Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sleepy knowledge πŸŒ™

Man, yet another meeting of learning at the hospital. We've learnt a bunch already. Tuesday was a good day too. Such learning, much skills.

But holy cow I'm tired...πŸ‘»
I was worried over the fact that these classes are several hours long, and my body has a hard time handling it... But so far so calm. So I've got that going for me, which is good.

I've litterally been at the hospital all week haha And I'll be back again tomorrow. Plus I've also got a doctor's appointment early in the morning tomorrow as well before I go to the hospital. Yep.

So our little Freyster has actually been at preschool ALL week. She's usually only there 3 days a week... Anyhoooo...I wouldn't mind laying in a warm bed and snuggle her right now. 

But I've made a lot of friends so far too lol But I can't remember their names haha shame on me. 

Well, I gotta get back to sipping coffee and learn about the brain and nerves today.
I really am ridiculously tired though...and Frost is probably even more tired than I am, since he hasn't slept well in a week. And yesterday he had to get up at 4 and drive to lindkΓΆping with Rick (cause Morty couldn't come ahahah get it? lololol) 
But yeah, they left at 5 and then got home around 5:30PM... Long day for him. But Frost got his forklift license. πŸ’–✌🏻Woho! His boss paid for it and sent him on a work education with Rick, and since frost already knew how to drive one he got it kinda quick lol

Dang, he's seriously lucky the boss paid for it. Those specific licenses costs thousands and most employers don't really wanna pay that much for an employee. So yay him πŸ™ŒπŸ» I'm very happy for him and proud too. He's awesome πŸ’œ 

Dad and Kuti was here last night too. (Superlate Christmas celebrations lol) Good thing I didn't throw out the tree yet haha 

What else can I say... Ah right, gotta continue with the class. 


Friday, January 5, 2018


Because of various reason...Frost forced himself to go to work this morning even though he's still sick.
He ended up being paranoid due to certain....things, so he went anyway.

And he got sent home after 45 minutes. 
Apparently he wasn't the only one who was sick either so...

He's locked himself in the bedroom. 

Me and Freyster are watching a Korean drama. 

Strong woman Do Bong Soon  πŸ‘πŸ»
I'm loving this show lol

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Alright, I'll write it here so everyone around me knows it.

Today I'm going to sleep. Ok? 
I'm gonna sleep for hours and then hang out with a buddie so I'll be busy today.
I won't answer calls cause I'll be sleeeeeeeeping. 

Please do not wake me up. (I'm pointing at you mom 😊❤️)

Freya has bothered us all night. She just won't sleep in her own bed. I know it's a phase, and I know it'll pass. But wheeeeen?? 😭 

Plus my pain is skyhigh today so I'm hoping that I'll be able to take some sleeping pills and sleep away most of the day. That way I won't have to struggle with the pain. Smart right? 
That's why I won't answer the phone either. Cause I just took some really strong sleeping pills πŸ‘πŸ»

Let's hope my plan works.  Cause I'm hurting really bad right now....

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018, the year of epic shopping?

I have things that I am so totally buying this year. And the best part? I CAN buy them too. ahahaha I can finally afford to buy makeup from one of my favorite brands. :D YaY! Go 2018! Wooh!

Melt always have such amazing colors, and they've got a few eyeshadows I need, and some lipsticks too. Ohohohohooooo... also I finally get to buy the clothes from a very epic clothing line.

Ah, I also made sure to buy some cool stuff yesterday.
I bought a delicious blueberry syrup that is sugarfree. No carbs nor sugar. Sweet.
As well as a sugarfree maple syrup, chocolate syrup and some stevie drops in certain flavorts for lattes and smoothies and so on. Just regular flavors like strawberry, vanilla and caramel (or was it chocolate?) either way. It'll be fun to add them to the diet.

Hmm... I was sitting here thinking about games. (Cause I really gotta choose well here, to buy for the xbox or the ps4?) Difficult choices to make.
I got an xbox one x for christmas from Frost πŸ’– Yes yes...I know I'm being spoiled.
But! I've only heard good things about it so it'll be awesome to play on it. I've got pubg to play on xbox....but would it have been better to get it for the ps4? Who knows.

I need to get back to playing The Last Guardian on the ps4 anyway. I had to quit cause I got stuck and it fucking pissed me off. Plus it was like 2 am so......there's that lol

Me and Frost just finished watching Saving Private Ryan.
And now he's making me a cappuccino. ☕☕☕ I hear him humming my name in the kitchen. hahah He's a goofy dork really. But we have a lot of fun together and he's a very considerate dork I tell you. Not many men can compete with this weirdo. Ain't it just amazing luck that one weirdo met another weirdo and made an epic baby? πŸ’› I mean, sure...if you ask Frost he'll say he's the normal one and I'm the weirdo. But we all know that he's just as weird. *nodding my head*

.... and now he came waltzing in here with the cup singing "My cappuccinos brings all the hoes to yard, and therefor it's better than yours!" ahaha...good god.

..................I wonder if he spat in it? -_-

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway.... new year new possibilities and all that annual shit.
I on the other hand...have plans. Grand ones at that.
And I will try SO hard to make them happen. Luckily Frost will help too :)

Monday, January 1, 2018

New years eve!

So here's some pics from last night :)

Okay, first of all...let me brag a little about my makeup.
Cause the lights in the bathroom are out, and putting on eye shadow in the dark is fucking HARD. Buuuut I still managed somehow. I had our night lamp put in the bathroom for the time being lol

I was going for a smokey look but realized that in the dark.....everything looks smokey -_-
So fuck that. I look flawless anyway hah.

And here's to our year beeb πŸ’™

May we have many more new years eves ahead of us :D

My sweet doodle and mini-doodle πŸ’š

Happy New year folks!

I'm enjoying a late breakfast.

Freya slept till 10:00 today which was AWESOME! 

Aaaah sleeping in in the morning is heavenly. 

Welp, I'm on my second cup of coffee now.
I experimented and made a honey latte ✨ Yum.

Ah, I'll post a few pics from last night in a bit.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Blade of the Immortal

A really epic anime and manga has been made into live action on Netflix. Which is pretty fucking cool if you ask me. Yep.
This is one heck of good manga and anime so it'll be hard to live up to it's reputation.

I'll watch it nonetheless... duh. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
The trailer looked good though. 

It's new year's Eve today. 
This has been a bad year, that then flipped to be an awesome year.
But I wouldn't complain if next year was a little better lmao 

Alrighty then. 
It's dinner time.

And later tonight it's the new year's dinner at Mom's place πŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸ» woop woop.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


haha this used to be Nathalies ringtone like fucking 10 years ago or something haha
A different lifetime.
I still know how to appreciate korean music though ^_^

So listen to this pretty lady and dance with Dio. (Use his cone as a mic)

The funny part is that 10 years ago kids used to say I looked like G dragon from Big Bang.
I even had a 14 year old girl ask me out. (there's actually been more girls asking me to be their boyfriend online back in the day so I suppose I can see why mom said I looked like a dyke then huh?)
Just ask Marty about all the little girls acting weird and shit. -_-

Well my fav was always T.O.P anyway. hah.

( I happen to know a woman who likes this photo of me very much hahaha)

I was a teacher at one point there too. . . . . . 12 year old girls can be awkward as fuck.
Was I ever that awkward? Nah. I'm fantastic baby.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I'm coming up!

I mgith as well come clean with it.

This man is my spirit animal. Yep.

And now it's date night lol We're watching Blade Runner 2049 πŸ’™

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas eve

This has been the best christmas yet πŸ’–
Amazing food, such awesome gifts and a lot of love.

Freya had so much fun.

Thank you guys for making this such an awesome christmas.