Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer and smells

Summer is everywhere now :) It smells like flowers and fresh cut grass.
Kids laughing, water splashing, flowers blooming, berries growing. Yep.

Aah well... yeah, you're right. I'm not summers biggest fan I suppose...
I do hate the heat... but damn, the smells, colors, excitement, fun possibilities and the childish joy of summer.... is absolutely wonderful. It's the essence of summer I suppose.
I have plenty of fun and happy summer memories.
Next summer will be one of the best summers ever too. Freya is old enough bu then to appreciate certain things. And we'll have a car by then too so we'll go places! ( I have so many plans lol)

Anyhooo.... we've had a nice few days. week actually.
Obviously the wedding kinda broke my body completely so I was out of it for a few days... I've been regaining my energy since that day. And today is the first day since the wedding that I'm feeling energized and awake. Finally. Basically I've just been sleeping and in agony. Yep. That's what happens when I push myself too far physically. haha But still, we've done a lot of things this past week. And Freya's been having fun too.... which is actually the most important thing for us. When sheis happy, we're happy ❣

 Freya made me a bracelet the other day! 
Obviously I spelled her name lol But she wanted me to use the letter beads so I figured that I might as well spell her name then. My little snuggleMonster.
And after we did mine, she made one for Frost haha
Yep, this was fun. Team work.
and it meant the world to me, to get something Freya made :)

Yep, I'm making plans now. Talking to Moa 💛
Tomorrow Freya and I are going to Stajna's workplace. Uh huh. We're gonna go meet the animal. Freya get to pet baby bunnies, goats and sheep and donkeys and what not lol And those loud-ass they're loud. haha But it'll be fun for her to see animals and stuff. So yay for that :D

And on wednesday or thursday I'm meeting up with Sofi.💛
And we'll go with our girls to The childrens Island (lilla holmen) so they can play around aaaaall they want. And go on the little choo choo train and feed animals and all of that fun stuff that kids like (that I still like hahaha) oh and Cotton candy. Oh yeah~

I'm thinking going to the kiddypool with Moa and Artur and Freya. When it's warm AF, pools are excelent for kids. Freya tends to overheat real easy just like her mom.

Anyway, I gotta go. My painkillers kicked in....and now I'm sleepy again. Damn it.

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