Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Things can be good when times are bad too

You know, one thing I've realized after I hit that when times are bad. Everything ain't bad. Even if they may seem like it.
It's mostly small stuff... but isn't it the small stuff that keeps people going?

Just now, Frost nudged me with his feet while he's laying on the sofa right next to me. He dozed off a while ago and I just let him. Looked peaceful. 

And Freya kissed me so many times and said that she missed me so much while she was playing at granny's place yesterday. She was only gone for a few hours but she missed meeeee~
Aaaaaawwww *supermushy face*

So while I'm experiencing a rough time now and then... I'm really happy. 
There's always something good even in the bad. 

Another good thing:
I've been admitted to the pain clinic now and the doctor in charge is putting a team of like 10 people on it for me. This is the first time anythings really happening revolving my EDS. He was really understanding too. 
I also need to see a psychologist regarding the way I handle my pain and emotions. How I can get depressed sometimes when the pain gets a little too hard to carry alone and so on. I see his point. It's easier to complain to someone I'm not related to I guess. 

While the team he's putting together seems really impressive, I'm not jumping in this with high expectations though. Actually I don't really have any expectation at all.... I mean,  EDS can't be cured anyway. But I'm glad someone is trying for my sake though. That's pretty neat. 

I'm currently playing DOOM and sipping on my coffee. I'm very bored lol 

But I can't wait till Destiny 2 comes out! It's not long now! September 6 right? Iiiiih!  

Aaaaah now I'm annoyed. I'm stuck in the game and I can't even read maps, so I don't know where to go... And this stupid zombie boss is fucking me over every God damn time. WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST MAKE SIMPLE FUCKING MAPS?! 

Anyway... Back to doodling around. 
Talking about doodles... I have a doodle in my head that I just need to get down on paper. Yep.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Freya's birthday

Yesterday was Freyster's birthday.  And it was the best one ever!

The Larssons gave her a new biiiiike! Iiiih! (Freya squealed)
And she freakin' loved her new kickbike she got fron mom and Lasse.

I made two giant cakes for her day. One chocolate pavlova that everyone seemed to get obsessed about haha and then a cream cake with blueberry jam, vanilla custard and then a ourole creamy layer with blueberryvanilla cream in it. A 5 layer cake. BOOM.
They loved it. :D

And Freya loved her gifts! She got a bike, a kickbike, toys, books, clothes, mumin cup, playdoh, artsy stuff. Pens, crayons paper etc etc... I can't even remember all the things she got.

Oh and Nathalie stayed up with me the night before and helped me make meringues and pavlova bottoms and shit. haha We had a retarded evening. A ton of fun!
The meringues turned out perfect, and I covered the cream cake with them too.

I'm so happy that Freya had such an awesome birthday. <3

I can't believe she's already 3 years old :O

Friday, August 18, 2017


Well what do ya know. It's Friday once again.
And the premiere of The Defenders!!! Wooohoooo! I love Luke Cage and Jessica Jones so this will be a hoot. 

My sister will drop by soon to bake some cake bottoms for the cake. 

Natta will help bake cookies tonight or tomorrow. And I'll make the pavlova meringue tomorrow as well. 

But for now, I'm stuck in front of The Defenders ❤

It's perfect. Frost made really good cappuccino just now so I'm sipping in that, feeling warm and fuzzy. 

On Wednesday me and mom went to buy ingredients for everything for Freya's birthday.
it was a nice little roadtrip. went to Kumla too.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Freya's birthday plans

Ok, so apparently there will be a lot more people coming on her birthday than I originally thought.

So I'll make another cake too. Freya specifically asked for something with a lot of whipped cream on it haha And then she said she wanted a pink and blue cake. Which I can totally do since I already planned on making meringues in those colors. #Win!

I'm also still drawing a picture for Johannes babygirl. She'll be born in october so I've got time. But I already got the motive done. #WinAgain haha

Oh today I'm getting a "moon" table. Woho! I've been wanting one for so long and now it's finally miiiiiiiiiiine!


I've been working on a piece for my Johannes an his precious girlfriend ❤

She's obsessed with the 50's so I figured I could try to compose something combined with her interests and things she likes. 

We'll see if I like this once it's done. Otherwise I'll just make a different one ☺
I've got bunches of ideas. 

Friday, August 11, 2017


You know, every time I think I'm finally rid of that disastrous phone...
My amazing man comes and saves (or ruin) the day. He fixed that motherfucker.

And now I kinda realize that thank god for that cause what am I to do without a phone?
How do I keep up with everything without it? haha It's sad but true, humans need their phones these days.

Stevie would never survive without me on a phone either lmao

jk jk

But thank you beeb for fixing it. Now i can recieve all the pics and updates of Freyas weekend.

Freya just left with mom and Lasse and Josse aaaaand Doris. They're going to zinkgruvan over the weekend, and Freya does love spending time there. I'm glad she has fun <3

We're planning and getting things for Freya's birthday in a week. She's very excited.
We've decided on a perfect birthday gift, plus she'll love the gift from mom and them. And I know that the Larsson's are getting her something awesome too. It's gonna be great :)

Keeping it small and somewhat simple. Or maybe I'm going overboard?
Such a fine line between the two really haha

Nathalie will come over and bake with me for fun. Figured it'll be a fun way of hanging out.
And I'll make the Pavloas the day before maybe. I'll ask Josse, the one she made was delicious, seriously...amaaaazingly yummy. So I'll ask her for tips and advice and shit.

One chocolate and one vanilla. How bout that?

And some pink and blue meringues too. Cause they're cute.
I found these on google, they're adorable aren't they? 
The ones who made these have my respect :)

I wonder if I know anyone with these types of pipes (or whatever the fuck they're called. I forgot the swedish word for it too) to make these.
And I'll also try to make a batch of cookies.

Well alrighty then... well me and honey are going on a date now    :D YaY!

We decided to go to Burger Master. (turns out we chose La Pampa in the end lol) Yum yum yummy, in my tum tum tummy.

And I also go the sweetest message earlier, with a video in it.
I felt so loooooved lol I do love you, you amazing amazon 
Thank you for that. 

Brightened up my day she did.

Here's the link to the video BestFriendVideo :)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

May you rest in peace you stupid piece of shit phone

Well god damn it... My phone is dead.
And I mean DEAD. It won't start no matter what I do. I have no idea why...
Piece of shit. -_-

Good grief, I'm mad.

So yeah...................... I don't have a phone. In case anyone is wondering why I'm not answering, this is why. Uuugh....This will be definitely be a problem. F#ck.

Well now you know.


Doris hates being here. I've always wondered why. Cause everyone treats her nice.
Well... Everyone but Freya. She loves hugging Doris and cuddling her while Doris just seems to wanna run away lol

So I put out Doris little bed and let her stay in it. Looks comfy and cozy right?

We have a rule here. No dogs in the sofa. That went for lei lei too. (though sometimes I broke the rules cause I wanted lei lei up here hah) 

Anyway. Doris might hate it here cause she knows that no pets are allowed on the sofa. 

But that weaselly little doodle... She sat in her bed. Then she turned around and looked at me, and I was like 'Heeey dooodiiiii'
And then she was all like....... Hey. 

And all of a sudden I'm sitting on the sofa snuggling with Doris next to me. Yep. 

I don't even know how it happened..... *sigh* 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017