Wednesday, April 18, 2018

kissing war

Doris kisses doesn't seem to be a pleasant as Mama's kisses are 😊

2 of the oh so many good things in life

I made Frost eat sushi for the first time ever a while ago. Tempura rolls.
And hot dayyuumm were they good!!? Yum. Tempura rolls and California rolls. Mmmmmmm......

Anyhooo... I'm gonna go read some comics now. Toodels!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It's fucking springtime

Woooh you can tell it's spring time!

More people outside, sunshine and fucking warmth! it was outside the other day was the perfect warmth for me. Yep.
Not too hot, definitely not too cold. Just about right.

New things are happening, good and bad.
In a way I suppose it's progress really...any changes are progress in this situation.
I've never been in this particular situation before, but I know people who have.
So there's support :)

Today when Freya came home she wanted to listen to music :)
And she got to pick the music. She loves the soundtrack for Guardians Of The Galaxy, but I've got a mix of my own that she really likes <3

Yep, we're having a hoot. She's like superwild right now so we're just watching her and clapping and stuff cause she's such an amazing performer ya know?

Uh huh. She's cool.

Friday, March 30, 2018


Someone who doesn't take naps anymore passed out with her ass in air. She was really upset at mommy, and so she tried to do a dramatic crying pose. The scene really was a sniffling pity scene....except she fell asleep while trying to act heartbroken.

It was super cute haha 💛💛💛 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


For some reason, I've noticed that the amount of campers in ANY call of duty game has dramatically increased lately. And they're camping like crazy. 

And I fucking hate campers. I mean if you can't play the game...if you suck that bad at it, that you gotta lay down and camp...maybe pubg is more your game? Or maybe no game at all? 

And when I'm PMS'ing those campers are the worst thing I can come across. Seriously. 

They make me wanna rip my ovaries out and shive them down their camping little throats. 

Jayzus, roast some marshmallows while you at it too and sing some nice camping sings you twats.

Ugh I wish I had better internet at the moment. And I wish I had the patience to camp too so they could see how fucking annoying they are. 

I did that once lol That canoer flipped out!! I shit you not. Hahahah I killed him over and over and over. I mean, he didn't even try to change spots. Nimrod haha 

Requiem ✰!
I finally found another exciting show to watch.

Seriously....theres a show out on Netflix called Requiem❞. 

Its a thriller/horror/mystery. And it❜s like thrilling, yet enthralling. Ca't stop watching.

Me gusta 

Gah, you have no idea how fucking hard it is to type on this stupid keyboard.

See, when my laptop died...linyx had to be rebooted and reinstalled and everything was lost.
And apparently my fucking keyboard got fucked over too.
Frost says it❜s like an american keyboard.
Except all symbols are completely fucked, I have not idea whats what lol so I have to copy and paste from google. Useless piece of shit.

Let\s see the symbols from start, first numer till the questionmark.
Let's see what they are shall we


Hey, at least the exclamation mark is correct. Cool.

Anyhooooooooooooooooo...........gotta continue watching the show.

oh wow... I just found the ' mark. Yet another discovery. I think I found the question mark too.
It\s on the dash key. See ??????   
And the ' iss where the swedish A with two dots above it should be.
Yeah. Obviously I can't write the swedish alphabet now. Blargh.

I guess this is what they consider ranting? Heh..


(update...the ending sucked so bad)

Friday, March 23, 2018

See, I do update my blog sometimes

"I don't always update my blog...but when I do...I spam the shit out of it."

So, not only do I surround myself with awesome friends...
I also happen to have adorable neighbors. 💖 haha

So cute haha 

She accidentally took the laundry that I had booked for us yesterday, and midway she realized it all. Haha So the boyfriend ran to the store and they got me this. Hahaha Seriously too adorable.

"It's almost like they KNEW what kind of chocolate you like, so they'd keep you calm and happy" is what Frost said haha 

They were also curious as to wether I was born in America or Sweden. Cause they figured out Frost definitely was American (no shit lol) and that my English is too perfect to be that of a normal Swede (why thank you. That's really nice) so I told them that I'm just a doodle. And I learned English through TV as a child. When I was about 4  I was watching 'Zorro' (the tv show obviously) And thus, my first english was actually Latino English. Yep.  Sounded like a Mexican hahaha "Ay, Don Diego...come ooonnn~ Aaah you don wanna do this cabroñ." Haha 
Eventually I started watching other shows too obviously. And I learned all kinds of accents haha This is probably why I'm good playing with accents xD

And now onto something actually discuss worthy. 

See, when Frost and I get married...I'll obviously change my last name. (Yay can't wait!) 
I don't like my last name and I'm tired of being associated with assholes.

Buuuut Frost is in a slight pickle too, cause he kinda cut ties with some  members of his family in a fit of rage. He called them out on some stupid shit. One of them for instance were trying to take credit for something I did for Frost. I DID IT. NOT YOU. Anyway...he got mad. They got embarrassed. And that made them upset obviously. (Tis ok, I'd be embarrassed too if I got called out on some stupid shit that I lied about that doesn't make any sense at all) 

So now he hates his last name too. Haha Go figure. 😅  

So where do we stand then? 

I told him to find out what his grandfather's mother's maiden name was and so on. You know, someone's bound to have a name worth taking. Someone who's part of the family.

If all else fails... I guess we can welcome another person to the Kohl name lmao 😂

Nah but seriously. 
I'm trying to find a name that belongs to the family that' know....the "nicer" part lol 

Alright, I gotta get Freyatron ready cause granny is on her way over. She's taking Freya out to pick "påsk ris" in the woods. (Easter twiggs from a bjork tree) Yep. We'll put Easter feathers on them once she's back home. yay! 

Freysters Easter

Ok, here's a bunch of stuff I need to address! Easter, wedding, weight, surgery , eatser cast stuff, and fat women etc... so many choices to make.

First of all:
It's almost Easter!! Yay! Do I have to remind everyone how much I love old tradtions and shit? Easter eggs! Yay!

Somehow the chocolate Easter eggs just keep disappearing when Freya is around though. "Dey gone" she says with a stuffy mouth. Strange indeed. Uh huh. 
Me and Freyster are gonna draw Easter eggs and chickens today.
Talking about Easter decorations btw....when I was little we'd make cast chickens (like an egg holder or something) and then inches they'd hardened and dried we'd paint them however we wanted to.
But I can't find ANYTHING about that kind of molds that we used when I was little.
When I googled chicken eggholder cast molds or something, nothing comes up.
Do any of you know what I mean?

They're like flat rooster, with a little hole (crater) in the middle where you put the egg. And you paint the cast however you want to. Everyone did this here when I was little. And I wanna do it with Freya too. But I can't fucking find it.
Maybe Panduro or any other hobby store can help me...

Moving on.

Ok, so I've got some planning to do. For a moment I was worried that we'd have to cancel the wedding (postpone it to another date) but hopefully I'll be able to walk properly and shit by September. I've made great progress if you ask me.

But I haven't even decided to do the surgery yet's hard to make a decision tbh. (The recovery time is about a year...A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR...which means I wouldn't be able to walk on my own at all on my wedding for starters) 

So, I either have an unstable knee that gets dislocated all the time and hurts bad when it happens....or I get the surgery, get an artificial ACL, get a stable knee and I'll be able to walk and run again. But in return the pain will tenfold and skyrocket eventually, and after a few years it'll be almost unbearable. (These are the words of my old doctor, now if they tell me differently on Monday...maybe I'll consider it?)

Is it really worth all that extreme constant pain that comes with it? Just so I'll be more stabile? They warned me and said that I'd be in pain 24/7 after a few years. And that I wouldn't be able to use the knee 10 years after the surgery. 
Somehow that shit doesn't add doesn't sound like it's worth it to me.

Welp, either way. The wedding is still on for September! Woop woop! It'll be supersmall, and I'll just have my important doodles around us....and I'll work really hard to be able to walk properly. I know Frost will hold me..duh.. but it'd be nice to be able to walk on my own on our wedding day right?

I recently quit taking a certain medication. I realized that I gained so much weight by eating that, and now that I asked around with the other EDS patients. They also said they had gained about 30 pounds due to the same meds.
So no more. Nope. 
It's sad, cause those meds did work on my nerve pain...but it's not worth it if I keep gaining weight.

And no. I'm not basing this decision on looks. I'm not quitting the meds out of superficial reasons. I ain't THAT dumb lol But I do know that being 30 pounds lighter means 30 pounds less damage to your joints and ligaments. Right? 

See my point? 

I have nothing against thick curvy women. I actually prefer being a curvy woman. I think it's  beautiful 😊😊 

Buuuut when extra weight does more damage than's no longer about looks is it. 

It just sound more logical to me to wear them 30 pounds less. 
Anyone would think that the less you weigh, the less damage your body takes right? 

(Explanation for why I'm writing about weight: I had a curvy woman snap at me on my blog for wanting to loose weight lol She was obviously looking for a fight, cause when I tried explaining that I am not at all looking down on thick ladies...I'm simply wanting to carry less weight because of my eds. And I wanna look the way I feel comfortable looking too obviously, she got mad again saying that I hate fat women)

Lady...I AM a fat woman. I don't hate myself......that much lol 

I'm kidding. Haha what I dislike about myself is something between me and Jo. It doesn't not represent my view on women physiqes.

And with this said, I'll point out again that all women are gorgeous in their own way. (You know I'm right) 
Not just women. Everyone is really.
Especially if you bother to dig deeper. I like to dig deeper. Sometimes you'll find a gorgeous person, with a hideous personality. And vice versa. I like to see the real person.

And I know YOU are reading my blog. And I know you're looking for something that will offend you. So let me save you the trouble ok?

I think a fat woman can be beautiful. I think a skinny woman can be pretty. I think a curvy woman can be hot. 

Tess Holliday is seriously a huge inspiration. She's amazing. Cause her confidence is incredible. I wish I had her confidence. She's beautiful and proud. And her husband adores her. Cause he sees beyond the rolls on her lol  My point is, she trying to teach women to love themselves. 

Now, I can't look like her. Even if I wanted to, that would just not work with my EDS. My joints, muscles and ligaments would just hurt more. So no.

Do you see what I'm saying now? 

So...before you comment again thinking that I wanna loose weight cause I'm looking down on thick women....think again lady. (Cause I'll just block ya lol)
If you bothered reading about EDS, you'd see that the more weight that I carry the more pain I'd be in. It's just basic fucking logic. 

I'll never be skinny. Cause I don't want to be skinny. And I don't look good skinny...ive never had so many teenage girls hit on me as when I was skinny. 
But I liked it when I was curvy. 
But I'll still have to do something if I wanna look good and be comfortable with it while making sure my EDS is ok with it too.

Obviously I wanna look good in a wedding dress too.

So...this post escalated quickly. 
But that's cause I know you'll wanna comment lady. So I'm saving you the trouble of picking a fight. Kay?
I think you're gorgeous btw.