Sunday, November 30, 2014

chocolate mug cake

Duh, of course I had to try it.

Aaaand now I know how to do it.
I'm totally gonna make these for when Sofie comes over this week.

welp, I sorta failed a lil' with this one but I know what I did wrong.
it'll be better next time haha

It's first advent today! Woho!
So I lit up the first candle :)

It's so christmasy here now.
Moma Jo is happy.

Mom and Lasse came over with Lussekatter (saffron buns) and gingerbread cookies. 
Advents fika: Check!

Friday, November 28, 2014


And christmas is around the corner too!

So I've christmas decorated she shiiieeeet out of this apartment. Like BAM!
Everywhere! Woho!
Since I like it so much, I'll probably take a close up pic of stuff for ya to see later on lol

I finished the last of it today.
And then I obviously had to take a photo of Lei Lei and Freya.
Snugglepuffs. How cute are they??  

Oh and I made kinda of a stew today.
I say 'kind of'' cause it was slightly different from what I usually make.
But it had a lot of veggies in it and meat. Yum^^ 
Aaaand after dinner I read a story to a grumpy baby.
Who absolutely LOVES it when I read stories to her  
She wanted to be a big girl and help out changing the page. hah.
I can't wait till she's old enough to understand the stories I read.

This time it was Bonso, the mischievous Bear.
And after that it was 'Fables and tales'. I'll read those a lot to her when she grows up cause she'll actually learn something from them :)

She has her english fairytale book too that Frost can read to her :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My gorgeous babypufffre

I laid next to this little angel this morning.
It's always a nice way to start the day :)
Such a happy lil' sweetheart haha

We came home late yesterday from the E.R. Frost is a liiiiittle better today. But just a little. Boo...Hopefully he'll be getting a little better these next couple of days.

I missed Freya SO much! It almost drove me crazy to be apart from my baby! And she gave me the biggest and most beautiful smile ever when she saw me! gaah...  Mom sent the cutest pic to me when we waited at the E.R too.

hahah She melts my heart :D
I don't ever wanna be apart from her again!
My mom was a lifesaver taking care of her all day yesterday AND walking lei lei.

Anyway, I'm gonna see if I can make my man eat something now.


She's so cute it makes my heart skip a beat!

Mom  Freya = Forever!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

@ the E.R

Boooooring.... We're sitting here at the E.R. And it's kinda boring. And quiet. Boo. I'm trying to support and cheer up my man here. But it's so quiet.....

Frost is really sick, so I'm hoping he'll get the help he needs now.
He's been having cramps and nausea.. Puking all the time.
And the fact that he hasn't eaten since Friday is scary.

So when we're going home today, I'll fucking make him eat set hung delicious.
I know he feels sick, but I bet a double cheeseburger would at least seem alluring. LOL

It feels strange being apart from Freya. :/
But I fed her right before we left, and I'll be running home in about 2 hours and feed her again. She's with her granny :D And so far they've played and snuggled. My little babypuff. Once I've fed her I'll run back to the hospital again.

I miss her <3

Welp, I'ma Google some funny knock knock jokes now and tell him Haha


Needless to say, yesterday was fucking epic.
And my dear hubby got totally shitfaced. hahaha
Just like how a real thanksgiving should be!

We were 17 people cramped up in our livingroom.
Gosh...for a moment there, before everyone found a place and a plate and so on...
I started worrying if this was a good idea or not. LOL

But it was. YAY!

It was such a nice evening. And the food, OMGASDFGHJKL...Soooo delicious. a taste orgasm. And the desserts...oh my, the desserts.

Sadly, I didn't get a picture at all of the desserts.
Of course I forgot. -_-
I only managed to snap a pic of my possum pie while eating it.


You can all expect better pics then haha

But we had a lot of fun.
I'm probably not gonna invite my dad and Kuti though.
It's just too much of a hassle these days.
dad's not really in "shape" for a social gathering either. Even if he wants to -__-

But it's a year left till then. :)

Maybe mom can do the turkey?

Nathlie and Josse stayed till like 4.
When they checked the time it was like 03:30... And I did a LOT of cleaning after they left. Blah.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Possum Pie

Aaaah I'm so fucking proud.

My Possum Pie is done.
And it was sooooo damn delicious.

It's a nice feeling when you succeed in something you really wanna do well.

I'm ready for tomorrows Thanksgiving Dinner!

Friday, November 21, 2014


Sooo..the pies are in the fridge. Finished the second layer of the pie.
They're supposed to be there over night.
Or at least 4 hours it said lol

I'll have a bite after 4 hours. I think it'll be fucking SPLENDID.
But that's just me...

Anyway, Frost made Green Bean Casserole and potatosalad today.
Left is Turkey Dressing and the Turkey itself. Wheeee~

Frost wanted to eat the Green Bean Casserole now instead.
But Mama Jo wont allow such a thang.
He does make a meeeeaaaan green bean casserole though.... Mmm... It's really delicious.

Chocolate and pannacotta

So I came home and checked on the Chocolate pudding and vanilla pannacotta mix.

SUCCESS. Success damn it!!!

Oooooooohwwwheeee!! This will be perfect to put in the pie.
I think it's even a wee bit firmer in texture than the original recipe. Sweet!

I had Sofia test it haha
And she fucking loved it so I'm having high hope for my pie(s) now.
Yep. I'm making two. Mostly cause I need to know if it's tasty or not.
I refuse to serve a pie that tastes like shit.

But I'm pretty certain that this will be freakin' delicious!

So this jelly looking chocolatepudding/vanilla pannacotta mix that I made, will be one of the layers in the Possum Pie.

(Sofia approves lol)

Righty, I gotta go pick up some pecans from Nathalie. :)

Choklad pudding blandat med vanilj pannacotta 

Great minds

work alone. Really.

I've already started with the Possum Pie.
BUT, I'm trying something out first.
I'm seeing what happens if you mix vanilla pannacotta with chocolate pudding and then cool it. If it's delicious and the texture of it is yummy, I'll use it for the Possum Pie.

Otherwise, I'll just go back to the first idea and use Marsán Vanilla sauce and make it to a pudding and mix that instead with chocolate pudding mix. Yup.

I'll solve this mystery of the perfect texture and taste for a Possum Pie.

Gotta go! Got some green beans to pick up and some Powdered sugar to borrow!

Pew pew!!

Pew pew pew!


FreyFrey is sleeping on the sofa, keeping my feet warm :)
Oh all the feelers she makes me heart feelz. Like pew!

Soooo we went shopping today for the Thanksgiving dinner.
aaaaaaaand we're broke again lol

But somehow it's worth it.

It's a nice holiday.

We bought the turkey, junk for the dressing and potatosalad. And green bean casserole. And also the ingredients for the dessert that I'm making.

I decided on making Possum Pie'. hah.
If I manage to do it as it's supposed to be done, it'll probably be fucking delicious. That's what they said anyway....'It's deee-licious!' haha

I'll make it tomorrow :)

I talked to Nathalie about certain ingredients Cause fucking heeeeell it's hard to find some things..) But she could only help me out with the Pecan nuts. But oh well.

The pie crust will be home made and slightly different from the recipe since it's supposed to be a pre-made pie crust.
But I'll make the entire pie from scratch instead of making it like the recipe says.

All recipes I found we're 'instant recipes'.

So yeah, the taste might differ a weeeeee bit.
I'm sure it'll be tasty.

I'll actually make a 'testing-pie' before I make the real deal.
I'll ask someone for advice about it. Yup.

Freya is 3 months old today, and she laughed for the first time today as well. Ain't that fitting? She laid in granny's lap and giggled and laughed.

Ah, her laugh makes my heart all warm and fuzzy and filled with soda pop bubbles and sweet junk. haha

Welp, honey and I are gonna watch 'Before I go to sleep' with Nicole Kidman in a bit. It seems like a good movie. I think I'll like it.

Update: I LIKED IT :)

smooches from the cutest girl in the world!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


So, thanksgiving is next week.
But we're celebrating it on Saturday :D  Cause I said so.

Now, we have key lime pie and pecan pie for dessert so far.
But one more dessert is needed.
After all, we're going to be 15 people here. Yup.

And I just can't choose what to bake.

But I narrowed it down to these:

Southern Possum Pie (yum...this one is leading so far) And no, of course there's no possums in it.

Stoby's possum pie by Gav Weldon

Photo courtesy of Kat Robinsson ;D
(Mine didn't quite turn out this fabulous haha)

And then we have:

Mom's secret chocolate pie.
(someone's family recipe I found haha)

And also Mississippi mud cake pie:
(Now this one is a little more difficult to make...)

Or Southern pecan & Peach cobbler pie with bourbon whipped cream.

Darn it..I just can't choose.
I mean, they all look delicious.
At first I had planned on doing Sweet Potato Pie but then I changed my mind.


Frost has never eaten Possum Pie so I'm kinda leaning more to that one at the moment. But hot damn they all look fucking tasty.

Now we'll go to bed, and I'll pretend to sleep. But in reality I'll be laying there in pure panic over tomorrow. I am SO fucking nervous.
Freya's getting her vaccination shots tomorrow at 10:30.
I'm dreading it. I can't bear to hear her cry her pitiful heartbreaking cry. It's different when it's her 'hey, I'm fucking mad' cy. Or the 'give me the booooooob' cry.

Or 'I took a dump now chaaaaange meeeee' cry.

Nooo...this cry, this cry shreds my heart to tiny pieces. It feels like my heart will break completely. I'll actually start crying with her if I can't comfort her. And I won't be able to comfort her. The doctors said it hurts like hell. :(

So Frost will go inside with her, and I'll wait outside.

Jeez, it hurts in my chest just thinking about it.

All images are obviously from google :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014


So, like I mentioned the other day: I like stews.

And yesterday's chicken curry stew was awesome. Creme fraiche and cream in it. Plus I love to fry the onions in BUNCHES of butter before I put anything else in.

Of course, whatever I cook... Frost has to put hot sauce on most of it to taste it lol But it looked like he enjoyed it. He ate a LOT.
There was even some leftover that I put in the freezer. Yay leftovers. I like leftovers.

Finished off the third map in CoD Ghosts today. 'Mayday'. Congrats to us! Haha
And mom and Lasse dropped by for Fika to this morning/noon-ish... Haha
Frost assumed they'd be over for coffee today. So he made a fuck-load of coffee. When I asked him why he assume they'd come over today he said 'well, they came over everyday all week around this time so I assumed..'
lol he's ahead of everything huh?

Oh right, we went to the store earlier and bought some stuff for Thanksgiving. We'll buy the turkey on Wednesday I think. So it'll have lots of time to thaw.

Freya is laying next to me babbling an giggling and KICKING ME like crazy. Hahaha My sweet sweet babypuff. Haha she's giggling and kicking.

Well, we're watching AHS the first season now. Felt like rewatching all of it for fun 😊 yay!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I made the most delicious stew last night.
I didn't expect it to be so tasty.
It's got beef, cream, crushed tomatoes, dijon mustard, onions, cayenne pepper, sage, muscat, basil, garlic, salt and a whole lot of other fascinating junk in it haha

Sage did well in this stew though.
It stood on the stove and simmered for a few hours.

Today's dinner will be chicken stew. Hah.
I'm into stews now.
I'm thinking spicy hot curry stew?

Hmmm... Frost is so so about curry.

I wonder how long chicken has to simmer..........................

Freya has a 'lots-of-poop-everywhere-moment' last night. Not so great. Her entire back and neck and hair was covered in poop juice. That's right, poop JUICE.

It's like the diaper soaked up the poop and filtered the juice from the poop, So it could drip aaaaaaall over my baby's back.

So she had her first bath in her mini-baby bathtub last night.
And that was nice.She does love a bath haha
She seems to love pooping too though.

In fact, she's pooping right now. YaY. -_-

Aaaah, mommy and daddy was grumpy earlier cause the Xbox One was being a total douche.Sweden is NOT an awesome country to be in when it comes to Xbox. haha
But oh well.


So, I cut my hair.
I don't do well on photos anymore, so bear with me a little now ok?

But anyway, Freya found it hard to accept at first lol
There's no more hair to pull and rip...and she enjoys that so much. I don't, which is why I made it short.
Ah keep in mind that the photo down there was taken AFTER the rain fucked up the hair. haha

But I like it :D I really do.

It was a mess before though.
I cut my hair TWICE that day. First at a salon that my said 'seemed fine'.
I left with a syrian housewife hairstyle. From the 90's.
Ya know, when they were a little tooooo inspired by Jennifer Anistions hairdo. But mine was more straight cut even though I wanted it stripy. She kinda gave me a Jennifer Aniston bobcut. lol

And then she wanted to cut those chop chop bangs on me too.

And what I wanted was: Kaley Couco when she first cut her hair off.

Needless to say, I was furious and heartbroken.
I looked like an idiot.

But then we went around the corner on 'vasatorget' and they have a new salon there. Hårverket. The hairdresser I got was amazing. She HEARD me.

And she gave me what I wanted :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a not so rough time

Normally I'd say 'I'm having a rough time' but in this case it's the opposite. And I'm suffering because of it. It's not that I'm bored. But it's just...well..I suppose it's kinda hard to explain. Everyday is the same. Cause we're not swimming in money.

I'm tired. Duh. (We have a baby haha)
But I'm also fat. Duh. And the fact that I can't go a 100% in on a so called "diet" bothers me. I can't do something halfassed. I need to put aaaall my effort in it. otherwise I fail. I can't find the motivation then. (Big problem, lack of motivation)
But I just can't. Cause lets face it, eating healthy is expensive. It costs way more than candy and junkfood. -_- Also eating treaty treats or tasty food makes me happy at the moment, since that's like out of the ordinary fun for me. It's something to look forward to. It's something to do.

Also, I NEED to work out, but I have to wait till 6 months has passed.
So far 2 1/5 month has passed. MY GOD IT'S GOING SLOW.

Ya know, I think it's cause I don't have a job. An occupation.
When I worked I aaaalways looked forward to things.

Like going home after work and jump Frost and attack him with snuggles. Cooking dinner together or waiting for The Weekends. Oh the weekends. I'd look forward to fridays. Movie nights and shit. tasty food and desserts and snuggle adventures.

And I'd appreciate it more because I knew I had to make the best out of it since I had to go to work on monday.

And now, I don't do anything like that.
And don't get me wrong. I LOVE being home with Freya. And Frost.

And I want to be an awesome mom for Freya. But I think everything will get better after 6 months. I really do. After that, I'll at least be able to exercise at home for fun. :D

I honestly think that I'm my worst enemy at the moment.
But I'll be my own super-awesome-bestie all in due time.

After 6 months ya'll will see that things are changing :D

Oh and Frost starts SFI tomorrow. Just that itself is a change haha :)

We're heading somewhere.
I'm slower than Frost but we're heading somewhere lol

I just felt like getting this off my chest.
I'm actually a very happy poot. I'm just impatient. But I'm happy :)
I have the best man on the planet who makes delicious breakfast and meals for me :) He's also awesome to snuggle. And I have such an adorable baby!

Although Freya is getting sick....I think she's getting a cold.
I have a feeling that I certainly won't feel like I'm "bored" or anything then. It'll be crazy every hour of the day huh?

I hope she'll be ok. <3

Actually, just writing all this made me appreciate my life so much more lol
I think I'll go ask Frost for a cuddle :)

Aaaah, I sure do love you Frost.
Thank you for always saying I'm beautiful even when I look like a bag of  mashed cow crap <3
And thank YOU for being so hot :P Nom!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Say Hi to Fantor

My sister gave Freya a stuffed animal.
Apparently his name is Fantor.

Hah, I like him. He's cute lol

Right, today I posted a video of Freya on Facebook. (I never really do that..) I thought Judy might like it. And Betty. And then all sorts of people ran through my mind and I felt bad for only naming Judy and Betty and then BLAH. I named all of Frost friends kinda. (That I have on fb that is)

I figured since they're in the U.S and all,

But I was a little embarrassed to do that cause I don't usually do the 'nice girl' thing. I AM nice though. I am. haha

Here I was, thinking how awkward I was for tagging Frost's friends... if that wasn't enough, as soon as I posted it don't you think I got a message saying 'Why wasn't I tagged?' And then a phonecall on top of that.

uh,.. Cause you can MEET Freya whenever the fuck you want to. That's why.

All I wanted was to cheer Judy up since I stole her precious son to Sweden lol And I wanted to show Betty and Joe how adorable their granddaughter is.
And when I was in the midst of agonizing about being too awkward or not, little fartnuggets like THEM comes and wonders why they weren't tagged. Gosh. The nerve of some people.

We live 10 minutes away from each other. It's not like you live in, oh I don't know..? The UfuckingS

Enough about that rant.
I don't care anymore. I should've tagged the Queen of Sweden as well, -__-

The Landlord is gonna drop by today to check on some stuff. I kinda want a new ventilation system and a shower list around the shower glass. :D woho.

Freya is sleeping on Frost's chest right now, and I'm fairly sure that man is sleeping too. Like father like daughter.
I FUCKING VACUUMED. YAY me! You may praise me like crazy.
And I picked up junk and cleaned.

I hate these stupid lists that Frost's put up EVERYWHERE in here. hahaha

Sunday, November 9, 2014


I woke up at the crack of dawn, mostly cause my body wanted me to (I had set up an alarm around 8:30 so I could be up before him) But it seems like I was rested enough to go up around 7 instead haha
Now, this picture doesn't do the sunrise justice. Obviously. You know how hard it is to catch a sunrise and sun rays in a room with an iphone?? *sigh* I figured out that taking a photo with the flash was better. woho.

Sidetracked again.

Anyway. I made Frost (probably the most delicious) grilled sandwich in an oven with bacon, double cheese (two kinds mind you) fresh thyme, mayo, chili and turkey. BOOYAH!
And he got Chocolate vanilla cappuccino as well so he'd wake up. Gotta be inventive when it comes to coffee for him. He likes his shit sweeter than sweet,

I've been trying SO hard all week to hide the fact that it's father's day today. And it was fucking hard too considering he knows enough swedish now to be able to read and understand it. And it says 'fars dag' EVERYFUCKINGWHERE in the store. He suspected something since I've been throwing myself at stuff hiding the signs lol

But it paid off. He had no idea. :D YaY!

Go Freya. This was all her idea. Totally.

Frost's first swedish Fathersday.
And his first fathersday EVER as Freya's daddy <3

yeah she wasn't too interested in all this..

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Joy Of Horror

I've seen two really good horror films recently.

The Babadook <---- Definitely a good movie.
As a mother, I found it extra creepy.

And then we have Housebound.

Now this, this is quite a different kind of horror. But I definitely LOVED it! I loved the twist in it. I recomend that yu don't read reviews about it and DON'T read the story or plot about it. All you need to know is that she tried to rob an ATM, someone got hurt, and she got sentenced to house arrest with her mom who lives on the country side and weird things start happening.

So watch them!

And now to finally, Jessabelle.
Oooooh...I do have high hopes for this one and I've decided NOT to read an reviews about it either. I'll decide for myself if this is a good movie or not.

This is what we'll watch tonight. YAY!

Update on JessaBelle:

It was really good. In my opinion.
Kinda had a 'The SkeletonKey' feeling over it. Voodoo and all that jazz.
In the end, all small things in the movie made soooo much sense, I like it when it's like that. When they actually DO put effort into the story. And not making an halfassed horrorstory with no real sense or "logic".

oh and the coffee  we drank for fika was fucking nasty.

Even when Frost made it for us.
He always makes delicious coffee.
It was the coffee grounds. Bleh.

NEVER AGAIN. There shall never be Zoegas Mezzo here again.

Just thought I should say that.

Random daily crap

I forgot to mention that Sofie came over today. Gotta admit that I enjoyed it more than usual. Cause this tie it wasn't in a cramped up tiny one room apartment. A studio or whatever someone would call it.

This time, we sat in a big living room with two giant sofas...blankets and coffee and buns and the babies were satisfied as well. We talked a loooooot.
It felt nice too cause we really do go through the same stuff. Only difference is that i actually SAY whats on my mind lol. It's a good thing too in this case, cause she felt alone cause she didn't wanna talk about anything to anyone. But I've Always been like that. Speaking my mind that is.

Even as a child.

12 year old me - 'so..did any of you guys get your period yet?'
Awkward same age friend - ' not me.'
Virre - 'No me neither...'
Equally awkward anonymous friend - 'nuh uh... :/'
me - 'Ah I see. I got mine half a year ago. it sucks.'
Virre - 'oh...well... I got mine a few months ago too.'
the other one - 'me's embarassing'

Heh Now that I'm older I'm wondering why I've always spoken my mind. It's not always a good thing -_-
But I do sugarcoating sometimes. Sometimes I do.

Sidetracked much?

So anyway, Yeah. Sofie and Lykke was here.
And I bought fika bread at my faaaaavorite baker. He's nice. He's from turkey and no one makes bread like he does. Nope. Look at all his stuff! Om nom nom..
And here's Freya on the sofa and Lykke on the floor haha

I'm trying to find small pictures and frames to put on our wall. To be honest, my favorite ones are the Indian chiefs. I actually got those pics from an old ASSHOLE friend, childhood friends for 20 years. (I really could have a rant about him but I wont)
So anyway, I love these. Cause they're so magnificent and proud looking. One of them is 'He Dog'.

Is there anything else that I can tell you?
Ah yesterday, was it yesterday?
No it wasn't. It was the day before right?
Anyway, Sofia and Alicia came over for fika.YaY I honestly don't even know the days anymore cause I'm too stressed. hahahaha It's not really that funny..I've had eye twitching issues for 4 weeks now. I'd like to scoop out my fucking eye WITH  A GOD DAMN SPOON, but I won't. Obviously. Cause i kinda like my eyes and I need them both so I can draw haha

Where was I?
Yeah, Sofia. I can't even remember if Nas was here but he probably was. And then my sister spent an evening here too playing with Freya. Can't remember when that was when either.

God. My brain.

I do remember my sister and I having delicious rice grain porridge. First of the season.
And julmust. Mmmm... ah, well. Only a swede can understand the importance of julmust. Mm..

Well this was a long post huh? How fun.
I think I should go clean up some since my beloved man has put up posters everywhere about cleaning for me. How sweet huh... I'll clean and make him happy too!

Friday, November 7, 2014


While Freya is snuggling the couch, We've been playing CoD Ghosts Extinction. Co-op fun. Wheeeee~

There's really not that many couch co-ops anymore. Which is sad cause I love playing that with Frost.
But oh well, gotta be thankful for what we got :)

I do still have my old Xbox 360 in the bedroom with aaaaall my old games on it :D woho!
Angry of two, resident evil, battlefield ad so on. Peeeerf hahaha

But seriously, Xbox one and Ps4 will fucking regret killing all couch co-ops. Boo.

Welp, we're gonna watch South Park now. I don't mind Freya being a sleepy poot :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

cleaning and shit

SO we finished up the last cleaning in the old apartment. I DID NOT  ENJOY THAT.
Nope, all the nopes in the world.

Other than that, I made dinner...which was awesome.

Frost's tastebuds took a hike many years ago so...but a normal person would be able to taste all the flavors lol It's cause of all the damn hot sauce that man eats -_-
I made ground beef sauce with thyme, basil and dijon mustard and honey aaaand cayenne pepper. Yum.

Anyway, after that cleaning Lasse came over with a bottle of Johnny Walker. Guess who's happy? haha Frost is happy like a kid on christmas eve hahahaha

Mom and Lasse just left actually. And Freya-doodle is sleeping in her bed. She should wake up soon though.

oh oh oh  I went and got a massage today. Daaaaayyyuuuummmm... haha It felt like my back my back was on freakin' fire.

hah, Just heard Freya go 'Ueeh' so..yeah.

Gotta go.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This particular Tuesday

Can't help but to get addicted to Frost's scrambled eggs he makes. Gosh. They're just too damn delicious.
Sooooo I've decided that I wanna eat them everyday.
Which means he'll have to make them everyday huh? hahaha

Here's what I saw when I woke up today.

Aaaah, the pain in my body is nothing compared to the love in my body that's overflowing right now haha