Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Åh vad jag älskar dig min Freya-Rose <3

Frost made green bean casserole tonight. Yum.
Plus, I read his paper he wrote at SFI about the movie Elina.

Ah And Sofia dropped by too with Nas after sfi :D

Mondays are nice sometimes

I made lchf chocolate mousse, and we played Fia Med Knuff (aka sorry)

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Well Good morning to you all :)
I've been up since 9 ^^ Freya let me sleep a wee bit longer this morning. (Hope you guys in Sweden changed the time on your clocks?) Aaaanyway.

I made chiapudding last night. And omfg it's so rich that I can't fucking eat more than a few spoons. But I think I did an amazing job at making it. Cause it was actually really tasty. Chocolaty and banana and cream. Yum? Yes. Yum.
And I made Frost breakfast in bed. A sourdough sandwich grilled in the oven with turkey, cheese, cream cheese, sambal olek and lettuce and onions. *Splendid wife awards goes to...* haha

Ah and Freya ate banana goo and whipped cream. :)

I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen Freya as hungry as she's been these past 24 hours. After food striking for a few days I guess hunger took over and she's basically been living ON my boob. Like a leech. lol Plus she ate the bananacream without complaints. Thumbs up for that.

I wish Freya would at least like the bottle, and suckle on that. But no. She wont drink from a bottle. Nor will she drink from her mug (she hasn't quite figured it out yet) and she really doesn't wanna eat that much big girl food either...YET. So all I can do is continue to breastfeed till she's ready to eat real food and drink from a cup. Yep.

I don't mind breastfeeding her :) She's 7 months old. And I'll continue till she's done with that. It would however make me really happy if she wanted to eat a whole meal of what I cook for her haha

But whatever :3
As long as my poot is healthy and happy I just don't give a fuck :D

Ah I got a nice comment about a week ago haha Gotta share it:

'I hate when parents put up pics of their kids eating...gross. Yet I love seeing Freya covered in food. She's still supercute!'.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!! I know right?!
She IS cute!


Guess I'll let these photos speak for themselves. :)
Although I did bump into Johanna in town. So we walked around a bit and bought lunch and junk. She was kinda easy to spot with her bright red hair :)

Honey and I had a really nice evening too. <3
I made lchf chocolate mousse. So fucking delicious. And I also prepared my chiapudding for the breakfast.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

cool facts

Did you know that babies can't breathe through their mouths up till they're about 6 months old?

They are also capable of breathing at the same time while feeding, through their nose :)

Freya however was a little early with most things. as well as breathing through her mouth. She discovered she could do that when she was about 4 months I guess?
She noticed it while she was screaming that the air goes both ways hahaha

Another cool fact about babies is that even while newborns, they can survive in minus 30 Celsius degrees cold water for 30 minutes. Without getting any brain damage.

Babies are meant to survive most hardships <3

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's been a  really nice Friday :)
We went to 2 parks and let Freya sit in the swings.

And then all of a sudden my snuggletree buys me roses. :D

It's my favorite kind of roses, lime white and pink.

Oh oh and tomorrow I'll show you our flower seeds that started growing. YAY!

Josse came over for Tacos earlier tonight, but since she's so picky...she had to cut the onions and lettuce haha Cause I don't do it the "right" way :3
We got stuck in Freya's room after that cause of an auction Josse was obsessed with (she won it too lol) And we went through a bunch of books and junk. Aaah so nostalgic. All my old books. I'll read each and everyone of them to Freya. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A lively day

This morning, me Nathalie and Freya decided to take a stroll to the park. Lei Lei got to run around freely, and it was Freya's first time in a swing. YAY.

It was really fucking cold too so we warmed ourselves up with hot coffee :D Kinda felt like a picnic lol
But after a while it got so cold that we decided to go to my sister and drink their coffee too haha

It's good that I do as many things as possible early on the day, cause in the afternoon I'm fucking pooped. No energy whatsoever heh..

Also, I've started watching a new shoe called Outlander.
It's seriously SO GOOD.

A very nice love story :)

Welp. I've got a baby to catch now. She's faster than you think on the floor haha <3

Keeps on going

Yep, I'm song good with the diet. Yeay! -8kg in a month. So that's pretty cool I guess. I can't tell when I look at myself though. But anyway.

Freya scratched the shit out of my nose the other day. So I've got a big dark red scratch mark on my nostril. -_- lol
I tried to at least cover it up a wee bit, but you can still see it clearly sitting next to me. I don't mind though, I expected as much from having a baby haha

I'm off to walk Lei Lei with Freya and Nathalie. Guess I'll shorten my walks... My fingers are getting numb quite often these days.. :/ And my back is killing me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Like everyday, me and Freya got up around 7ish. Played, snuggled etc...she ate breakfast, I had my coffee.

And then mom called and wanted to have fika at Fröken Brogrens :D
So I threw the wee one in the stroller and yodeled away to the coffee shop around 11.

It's insane how many people come and compliment Freya haha
One person today told me that I should try and make her a model.
lol She's not the first one to say so. But really...wow. Pretty amazing.
And she was an angel the entire time. :)

Also, there was so many old ladies there, turns out they have knitting café there between 11 and 12 every tuesday. So, I thought heeey, I could probably get along with you oldie goldies, I WANNA START KNTTING.

SO I'mma start knitting. Woho.

Funny part is that Natta is gonna start knitting too with her granny. Might as well force her with me to the old ladies café time too then. hah.

my goal is to knit a scarf for Frost that he can use this fall. :)

Ah, yesterday Lei lei was acting really weird. Jumped up in the sofa (she fucking hates the sofa) and kept on doing that for a long time. She sat next to Frost and then after a while she got stuck in the corned with all the cables -_- I still have no clue what's up...She's never behaved that weird before. Did she not like how I Easter decorated everything?
Aaaah, I have such a handsome man. <3
My beloved dickwaffle.

Oh and we've also planted sunflower and morning glories.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

God morgon

Made delicious smoothie this morning, kiwi & banana. Yum,.
Freya woke me up around 7:30. Thank you my sweetpeach. I got to sleep from like a little after midnight till then. And that feels awesome. Frost was actually really tired last night too, so he went to bed early as well.

We spent the morning in her room. We snuggled and played. Till I got too hungry lol And btw, she ate a lot of oatmeal porridge! YAY! She's getting there. soon she'll be able to eat without problems. :)
She also ate a little yesterday. Some egg yolk from my loosely boiled egg (I like it when the yolk is a bit gooey) so I shared it with her. She seemed to like egg yolk. And she also ate some other stuff. My good girl.

We'll see what the day hold for us. We're about to head out for a walk as a family. <3

Plus, I should try to hang out with someone....for the sake of me not turning into a recluse...but probably not today.
I'm gonna watch iZombie. haha But maybe tomorrow? Yeah tomorrow. If it's sunny. I know just who to visit.^_^ I'm gonna make Tuesdays the 'Hanging out with buddies' days. Yep. (I know it's monday tomorrow...duh.)

I might try out a new lchf recipe today. ^^

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Good morning everyone

I'm sitting here listening to old Steppen Wolf songs. Currently playing: Magic carpet ride.

Freya fell asleep next to me. We've been up playing since 7 -_-
haha I did my morning exercise. It kinda hurt but I'm all good now.

Who loves smooches? We do!

My little bambam ate some banana and cream this morning. YAY. it went down. Kinda. I'm happy about it anyway :)

I put it in the blender with the cream and made a nice gooey goo. haha

My days always starts good cause of my little sunshine.

Oh yay Frost is awake. Wheeee~

Sons of Anarchy, The First 9

Frost told me yesterday that there's going to be a prequel series to SOA.
And it's going to be set in the 70's with John Teller (Jaxx dad)

Now, I finally finished the entire show with SOA.
From the beginning till the end I hated Jaxx. So so much.
And I felt so bad for the wee kids too. Not having their father and mother. (but the eneding is still happy I guess)
I wish things would have ended a bit differently with Gemma though.
Like her rotting away in a sell in prison for the rest of her life.
While Jaxx makes sure she can't die and escape it. HAH. Now that's a punishment.

But seriously.
What a dumb fucking bunch. 


Uh, cause you're fucking going around murdering people and doing bad shit. Duh. Stop it. Just stop then.

But, I kinda have high expectations about the 70's series...The first 9.

Different generation, different style.
I think I'll like it.

That might be what I'm most excited about lol
Music and the fashion. Wheeee.

I'm expecting this song to be in the show too.
It's an obvious 'must have'.

Like a true nature's child.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Early morning

Yeah, my little darling fell asleep when I was feeding her oatmeal porridge. So...
I just let her sleep. She's such a sunshine that one.
Always smiling :)

I decided to have smoothie again today, cause I've been eating so much of my low carb bread that I kinda needed a change lol

Let's see what today hold for us.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Too tired to write

First, some good news:

-6.5 kg in 3 weeks. Yay me.

And here's some pics from yesterday.

Freya had a playdate yesterday with a cute little boy. He's about 2 months older than her.
We got quite a bunch of clothes too for Freya :D

I have been feeling shitty all day. It started around noon...Frost tried to make me feel better by making me scrambled eggs and bacon, but it only went downhill from there. Nausea and a massive fucking headache, Ugh...

Josse dropped by earlier today, figured we'd let the dogs go for a short walk.
Poor Doris is sickly again.

Freya on the other hand is doing splendid, every day.
She fell asleep <3

I'm not much of a fun companion tonight, I'm going to bed super early. By 9 I was already snoozing...

Sunday, March 15, 2015


I finally made tasty bread. A loaf of bread that I can toast. Fuck yeah!

If it's one thing I really like to eat, it's sandwiches. They can be so tasty. So many different styles and flavors.

So I'm really happy that I managed to make a nice loaf of bread with extremely few carbs in it. Woho!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fajita goo

Spicy chicken fajita goo with spiced up garlic fried zucchini spaghetti :D
One zucchini ain't really enough...... But of well.

It was really tasty with some sour cream by the side as well.

sweet moprning

It's been a good morning. 

Freya went back to sleep around 6:30 after I fed her, and I went back to sleep as well. 
I got an infinity amount of snuggles from Frost which honestly made my day :D

I feel pretty today too haha
I seem to feel good in frizzy hair really.

Keep in mind, my eyes are sleepy, I know they look a little funny haha ;)

Today I'll make zucchini spaghetti, with spicy chicken goo and I might make bread later. Depending on if I can reschedule something haha

I'm still going strong on my diet.
Still sticking with veggies and meat :) And carb free shit.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Le friday

Well, I was a good friday most of it anyway.
I get really down sometimes when shit don't go my way. It's no ones fault. I just want things to go as planned.

My mood is better now cause Freya ate a few mini-spoons of food! AND SWALLOWED IT TOO. Woho!

It's 20:10 now and I'm finally eating dinner. Haven't eaten since breakfast... eggs. It's an ok substitute.

Well shit

Aaaaand the evening is ruined. Can't believe how easily I get disappointed and sad cause something doesn't go as planned these days.

When I like planned something that I'm really reeeeaally looking forward to, and it doesn't happen I get disappointed and the evening is ruined.
Yeah it kinda feel like the entire weekend is ruined.

Today my diet fucking suck.
I don't feel like eating at all now.

Ate, feeling better. Still wish I could've baked LCHF bread,

Tomorrow I'll stay up at night and bake. Or maybe go up super early and do it? I might be able to if I find what I need to buy.


Oh Friday, how I missed you.

I actually had a slow morning today cause Freya was really sleepy, which was nice. She woke me up around 7:30 as usual, I fed her and then laid down with her in the spare bed to snuggle :)

Aaaand she fell asleep next to me, snuggling my thigh. And she slept till way after 10. I might've actually caught some Z's myself too?
 After that I went down to get the laundry, and mom dropped by with the dogfood she bought. *Thank you mom* And that's when Freya's day actually started. Little snugglebunny. Such a lump of sweetness.

She did eat some of the oatmeal this morning. (yay!) I made it thicker than usual so it wouldn't drip out of her mouth when she's smiling lol

And then I made the daily smoothie for me as well.

I think daddy will be alone with Freya-doodle a bit soon, cause I feel like going out on a walk alone with Lei Lei and listen to music :D

Just one of those days I guess. Let's listen to some Irish punk rock :D

Ah I'm thinking of baking some lchf bread later. No carbs. Splendid.

Frost is playing Dying Light at the moment, I started playing it a few days ago. But I'm a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to certain moments in the game. Like for instance, heights. I'm not scared of heights but in this game I am. Plus it stresses me out how slow he is a grabbing shit when you try to jump and grab something to climb up on. Among other things.
But man, it's a gorgeous game. The zombies are creepy too.

This game won awards for being to beautiful. It's graphics are awesome.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Resident Evil Revelations 2

OH.MY.GOD. I totally forgot to mention, these past few weeks we've been playing Resident Evil Revelations 2 on the xbox, every week there's a new episode/chapter coming out. And yesterday was chapter 3. Woho.,

I just wish the co-op was a little "better". Like, I'd very much like to carry a gun as Moira instead of a crowbar. Buuuuuut it's still such an awesome game! The story is nice too. Spooky and awesome. I love Resident Evil :3


Oh gosh, Virre is dropping by today :D

Did I mention that she lives really fucking far away? :) YaY what a nice surprise.
It's been one and a half year since I met her now.

I'm excited. <3 We've known each other for 22 years.

Ah,, last night I made a treaty treat for me. A little healthier snack I guess.

Bananas with peanut butter and drizzled 86% chocolate on top of it.
And plain banana pieces dipped in chocolate. Simple and tasty.

Battlefield Hardline

It's such a nice day today.

This little doodle woke up after me today. Yep. I woke up around 7:30 :D

Theeeeen we changed her clothes after she napped on me and so on, made a really delicious smoothie too. Kinda reminded me of strawberry milkshake a little :)

And did you guys know that next week is the release of Battlefield Hardline? No you didn't. But it is. And did you knoooooooooooooooow that I am playing it right now? :D

Aaah gotta love EA access on Xbox One <3

It's way fucking different from all the other Battlefield....But that's not necessarily a bad thing. I kinda like how it's divided in Episodes like a TV show. It's like watching a cop show. It's about this cop and you get to be him and see how he's lived as a cop, and how he ended up where he is right now.

The only bad thing (that I know boys love, that I fucking hate) is that you get to drive. Like Need For Speed. I suck at it. I really really do.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Busy busy

Originally this wasn't supposed to be a busy day but it kinda ended up like it.

First, Ida dropped  by after her interview at Älvtomta to tell me how it went. Then a walk and the store.
Aaaand then me and honeypuff had tacos,.

And then around 2 o'clock Bernie dropped by. My oh my...it's been years. Literally. <3 Frost loved talking to someone from the south too. A Mexican from Texas. I just knew they'd get along. We all talked about food and shit A LOT lol

And now, my babysquirrel is tired (she's been really sleepy all day) but she's playing by herself on the floor. So cute my little snugglebee :)

Bernie will make REAL quesadillas for me sometime :D
OMG. Yum. After my diet of course.... can't eat deep fried tortillas with cheese and chicken now can I?

*dying a little*

Easter's around the corner

Aaah I love all kinds of holidays! wheeee~

Good morning

It's funny that I immediately got used to getting up early when I had Freya. It's just normal now. And that's coming from a person who fucking loves to sleep.

But we had a really nice morning. She woke me up around 7:30, she ate, snuggled, slept some more...then she woke up and played next to me on the floor when I did my morning exercise :D

Yep, I stared doing that.

I gotta say, I think I may have used too much spinach in my smoothie today. But I ate i all anyway :D

Monday, March 9, 2015

Just another one

It's just another day again.

Freya woke me up all night, I woke up hearing her whimper and crying in her sleep. It just broke my heart. 'Of course I'll rush to my baby's side and hold her then. Duh. <3
And it continued like that all night and morning, in the end,
I went in and slept in her room around 6am. And she got to sleep on me from 7 till 8. My little snugglelump.
maybe it's another tooth?

 She's been sleeping for about an hour now so I guess she's catching up on some Z's huh?

Anyway, I got bored around 8 so I managed to put her back in her crib while I showered and then made my spinach, strawberry, banana and mandarin smoothie. Watched some tv and played a little and then Frost woke up and we went out for a long walk :D

spinach, strawberry, banana and mandarin

And here, a photo of me. I know, I used to be a little better at posting photos of me. But I don't really find it fun to do...I'd rather post pics of Freya, Frost or Lei Lei or nice nom nom stuff. :D

But yeah, I'm alive. It's me. I look rather normal. I'm not too fond of how I look these days but I'll get better.

I'm going in on my third week without sugar or carbs. Yay me. I'm really trying here. But I miss carbs...........and sugar ahahah I'm still fat...Boo...lol Buuuuut at least I have goals though so that's good I guess.

Welp, I ate a delicious salad, walked, snuggled, played CoD, grabbed Frost's butt...yeah pretty much just a usual day.

I'm watching Friends now. YaY,

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday, Oh lovely sunday

It's such a nice day today :) And sunny. YAY.

I made smoothies for Frost and I, and he liked it. *bro fist*

Strawberry, mandarin and banana.
Russian yoghurt, cream and milk.

Can't wait till the strawberry season starts. Mmmm...
We're about to head up to town. Might make a stop at mothers place first. ^^

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Baby Squirrels Room

Awaited Saturday!

YaY! It's Saturday. Saturdays are nice.

I think I outdid myself this morning when I made my smoothie.
It was so delicious that it's ridiculous. Like yum.

Who would've thunk that kiwi, mandarin and banana makes and excellent mix huh?
ah, I might've even eaten too much now lol
I forgot to put in the spinach but oh well. Tomorrow.

I'm gonna watch some criminal minds now, and then some vikings. I was too sleepy yesterday to watch it with Frost haha

Friday, March 6, 2015


Today's lunch.
Leftovers from yesterday. With a better dressing.

So far, so good. The diet's going well :)

Slow Friday

Ya know, it's an awfully slow and quiet day here.
Freya's napping. Frost's playing Final Fantasy in the bedroom.
And I'm watching Sons Of Anarchy in the living room.

I know...you probably assumed I was playing Call Of Duty AW didn't you?
hah. In your face.
 Yeah I did play it this morning though. But then I didn't feel like it anymore.

I'm trying to like SOA, but it's just not up my alley I guess. For various reasons........ But I can watch it and enjoy it I suppose :)

Pew pew!

Nectarine, banana, and mandarin smoothie.
With turkish yoghurt, cream and milk.

From today onwards I'll eat Russian Yoghurt instead. :D
Apparently it's tastier and healthier. YAY. Mom gave me a new blender yesterday and this new one rocks! Thank you~ 

Tried to feed Freya some oatmeal porridge this morning as well but she still hasn't gotten the hang of it haha She just smiles and giggles and the food just slips out of her cute little mouth haha
She's laying right next to me right now, passed out in the sofa.

My world.

Yesterday we went on a nice walk. :D
We took a stroll by river, Lei Lei enjoyed it. Freya kinda missed out on it all. haha

And in the afternoon Karin dropped by. :)
It's been 2 months since we last saw each other.
A quick coffee, some rehab tips of working out for me and then she left.
It was nice ^^ 

Also, I made a pretty dang tasty salad last night.
Kinda like a mexican salad I suppose.

Even Frost agreed with me. I made a spicy sweet chicken (although Frost couldn't taste how spicy it was...but he tasted the sweetness and other stuff so yay me on that) And I made a nice dressing to put on it too. A little spicy and delicious.

I'm trying to eat more spicy stuff now. For various reasons.
First is that it can actually be GOOD for you s o there ya go.

We've got dinner plans at Taco Bar tomorrow. Woho! Can't wait.
I have to admit........I kinda wish a little that I wasn't breastfeeding right now haha Cause then I could have me a frozen strawberry daquari. Mmmmmmmmmmm.....