Monday, May 15, 2017


It was our birthday(s) this week. 
Yep. My man hit 30. Hahaha

It was a calm and simple celebration for us both, instead of many people I made it tiiiiny. Obviously some people had to be there. Family is a given. 
Nathalie was a sweetheart haha I loved the necklace ❤

(and we actually had our small 5 year anniversary too this week lol)

Oh and I got a birthday card from the asshole in Scotland. Thanks shitstain. ❤
And you're right... I would definitely be lonely in the lobbies while playing,  if neither you nor I had a mic. So.. Yeah. I guess you have a certain importance....  I suppose. Hahaha

And thanks to everyone for sending so many birthday wishes. Gosh, it's very sweet 😊
Mom bought a very lovely cake ☺

Yuss. Well I guess I should. Go back to what I was doing. 

They better not call Frost in for work. Tomorrow morning cause we've got business to attend to! 

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  1. omfg we have the same necklace xD
    ahahah! It's one of my faves toooo


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