Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meeting, meetings and more meetings.

That's what it feels like anyway haha

Yesterday was a really good day.
Had a good meeting at the work agency, then got the best cardamon buns EVER from our favorite baker. He makes the best ones. He has a swedish lil' bakery not too far from here, but he's from turkey or something I think? And yet he makes PERFECT traditional swedish pastries which is why i like him the best. Cause his buns are the tastiest haha And his bread too!

Plus he's awfully kind and talkative :D He remembers us, and he also wished Frost good luck with his meeting at SFI today. :)

Anyway, after we bought the buns I finally had KULGLASS!!! YaaaaaY! I've been waiting and waiting. it's the whole thing about ice cream in the sun. (unfortunately the sun wasn't there at all yesterday...) And we played an extra level on Gears Of War. which was nice.

And today we're going to SFI like I mentioned earlier.

Although, for some reason I don't expect us to walk away from there with more infortmation than we already had tbh.
Cause yesterday, although his mentor at the job agency was awesome. She wow. Words words words. Words that didn't fit a sentence, words that wasn't the words she meant. And she also said she would've liked to have met Frost without me.

Frost giggled about that afterwards cause he was wondering how the fuck he'd understand anything she said without me there lol
He said he understood her swedish better than her english HAHA! You know it's bad when he says that...
But all in all, she was ok. She wants to help and I like that. Yup.

It's also vaaaaalborg noooooow. So let's all celebrate the 1st of May coming tomrrow! Wheeeeeeei! We're going out to mom  and Lasses summer house with Josse :D BBQ, noms and all that glorious joy that's everywhere. woho!

Monday, April 28, 2014

It really is

Ya know, even if we're not rich or anything, life's pretty fuckin' good.

I'm happy <3
I'm having a baby with the man I love more than anything. And I get to spend every day with him. How can one not be happy then? :D

Indeed, life's good.

swedish politics, a rant from my part.

Welp, I did a test on easter, to see which party would suit me the best. And The Swedish Democrats were like 60% on my list apparently.

My top three things to improve at the moment were

  • harder sentences for those who commit crimes.
  • To handle the view of rape better. A simple 'no' is still a NO.
  • To look over the immigration politics
I know, my boyfriend is an immigrant.
And he's getting a lot of help from the government. Which is awesome. Money and everything is getting better. 
BUT, never the less. I'm fucking tired of those beggars here for instance. Real fucking tired. And all the honor crimes that are related to immigrants pride and shit too. That's just scary. I thought most of it disappeared when Fatime died. (That was a big issue in sweden back then) But no, it's here. We just don't hear about it in the news as much cause "we can't write about immigrant cause we'd automatically be racists then". lol That's dumb.

So I vote that any immigrant comiting a severe crime (like rape, murder, abuse, robbery etc) should get deported. I bet a LOT of crimes would go away then tbh. But then there's the issue, (in which i've honestly only heard swedes complain, while immigrants agree) That while deporting people with another nationality background, we don't deport swedes. DUH. But we need higher sentences.
If a pedophile get's a shorter sentence than someone smoking a joint, something's fucking wrong.

Anyway, yeah. Right now I think we need to focus on improving what's going down. Out welfare, is actually still really nice. Say what you want.

Some still want money for staying home all the time. And tbh, NO... no. There's way too many people that stays at home pretending to be sick or feeling shitty so they can just be lazy and get money.

So then people say, be stricter on those people and let the real sick ones be.
You DO realize that it's hard for people to judge that right? No matter if a person is sick or not, they will certainly feel offended no matter what.
Yes, let cancer sick ones, people with REAL diseases stay at home. Let's face it, it's NEVER been up to the government and politicians to judge if a person needs to continue being at home getting paid or not. That's decided by normal fucking people. 

And too many people likes to ride on our welfare.

I'm doing pretty splendid right now.
I get paid for staying at home. All I have to do is apply for jobs. Which I do regularly. I got money from 'Försäkringskassan' which I absolutely didn't think I was going too. Plus the government will help us too with money at the moment cause no one wants to hire a pregnant lady.

And I can understand why.

If you're looking for staff to WORK, cause you need more help at work. Then you wouldn't want someone who can't fucking work would you? Everyone knows that a pregnant lady might not be able to work everyday. She might need to call in sick every other day cause the feet are too swollen, she's throwing up, the back hurts etc etc. So I totally agree on an employer having the right to refuse to hire a pregnant chick.

Like I said, if I ran a business... I would NOT keep a person who calls in sick a lot. Do you even understand how much they loose by keeping such a person?
Buuuuut on the other hand, I've always gone to work no matter how shitty I've been, or sick I've been or even if I was half blind.. OR couldn't move at all because of the pain (which has happened a lot btw) I have ALWAYS gone to work. 
I got sent home thought many times by the boss when they saw how badly I moved, or how badly my breathing was at times. But I've rarely been home on my own accord. 

With this said, I have a job interview on monday.
as a waitress. A hard fucking job, which I still needed to apply for to get my money. But today when we talked on the phone, I was completely honest and told them that I was pregnant, and HUGE... capable of working but I told them so they'd know. 
They only needed ONE person at the restaurant. One. And they picked me as a candidate. yay me. I'm nervous as fuck.

Although I'm fully aware that I most likely would get the job. (as I wrote earlier) No hard feelings then.

Anyway, as I was saying... I am sick over how SPOILED the swedish citizens have become. And this is actually something I never realized untill I got to experience how it is to not being able to get free healthcare. To get support when I need it. To have the right to GIVE BIRTH for freeeeeeeeee. To have my government help me out financially when I'm in a shitty position.

And people, that like to spend money...that take little loans all the time, or buy things and pay later, month by month and so on..THEY complain that they can't afford living.

Weeeeeeeeell, maybe you should've considered ALL the possibilities before you got loans and installments, paying every month on a laptop or a tv or whatever?

A lot of people get mad when I say that. But I'm hardly the only one thinking like that. You live with what you've GOT.

I don't have any installments, no laptop that I have to pay off. NOTHING like that. And I'll probably never get anything either that I'd have to pay off every month until I'd have a fulltime employment.

That's the biggest reason. I knew that I might not have a job one day, cause working the way I did. Not having a full time employment, just being a temp...that's not secure at all. So therefor I never got any stuff like that.

I have a loan. And I took a reasonable one. I pay it off every month like I'm supposed to, and I understand that the government or my A-kassa won't help me pay that off. What the fuck should the tax money go to paying off other peoples loans or debts and shit?!

Are you dumb for real?

I really hate people that takes things for granted. That complains a lot.
I complained when A-kassan was slow at paying me in the beginning. But hey, you ALWAYS get money if you're genuinely in need of it. And that's the truth. You always get money, but not for your stinking debts.

Sometimes it takes a long time and THAT can be complained about. I know people that really do need help, that can't work for reals... And I understand that it sucks to have to wait then.

But tbh, my landlord, and phonecompany and so on...they've always postponed the payments if I've been late with money. Whenever I asked and told them i didn't get paid yet, they'd postpone it.

I hope more people are that clever and actually ask them to wait a little.

But then, there's people like my *******, that get's like 10 000kr a month. And STILL wants to ask the government for money cause they can't pay all their bills. 
Ehum........ your fines, debts and loans and installments is NOT what our tax money is meant for.


Get a job instead then. Suck it up, shut your mouth and WORK. You can't always blame things on our government.

I'm not too fond of 'moderaterna' that runs out country at the moment. But, even when social demokraterna ruled it, the welfare SUCKED BALLS. So many sick people, "sick". Oh, I think my pinky toe is aching. I might not be able to work for a while. Oh, I think I'm depressed cause I just don't feel too happy. I might have to stay at home for 3 years then.


You can't blame the government for everything.
Some people are just dicks. And that's a fact.
Some people will ALWAYS wanna live on welfare.

Why work when you don't have too?

That's why so many immigrants come here in the first place.
Cause they don't have to work.

And not a single fuck is scared of the police here.
You know why?
Cause our prisons are like fucking hotels, you live better in there then at a nursing home for our elderly people. And you don't get high sentences. I can murder my mother and go to prison for 2 years. -___-

Everyone has their own opinions. But a lot of people voting in this next selection will unfortunately vote selfishly. They'll say that they're voting for the grated good of the people, they always do. But in the end, it's only cause they wanna be able to not work when they feel like it.

I on the other hand... am sick of how useless people, and criminals, and lazy fucks live so well off in sweden. while others are forced to work their asses off.

My rant is over. hah.

Sunny day

Me and Mr. Sexypants went on a walk today :)
We went aaaaall the way to town (which is kinda long fora fatty like me mind you)

But it was nice. And I managed to keep up the pace too this time.
It's been lovely :D

I also met my aunt and my cousin. And my cousins baby boy Charlie. Yep.

Boy oh boy is it hot these days lol
W accidentally fell asleep earlier today. A long nap it was...
We did the same thing yesterday. Yesterday was seriously The best nap EVER. Amazing. haha

I like taking pictures of Frost. He's gorgeous in my eyes.
I shall take many more! PEW!

Welp, I might drag him with me to ICA right now. I was thinking that if they have cheap lemons and lime, I might make lemonade. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Maylene & sons

It's been a while since I posted a song on my blog hasn't it?

This is Maylene & Sons.
I freakin' LOVE 'step up, I'm on it'

I'm waiting for Stina and Lea nooooow.
it's seriously SO damn warm today....blah.....

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Summer days

I played with Nathalie todaaaaaay. Yep.
We sat out back on the yard next to mine, just basking in the sun.its nice cause my tummy gets all warm then. :)
For some reason my tummy is always cold. No idea I always rub it. lol

Other than that I finished gears of war judgment today, and we had a big dinner with steak and potato salad, and I also made fruit salad as dessert. Which btw was delicious. It's true.
Anyway.... I better go get the laundry now. I need to dry the bed sheets.

Oooooh Stina and baby Lea are coming over tomorrow. Sweeeeeet!

Right, you know what happened earlier when we were walking Lei Lei? See, she loves playing with feathers. So I tied some up on a stick and let her chase it and jump after it. She looks like a cat chasing it haha Anyway, she jumped a little too high and lost her balance and fell straight backwars and landed on her back. Like BAM! My poor babyfluff.... <3
She's super tired now so she's sleeping. I bet she'll be in pain tomorrow.

Saturday of loooooove


The baby is kicking like a true kickboxer right now.

I went out to walk lei lei around 8:30 today, cause I thought she had diarrhea. Turns out I was wrong lol

So here we are... We're about to eat breakfast. We've just laid around for an hour or so.

Frost has been working on his Swedish. :) And he's doing awesome!
He's finally mastered the word 'två'.
It's so eat to accidentally say 'tva' instead. But he's brilliant noooooow!

He said I had a nice dress :3
In Swedish! Teeheeee~

Oh, and Frost got to feel the baby kick earlier! She tried to kick him haarrrd! :D

I'm so happy.
I brought the man of my dreams, and all our dreams too, to my reality.
And now he lives here with me in my real word.
Not everyone gets to live their dreams :)

Friday, April 25, 2014


Oh what a good day!
So far! haha
Don't wanna jinx it here do we?

Anyway, we wake up earlier and earlier these day.
Although I wake up around 3 and 6 everyday...But my point is, we don't sleep away the days anyway.

Oh, and I've managed to make tons of stuff today.
And cleaned, and did the dishes aaaaand we're about to do the laundry.
Frost is learning swedish, FAST too. He's doing so well. :)

And I've also made our economy more secure. Finally. I'm getting an extra paycheck next week as well. I'm well liked huh? Must
And we're also getting money for Frost. :D
So no more super worries about money for a while.
They might help with some baby stuff too if I ask nicely.
There is ooooone thing I'd like. If possible...
Oh We can just go on with out lives, eating, sleeping, having sex, laughing and playing video games.

Such a good day.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


So, it's thursday now. 29 minutes into the thrusday anyway.

And it's also my wonderful mothers birthday!

May you have bunches and bunches of more birthdays mom, cause I don't think I could live without you in my life mom  <3

So anyway, today..(well I guess yesterday) Frost and I did maaaany things. Yup. Although I may need to find a new shopping buddy cause he ain't fit for all that shit I'm doing in town haha
Ah, he also made me realize that I might not be able to go to town like that anymore. I'm too heavy :(

My feet hurt like a motherf**ker..  -__- god, the pain.
Oh, I can however be happy about the fact that I didn't gain as much weight as I thought I did. *BRO FIST!*

Blah, as I was saying...we went to town, I bought a completely useless shirt. Which I have to return tomorrow. Yep. Who sows a shirt that way?! Insane bastards.....
Anyway. Returning it. And Frost and I went to the job center and signer in him too. And tomorrow we're going there again to register him. YAY. He'll get his mentor then.

Oh and it's throwback thursday.
So, here's an old pic of my hair.

And here's me and Sofie.
We're both expecting baby girls right now :)

And this is how I looked the summer of 2012.
I remember this time, cause I spent 24/7 talking to my wonderful boyfriend <3
Aaaaand now I realized I wasn't fat at all back then. SO YAY. This'll be my goal after the baby is born. woho!

I'm feeling fuzzy inside the head now so I think I'll go to bed nooooow!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pew pew!

It's been a lovely day! :D
And sunny and warm and all that crap.
But I've been sleepy most of the day. Like super sleepy.

I'm watching Luther and drinking hot coffee right now...the coffee ain't gonna help me though. It never does. But it's tasty so yay.

I wonder what tomorrow has to offer... :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Yeah I've been watching series non stop recently lol
These two, I really like.

Oh, did I mention that my man is a hero with magic hands? Haha

Saturday, April 19, 2014


So Easter is almost over.
We had dinner with the family <3
Saw the vintrosa national park. Aaaand picked some vitsippor too. :)

Unfortunately my dearest little Frost has caught my cold. Boo. His cheeks are really hot.

We're laying on the couch watching Django now.
I might fall asleep...who knows. I'm tired, that's for sure.

All in all, we've had a nice day! :3
First BBQ of the year!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Glad påsk!

So I woke up around 5-6am today again...but today thy felt ok, cause I had stuff to do.
Frost slept like a baby while I cleaned and did the dishes. And the around 8 I took lei lei out for a long walk. Dropped by moms place to leave something, and then went to the sure and spent bunches of money -_-

It's Easter! I need eastery stuff. I wanna show Frost a Swedish Easter. Yep.
Ah... I had some problems with the 'björk ris'... Yeah....I couldn't find a god damn Björk tree!
But after a while I just figured I'd have to pick branches if normal trees instead. Not quite the same but still better than nothing.

You gotta keep in mid that I had been walking for an hour with Lei Lei with a giant bag from the store by then, so that seemed like the best idea at the moment.
Until it hurt my tummy..
Jumping after branches when you're fat as fuck ain't a good idea at ALL!!

It's like a walrus trying to fly.............
bet the neighbor had the time of their life though.

Anyway. It's 10am now...I finished Easter decorating now. :D And I think I did swell. ^_^ *proud pose*

Oh and I did buy Easter candy just in case any Easter witches drop by :)

Påskkärringar <3 Aaaws...

Well, my cold isn't getting any better.
I cycling hate that I can't breathe properly. The nose is so clogged....bleh... The nose is a ready very swollen when you're pregnant, I didn't really need any more of it. -_-

But despite my fever I did all of this, so now I'm super happy and I might even be able to nap. Yep.

Frost's first Swedish Easter Holliday. Yay!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday night

Guess I've caught a cold... Yippie..

Frost is sitting next to me,playing hitman, while I'm reading a preggo magazine and sipping on coffee. He made me some hot coffee, I was hoping it'd wake me up....but no.

Finally got some nose spray too. Fr pregnant ladies, since apparently nowadays a pregnant woman ain't allowed to use regular nose spray. Yay.

This shit ain't nowhere near as good as the regular shit. Boo...

I haven't slept at all last night. I was sleepy between 2am and 5am. And then it just hit me like a smack in the head how freakin' awake I felt.

Lei lei was sleeping...and so was Frost. My body was aching so I walked around, did dishes, cuddled lei lei. Fondles Frost while he slept. Hah. He's so defenseless when he sleeps... <3 *squeeeeeze*

Oh oh but around 10 something, I think I may have fallen asleep in the sofa a little. So that was nice :)

Right, we also went grocery shopping with mom and Lasse today. And went home to dad. Yep.

I might just nap a little now......maybe...possible.

Yeah. I definitely will lol

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I've been with Sofie today :)
She's about ready to pop. Her tummy is double the size of mine lol
Less than 30 days till delivery date! Haha A wee baby will arrive then. Lykke will probably be her name. They already call her that.
It's a way of calling her lycka. Which means luck.

Can't believe me and Sofie are having two girls! Just months apart! PLAYDAAAAATES!!!!!! Yay!

And when my little girl is old enough, maybe Lea will enjoy her company too?

Oh and I have to say that is feels awesome right now.
I've started sleeping in bed with beeb again. And I can walk better now too. The pain is disappearing more and more each day so that's just perfect.

I'm actually starting to feel really good.
Or maybe my legs just got stronger haha

My babybump grows more and more each day. And she kicks harder than ever. It's crazy how hard she can kick right now. Makes me wonder how the fuck I'll survive when she's bigger? When I'm in like week 30? Jeez...

Swear to god, she'll break a rib on me or something then haha

My wild strong little baby!


Tried to look good for my man today...


Look at these cute baby stuff!
And a baby book!
Our baby's first years. <3

Also got toys and blankets!

Ah we got so many baby clothes from a friend.
Soooo many! Hundreds! Most of them still had the tags on them.
You know you buy way too many clothes when your baby doesn't even get the chance to wear them cause she has too many clothes so she outgrows them..haha!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Btw here's a totally random picture of my kitchen today. Yep.

It's Easter soon

I LOVE cappuccinos. They're so tasty.
And although they never turn out that excellent when making them at home, they're still pretty dang delicious.

It's been an... I'd like to call it eventually night, but I'll just call it plain shitty.
And today's been pretty boring and slow...wheeee~
My snuggletree is feeling a wee bit crappy too. Poor beeb <3

I'm watching Sherlock Holmes (the British series ya know?) It's pretty good.

My back is hurting a lot today... Ah but I did get to boast about my smiley wild baby inside of me :) The girl at the store has been away for a couple of months so she was really surprised by seeing me.
And I showed her the smile of Freya <3
Teeheee~ she was rather amazed by it as well :D Such a cute little smile.

Our little Freya-Rose.
How I can't wait to see you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hah So I woke Frost up a little too early today I guess lol
And by doing that I woke up lei lei too. And she wanted food.

And who does she go to when she's hungry nowadays?
Snuggletree! Haha

And since he was so reluctant to wake up and come play with us, I sent Lei Lei on him! Haha

Yeah the cupcake there is cause she's wearing pants hehe It just doesn't look right in that angle. :)

Yesterday I went in a walk with Josse and the dogs. And after that I met up with Johanna in town and had coffee and a sandwich. It's been 2 years since we last saw each other technically.

And today I'm meeting cufiepuff Karin for coffee! Wheeeee~

I've been having problems walking lately. Got huge issues with the muscles in my butt lol And the back. So I've started sleeping on the couch. But it's so lonely without Frost so last night we slept in the bed and snuggled. Aaaaaand I feel like dying from pain now.

So worth it though.

I love my beeb <3

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby junk!

Frost and I had such a nice day together yesterday <3
After the migration board, we spent som time eating and shopping in town :)
Look at these super-mega-thunder-cute baby clothes we bought!! :D

It's the brand newbie. I have to say I FREAKIN' LOVE IT. I'll buy more newbie clothes soon enough.
Frost said I didn't pick girly stuff...but a girl doesn't HAVE to wear girly stuff right? I picked the one with the bear. It's organic cotton.... And I did find that dress. So...dresses are girly. Hah and that hat is for newborn baby girls <3

It's so soft and snuggly and fuzzy :)