Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boo nagging

I'm in bed trying to sleep (that's not gonna happen now, so I'll probably read a free volume of x-men)
But there's something that's been bother me all day long..
My right tit.
It's been hurting all day.
At the exact same spot. Gawd... :<

Well I suppose of you're a guy this is kinda hard for you to understand. I mean, you ain't got no boobs.
And bitch tits doesn't count (us females are still different)
But imagine one of your balls constantly aching a little. A sharp lil pain. Just about enough for you to worry and complain... But not enough to be like HEY CALL ME A FUCKING AMBULANCE, MY RIGHT NUT IS FALLING OFF kinda feeling.

Now, my boob is probably (eh..hopefully) a looooot bigger than your testicle.
If not....I don't mean to scare you or anything... But I suggest you see a doctor ASAP.

Anyway, sidetracked. That's kinda the stupid pain I've been having all day. It's been hurting a lot. A sharp pain. And right now that's all I can focus on. Tit. Pain. Stop. I need sleep. Tit. I'm tired. Tit. Ouch.

Plus, in the room with the vet and lei lei and Josse... It felt like I was in fucking menopause! Felt like I was dying from overheating in there.
Luckily we know menopause is not something I need to worry about yet haha

Aaaah I'm not the only one who had a rough day. Poor lei lei deserves a fn medal. We both need sleep. And a high five.

She is my anglepuff <3

I'm allowed to complain. Uh huh.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stuff to do

So, I managed to eager an appointment for Lei Lei at the animal hospital today. 15:40.
Thank god.

They promised to take a good look at her ears <3
She hasn't slept all night.
She just shook her head and panted all night. So stressed...
She's so tired. :(
My poor baby.

So anyway...
We're going to moms place soon. For lunch ^_^ WOHO!
I'm gonna do some cleaning to later. Did some dishes just now.

And noooooow I'm watching The Killing. Yay! :3

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pure rainbow happiness

Haha love the title aye?

I am so damn happy right now that my chest actually kinda hurts.

All my problems are washed away.
Well it feels like it anyway lol
Frost got his residence permit! YAAY!
I am so happy and relieved.

The goofy family <3 that's us.
Lei lei was twirling around when I got the news and got so happy. I doubt she knew why she was supposed to be happy and twirly but yay us!

I can't wait till he's here again.
Until he's home again <3

March 19. Woop woop!

Btw, this pic... Is the best pic I've seen in a long time :D haha

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Welp, I decided to be all goodie and homie and housewifey I squeezed my own orange juice.
Blood orange to be exact. And.. Yum!
I've done well. Hah.

Ah I've also made a special breakfast for Lei Lei. Which I'm guessing she didn't enjoy that much. But it was healthy. Her usual dog food soaked in water so it got all fluffy, and some bread pieces in there to soak up...and then I squished a banana in yoghurt. And just blended it all together an added her medication.

I read online that bananas can constipate dogs sometimes. Which sounded extremely nice compared to how she was yesterday lol

We'll seeeeee....

We'll also see if today is a better day than yesterday. I think there's a chance :3

Good day

Guess it's about time I went to bed.
I had a good day I guess. Well the first 10 hours of it anyway.
My head is killing me right now.. I find it hard to think.

Oh, I also transferred Lei Lei to Örebro animal hospital today, instead of her shitty vet.

Aaaah guess lei lei needs one last walk.
I feel like I giant pile of horse shit.
And Sleepy.
But I know I won't sleep well.

Then again, who cares..

I'ma watch a little more Buffy haha

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My man is so lucky to have me

Apart from him being lucky to have such a brilliant Jo...

Here I am, laying in bed.. It's 02:30.. I went to bed around 21:30 cause I was sooooo sleepy. Like you know, so sleepy that you can barely keep your eyes open.

And then I woke up right after midnight. And couldn't fall back asleep. -___- great.
And now I've kinda just given up on this bullshit...
I'm just gonna lay here like an idiot.
And stare into the darkness.. Yep.
I'ma talk to Frost when he comes home.

And now I'm super hungry too.

Damn it...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Oh and look. It's me.
Apparently I don't show my face lately.
And it's not a certain reason for it really. I just haven't haha
So look. Still me writing this bullshit.

Still you reading it. lol

Now, I shall continue with my Buffy marathon. Last season left now.

Emotions all over the place

This is so uncomfortable for me... When my emotions run wild like this. Up and down.

I'm sitting here, crying my freakin' eyes out D':

Willow lost her Tara... And she turned into a black witch. And now she's just crying and crying cause if she wants the love of her life back but she can't cause Tara died!!! OMG my hormones.... My eyes! My tears!
OMG. Poor willow... :(

Well, let's talk about something else...
So I was at "work" today. It was only two hours really. But I must say, what a nice feeling it is to work with someone who really fucking likes you :) Best employer in the worlds.

We had fun. ^_^

And also, Frost went to Atlanta Georgia today. To the Swedish consulate! :3 WOHO!

One step closer <3

Dear lord I love that man. And I'll continue to love him even in the afterlife. <3
I can't wait till he's back.

Anyway, I feel kinda shitty right now. So I'll rest and watch Buffy. Yep.
Poor Spike.

Monday, January 20, 2014


So, I'm sitting on the couch watching the dog whisperer at Josse and Robins place. Just had coffee ^_^

Me and mom were at the clinic earlier, everything looks good. Proceeding like planned. So many thoughts...

Oh right, I saw this picture haha and it reminded me of my current boss. lol So funny.

Quite the awkward moment.....
*squeeeeeze* haha
Welp, he a very huggy person I suppose.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Remember the 90's

Oh my god... Remember these awesome things?!
I had a Polly Pocket once.. And I loved it.
The only things I didn't want back ten was a Furbie, and a tamagotchi and Pokemon bullshit. Hah.

Oh and btw, smarties STILL fucking rock! :D yum!

Aaaws I miss the 90's sometimes lol
Someday, someone's gonna say 'aaaaws I miss the 20's'

I bet our kids will be like that :)

So anyway, I'm watching Buffy and having a little night snack. Yum. Hit chocolate and sandwiches. Nom nom.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Epic Tuesday?

Frost applied for a Swedish residence permit yesterday :) And I did my part today.

There's an entire fuckoload of question they have. Like questions a normal person don't know. Of course I had to ask Frost. I don't keep an eye on WHEN his sister/dad/mom was born. Gosh...

Oh and on Saturday I'm of to meet a nice little lass about me working for her. It'll be nice. Hopeful I'll earn enough out of being a temp there and then work at the other place I got :)

I'm gonna try and sleep early today.
I've got an early breakfast.

My head's been pounding all day.
It sucks. But I took a super freakin' hot bath at moms place earlier. So hot it actually made me really dizzy.

I feel weird today.
I miss Frost...

I need to get some shit done tomorrow... Reality always catches up. Just like Mike Myers.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Friday fun

So today we had a nice big breakfast at moms place :) me, Robin and Josse and mom.
And the dogs haha

I made American pancakes, we had maple syrup, round bread, eggs and juice. It was a very pleasant morning.

Lately I've been feeling a little crappy.
But it's for a good cause, or whatever they say haha
One of my bosses called me today, he called to let me know that I can't start working just yet. They're still not quite done with the schedules and the customers.
But oh well, I shouldn't complain.
I got hired without a resumé.. No references or anything. Just my personality and junk. So I should be pretty thankful.
Nowadays every week is a new step. Every week has a big meaning to.
I'm happy and excited.
And I hope that my man can come back fast. But I'll have to be patient <3

Sooooo anyway, I've been watching 4 seasons of Sons Of Anarchy now in three days. Maybe I've been watching a little too much? But I've been kinda saucy and sluggish in my head lately. I don't sleep very well. I lay awake feeling sick or thinking thoughts. Planning stuff.

Things that should be thought during the day hahaha!

Sofia dropped by today. :)
That was nice. We had coffee and talked a bunch. Talked about our men, our lives and our future and dreams :)
Only one way to look at now.
And that's ahead. ^_^

Monday, January 6, 2014


And homemade blueberry jam! :D
I was hoping for this to happen... And mom decided to make waffles! WOHO!

Thought at night

I'm sitting here, pondering about stuff.
It amazes me how difficult it is for me to let go of some things... It so hard for me to stop thinking about all the shit I went through at my old job. It makes me weak. Makes me question myself from time to time.

All the lies they said about me...
The fact that I was an outcast since day one. People talking about me behind my back...

For an entire year I put up with this bullshit, thinking that if I stayed strong, did my work well and smiled everything would be ok in the end.

It didn't.

To be told that I'm hated by everyone. And that I didn't don't job right.

It affected me really bad...

And now I'm seriously terrified of having a net job, starting over.

Being new.

What if I'm hated again?

I have no references anymore.
It all vanished.

Three months ago I was popular with the boss. And now suddenly this? I don't understand...

I couldn't believe that anyone would be such and asshole telling such horrible lies.

I'm stupid.

And I feel like I can't trust people...
No one.

I'm afraid to work. Is that silly?

I lay awake at night thinking about this.

Will I ever be able to move on?
Stop worrying?

Can I ever stop thinking that I'm the problem? That it's my fault?
Do I have such a weird personality that I was hated from day one?

I ever tried to be the quiet type instead of my normal talkative me.

Nothing I did worked...

Welp... It's confusing, like that "translator". Haha

That's how much sense everything makes to me right now.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Gosh, I know I haven't blogged much lately. But it really ain't fun when you don't even have a computer anymore. :( It's hard too.

But anyway. I'm making another post today just cause I'm nice. Pssshhhh haha

I just brewed myself a cup of strong coffee. Oh my, I really needed that.
I've had a nasty headache today.

But I'm still having a sons of anarchy marathon :D So that's fun!

But the coffee made me think of the coffee starbucks made at ATL..
Aaah... Which automatically made me miss Alabama instead. Cause I had fun at Atlanta, cause I was going to Alabama <3 to see my babe!


So I'm eating myself out of the house.
I nibble on things all the time. Especially green apples.
But yesterday, ooooh yesterday I made a delicious salmon sauce with pasta. It was sooooo good!

Ah happy Jo!

And today I'm sitting here, watching sons of anarchy munchkin apples and scrambled eggs. Noooom.

Life is standing still at the moment. And at the same time it's just passing by fast. Moving forward without me even noticing it. Haha

Aaah I wanted to be alone today and so I will! :)

I don't actually feel like doing shit... I'm in a paralyzed state I guess. I'm always bored.
But I do my best at staying busy :)
Don't get me wrong. I'm extremely happy :3 Like, how can I not be?!

But sometimes I just miss Frost an extra lot... And I get really bored without that dork.

And now I shall watch something funny that Frost wanted me to see on YouTube.