Saturday, July 22, 2017

Outlander season 3

Yay! Season 3 is near. :D

Well the books were awesome so I'm just expecting the new season to follow that lead pretty much.

Freya's been in Zinkgruvan since tuesday.
It's been....quiet here. Very quiet. I miss the shit out of her too.........

It's been nice to sleep in the mornings though. A rare treat. haha LeiLei's been loving it though. She's just been resting and relaxing. Not having to worry about a kid running you over with her bike lol

But boy do we miss Freyster. Her snuggles and hugs and kisses too.
She's coming home tomorrow. :D   Yay!

I've got some plans and stuff to do. But I don't think anything can compare to all the fun she's been having this week. She's been swimming in the lakes, playing outside everyday all day long. Sleeping outside, going on the little chuuchuu train and seeing new places.

Yeah I bet this week was amazeballs.
It'll be hard to live up to that shit. haha

Gotta bake and prepare stuff too for Freya's birthday. But it's not that urgent. There's still time.

I was thinking an angel food cake, and possibly some cute cookies :) And banoffee pies... Maybe.

Or maybe just some cute pavlovas? :)

Frost and I haven't done anything today really... more spooning tonight I suppose lmao
We've had a pretty boring day.  But I guess that's alright, we've had a good week.
Played Destiny 2 beta on ps4 when that came out. Pretty neat to play before the other got to. It was a little disappointing thought, but I bet the game will be awesome in general.
We've also watched every episode of Game Of Thrones. Yay!

We took a late walk earlier though, and talked about old memories :)

We had originally planned to go to Alabama in july this year, but I changed my mind earlier in the year.  We'll try to go next year in the fall or early spring the year after. Cause I simply can't handle the heat in Alabama haha it's sad but true. Last time I was there it was around 100 degrees. It was insanely hot. Good grief. I thought I'd die haha So we'll go when the timing is right (and the weather's not too hot)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy birthday little sis

It's a big day today! This doodle turns 27 ❤

27 years ago, on this day... I got a present. Yep.  I got my Josefin. And she was mine. And I became a big sister. 
It was an awesome present, a babysister... That would be mine forever. 

Sure, I'm not the best big sister in the world.. And sure, I take her for granted sometimes. Cause she's my only sister. And sure I probably make her frustrated too... Cause she can be frustrating as well. And suuure we're both a little weird.  
But damn it. We're sisters.
And I hope she realizes how much I love her. ❤

I'll try hard in the future not to take her for granted. 

Today is your day Josse. ❤❤❤
Happy birthday. You were the best gift ever. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Look at this doodle lol She's doing so well paddling around outside haha

Yeah,  she goes for a ride around the neighborhood every day now ❤

In  a little over a month she'll turn 3. Can you believe it?? Threeeeee :0

Fucking hell. 

Where does the time go?! 

It's insane...  
Well, She's definitely a hand full, and she's definitely wild, but she's most definitely the best and sweetest kid in the world. ❤❤❤
And I love her more than words can say. More than the fish in the sea. ❤

OH! My pain is getting better, so that's nice. Really nice actually. I can actually go out and do stuff. Yay me~ I needed this. We needed this tbh. Though Frost & Freya definitely kept me entertained and shit haha But I prefer it when we all do stuff together ❤ 
But it's nice to be on a 5 on the pain scale for once. 

You know, sex helps a lot with the pain actually. Frost believes that the more orgasms I get, the better I'll feel.😂 Hahah well he's not entirely wrong there lol but it does distract me from pain haha 
He's funny 😄

If only sex could take away EDS pain. I'd never be in pain again. Hah. 


Hey, Snuggletree.... Look at that adorable baby koala we made 😊

Tomorrow is our anniversary, and my nephews birthday too. Yep yep ❤ 
Growing up so fast. 

It's been a slow day, but we've had fun. Freya had fun. Lei lei... Kinda had fun for a moment lol 

Saturday, July 8, 2017


My little artist. ❤❤❤
I'm gonna buy better watercolors and more children pencils soon, so she can draw with me. ☺

Update about the parmesan food... That's gonna have to be tomorrow. Cause K who came to visit earlier brought me a chicken. A whole big ass chicken. 

So we'll eat that tonight since it was fresh out of an oven lol still warm when K got here.

We're also pottytraining the doodle. she does NOT like the toilet nor the potty. But we're persistent. She's going for several hours without a diaper, and then ask for a diaper when she needs to go. Last night she forgot...and peed on the floor lmao

Oh well, she's not even 3 yet so it's not like we're in a hurry.

Now it's some ps4 playing with my man, while Freyster watches Carebears. ❤

Damn I'm good

I made a chunky juicy lasagna last night. I made so much that it's insane. Plus it turned out huge. I made over a liter of béchamel sauce.... Eheheeee.... It was tasty as fuck though. Just a little... Too much.  :3

So I saved half of it, and I'll make a parmesan chicken sauce with pasta today instead. Parmesan sauce is awesome...yum~

Ok, we're about to get company so I should get moving. Uh huh. 
Time to make coffee. ☕

Monday, July 3, 2017

The one

You know, I've been having a fucking rough week.
My pain has skyrocketed... and I've been feeling that I'm getting close to my breaking point.
It's been so hard, and I scream out loud from pain. It's really embarrassing too, cause I don't like showing the pain... but this time I can't even hide it. -_- It sucks.

This morning, Frost tried to help me out of bed...and he looked at me with such a sweet and gentle look... his eyes expressed such care and sadness. So I started crying, cause he was trying so hard to help me, and I could tell he was sad to see me in such pain.

I can't express my love for him enough for you to understand. Neither can I express how grateful I am... how thankful and happy I am. 

He is the best man on earth. He cares so much, and he loves me so much... and it's a fucking amazing feeling to be loved like this. He knows everything about me. Cause I want him to. I wanted him to be the one who knows everything about. The only one. So I even showed him my bad sides... and I've seen his bad sides too... and he's still so fucking fantastic.

Truth be told...I can't wait to marry my best friend 
I can't wait to be a Hastings.

We're going to have a small wedding too, not big. Just the important people around us. And it'll be the best day ever ❤ I can't wait. 

Shania Twain made songs that really relates to us. ❤ Frost said The One is our song a long time ago... and he was right.  I love that song, The One is ours :) We'll play it on our wedding day.

I still have certain things I want for that day so we need to save up money for that shit.

Even this song suits us ❤ I always liked that lady. :) She's cool.

So baby, I hope you know how much I love you. Your'e my one and only. 
And I'll stick with you forever  
) think that your'e awesome, even though I've seen your bad sides too.
I adore you baby. I fucking adore the shit out of you.

I love being with you, and I love the things we do together.

And the sex is fucking fantastic lmao 
So that's a good things too lol

Your'e a good doodle.

Movie marathons

So this weekends it's been Marvel's avengers and x-men (I love the x-men, I grew up with that shit and I lurrrrved it) Well X-Men, Conan The Barbarian comics, oh and the Phantom :3 Yeah I read that shit and I was addicted lol So when X-men the tv-series hit Sweden I was the first one to go cray cray for that shit. ahaha :)

(Talking about that... Mullins keeps calling cray cray btw.. shit, he don't know what he's on about. His wife is the cray cray one lol)

Anyhoo... We're gonna watch Footloose and Flashdance soon.
The Italian Stallion directed Footloose...thus, I have to watch it again... cause I mean, was in the same time Rocky and shit was huge.
I just thought it was interesting that he directed such a hit. :)

Today we're watching Captain American The First Avenger. (Yeah Frost loves Captain America) I like him too, but he's such a goody two shoes... -_- Bucky is  pretty awesome Captain America that'll be cool AF when he becomes that. Unfortunately I'm certain that Steven Rogers The original Captain America will die in "Infinite war".

You know, about goody two shoes... that's a funny story, the origin of that name I mean. (I like to find out the origins on old sayings. So I had to find out that origin too obviously.
Goody Two Shoes was a children's story back in the late 17th century, it was published 1781 I think. (I'm pretty certain of that anyway) and it was about a girl called Margery Meanwell (lol just that name itself makes a point lmao) who was supervirtuous and always did right and shit, and she walked through life with only one shoe. Until a man gives her a complete set of shoes and she goes around telling everyone that she has two shoes.

well we should continue watching I guess :)

Friday, June 30, 2017


I hope your'e grieving properly. Getting your feelings out of the system...
I'm sorry you lost someone important.

I wish I could be there for her... but I know that if I do that, then I'll ruin it all again.
And I don't want that. 

But she probably can't see what I'm trying to do. I bet it seems weird what I'm doing anyway...
But this is for her in the end. So she can grow and be more independent. 
I'm watching over her though, in my own way.

I miss her a lot though. But I'll deny it if anyone asks.

The rising sun

I'm listening to The Animals right now. The House of the rising sun, one of my all time favorite songs.
It'll never get old. It'll always be awesome.

Just like me.

Moving on, been doing well on PS4pro lately. Me so proud :3

My rep's waaaaaay better there than it is on xbox... -_- I don't like bullies, and shit talking, and I have no problems confronting dickwads like that... and that's how my reputations got really really reeeeaaally bad. It's actually pitiful how bad it is -_-

That, and that I cuss a lot I bet. And apparently they fucking hate when you leave games in the middle of it. Well fuck you then. How the fuck do you do it if your'e a god damn parent that has to leave a game cause their kid fell and hurt themselves? Or shit themselves and need a diaper change??
or YOU have to got shit? Or the dog took a shit in front of you? Or if your kid is poking the dog in the butthole. I can come up with a thousand reasons why your rules suck.

Yeah your rules are dumb. it ain't bulletproof and it ain't parentproof.
Yeah I'm talking to you Xboxlive support. You. *points*

Anyway, I'm just playing The Walking Dead right now.
Frost is next to me playing Persona5.
I'm a lot of pain today and we just don't feel like doing much, so it's a gamer kind of day.
Figured we'd rewatch some show later too.

And once Freya comes back we'll eat dinner and play till it's bedtime.
This household is a playful and happy place :D And I'm making sure that Freya has fun every day :D

Tomorrow we've got a bunch of adventures in store. As long as it doesn't rain that is..........