Friday, December 8, 2017


Good God were sleepy AF tonight.

It's been a really nice Friday. Willie is sleeping over and Freya was so happy! 
And they're both asleep now, so I'm gonna try to sleep too since I haven't been sleeping well lately. 😴

Oh I also baked with my sister AND I finished the hat for Freya too!! Productive huh? Whoop whoop! Aaaand I made a decadent deliciously chocolaty rich cake with chocolate ganache on the top for sunday.

 Ah, I really gotta sleep! I promised the kids that they'll meet Santa this weekend....(damn they got so excited haha) so we're going on a wee adventure tomorrow (unless it rains) 
It'll be Christmas movies and saffron buns then haha

I think Wille is going to sleep over here more often :)
Cause it's really nice!

It was nice to have two happy kids snuggling in the sofa watching christmas cartoons.
Maybe having another child in the future wouldn't be so bad huh?

Well, we'll see what the future holds. I want Freya to be older if that were to happen.
All our focus is on her for now and I want it to stay that way for a while 💙
She's our precious little moon fairy 💙

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Stuff & junk

So...for a moment there, this day got a turn for the worse. But then I turned again...and then it turned again or the back started hurting too bad and I started to panic when I was going to pick Freyster up from daycare.
Luckily Freya was already outside playing with her friends so I didn't have to move too much. 
But I still had to cancel going to one of my most beloved precious friends.
She's superspecial to me... But yeah, it was her birthday to day.

And I was going to go to her and celebrate her but my body just ruined everything.
Which of course made me feel even more down than I already did....
But she cheered me up and so did Freya and Frost.
Frost got me treaty treats and hugs. (And that shit works almost every time lol) 

And now I'm sitting here sipping on a cup of camomille tea that Frost made me, while I knit on Freyas winter hat that I'm making for her.
 Yep...I've knitted so much that my thumb is numb lmao 

Freya has been doing so well without a diaper lately and I couldn't be prouder.
And today was the first day at daycare without a diaper....and she was AWESOME. As expected of course lol 💖

Tomorrow I'm baking lussebuns with my sis. Woho! I'm making the dough myself....which makes me nervous haha Cause I've never made this recipe before.

But I'm sure it'll be delicious. 

Ah I gotta try to get to my friend soon, before midnight. I've got a gift for her 💜


Frost sent me a picture just now. Of his lunch. Yum.

They're having a big Christmas lunch at work, that the company paid for. Haha typical swedish Christmas food though.

He was kinda nervous about it beforehand, but turned out it'd be like I told him it would be. It went great and he had fun with his friends. Plus free food lol 

I'm watching a crappy Japanese/American horror movie on Netflix right now. "The temple". I think it's about a kitsune. (And I do find the myths about kitsunes and gumihos interesting) 

Welp, sometimes even shitty horror movies can give you a scare. 

Let's see what this one has to offer.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Ok, so like I wrote before: we had a good weekend.

I'm not even gonna bother by writing everything.

I can say we've snuggled a lot, watched good shit on the tv...
Had Moa and Arthur drop by on sunday 💙

And this lil' family had hot chocolate and homemade gingerbread cookies... and not just once lol

Today however, is a day I will write about haha :D

Freyster and I decorated the Christmas tree today! Iiiih!

 And Frost wanted everybody to know that he helped.............. With one ball. 😂

And I'm so damn proud of my little Freyster. She's finally accepted the potty.
After walking around without a diaper for 2 days she's now fully pottytrained. Wooooh!

It's about time too. 3 years old. My big squirrel.

And tomorrow's St. Nicholaus. (And she's suuuuuuuperexcited about that ahaha)
I peeked inside her room earlier and she was watching her christmas sock like a hawk lol

Welp, me and Frost have been playing Destiny today (The curse of Osoris) and so far so epic.

But we're about to wind down a bit now and chill, watching the 100 and cuddle up against my snuggletree in the sofa sounds like the perfect end of a day.

Gingerbread makings

Freya wanted to make gingerbread cookies on last friday.
So we did haha And we did a gingerbreak house too.

It's awesome.
Nathalie came and helped with it too 😌

I'm pleased to say that we're almost done with all the Christmas presents. (yay)
All we need now is one for Lasse and one for Big B.
Yep... toot toot (that's me tooting my own horn)

But I figured we'd do the last of the shopping the day before Christmas (when you get paid)

Shit is going so well in our lives now that it's almost scary.
I'm always used to something popping up ruining shit...but everything is awesome.

Frost is even getting a crane license that the company is paying for him. :)
And that my friend, is awesome.

I also got a snowglobe for me.....................because it's so majestic and pretty :D

the weekend in stockholm

Freya's Christmas adventures!

Oh and a kids birthday party while we're at it lol

Friday, December 1, 2017

Saint Nicholaus

Today I got the final treaty treats for Freysters Saint Nicholaus sock.
Uh, my bad... I mean St. Nicholaus bought them. Duh 😆😉

So on the morning of December the 6th, her little Christmas sock might have a treat or two in it. 
(it just cutesy stuff though. Like a pretty chocolate Santa, and 3 chocolate Christmas tree ornaments, and a candy cane. and some tiny gummy bears) This is a tradition me and my sis was raised with. My mother and her family always celebrated it (since they're german) So I'm passing it to Freya now.

And I also got some stuff that's necessary for a Gingerbread House.
Cause we're making one right now!
Iiiih! It'll be so much fun!
Freya's never made one before so we're both really excited.

She's even dressed up for the occasion! haha 😂

Welp, Nathalie and Frost went to the store earlier, and now we have a Nathalie here ahaha
So we're quite the gingerbread crew now 💛

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas stuff

So... I forgot to mention that I bought this awesomely splendid snuggle outfit the other day, when me and Mom went out shopping. 🎄

I fucking love everything Christmas haha

And I even saw a body suit that I just felt would be perfect of my sister haha she would've looked epic in it. It looked great. and there was other colors too obviously.

But it's scary buying clothes for her...cause she might not even be happy you know? So I didn't get who knows.....maybe Santa will buy it for her haha!

Anyway... I even found some awful awesome Christmas sweaters. Woho! 
So hideous that they were amazeballs really.
Next year, I'll go on full-christmas-mode and no one will be safe from my Christmas shenanigans and decorations.

Oh! I also forgot to mention that we're going to the Lucia wake at the movie theatre. Woho! 🎊🎉✨ It'll be epic.  The 4 of us will have so much fun! Iiiiih!

Even made it so the four of us all sit next to each other. Toot toot. 🙌🎄

Awesome right?

Yeah I know. 

I think Frost will like it a lot too. A few movies, and 2 new movies waaaay before they premiere in Scandinavia. (I wonder which movies it'll be) And snacks and drinks and all that jazz included. #EpicNight

It'll be a way of celebrating all the good things coming our way. 
And celebrating shit with friends is always a good choice 👍 The more the merrier! 

I don't think you understand how happy I am for you honey. Hearing how you've made new friends (I mean, the unsocial hermit) and how you have good days at work. It warms my heart. And I really am so proud of you. 
Building those things looks so complicated, yet you do it like it's a piece of cake. ❤️

You're awesome Beeb.

I should totally buy you a Christmas onesie lmao You'd look adorable ahaha bet that toochy would look super cute in it.😄

Well it's 4:27 AM now...........and I just can't fall asleep. Been awake literally the entire night.
Should I keep trying or just give up and stay awake? Tough choice.

Frost will wake up soon too. He gets up around 5ish. He decided that he earns even more money by starting work at 6am instead of 7. haha
I think it's pretty awesome that he can work as much overtime as he wants and they'll just pay him even more.

Oh one more thing....Frost had to ask his boss exactly how much he earns per hour...since he was so happy to just get such a good job that he forgot to check it while signing the contract. And he almost chocked on his coffee when he heard it. And I didn't believe him...Seriously. Even made him check again.  I thought he heard it wrong or something. lol

Let's just say that he was kinda jumping with joy. Him doing the goofy moves says a lot about his salary lol

So he's extra excited now ahahaha

You know, now that I think about it.....I don't think I know anyone that earns that much actually...

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Today I met with an old friend for some good ole fika 😊
It's definitely been some time since I met K last time. 

I mean, We ended up sitting there though several cups of coffee and a hot chocolate too.  Several hours passed and eventually we had to call it a day lol

But it was really nice seeing her. I missed her a lot. And it seemed like we had a ton to talk about haha
She's really loyal and sweet though. It felt good just opening up and talking about all serious shit that I usually keep to myself. She's the type of friend that a year can pass without any of us talking to each other. And then one day we'll just sit there and yap like we always do. Yeah, this is what we do.

It's been 15 years now. haha Damn. 15 fucking years.

She even remembered how we became friends. 💚 She remembered everything that day. (shoot me)
She saw me sitting in a corner in the class room, first day in high school. Everyone avoided me and some of them even seemed scared of me every time I tried to approach someone. I tried talking to a girl and she got so scared of me that she turned around and left, so I went straight up to K and said "Hi, lets be friends. It seems like I'm an outcast, but I'm pretty cool."  HAHAHA what in the fuck?? ahahah shit, I can't even believe I said that. Damn I was an awkward weirdo.

As soon as she told me, I remembered how weird everyone thought I was, and how my resting bitch face syndrome didn't do me any favors there at all...................ahaha

And FYI, I actually did become quite close friends with that one girl that was terrified of me. haha We were really fucking close too, she was just scared cause I looked like an angry bitch that had slept through a hundred men and beat their women into submission (her words) She was pleasantly surprised when she found out that that weird 17 year old was a virgin haha We were superclose (till she went full-blown christian on me. Then I wasn't that fun anymore lol) She didn't want anything to do with me nor K then anymore. Sad but true. Some people just grow apart. And she grew up to be a priest if I remember correctly. Yep. Good for her 💜

Me and K though, we just went a complete different route lol 

Anyway, it's been a good day. Good news and shit like that. And supersnuggles from Freya.
And now I'm about to jump into bed and snuggle Frost.

It's funny though...she told me what her ex did this summer. Which always surprises me cause he tried to act all cool and shit all the time lol Saying one thing to me and then hearing the truth is something I'm used to.
(I used to be best friends with her ex btw) But he's a derp and a disgrace to all men soooooo.... 

Hmm... anyhooo.. Moving on.
That old friend of a cheater.
I have zero respect for someone who cheats on their partner and lies to their friends. (I even knew a hag like that. Thank god we parted ways though. She was incredibly stupid and no good with people)

Tip of the day, don't trust someone who has no problem cheating on a partner. If they can do that to the one who's supposed to be their most important person....just imagine what they can do to you. 

I know.... I'm so wise and deep. 

Kim said I was wise and I'm fucking sticking with it.

Oh K even reminded me about Alex....aaaaw Alex. He was my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I used to sleep over at his place in high school cause we were both outcasts. We'd spend hours on the phone just talking about random shit lol Sometimes I'd drag K there too and Bamse and we'd play supersmash bro's.
And me and him and Martin, Besart and Nicky and Hoey, Eric and Mike used to play videogames all the time while playing hooky. Good times, good times. 

Sometimes I miss Alex. He was a very peculiar dude...

What a doodle.  -_- was nice remembering old things that you just ...forget somehow as the years go by.

Nostalgic day it was.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Another week

Frost sent some pics from his job this morning. 
Yep, he showed me what he wad doing today. I don't really know what it he's doing lmao 

Looks complicated as fuck haha

But yeah... that's the machines he's building.
An adorable forklift filled with awesomeness haha

I was busy too of course haha
I made a delicious awesome dinner today though.
Pretty neat to come home to huh?

I messed up an appointment I had today that sucked. 
Buuuuut, there's definitely more times. And it has been a pretty decent day too.
Even finished it with some Walking Dead and a christmas movie
(Yeah in this household we play one christmas movie a day till christmas)

Tomorrow I'll be going shopping with mom, and then play woth Nat and the cats lol
Freyster's gonna snuggle a bunch of sweet ass kittens 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
And so will I.