Saturday, November 30, 2013

TV time

Frost, Wille and me are watching Grimm now. And Wille brought his new truck and cars to play with in my bed lol

Ya know... A lot of things has happened lately. As some of you may know, I got fired. In a very nasty way.

But it looks like I'll start working soon again. Yep.

My awesome fiancé is my sunshine. He lights up everyday for me. And his snuggles recharges my batteries and snugglemeter hahaha

I am blessed to have him <3
The thought if being without him is heartbreaking really... But we can get through anything :) He's my best friend ^_^


Sooo... We did out first Swedish thanksgiving.
Last year I spent thanksgiving Alabama :) So this year a whole new tradition was born. A Swedish thanksgiving with southern food ^_^

First time I made cornbread and cranberry sauce. All from scratch mind you. I'm so proud! Cause everyone loved my cornbread! :D WOHO!

We had a nice tasty turkey, Frost's very own potato salad, mashed potatoes a la southern style haha Turkey dressing, green bean casserole, and I made my chicken pie,abd Nas made fried chicken. And Kuti brought Persian chicken salad (Frost loved it) Josse made cheery cheesecake. Nathalie made pecan pie, and mom made chocolate mouse cake.

We were about 14 people here :)
Aaaaand I got to feel how stressful thanksgiving really is. Shoooot.... Haha

Thursday, November 21, 2013

American horror story coven

Latest episode came out last night :D

Frost and I are sitting in our bedroom, watching the new episode while sipping on hot coffee. Well Frost ain't sipping no coffee. lol But I am! :3

Mmm... We thought it would snow last night btw. But it didn't :( Boo...

Life... God..

Well I might've been slacking off on blogging a lot lately...
But there's a reason obviously.
First of all I've been busy with my beeb <3
Second, I got fired from my job.
I've never been fired before... So this was a huge blow.
It made my world come crumbling down.
Yeah it's not the worst thing that can happen a person I know. But I've been the outcast of my work for almost a year. I've been lonely and "bullied". A lot of trash talking behind my back. I wasn't aware that everyone hated me. EVERYONE.
Well I did notice that I was disliked from day one. But I didn't expect everyone to dislike me. But they did. Do. Yep.

And I've always asked people if they have a problem with me, or if I did something wrong to please tell me what I do wrong so I can fix it. Everyone always said 'noooo you're not doing anything wrong?'

And then two of my bosses called me in for a meeting. I was nervous as hell. Figured I'd finally hear what I do wrong to make people hate me ya know?
Instead I'm told a bunch of lies. Everyone has lied about me. And made small matters in to big ones. There I was, sitting all alone in shock... And they say I'm fired. And I said that there was actually only ONE group I liked. One! And they haven't complained about me at least.

'Well, cause you haven't worked as much in that group'

Oh.... So.. They'd hate me if I had worked a bit more in it? Ah I see.

Welp, I fucking hate the lot of ya.
Every single fucker on that workplace. May you burn in hell.
You made me put up with you bullshit for so long, being an outcast with NO ONE ON MY SIDE.
Wish you'd all get a nasty yeast infection. That smells and hurts a lot. Uh huh.

On the bright side (yes there's always a bright side) I have the most beautiful and amazing boyfriend in the world, sweetest dog and best family and friends.
I can probably find a new way in life? Maybe study? If I can.

But I ain't going back to healthcare.
I HATE women. I'm sorry but I do.
Obviously I don't hate the women I like (HI HYPOCRITE) But yeah, women are scary. And mean.
I want to find a job where I'll be working with men instead. Yup.

Maybe I should focus on ME?
Well life is definitely changing.... I am hoping for the better bit you never know? It'll be alright in the end though. Patience is virtue. :)

Now I shall snuggle the love of my life! <3

Monday, November 4, 2013


Good day people of the world!
How are you? Hmm?

Ya know, I've been awfully bad at updating my blog this past year haven't I? Ooopsie.

Well I shall try to be better.

About that.... My laptop is kinda... Dead. The screen ain't working. Boo.
I can still read all my comics and mangas on my google nextbook that my awesome boyfriend gave me <3 YaY! That's the most important thing haha

Right now Frost is in bed, sleeping under the warm covers. Gosh I wish I could be there too haha but I'm at work. Today is a "wake". So I'm sitting here, making sure the patient is sleeping well and junk. When she wakes up I'll make breakfast.

It's Jim's world on TV.
Eheheheee... Jim. He can be such a douche. Yet he's funny. :3

Aaaah... The sun is rising and all that junk now. So pretty ^_^

Ah I took Wednesday off! Snuggle day with honey <3

Sunday, November 3, 2013

All Hallows' Eve

It's All Hallows' Eve today.
I've been working since 7am. And i went home around 22:20 something. Frost & Lei Lei waited outside my work as usual <3

After that, my sister came and picked us up and took us to the cemetery.
Now the pics doest do the whole thing justice. But it's so fucking beautiful in real life. Thousands of candles lot up aaaaall over the graveyard. Thousands and thousands. Just glowing in the dark.

I just took a pic of the center of it, the memory grove. Cause there was literally too many candles to take a photo of. Haha

So Today is a day we honor the dead. :)

Oh and mom came by when I was on a break. She brought pumpkin soup!