Monday, February 19, 2018

Winner winner

Man, I finally felt liek I contributed to the win last night lol
It's actually the first time I've been the last one alive pretty much :D

YaY meeee!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

My cuties

You know, Friday was definitely a different and interesting day. And we had so much fun :)

Nat dropped by early in the we had smoothies and coffee for breakfast, and yapped for a looooong time. Freya was fucking psyched! So happy haha The whole idea was to go for a walk.

After a lot of talking and laughing (Freya fucked up on Nat's phone...she "loved" a story that a dude that Nathalies fΓΆrst actually know, but yes in a game of a dude she knows. And for some reason that dudes story was on her messenger. And she LOVED it. And thus began the panic. Hahaha I tried to fix it and undo it...but I ended up liking the whole fact that she had loved it. Nat had already come off as an obsessive fan girl there lol

And eventually when I was gonna fix that, I accidentally made a Wooooooow reaction to it, so there was litterally hundreds of wows just from "her". Ahaha Psychotic fangirl coming through.)

So after a long time of hysteric laughter...Freyas nap time came, so we all thought we'd join in just to make her relax and fall asleep.

2 hours later we all woke up with hair standing to all sides and looking like a mess.

Eventually we did go for a walk. Haha it just took some time, but yeah...after 7 hours of fun we called it a day.

So yep yep, it was a really funny and nice Friday.

Happy Chinese New year! πŸŽ‰

πŸŽ‰Happy Chinese new year!🎊
It's the year of the dog. Woof! My friend's son was born two weeks he's actually not a "Dog" I guess. Hmmm...
(Me and most of the 86'ers were born in the year of the Tiger actually) apparently I'm a "fire tiger". Sounds cool though huh?

Freyster was born in the year of the horse, just like my little sister if I remember correctly? And the characteristics does suit them.✨ haha 

Talking about Freya...god I miss her. She's in Stockholm right now. Staying at a fancy hotel. Wearing a princess crown aaaaall the time. Haha So adorable.πŸ’›
There was a b-day party there yesterday, and she gets along with the all small kids so mom and Lasse wanted her to go too. 
They always love taking her to stockholm haha and I'm glad she's got loving grandparents. 
That's all I wanted when I was young really, but I never had I am sincearly happy that my daughter gets it all. ❤️

Ah Apparently the characteristics of The Tiger suits me pretty dang good lol
Frost here nodding his head agreeing with what he reads heh. Yep I'm very dominant, charming and stubborn lol nice bundle of joy ahahaha

We're and odd mix though. A bunny and a tiger. No wonder I'm always all over him like a predator ahahaha Raaawr! 

Though yesterday it was more Frost who was the predator. *Wink wink* He was like a fucking silver back gorilla pounding his female like DAAAAYUUUM. Ahahahahah I made him blush by saying that haha 
I'm just kidding guys. I IS hard to walk today. But he didn't bang me like a wild animal lol sorta..... Teheee~

It's fun to make him blush. My sweetheart❤️

We've had a really nice weekend. New beginnings and shit are taking place. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I'm grateful for having such a loving and kind family. 
Mom, Lasse, Josse, Daniel and Frost & Freya... and my friends too. Y'all are amazing. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Long time no see

Right..... So, It's obviously been a while since I updated the blog at all really.

Mostly cause things has been really hectic. Lots of shit has happened. Good things and bad.

I guess the biggest thing that happened was when Nat stayed the night. 
About 2 weeks ago now. (Or am I correct completely wrong about that? Anyway...) I had been feeling sick for some time, and that Saturday morning, Frost and Nat tried to wake me up.... But apparently I didn't recognize either of them. I had slurry speech, supersleepy, slightly aggressive...and memory loss.... 

Frost got really scared and Nat too. He panicked when I asked him who he was. 
Eventually though I "woke" up and we last there about it saying how weird it was... And then we made pancakes and whipped cream for breakfast. 

I fell asleep while whipping cream.

And then it just went downhill from there. I kept falling asleep. It was SO hard to stay awake. So fucking hard....and eventually I became delirious. And that's when I ended up at the ER.

Nat stayed with me the entire day a the ER. The neurologists were really nice and quick. Thank God for having Nat there too, cause if the doctors would've asked me how I felt; I'd just answer 'Oh good...just really really sleepy. It's hard to stay awake". 
But Nat corrected me and said that I was delirious. Saying were things...imagining things and seeing things. I didn't even remember shit.  Had several headaches...and I vomited a lot. Everytime I tried to eat I'd puke. And my appetite eventually just....went away. (Everyone panicked cause it was just like when I had meningitis) The checked my brain best they could.. I don't even remember that X-rays nor the other scans... But my brain looked fine.

Eventually I came home... with the the promise that I had to go straight back if I got like that again. I had headaches and vomited most of that sucked.

Frost was devastated. He was so worried that I'd die....

But the other day the neurologist called me. He asked his I was and shit so I told the truth. That I was FINALLY feeling better, but that I had been really sick most of the week.

And so the verdict came. Wasn't as bad as I'd expect so I was happy. 

I got some sort of aggressive virus that attacked my nervus system, and apparently I'm more prone to get those kinds of viruses. And every time I get them, I could die if I don't pay attention and go to the ER. 

Obviously I am definitely paying more attention to my health now. Hahah 

And in sincerely sorry that I've worried so many around me. Especially you honey... I gave you a feeling that no one should have to feel.
But we also had the best talks that week. It was the best talks we've ever had tbh. And I was reminded each day of how my he loves me. 

And now, he's finally able to relax. ❤️ 
But he definitely had the worst week of his life. And so did I. Ugh...

M appetite still isn't what it used to be...but that's ok. I'm in a diet anyway so what does it matter lol

And then Valentine's day came.
And Frost gave me roses as usual, and he also stayed awake the entire evening with me while we watched a movie. 
I appreciated that so much. Cause he gets so tired from work...he works SO hard. So he's fucking exhausted in the evenings usually. But on Valentine's day he stayed awake for me haha 

Spoiled bitches would probably whine and complain in that situation, that they didn't get any gold or enough fancy stuff or something lol 
But really... it's the small things that matter. I think most of you would agree too right?
Cause my man's EXCELLENT at showing how much he loves me every single day. So Valentine's day ain't special like's just the fact that he's trying extra hard on that day to stay awake haha, that made it wonderful ❤️ He's a precious dork.

Anyhoooo.... I'm better and better each day. I've had some good days this week tbh. But now I'm sleepy lol 

I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine's day. I prefer calm and snuggly ones, but to each their own. Hope you enjoyed it ✨

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Today was one of those days where I get out and about and shit. 

So I went to Sobi with mom and Kuti. 
I had Bibimbap and kimchi. Ooooooh omnomnomnom. I just skipped the rice. Haha it was really tasty.

I wanna say I've done a bunch of things this past week...but no lol

I mean, yeah I got shitfaced on Saturday and played pubg with Cameron, Ryan and....some random kid. haha I discovered that I have a sweet spot for Captain Morgan spiced gold πŸ’œ lol and the guys had a hoot cause apparently I treated everyone like shit and made them do everything for me.
And now I'm not allowed to drive when we play.... Which I think is totally stupid. 

Oh and I finally had my first Chicken dinner! Woooh! 

Ah well, I'm gonna go see if Kya wants to spend some time with me. After I help clean that is...

Frost is still sick...but I bet he wouldn't play it with me anyway.  Boo....

Ah btw, I've made new friends this past month. Cameron and Ryan and Kya :) 
We plus Stevie play pubg together. But when Ryan is on we gotta adjust the team lol you can only be 4.
Kya is a mom too so she knows my struggle to find good times to play as well ahaha

I feel like I've achieved something. I made friends even though I didn't want friends. hah.

They're pretty cool haha

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Korean dramas :D

Aaaah, I've fallen into a korean drama pit lol

I've always liked k-dramas, but lately I've been watching a LOT.
And these two in particular are exceptionally good πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

The bright ad shining Goblin/The Goblin's bride/ Goblin
(It's the best drama I've ever seen ffs. It's just...AAAH!)

And then we have A Korean Odyssey
(it has a similar story...yet completely different.  SO DIFFERENT. But SO good)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Pubg aaaand it's Monday now

I've just had a very good conversation with K, we talked on the phone for quite some time.
It's weird though, since we don't know each other that well lol But anyway, good conversation.

I'm sitting here sipping on coffee and eating eggs, while Freyster is watching Pippi Longstocking. 

Stayed up on twitch till 3am last night with two Scotsmen and Nat. Haha We played pubg, and I can get very dramatic when I'm the last one alive in the squad hahah But we really had a lot of fun.

Alright, it's time for me to take my daily dose of k-dramas  haha 

I also made a cute wallpaper for my phone of Goku.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Quick visit

Daniel gave me a ride to the hospital this morning. And the class ended at 12. Aaaand he actually came and gave me a ride back too. But I ended up going back to his place and watching music videos and sipping coffee πŸ˜‚ haha

Frost has been working overtime every day this week. That's good. Good boy good boy.

Ah I've made new friends! And I got really good friends with a girl that's also got EDS. That's a pretty neat feeling lol I don't make friends often. Usually by choice. But when you meet someone you click with, I'm cool with that. If you click, you click. 

She's trying to make me start riding again, even though I haven't been on a horse since I was like 12. She's a horse freak haha both she and her daughter rides. We'll see...who knows. I might try it eventually.. 
Josse started riding again, and I'm really proud of her and fucking happy for her too! It's awesome! And it's..what? 2 horses or more she's responsible of riding and stuff. I hope she gets to evolve and do what she wants. 
I might join her in a year lol 

I feel like I've gotten a tiny bit better when it comes to my confidence. 
And I've started to think that maybe I should try to use this stupid ow that I've got instead of wasting it? I mean, what's the point of having high IQ if you don't use it? But that doesn't necessarily mean whatever you think it means. It could mean that I just learn a new thing or something... 

Ah my brother might start working for amazing. And that would be cool don't you think? 😊 I think he should. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sleepy knowledge πŸŒ™

Man, yet another meeting of learning at the hospital. We've learnt a bunch already. Tuesday was a good day too. Such learning, much skills.

But holy cow I'm tired...πŸ‘»
I was worried over the fact that these classes are several hours long, and my body has a hard time handling it... But so far so calm. So I've got that going for me, which is good.

I've litterally been at the hospital all week haha And I'll be back again tomorrow. Plus I've also got a doctor's appointment early in the morning tomorrow as well before I go to the hospital. Yep.

So our little Freyster has actually been at preschool ALL week. She's usually only there 3 days a week... Anyhoooo...I wouldn't mind laying in a warm bed and snuggle her right now. 

But I've made a lot of friends so far too lol But I can't remember their names haha shame on me. 

Well, I gotta get back to sipping coffee and learn about the brain and nerves today.
I really am ridiculously tired though...and Frost is probably even more tired than I am, since he hasn't slept well in a week. And yesterday he had to get up at 4 and drive to lindkΓΆping with Rick (cause Morty couldn't come ahahah get it? lololol) 
But yeah, they left at 5 and then got home around 5:30PM... Long day for him. But Frost got his forklift license. πŸ’–✌🏻Woho! His boss paid for it and sent him on a work education with Rick, and since frost already knew how to drive one he got it kinda quick lol

Dang, he's seriously lucky the boss paid for it. Those specific licenses costs thousands and most employers don't really wanna pay that much for an employee. So yay him πŸ™ŒπŸ» I'm very happy for him and proud too. He's awesome πŸ’œ 

Dad and Kuti was here last night too. (Superlate Christmas celebrations lol) Good thing I didn't throw out the tree yet haha 

What else can I say... Ah right, gotta continue with the class. 


Friday, January 5, 2018


Because of various reason...Frost forced himself to go to work this morning even though he's still sick.
He ended up being paranoid due to certain....things, so he went anyway.

And he got sent home after 45 minutes. 
Apparently he wasn't the only one who was sick either so...

He's locked himself in the bedroom. 

Me and Freyster are watching a Korean drama. 

Strong woman Do Bong Soon  πŸ‘πŸ»
I'm loving this show lol