Monday, March 31, 2014


Dun dun dun...*drumroll*

It's a little baby girl!
We're so happy!

The nurse told me that they girl is super healthy, heart,lungs,brain,bones and everything looks perfect! :D She also said that it's a very wild one. She kicks and twirls and wiggles haha

And my favorite shot of her is that second smaller picture down there. Cause she smiles in it. Can you see it?
The nurse told me she smiled and took a quick photo of it! Gosh, it's beautiful isn't it?
She's such a little cufiepuff!

Can you believe it?
There's a little girl growing inside of me.

CoD Black Ops and a baby!

So I finished the game the other day. :) Gotta love Call Of Duty.

Frost has made me take breaks cause apparently I have a gaming problem. lol I still finished it like a baaaws though.
Gotta tell you, I didn't not see some things coming at the end. Weirdo...

Right now me and snuggletree are playing Fable III.
And the baby is kicking like crazy right now...<3 Aaaws!
The kicks are so damn obvious now. Sometimes it makes me twitch haha
My little snugglepuff cutie!!! Mama's gonna snuggle you!

And tomorrow is a big day.
The day we'll find out what gender our snugglepuff is.
What do you think?
Girl or boy?

Either way I'll smuffocate you with love wee one!
(Smuffocate, smothering and suffocating combined lol)
Frost was gonna say that he was gonna smother me, and accidentally said it wrong. And ever since then it's been stuck in my head. Haha it's been almost two years since that time <3

It's creepy how fast time flies huh?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dinner time!

I made fried chicken bits and rice today! With peanut butter sauce.
Yep. I made it with peanut butter, honey, salt and milk. :D

*proud pose*

Welp, it was "different" said sir Frost.
But then again, he had never eaten that before so..
I think I reacted the same way the first time mom made peanut gravy.

Anyway. I fucking loved it!!!

Time for a walk! :D

Saturday, March 29, 2014

How's it going bro?

Aaaah yes yes I'm bad at updating.
But you know why, I've said it before.
It's just so god damn boring without a laptop. I did take a photo of my honeypuff earlier today when he was just relaxing :) Such a cutie!

So anyway, today we've been outdoor all day.
We went to Karlslund, walked through the forest with the dogs and Josse. And then we had picnic by the river and continued to walk and look at scenery. Frost now knows where he wants to live lol

I try to move as much a possible... I'm in constant pain these days but I keep telling myself that it's good to love around.
And it ether fucking be true too cause I don't wanna make things worse haha
So Frost keeps me company daily for long walks :)

I'm getting a foot rub from honey noooooow! And I didn't even ask <3
That's sweet. I feel happy now! Pew!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Something for the wee one to put over the crib.

It's the mumin troll family :D yay!
Me and Frost have had a busy day. Just the two of us and Lei Lei. Just like we like it.

We went for a long walk to town :) Just walking and walking.. My butt and back was hurting after a while lol

And then after that we went to these store, we are and walked pigbear.
Ooooooh and we've been playing CoD black ops for hours now.
It makes me a little sad that there no co-op in the campaign mode, but whatcha gonna do?
The zombie mode sure is fun too. I less you die. Then it sucks. No save. Boo.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The way it's suppose to be

Finally, he's here <3

Ok, first I have to say that I was shocked when I heard what kind of plan Frost, mom and my sister was scheming. It was my sisters idea. Didn't think she'd be such a romantic.
Unfortunately Frost was right, he tried to tell mom and Josse it wouldn't work, considering I

See, I kept track of his flights, time, terminals and gates. If a fligh was delayed I'd know.
If I weren't so thorough then their plan would've worked. And thy could've surprised me instead.

But like mom said..not too sure that would be such a good surprise considering the state I'm in haha
I can't handle stress and surprises vey well now.

OMG I can't wait to tell my sister that she can come over and watch movies in the TV! Turns out I could always watch stuff online with the Xbox but is didn't know I could change the settings like that for the Internet......... Fuck haha
I wonder if she wants to come over and watch The Walking Dead or Game Of thrones here soon?

The feeling of seeing him at the airport..and then hugging him and holding his hand.
God, I've missed his hands....they're so perfect.
And the feeling of laying next to him, holding that's just pure awesomeness.
I can tell you the baby certainly reacted to how happy I am <3
So many twirls and kicks haha

I'm very happy right now.
Not giving a fuck if anyone thinks I sound too mushy or whatever.

Anyway, we're watching the latest episode of Vikings right now.
We started watching it in the U.S last spring :)
So it's only fitting that we continue doing that haha I mean, it is good.

Ah he's such a cutie. I'll get snuggles soon!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So I just said good bye to my honey, he's boarding the plane right now. <3

Ah less than 19 hours till he's here.
Yeah I know I'm overly excited. But if you've read my blog before you ahold know that I get excited easily and extreme! Haha

So I saw my friend Ida posted some fact on her blog which reminded me, I have done
'My fun facts about me' in a long time.
So I figured why not write 10 more facts so I'll stop to thinking about Frost so much haha

Ok... So, what can I tell you, that people don't know?
I'm not dumb, I won't tell you about shit I don't want anyone to know duuuuh?! Haha

Let's start, ok...

1: I get ridiculously mad sometimes when shit don't go as I want in whatever videogame I play.
Like...crazy angry.
I'm not proud of it...I know it's shameful.

2: I have a thing for sunglasses haha

3: I'd like to think I have a theme song when I walk haha I also have a theme song when I sneak. :D

4: I absolutely LOVE having bouquets at home :) Like pink lilies, orange roses, lilacs etc. thus I'm excited about summer!

5: I haven't smoked since December.
And I used to fucking LOVE cigarettes!!

6: I'm jealous of women who had simple pregnancies. No troubles at all...
I'm having a really difficult pregnancy even though I'd rather not admit that. I wanted a perfect and beautiful pregnancy like all movie stars and bloggers. Being happy and feeling sexy and junk.
I just feel pain and I look like a lump of lard.

7: I like furry stuff. Fake fur of course.
Carpets and blankets etc...

8: oh! I absolutely love playing co-op games with my beeb!! <3

9: I'm quite messy, while my boyfriend is a neat freak haha!
I do however vacuum and mop my floors about 3 times a day. I can't help it. There's just something about clean floors that I need. Plus I have Lei Lei.

10: I can't come up with anything...
Well I do love vintage things. :D

Welp...this is about it.
I'm not really that interesting I guess.
I'm an average Jo. Hah!

Oh dear I can't relax! I'm so excited! Eeeeeeeeeeiiiiik!

I have to finish Starsky & Hutch now :D


Oh wheeeee!! I'm so excited!
Today is the day my beeb jumps in a plane and come home to me again!
Aaaaah!!! Is he nervous? Is he stressed? I bet he is.
I miss him like crazy.

Look how excited I am to finally be with him again!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014


So I left the house earlier... Did'nt know what to do so I took Lei Lei with me :D
problem is I have some difficulties walking and it looks weird when I walk.haha

It took me about 30 minutes to go to moms place and help her with the new phone. She's super excited about it. I hooked it up to the laptop and syncronized everything from the old one into the new one.

No idea what to do now...

I might sit on a park bench with Lei Lei for a bit. It's already dark though, so no sunshine there. But I might as well. I can listen to some CCR and meatloaf maybe.
There's this park bench I really like to sit on haha so I'll probably crawl to the park now.

Sooo if you need me, you know where to find me :)

God, some people are really ignorant when it comes to the contaminated water "A little shit in the water never hurt anyone"


Yeah...flesheating bacterias that spread through feces, touch and blood ain't nothing to worry about. Yep.

Whenever I read what some say on facebook...
'Aaah I don't see what the big deal is, I just drack half a litre of water and I feel fine'

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, good luck with that bro.

I'm contemplating taking a shower later. Iiiish... But i know taking a hot shower isn't a problem as long as I dont swallow water...But still.
Because of what I've been working with for so many years, I'm not taking germs lightly. I'm not germaphobic. I don't mind getting dirty, or play in the mud and junk. But this is CONTAMINATED WATER you dimwits. You never know what kind of bacteras their bowels might've carried when they took a shit on that leaking toilet. haha

well anyway.
Some star gazing on the park bench for a few hours awaits me.


Bleh blah

I could murder for a hot shower right now...but because of peanut, I'm not taking any risks. Nope.

I'll continue to be a dirty poot till tomorrow night. Till then I'll just have to clean myself with hot boiled water like in the old ages.

We really do take our water for granted though. Just saying.

Frost leaves the U.S tomorrow. WOHO! It'll be a real long flight for my baby... But I'll take good care of him when he gets here <3
Luckily for him, the water will be fixed by then. He won't land till Wednesday anyway. And I'll do his laundry tonight or tomorrow night. YaY!

I wish I could've cut my hair before Frost gets here... :( I wanna look good for him.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


So the suer system failed last night. And leaked out to our drinking water. Yay. Poop water.

So now I'm standing here (barely standing...paaaaiiiin) boiling water so I can give lei lei something to drink, wash myself, and do the dishes.

One big problem though is that I won't e able to do laundry.
I wanted to do laundry before Frost got here so he'd have fresh and clean clothes and underwear :) But this will last till Tuesday and it'll be a war in the laundry room by then.
So, should I be sneaky and do laundry in the middle if the night? Or see if I can win a war?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My days

Yep, my days just pass by.
And now it's only 4 days till I get my snuggletree back. :D

Yesterday I wet to see stina and her oh so freakin' adorable little girl Lea <3 Gah, I'd eat her cheeks if Stina wasn't looking lol Me and Lei Lei took the bus over there and theeeeen we went for a long walk (and me being my wobbly jiggly self felt that after an hour or so haha)
It was a nice day though, and my body feels all of it today haha in walking around like a penguin :3

And today Sofie dropped by :) Kinda early so I skipped breakfast haha Something that soothes me is that I'm not the only one who's been going through a rough pregnancy. Of course I get a wee bit jealous of those who've had an easy and painless pregnancy.. Oh how I wish I could've had that haha But, I did eat a lot and got big though that too.
But Sofi has basically just the same issues as me. Yep. Same problems. Ate a LOT in the beginning and we both got fat.

I'm starting to feel better these days though. Which feels awesome! I have more energy. And I take less naps. I don't eat as much as I did the first 12 weeks too. Which is good :D

And yesterday I felt the baby kick again! Yay! This is the second time I could feel it clearly. All the other times I can't really tell the difference between a bubbly fart and the baby movements and junk haha

I've cleaned the house twice today.
Amazing how fast I can ruin that. I'm such a messy poot. Coffee cup here, pencils there, hair band too and nail polish. God....I'm trying hard though to change those messy habits of leaving cups and junk around. :)
I do the dishes all the time these days. A clean the floors several times everyday.
Mainly cause I walk barefoot and lei lei makes it dirty. I love a clean mopped floor :D

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mr Basil

Oh basil how I love you!
I bought a fresh basil plant today. And i don't know why but I just love it!
I'ma take such good care of you!
I gave you a nice pink pot! And I'll nourish you, and water you and love you and eat you everyday! YaY!

I'll name him Mr Basil. :D

Oh, on a side note...I did make a delicious dinner. Yep.
I call it 'new goo by Jo'
Frost said it was pretty name for a dish. I agree haha

Heavy truth...


I'm siting here sipping on my oh so very delicious coffee while baby peanut is listening to music :3

I'm making a playlist for peanut since it seems like peanut really enjoys music.
Sure, it's not that comfortable having a wee kickboxer in the belly but it's kinda fun :D

I went to Lidl and Netto and did some grocery shopping with mom today.
See, one day I'll be the one doing things for mom.

I think I'll make some chicken sauce and pasta later. :) yum!

In exactly one week my snuggletree will be in my arms again!!!

A nice day

So the day starts off with hormones going wild as you may have read earlier haha
But it went well after that.
Me and my sister went with the dogs to the outskirts if town, and took a nice walk in the forest :D

Aaah and I've also boiled fish and rice for lei lei to eat. She had several small portions today. :D
She'll get some fish together with her regular dog food tomorrow. Maybe some rice with it too...!

I'm watching Blackwhale right now.
A very interesting documentary about orcas. It broke my heart to see when they took a baby whale away from it's mother :(

I should probably walk Lei Lei now, and then talk to my handsome cutiepie <3

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My darling

I know a lot of people that changes their view of their dogs when they get a baby. A family...

I can't change my view of lei lei..
I'm terrified of loosing her.
For a long time, she was all I had. My everything, for so many years.
She was my family, and she was there when I needed her.
I don't want to be without her.

It pains me that I can't afford her medication on my own. Or her food.

She's sick again today.
I know it's not a big deal really... But it's a big deal to me.
I know she'll feel better in a day or two, she always does.
But I get sad when she's not healthy... And it scares think that I can't even take care of her on my own.
I get help to take care of her.

Frost is such a sweetheart, he wants to give her everything.
He once said that when he gets a job she can eat better food, and we can afford the medication too..
He's the love of my life...I love that he cares for Lei Lei too <3
I wouldn't trade either of them for the world.

Aaaah, I guess hormones makes things worse.
I've been crying my eyes out today.
She's just laying there...staring at me. Probably wondering what the fuck is wrong with her mom haha

I just get emotional sometimes. And she is one of my weak spots... My little pigbear. Gah, I just wanna hug and squeeze her cause I love her so much!!! But I'm scared if squeezing out poop instead........ 💩

It's funny how I'm so emotional.
I think most people that knows me agrees...cause I've never been emotional before.
I've always controlled my feelings very well.

Lets all blame Frost for me being this way ok? Hahahha <3

Other than this, I guess I'm fine so far today.
I'll snuggle lei lei soon. Carefully. No poopstains...
And I'll have myself a very late breakfast. Or brunch....whatever.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pregnant lady coming through!

There's so many things to tell you guys... You better read it all!

First: it's 8 days till Frost comes back home to me <3
Second: it's Only two and a half week till we go see the gender of the baby.
Third: I'm super fat haha
And number four: I felt the baby kick for reals for the first time! Massive kick I might add. It's a wild one... It seems to get excited when I play Flogging Molly and other Irish rock! :D That's my baby <3 And the baby seems to relax when I play Sweet home Alabama and Sunday morning by Velvet underground. Aaaws...

Oh!! A couple of days ago when I was buying something at the tobacco store, my banister sat outside in her car waiting with the dogs..
And I cane back, knocked hard on the window and opened to door and was about to sit down when I realize something,....
That woman...was not my sister.
And that wasn't her car.... O____0
I freaked out and screamed OH MY GOOOOOD!!!! And slammed the door and ran away lol Not even saying sorry...I just went hysterical haha
My sister saw everything in her rearview mirror... -_-
Oh lord, that was embarrassing as hell.

So spring is finally here. :)
It's sunny and nice outside these days. Although for some sick reason it said that it's gonna snow when Frost lands here haha weird huh?

Oh, there's some good tune in the latest episode of The Walking Dead <3 Me like it.

Makes me wonder who took Beth.... Hmmm...

Thursday, March 6, 2014


So I'm having a little bit of a bad hair day. Which is fine, cause I'm actually comfortable like this.

But I realized that my hair is getting long in some places.. So I better cut it.

Ok! I'm going out in adventures nooooow! Wheeee~

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pew pew!

Soooo I had a really nice lunch at moms place today. We had fish!
Haddock filet, green peas and potatoes and remoulad sauce. Mmmm... I sure did enjoy it.

And I sure feel sorry for my snuggletree. My poor beeb quit smoking. And he's having trouble handling it lol Aaaws, I just love to tease him when he feels weak and whiny. It'd make me happier if I could do it in person. <3
But it's ok. He's a strong and mighty man, so he'll be fine. Puss!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So today is international pancake day!

So of course eating pancakes was a given. Yay!

Swedish ones though, not American or Dutch ones...sweeeedish. With whipped cream and jam. Yum.

Oh, I've been out on the countryside walking lei lei with Sofie and her dog too. And right before that, Lei Lei got attacked by a vicious psychotic dog. A staffordshire terrier. Man, it bit and jumped her.
I got so scared... Cause I didn't see the full attack. I was scared that she'd get hurt. She's always so kind and backs away of another dog is angry. It's cause she's dominant and calm. Not dominant and insecure (and that dog was just that)
But it turns out that Lei Lei beat the crap out of the other dog. The owner said that she sure knows how to attack and bite. 'Its the first time another dog managed to put my dog in it's place. She really pushed her down and made her submissive'


Welp, he told me to check lei lei so she didn't have any wounds and junk...but I was seriously more worried that his dog would be injured.
Most people aren't aware of what a chow chow was first created for.
It's a war dog. That they sent out in battle. Their fur and flesh around the neck is an armor.

I checked her and she was fine :) luckily. <3

Anyway, happy pancake day!

Monday, March 3, 2014


I really can't stop crying...

Cause I realized I look like one of those fat Americans on a scooter at Walmart.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Peanut is getting big. <3
This is all so very exciting!
My tummy is growing fast, I'm having some difficulties moving around (certain positions are hard)
I've started having heartburn a at night, but I'm pretty sure that's cause I haven't eaten anything healthy at that moment.
I'm eating strawberries often too!
They're cheap at ICA! Nom nom nom...

Welp, I'm going to visit Nathalie now in her new apartment :) And Lei Lei is joining us of course.

Oh lei lei got a haircut from my sister yesterday....which pigbear did not enjoy. She looks a little funky now haha <3

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Aaaaaws... I like snuggles.
I'd prefer Frost's snuggles but Doris is good enough for now I guess.