Monday, July 28, 2014

Those Who Kill

I have to say, I LOVED this show.

But there's only one season out. And no one knows if there will be another. It's the same with the danish version. Boo...

If you like criminal psychology as much as I do, then you'll definitely like this. :)

But I'm warning's a real cliffhanger ending.
And not knowing if there'll even be another season SUCKS.

Hospital fika

Welp, we went to the hospital today. Mom gave us a ride, which was nice. Cause I can't stand this heat,...bleh...
Needless to say, they can't help me until our little girl is born. So I have to wait. But that's ok :)

Afterwards we each took a coffee. I felt like we needed it.
Even felt a lil' fancy, cause they gave us dark chocolate pieces with the coffee I still say that Bara Vara makes the best coffee, but I gues this place is OK when lacking other places to go to.... haha Bet they gave us chocolate cause they heard he's american. Cause I've never gotten chocolate pieces with my coffee before lmao

Right, I forgot to mention that we went out for dinner with Dad & Kuti yesterday. Taco Bar. It is freaking Delicious! I had chicken Fajitas *thumbs up*
Frost and dad had their drinking race. I think Dad maaaaaay have gotten a little snickerdoodled. While Frost didn't even blink. Yup. haha

Yeah it was a nice evening. Despite the thunder, lightning and pouring rain. (If you ask me, I fucking loved it. I can't wait till it gets a little cooler so you can be cosy, dress up warm and snuggly and shit. )

Hmm...I think I should pack some stuff in my baby bag now. Yup.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Green day

It's too warm to think about food today..
But I made a little fruit plate to nibble on.
I feel like I'm being irresponsible when I'm not eating...the baby needs food. I know that.

But my appetite is completely gone, I don't wanna eat at all. I have to force it down. And then I feel like throwing up. Blah...

Cold stuff works though. I don't feel like eating, but it's doable with cold shit. Yup.

Ah, I should probably get ready soon... We're going to Taco Bar soon. We do love that place. Frost reeeeaaally likes it lol Tjey make his kind of drinks. Yay!

I'm in the mood for quesadillas then. Yeah. I might have that.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Sooo..yesterday went by fast I guess.
Feels like we did a lot of things.
We went to the work agency. And I gotta say, they were extremely helpful :)
We managed to get his internship terminated. Thank god.
And he's on a "break" now for about 1 or two months.
After that he has two employers that are very interested in him.

I'm texting with one of the employers right now actually.
Super nice guy, typical farmer personality I suppose. They're always so easy going and simple. :)

He wants to meet Frost sometime in the next few weeks, cause he said he'd like for him to see how they work. They're only three people at that place. So it should suit Frost perfectly.

So we'll set up a date soon I guess.

This time it's all up to Frost what he wants to do.
If he wants it, he can get it.
And he can choose how much he wants to work.
Full time or part time. They're just happy to get help.

And the other employer is someone my brother has been working with. 
But he'd only be hired hourly. Which is fine too.
It's a hight pay and he might work a week here and a week there. 
Heck, I'd love that haha

Anyway, after the meeting at the work agency, we went home...we melted a little. (I felt like dying) And then I went home to my sister and had tacos :) Mmmm...nom noms are good for ya.

We also watched the latest paranormal activity (which I had already seen) I avoided some part cause they give me contractions hahahahah!!

And then I went home to my snuggletree who was waiting patiently in bed. Aaaaws...
Yeah Doris had an extra lot of love to give yesterday. Thanks haha

Oh oh and today we watched The Expendables 3. Iiiiiiiiiiiih!!! Omigosh I loved it. Like all Expendables. Like ALL old school action movies really. Like Rambo and shit like that. woop woop! :D

I'm gonna suck on an ice cream now and melt a little more. now. Yup.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Belly rub

It feel so goooooood~

My belly hurts. Or rather, the skin hurts.
It gets a lot more painful when the contractions come. Or when she pushes her butt right out... haha It's kind of an uncomfortable feeling. it even hurts when I try to massage the skin afterwards.

But Frost played around a little just you can see.
Beautiful belly art. haha

It's been a very slow day.
Although I did bake a cake, made mom and Lasse eat it. Even Frost liked it so I'm happy. I was so sure that I failed haha And I've spent most of the evening with Josse.
We've been on adventures.

Adventures that ended up with me having a bouquet of lavender in my hand :D

Mmmm...smells so good.

let's hope tomorrow bring something good.
Wish us luck. We'll need it.

I WANT LUCK DAMNIT. So share it haha

Baby cuteness!

I found some cute stuff on ebay haha
Gotta love china and korea sometimes ;)



I can't sleep... :(
I'm thinking too much. For some reason I feel so fucking stressed. I'm nervous and worried. But I guess that's just the usual preggo crap huh? -_-

The wee one inside is stretching in there...... Is she doing yoga or something? I like yoga.

I wish you'd come out already so mommy can snuggle you. I has bunches of snuggles to give. You have nooooo idea. :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Highway man

Just cause it's such an awesome classic :D


I'm surrounded by snoring...
Two exhausted snugglelumps passed out. It's kinda cute :)

I'll just watch Criminal Minds while they're competing in their sleep-marathon 


When I was taking my early morning nap between 8 and 9, Sofie sent a text to me. Of course I was sleeping but I woke up like 50 minutes after she sent that text and responded.
Frost went to work kinda early today and I walked Lei Lei at that time too so she's all good.

Anyway, She said that she was coming over. YaY!
Guess she needs to get out of the house too sometimes. It seems rough for her right now with an angry baby haha

But she dropped by around 9:30 and she brought treats. hah.

She even brought milk, cause I told her we were all out of milk but I had cream for coffee instead. But she likes milk so she brought it haha :D

Next time she comes over she'll try to bring Lykke.
If Lykke is a happy baby that day that is. haha

Sofie is convinced that I'll give birth real soon. But I told her that my luck is kinda shitty. I mean, I do ALWAYS get what I want...just not WHEN I want it haha it usually takes some times and effort before I get it.

Right now, the baby is listening to Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. Yup. Giant headphones on the belly I have. haha

Yesterday I washed all the baby clothes. They're in the drawer now. But I don't have enough room for the clothes so I defintely need another little baby drawer for her clothes. OH I even washed my old teddy bear "Gammel Nalle" that I got when I was a baby. Freya will have him now  

Ah, now she gets to listen to Lacrimosa by Mozart. And then Ave Maria.
Yeah we switched from CCR to classical music today.

For some reason.......... Ave Maria is always associated with brutal murder for me. Which is kinda weird I know, since it's such a beautiful opera.
But it's the perfect murder melody really.

I bet my sister would agree with me.

well I'm gonna write a little in my baby book now :D

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I finished up my drawing today.
I have to take bunches of breaks cause my stomach hurts and my back is killing me. But it's finally finished. Wheeeee.

Gosh... today is a hungry day.
I just need to eat ALL the time is what it feels like.
But I cant cause I'll eat us out of the house...

Maybe that's why I feel so shitty today? Headache, backpain, hunger, tummy ache, sleepy...
Cause I'm constantly hungry but I don't satisfy the hunger..

Also, i had to rewrite this like 5 times.
For some reason I misspell everything today. Can't even spell the simplest of things. I put letters on weird places and shit...  fisnshed <---- hmm? What's that?

I think I might try to sneak up on Frost now and steal a snoooooogle or two. Yep. Maybe I can get to second base even? LOL hahahahh

Doodles and whatnot

It's sunday already... boo.
Frost hates sundays cause it means it's monday after this. haha
But I made him a delicious breakfast. (Sometimes it amazes me how awesome I am) Even when natta was my roomie I cooked and baked delicious things. Although back then I could afford a little more than I can now. I had a job ya know...

Anyway, top of the morning to ya.

I feel like a plum that someone ate and then shit out. Wheee~

My tummy hurts. But it's mostly the little snugglepuff inside's fault. It's like she just tore my bowels apart and started juggling in there. haha Pleeeeeaaaase come out cutie? Mommy has a snuggle for you 

Moving on, yesterday was an awesome relaxing day. Nothing much was on the schedule. Except going to my nephews birthday party that I arrived super late on deliberately. I didn't wanna be there when there was a bunch of people around. I'm warm and dying from heatstroke every other minute haha

And then it was back home, snuggles and movies and all that shit. Very nice (Thumbs up)

I also doodled and drew a lot.

The left one was for my nehpews birthday. Yup.

I have a great idea now for my next drawing. Another lady with a bottle. Woop woop! But a cooler bottle and probably cooler hairdo. Who knows?

Time will tell. vagina hurts.
Aaaw... Too much sharing?


You try having a baby that doesn't wanna come out and play, but still decides to push too hard.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to disarm a bomb

For some weird reason, I woke up in panic last night.
Threw myself on the floor next to the Xbox, and grabbed the xbox charger underneath the table..

It was a BOMB. Obviously. 

Cause it was glowing in the middle of the night.

Lei Lei woke up in panic as well, anyone would have when a pregnant fatty throws herself on the floor when she's sleeping. Lei Lei flew up on all four.

She sat next to me while I was disarming this dangerous and clearly deadly device.

Good thing we were the bomb squad.
It was like Lethal Weapon.

'It's ok, I got this. I'll disarm it' I said to Lei Lei.

And that's when I kinda started realizing......what the fuck was I disarming really?
The lamp?

Why was that charger a bomb?

Plus Lei lei is colorblind. She can't possibly help me disarm it by cutting the blue wire. DUH?!

I went back to bed and fell asleep again.

Naturally, I saved us ALL from a horrible explosion.

Friday, July 18, 2014

blue berry soup

Frost fell asleep on the couch not too long after Josse left. haha! Guess he was sleepier than he thought huh?  I thought I would be the one to fall asleep on the couch.
I'm so sleepy... But I'm watching Hemlock Grove's latest season while snuggletree is snoring a little. He's been working hard this week. And I understand that it takes time to get used to a work schedule.

I know it'll take me a long time to get used to it as well once it's time for me to start working too. Bleh... I hope I can find a decent job after my mommy days are gone.

Anyway, Sofia dropped by around noon today. Let her have a piece of mah piiiieeeee hahaShe liked it. YAY. 

Alicia was here too, but she got ice cream instead haha We talked about this and that. Yup.

After that I took lei lei for a quick walk. When I say quick I actually mean i walked in a quick pace for once. Yeah. Unbelievable huh?
But I occasionally feel better and sometimes it's easier to move around. Like it was today. That kinda makes me happy. 

I cooked some creamy curry soup for Frost and I, and even had it ready on the table when he finally got home. *bro fist* I'm getting the hang out this whole housewife thingy lol Kinda... maybe.
Ah well I try. I get an A for effort. 

And after that Josefin and I went to GrannGården and looked around. Doris got her own little bed here so she can snuggle in it.

Whelp.. that's about it.

We're looking forward to a sleepy and relaxing weekend.
I might even turn my phone off...who knows? haha

I'm gonna continue sipping on my blueberry soup for now... But I seriously think I'll fall a sleep soon.

Now that I look at the's really not that weird that Frost feel asleep or that I'm's 21:30. And he's been up since 6 working, and I've been up since 5 derping.

hah. Wish I could sleep well at night...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

So here's an update on my baby"bump" 
It's huge haha
But I'm apparently I'm "normal" so far so...yeah. That's a plus.

Frost took the pic to the right, it looks like I'm stretching myself but I'm really not haha I'm just standing straight lol It looks a lil' funny.

Anyway... Frost has been working today, mom dropped by, Josse dropped by later in the afternoon...
And apart from that, it's been a slow and calm day  
Just the way i like it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My piiiieeeee

So I suppose my pie was a success. YaY me ◕‿◕
Delicious. Different, but delicious. ✌

This is a pic from So it's not mine. But yeah, this is what it looked like YUM!

I might have Sofie over tomorrow morning for breakfast. I get bored easily when Frost goes to work early. So instead of staring into the ceiling, I can hang out with Sofie and baby Lykke 

Beeb signed papers today, and works aaaaaall the time. It's good though. I'm just not used to it haha It's nice to miss him and then get super excited when he comes home.

We've been really tired today...just relaxing to Breaking Bad all evening. Half asleep. I doodled a little. Frost shaved. Lei Lei farted. Frost had a sandwich. I fondled him. So yeah..
The usual I suppose...


And for some reason my back's been aching like crazy. Like under my shoulder...Boo.... makes it hard to sit or do anything really. But it's ok. I'm a doer. So I need to do things. hah.

♡Rhubarb Pie♡

So the pie is in the oven right now...
It's not the usual kind of pie I'd make.
This has a more "knäckig" feeling. yeah only a swede would know what that is I suppose.

I did as the recipe said though. But we'll see...

I guess I'll update later on how it tasted an shit. Mom & Lasse will be the final judges. lol

Ah and Lei Lei's new dog food stood nice and neatly outside the door earlier. Perfect. Dog food delivery is AWESOME. Let's just hope Lei Lei does well with this brand.

Friends ♡

Moa and her boyfriend Rama was here earlier :)
It's not often Moa comes back to sweden to visit so one has to properly appreciate it when the chance comes :D And I liked Rama a lot. Yup.

They're going back soon to Australia. Boo.... But they're going to Indonesia first (Rama comes from jakarta) So I bet that'll be real fun for them :) YAY Adventures!

It was so nice meeting Moa again, I sure did miss her and her wacky personality. ♡
I wish she's move back here tbh...But that's just selfish I guess. She should be where her heart is.
Oh oh and I got a gift from them too. aaaaaaws 

Frost is as work right now.
Doing manly things. haha And I miss him 
I don't know why it's so hot with men in working clothes?
But he's just SHINING in them. Lucky me haha

I'm going to make a rhubarb pie now, and bring it over to mom and Lasse later. Poor them....they were involved in quite some action yesterday. So now Lasse is in pain.

But Pie is always a good treatment right? :D

Monday, July 14, 2014

peanut butter and jelly sandwich

For some reason I'm just extra hungry tonight...
So Frost made me a sandwich :D
And I needed milk so bad! Don't know why, but I had to drink milk. Nom nom nom.. And the milk tasted delicious.
Which made me think..... I haven't really had milk in a long time. I've had chocolate milk yeah...but not milk. Why? IT'S SO GOOD.

So I'm enjoying my sandwich while watching Breaking Bad with my awesome boyfriend haha Ya know, I got the best massage from him earlier. Mhmm.. And now I want more ehehe...


It's been raining aaaaall day today. But it's been kinda nice.
Frost came home for lunch and I walked him back to his job with Lei lei :D So I decided to visit Josefin, in my defense...I thought it was like 1 o'clock when I left but then I realized that it was 12:19. But I figured that SOMEONE would eventually open the door if I rang the doorbell long enough haha

Robin wasn't that happy to be woken up by meeeeeee~ haha

Anyway, I stayed there..drank coffee and chit chatted with Josse. I mean, it was raining anyway ya know...why would I wanna go out in the rain? haha

But I went home two hours later, did some cleaning and whatnot till Frost came home :D

And now he's home. Wheeeeee~*snuggles*

Sunday, July 13, 2014

One year ago

welp... shit happens haha

But I'm looking forward to loosing weight after the birth of our angelpuff! :D

Happy weekend

Weeeeeell the weekend is over. And we're back in town. Boo. I already wanna go back haha We've decided to get a summer house. Yup. When the economy allows it and shit. It's also been said that I'm gonna take my drivers license while I'm on a mommy leave, and Frost can get a swedish one when he's on daddy leave. smart huh?

Yeah he's super happy cause he's found cars he wanna buy that's pretty damn affordable too. Good for him.

Aaah, well back to the topic. Summer houses.
They give you something to look forward too.
And Christer gave me a tip of where to buy the best and cheapest ones. I mean, really... 150 000SEK for a house that's totally fine, good shower and toilet in it. That's awesome. It's only cheap cause a  lot of people don't know about that place. It's like it's not even on a map haha

Aaaah summer house. We'll get one. one fine day.
We're going back there in like two weeks or so too. YAY :D
Another fun filled relaxing and peaceful weekend.
That time, if it's sunny...we're so totally going to Harge since it's only a few minutes away.
We've been watching movies at night, snuggling...just sleeping in silence. (yeah. it's quiet out there :D) Going to Askersund when we needed to buy something...such small stuff gets me excited haha

Perfect weekend :)

hahaha I'm already planning for the next one lol
What to eat and shit and aaaaall that!

Friday, July 11, 2014


I haven't been this happy in a looooong time.
I love being out here with Frost. Just the two of us.
And lei lei of course.

We took the car and drove out to Askersund. :) We're on our weekend vacation.
It's so peaceful and pretty out here.

Frost made hamburgers on the grill, nom nom nom... I was hungry as fuck.

We went to the cliffs and climbed on the wee lil' mountain and looked over the lake.
I took such a nice pic of lei lei and him. <3

Yeah we needed this. We really did. I'm so happy :) what an awesome way to celebrate our anniversary.

I love him to bits!!!

Early morning

it's been two years since Frost & I officially came out as a "couple" on facebook. Although all my close friends and family already knew <3

Time sure flies by.

And it's almost time for our baby girl to pop out.
I'd like it if she could come out soon. Yup haha

I'm sitting here sipping on a cup of coffee...
I missed this taste. I'm not drinking as much coffee as I used to.

Frost is getting ready for his first day at work.
I bet he's super nervous.

I know I'd be. 
Every time I had a new job (yeah i've actually had quite a few.....) I'd always be super fuckin' nervous the first day. Not sleeping at all the night before, tummy acting up and shaking on the way there. It'll always be like that too. Yup. Maybe it'll be even worse next time for me considering how shitty it went last time at my old job WHERE I GOT FUCKING FIRED FOR NO GOOD REASON.

Anyway. It's a happy day.

When Frost comes back from work, it's weekend snuggle time for us. And we're leaving town. WOHO. Splendid. Alone time in Askersund. Mmm...

Wish Frost luck today *squeeze*
He looks extra handsome today so YAY :)

I need to walk Lei Lei soon and I also need to put more change in the meter for the parking for the car before noon. :D

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Yup, I've been swimming bunches a lot today as well.
But now I feel a little sleepy and I have a headache too..Boo.
I played too much in the sun today I guess.

We decided to celebrate and have mega fun today.

Frost starts his new job on friday.
It don't pay much the first two months, but it's still super awesome.

Unfortunately our long awaited AND DESIRED get away trip on thursday for a couple of day will be postponed. We'll still go on friday but we'll come back to town on sunday.

I would normally be on pictures too, but I've gained SO much weight, and fluid too so I'm all swollen. The cortisone has made my face swell up too :/
And my arms are like Arnolds after he stopped exercising. 

I have never been this huge. EVER.
And even though I'm pregnant, it still gets to me.

Flat FRICKIN' tire

Haha weeeeell... Yay.

I'll show you all the pics from today later. For now, I'll let the guys have their way at it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

summer tuesday

So, it's been a VERY busy day today.

First, we had to go to the hospital because I'm having massive contractions.
And no, the baby ain't due yet. Which was why I was wondering if maybe this was something else.
But no, it's contractions, heavy ones. But I'm not dilated at all so that's good.
My sister was the one who drove me there.

Frost had a meeting to attend to at 3 so off he went.

Aaaand after everything, we went and bought beer for the boys.
Yup. It was time for a swim and a BBQ. haha

Seriously, I need me one of those nice pools. haha

And right after we got home, I made ice cold milkshakes.
Heeeeaaavenly. :)

Frost wanted an Oreo cookie milkshake, so I made one.
never made one before but damn, I did just fine.

I myself had a simple one. Cocoa powder and banana milkshake.
Yup. So it didn't feel like I added a bunch of sugar or whatever. :)

This has been a nice day.
Minus panic from Frost and myself earlier today haha

But the pool and BBQ, boys drinking "brewskis" and smoking, getting some tan on the tummy without DYING from heatstroke....yeah, that was just awesome.

We came home to a sauna. -__-
And now I wanna die. again. haha

Monday, July 7, 2014

Deadly heat

Sweet mother of Jesus..... I feel like dying.

It's SO warm.

Anyway, Sofie picked me up earlier today. We went to the mall in Marieberg cause she had someone kind of mental breakdown about not fitting into her old clothes after giving birth. I thought she looked gorgeous, but oh well. She needed new clothes, a little more loose fitting I supposed. Tunics and junk.

She bought my lunch as well. Mmmm... Yum.
But man, it was tough... the heat was insane. IS insane.
It's so frickin' warm I don't even....uurgh..

And I look like a fat walrus melting, not like this:

More like this:

Another monday


I can tell it's gonna be yet another warm day.
How the hell was I thinking when I said I wanted a summer baby?! Jeez...I fucking HATE the heat. It's killing me.

I've always had a problem with heat. I just don't really like warm places (unless I can lay in a pool or a lake ALL day to keep cool.....) And obviously that got worse when i got pregnant haha

Anyway, enough of my 'OH IT'S SO DAMN WARM' rant.

I'm up kinda early. Just had my breakfast. (don't worry, by the time Frost wakes up I'll be ready for my second breakfast. haha) I've started to set alarms on my phone for my medication. I noticed that I can't remember if I've taken it or not. Like the other day, I couldn't remember for how long I've been eating them AT ALL, so I took the wrong dose :(

And then I started questioning myself.
Have I missed some days to take it a well?
Cause I honestly can't remember.

But I think I'll be fine now..... my phone tells me it's time to take them every morning around 9.

I think I'm lowering the dose to 6 pills a day tomorrow.
Cause mom is on her third week of vacation, I started eating 8 pills on her first week. So it makes sense right?

hahahaha I'll be so pissed if she calls me later today telling me I've got it all wrong haha

Welp, I suppose I should feed the PigBear, and maybe take a shower? Yup. I'll do just that.

We're leaving then! wheeeee~

I'ma swim!