn't.

But, my life is going alright. I'm feeling better and better each day that passes. And for now, I'm content with just Lei Lei feeling better :)  This makes me feel so good :)

I've had a fun day/night with Stina. She's an awesome caretaker. Thank you babe for being there. I feel calm and at ease when I'm with her. She's just a very supportive person and awesome too.

I need to do the dishes soon, and I really should cook before leaving for work. But I don't feel like cooking. I'm hungry but I don't want to.

Someone needs to pull my thum out of my ass -____-

Friday, March 16, 2012


The best friend

Gaaah ASDFGHJKL!!! Don't know how to express myself right now but I'm happy! Really really happy!
Lei Lei made a nice turd!
Right.... You may not understand WHY I'm so happy that my dog took a shit and made a nice turd. But I'll tell you...
If you've read this blog before you'd know that Lei Lei is my everything. And she's sick. And she's been getting worse lately... She's been having diarrhea since last week. She'd whine and be in agony... So I was afraid she might loose all the weight that we finally managed to put on her. It took me a long time to even make a her better, gain weight and function normally. But she still weighs the same now so she's not going backwards :)
And today, was the first day where she didn't have diarrhea!
I never thought I'd be so happy to see dog shit HAHAHAHA

This means that she's getting better!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


See how generous I am, sharing my wonderful troll face with all of you ^^
FYI trolls are funny ^^

Eu de natural

Haha I'm as natural as you can get now.
No makeup, no poo', no carbs or sugar. Lol. Uh yeah with No poo I mean NO SHAMPOO. Lmao.
As many of you might have noticed, I'm not wearing makeup as often anymore. Not that I've ever been that type of girl but you know, it IS fun to do your face once in a while haha. Yes yes being lazy IS one of the reasons haha
Anyway. Day by day, I'm starting to feel prettier and prettier :) some of it comes from within me, but a lot comes from my friends. To hear that I'm pretty as often as I get to hear it now.... I don't think I've ever heard it as much as now. Or maybe, I just never listened?
Moving on. I have hope :) lots and lots of it. Thank you Xi <3

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Someone came up to me and asked of he could buy weed from me when I was working -____- I asked him "do I look like a dealer to you?!"And he said yes... And that he didn't notice that I was a woman at first -,- this is great. Hahaha FML


 haha I thought it was thursday today XD
I'm spacing out more often nowadays. :P hahaha

I've had a good morning, overslept though -__- not good. Not that I'm late for anything but there were quite a few things I wanted to do before stollingoff to work. But hey, there's always tomorrow ^^

I'm on the phone with Lei Lei's vet now....

I'm nervous.

Moving on, I had bacon for breakfast ^^ om nom nom nom. Fixed my dinner for tonight as well. Yay me. (silent high five!!) No one to high five :< how sad.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fly away

Meh... I was in such a great freakin' mood earlier and now it's just pooof gone.
It has it's reasons though -.-
And Lei Lei is still sick. I thought she ha gotten better but no. Guess I was wrong.
And right now Ila is here squeaking all the time and wining and just.... Aaah herpa Derp. Ballz.
But anyway. My mood ain't that shitty now that I think about it ^^ I just get easily narked that's all :P
I have fucking awesome people around me so I need to actually realize how good I have it and shut the fuck up and SMILE :D
Haha I think I'll try and go on some adventures later. Yuss yuss :)


The little shit <3 made a good blogpost today (yesterday) about liking your flaws. And wrote 3 things she hates about her looks, and 3 things she likes.

So I figured I'd do the same, might actually come something good out of it ^^

Three things I hate/dislike:

  • my nose, It's a neanderthals nose. hate it. -.-
  • My chubbyness. I don't want to be like this, but then again..the good part of that is that I'm quite nice to cuddle with. haha *squeeeze*
  • My upperlip. There's nothing good about it -.-

Right, three good things then:
  • My eyes (even though one of my eyes is sloppy as fuck.) They're big and I like them :3
  • uh.. my eyebrows. They're awesome. LOL
  • uh... uh.... I know there's gotta be at least one more good thing about my TATTOOS <--- HAHAHA