Wednesday, May 31, 2017


This day has been nice...but oh so slow..
I noticed that a migraine was creeping up on me. I knew that it'd hit me later in the afternoon.  Uuuugh... And so it did. 
So I slept bit...and just chilled. Eventually Frost came and gave me 2 painkillers to help numb the pain. But unfortunately these migraines don't get affected much by my heavy painkillers. Which is weird I suppose... Since they're enough to knock out a baby hippy lol I'm kidding. But I did take a pretty strong dose. 

So now I'm laying in the sofa with Freya, watching Carebears ❤❤❤

And I'm also playing 'Ryse, son of Rome' (I kinda wanted to play The Walking Dead, but I don't want to play it in front of a her. I don't wanna give her nightmares. ) 

Oh! Tomorrow is Happy Thursday  ❤
Yep, my friend is coming over in the morning and we'll all go play with the kids. Choo choo trains,  animal petting and looking at cool stuff and possibly even a carousel ride of she wants it. Haha it's gonna be a hoot.
And on Friday we've got dinner plans, in a ridiculously expensive restaurant. But oh well, it better taste fucking delicious, and luckily my brother is gonna watch Freya while we're out ☺
Well shit... My good mood just turned to God damn fucking donkey shit. And my head is killing me... 
Helvetes fucking jävla fitta.
Aaaaaah there. I got it out of my system,  and now I feel so much better.

Time to play some hardcore online with Stacy.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer and smells

Summer is everywhere now :) It smells like flowers and fresh cut grass.
Kids laughing, water splashing, flowers blooming, berries growing. Yep.

Aah well... yeah, you're right. I'm not summers biggest fan I suppose...
I do hate the heat... but damn, the smells, colors, excitement, fun possibilities and the childish joy of summer.... is absolutely wonderful. It's the essence of summer I suppose.
I have plenty of fun and happy summer memories.
Next summer will be one of the best summers ever too. Freya is old enough bu then to appreciate certain things. And we'll have a car by then too so we'll go places! ( I have so many plans lol)

Anyhooo.... we've had a nice few days. week actually.
Obviously the wedding kinda broke my body completely so I was out of it for a few days... I've been regaining my energy since that day. And today is the first day since the wedding that I'm feeling energized and awake. Finally. Basically I've just been sleeping and in agony. Yep. That's what happens when I push myself too far physically. haha But still, we've done a lot of things this past week. And Freya's been having fun too.... which is actually the most important thing for us. When sheis happy, we're happy ❣

 Freya made me a bracelet the other day! 
Obviously I spelled her name lol But she wanted me to use the letter beads so I figured that I might as well spell her name then. My little snuggleMonster.
And after we did mine, she made one for Frost haha
Yep, this was fun. Team work.
and it meant the world to me, to get something Freya made :)

Yep, I'm making plans now. Talking to Moa 💛
Tomorrow Freya and I are going to Stajna's workplace. Uh huh. We're gonna go meet the animal. Freya get to pet baby bunnies, goats and sheep and donkeys and what not lol And those loud-ass they're loud. haha But it'll be fun for her to see animals and stuff. So yay for that :D

And on wednesday or thursday I'm meeting up with Sofi.💛
And we'll go with our girls to The childrens Island (lilla holmen) so they can play around aaaaall they want. And go on the little choo choo train and feed animals and all of that fun stuff that kids like (that I still like hahaha) oh and Cotton candy. Oh yeah~

I'm thinking going to the kiddypool with Moa and Artur and Freya. When it's warm AF, pools are excelent for kids. Freya tends to overheat real easy just like her mom.

Anyway, I gotta go. My painkillers kicked in....and now I'm sleepy again. Damn it.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy mother's day

❤❤❤ Happy mother's day to my sweet mother. ❤❤❤

My mom is a lot of things, an amazing grandmother and wife among others... And shit goes up and down in life... But one thing that always remains is her love for her children. ☺

I've always had my mom backing me up... see, mom always believed in me when no one else would. 
And she embraced my weirdness and called me unique when I was an outcast in school. She told me that it was cool to be an outcast, cause that meant I wasn't like everyone else. I wasn't following the dead fish stream trying to be like everyone else. I was me. 👈 And she was proud. 

She made me realize that I was fucking awesome. (😂) 
And I'm a pretty cool mom too... I gave birth to the most adorable and sweet little monster ever. ❤

We can thank my mother for that ❤ Cause she raised this cool thang. Haha

Jag älskar dig mamma. Jag älskar dig sååååå himla mycket! 💋

I tried, ok?!

I was trying to learn how to make good gifs on my phone. But man...  the images go by way too fast so its not like you can appreciate the photos or shit... You know what I'm saying? 😑  So I suppose I failed at that then... Bummer.

But oh well, I gave it a go at least. Yay me for trying.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer's here yesterday I had a really bad day physically. (that God damn EDS gets in the way sometimes... I had such fun plans with everyone)
But as I mention from time to time here... without sounding like I'm bragging, or sounding like a broken record; I do have an amazing man. Jaysus, he's amazing sometimes. ❤  
He helped me so much. He literally lifted me whenever I had to get up from the sofa all day (it's such a low sofa and when my knees act up,  it's fucking hell) 
But he did everything for me all fucking day, and that kind of support makes me feel loved when I'd normally get so low because of the situation 💘 I'm lucky to have him ❤  It's kinda funny how I'm still so madly in love with him  ❤

Eventually I did manage go outside with my family, and I took such nice photos of her too. I think I'm going to try to take photos of Freya in this hole every year ☺ (I've done it so far so I think it could be a cute tradition) 

Anyhoooo... Tomorrow I'll try to post all the wedding things. 
I got so excited planning for our own wedding too lol so I'm gonna post some ideas soon. I know what dress Freyster will wear anyway. 
And I do know that I'd rather die than have a big wedding.👈  Yep. No fucking way. If you guys have gone through what I've gone through... Seen what I've seen... You'd feel the same way. 😑

Oh, By this time tomorrow, there's gonna be two little kids asleep in Freyas room ☺❤ yay! 

Good night!

Monday, May 22, 2017

You should've seen him

Hot damn, that day was as hot as a sizzling fucking frying pan straight from the fires of hell. Pheeeeewie.. Smh.

But someone had wild sex in the middle of the night.... I'm not a tattletale so I won't say who.... But it was wild and sticky. Hahahaha 😂😂😂

Friday, May 19, 2017


Holy balls of love, I'm going to miss Freya this weekend. Like wow. It's going to be so hard without her.  (she had a scary accident last night so we've been up all night watching over her. But she's fine today, and I got the swelling down by 90% by holding lei lei's frozen food over half her head all night. I swear, my heart stopped when she ran that fast and crashed 💔)

She'll have an awesome weekend though, playing and running on the beach... Swimming and stuff. And also play around in her little pool. It's gonna be great. Buy we already miss her nonetheless. ❤

Were on the train right now, and I'm having a minor panic attack... Cause I forgot my hoodies and capes. And you knooooow how much I love my hoodies and capes. I feel so naked right now lol 

Hey... Tomorrow's open bar in the evening. Wohooo!! Margaritas and Mojitos! Neat. I'm looking forward to that part ahahaha 

Party party. 🍹🍸

I'm still upset that I forgot those clothes... Luckily it's going to be ridiculously hot this weekend so. 

But still. Bummer. I feel kinda uncomfortable without them. Oh well.... I suppose I'll just have to drink a fuckton of drinks tomorrow so I won't remember it. Lmao 

We're watching all the people on each train station... It's quite fascinating watching them. Seeing how different everyone is. Unique and different backgrounds. I've leads liked observing people haha 

I'm observing myself right now: Damn Jo you gotta loose weight. 😑

But my man says I'm beautiful so, I suppose I'll listen to him for now haha He does show it lol if you know why I mean ahahaha 😂


We miss you Freya! See you Sunday! 

All you other goonies, have a great weekend. ✌

Monday, May 15, 2017


It was our birthday(s) this week. 
Yep. My man hit 30. Hahaha

It was a calm and simple celebration for us both, instead of many people I made it tiiiiny. Obviously some people had to be there. Family is a given. 
Nathalie was a sweetheart haha I loved the necklace ❤

(and we actually had our small 5 year anniversary too this week lol)

Oh and I got a birthday card from the asshole in Scotland. Thanks shitstain. ❤
And you're right... I would definitely be lonely in the lobbies while playing,  if neither you nor I had a mic. So.. Yeah. I guess you have a certain importance....  I suppose. Hahaha

And thanks to everyone for sending so many birthday wishes. Gosh, it's very sweet 😊
Mom bought a very lovely cake ☺

Yuss. Well I guess I should. Go back to what I was doing. 

They better not call Frost in for work. Tomorrow morning cause we've got business to attend to! 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I'm the mountain

It's been some upside down days here recently.

I got triggered this morning...walking with a ice coffee in my hand. Shit seemed fine.
And then a phone call reminding me of something unpleasant.
And shit went down fast from there. My mood just exploded.

Luckily Frost and Stevie talked me through most of it. Talking helps I suppose.

But damn it..........sometimes I fucking hate you.
One mention of you and my day was ruined.

So I'm listening to some cool music :D