Wednesday, July 11, 2018

No filter

And there ya have her. Mama Jo...not even awake yet lol and no filter cause I feel like y'all really should see how glorious I truly am. Heh..
(Well, then again I rarely do filters...)

But anyway.. yeah.. I'm still alive.. πŸ˜…

I've been sick for some time now... Never seems to get better. But obviously I am. Cause how else will I do shit?  

But I was kidnapped by the best of the best yesterday so I had an awesome adventure. Despite fever and shit that came afterwards...haha it was fun tbh. (I'll post some pics soon cause seriously, we had the prettiest ice cream evaaah) 

I've also made some new friends lately. Pretty neat. 
Well, we'll see if they can handle being friends with me lol

Some of them seems stronger than others. πŸ‘πŸ» resilient little ones haha

But seriously. I've been....ok...and the less ok. But mostly ok. 😁
This cold never seems to go away... 

Oh! I'm back at gaming too btw. Took a long break (or what felt like a long time anyway lol) but I've been around with Stevie, Kya and such lately.....even Marcus. That buttnugget. 

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Midsummer came and went.πŸ’—

Freya had a blast, and that's all that matters to me~

My brother dropped me and Frost off in Askersund, and then mom, Josse & Freya picked us up and we went to Γ…mmebergs midsummer celebrations (I don't really like that you have to pay entrance fee these days but oh well) It is an important place from my childhood after all haha

Freya was very excited.
She got to ride a pony, play in the jumping castle, look at the giant maypole, nibble on cotton candy (even though she preferred the ones in the bag that were pink and blue instead of the white fluff on a stick haha)
We got some candy rocks and nougats (that I couldn't eat cause they were way too sweet)
 and I bought a long sour candy strap for Josse too. haha I really liked being with Josefin. I want to go to Γ…mmebergs midsummer celebrations more times with her and the others again.
I bet Freya has had an awesome weekend now. She absolutely fucking loves being there with granny, Lasse & Josse (and Doris too haha)

The dinner was delicious, and the cake was brilliant. My sister made a meringue cake, with lots of whipped cream on it. And as a filling it had crushed raspberry pie (yep, a PIE!) and vanilla custard too. I gotta say, with the smooth whipped cream and meringue that melts in your mouth, it was kinda neat to feel some sweet crunchy pie crust and raspberries on the tongue too. Mmm..... such a mouthtastic experience lol πŸ’›

Oh I also made a flower garland for Freya to wear as a midsummer crown ;D She was so beautiful. My sweet little snuggle monster. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š I kinda feel like I made an epic garland really lol
Freya is too cute though. I should've made garlands for everyone to wear too...

On saturday morning, Irena came to Zinkgruvan and picked me and Frost up. We had a nice drive back to town together too :)
And the plan was to party a bit with the Larssons in the evening. But since Nathalie's midsummer party with her family kinda went to the pooper too, we decided to just change the plans.

We had an awesome time yesterday really~
And we discovered that I make deeeelicious Mojitos. Seriously.

They tasted better than they did at the bar. 🍹  We drank, played Mario Kart, laughed and just had a good time. It was good for the soul. Yep. We needed it.
 Frost was more impressed over how entertained we can be with such small effort haha

Anyway.... Good times has been had.
My mother really gave Freya the best weekend πŸ’œ
It's been a nice weekend.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The speed of a snail

Sweet baby Jesus....

Jesper is driving, Thord is muttering about stuff and I'm laying half dead in the back seat.... And the car is traveling at the speed of snails.....  Cars everywhere. The traffic is shit. And there's miles and miles of cars. Weeeeeiiih~ (did I mention that I got burnt in the sun? No? Well I did. Pain. Lots and lots of pain..)

Meanwhile Frost and everyone is in Γ–rebro. 

While I'm holding the only two keys to home in each hand. Eheh...oops. 
I wonder how they'll get inside the apartment? Lolololololol πŸ˜‚

I'll post some pics later tonight from the weekend 😎

Friday, May 18, 2018

Outside stuff and junk

It looks like Frost will be Inna sickleave for a while.
 Due to his occupation, they're worried about not knowing what caused the seizure so they wanted him to be on a sickleave for a while. 
I think it'll be good for him too to just stay at home and recuperate. ❤️

Tomorrow is Friday, and Freyster will go with Mom and Lasse to the summer house. She's gonna have so much fun! I'm so excited for her. She'll play in her little pool, play with her toys in the grass and take naps in the hammock. Eat tasty breakfast and dinners and stuff, walking in the woods... Did I mention my mom's cooking is awesome? Yeah she'll have a hoot with them as usual. They sure do spoil their beloved grandchild. Haha 

But coming from a person who was never really loved not felt the warmth from her truly makes me happy knowing my daughter gets ALL of it from hers. 

I'm glad that Freya is going to have a real good time. It makes me so happy ❤️  I hope the weather is good this weekend so she can play as much as possible outside. Who knows, if the sun has warmed up the small lake by their house then maybe she can even go take a dip with them? 
Obviously she'll have floating stuff in her and they'll hold her. Cause there's no "beach". Just a small pier and rocks and deep water. But it's so beautiful.

It's ridiculous how much we miss her as soon as she's gone.

She's so fucking sweet and kind, but also stubborn and obstinate haha πŸ˜‚ She can be a real adorable  monster. So I ain't saying that it'll be bad to get some good sleep. Just resting and shit. I'll enjoy it to the fullest, but I always miss her cuddles and kisses. Just seeing her face can immediately cheer me up.

But this is a weekend we sooooooo need lol some peace and quiet, and rest. Damn it sounds wonderful.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday morning

It's Monday yet again lol

But for someone like me, Mondays are pretty much the same as any other day.

Well, except the fact a new episode of Westworld is out. Yaaaay!~ 

I made a nice breakfast plate for me and Frost too, to eat while we watch Westworld. Feels like a fitting breakfast for such a sunny day πŸ˜„

Doris is sleeping right next to me, and I'm considering making coffee....but I'm out of milk so....there's no point contemplating the matter anymore is it? Hmm...

Anyhooo... We've had a nice weekend.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


πŸ‹πŸ‰πŸ’Fruit time! πŸ“πŸŽπŸπŸŒ

Freya loves fruit &'s her favorite treat 😊
So we gave her some fresh raspberries and some green apple pieces for her fruitsnack πŸ’›

She's superexcited that it's my birthday today, and she keeps telling Doris about it haha
But I'm hoping it'll be a calm day tbh.

Well, Doris is about to pass out on top of a sleepy Frost. And I'm about to fall asleep too just by watching them. Zzzz..... 
Yeah...this is a sleepy household today lol

(Update: Doris is now snoozing between my legs with her head twisted up on my thigh lol she's making me wanna sleep haha)

B-day tunes

hoot hoot

It's mah birthdaaaaaaaaaay today y'all :D

But we celebrated it yesterday for certain reasons haha
(me, Frost & Freyster will celebrate it today too though)

If I remember correctly my dad, his wife and Josse are dropping by later tonight. :)

And in about 10 minutes my sister is coming over with Doris.
I get Doris for my birthday!! hahaha
(welp, Josse is going riding as usual, so I get to watch the little doodle)

Frost is making me breakfast, and Freya helped lol (she put the bread in the toaster lmao)

Doris is here already, taking up all the couch. I keep getting pushed to the side, and now I'm in the corner and she's just wiggling her butt closer and closer.

Anyhoooo.... I got some really nice stuff yesterday. Including the new Deadpool game for the PS4.
And Frost got some nice shades from Daniel :D

Freya and Daniel have gotten close lately, i'ts really nice πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Lmao thanks

Hahaha I got this message from my adorable little sister a few minutes ago. 

Ahah...gee, thanks lol πŸ˜‚

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

aaah the heat

Today we decided to go sit out back with mom and them and have some fika.
Coffee and buns. :)

It's been a real nice day.
And Freya is really happy at the moment, cause she's eating fresh raspberries haha

Oh and yesterday I happened to find my sister and brother out back lol
So we decided to go and hang with them for a bit.

Though Freya was really emotional and tired lmao