Wednesday, November 22, 2017


One of my "skills" in life is to make friends with strangers lol

Yesterday me and Freyster went to the park to have some fun in the snow 💞

I stood up top on the small hill, while I pushed Freya down on her sledge..
 and she came running back up with the sledge every time lol

Well a woman started talking to me and she kept ruuning up and down the hill with her daughter.
But somehow she started pulling Freya up with her sledge and her daughter too.
And I pushed them down and yelled "snooowmonsterrrr riiiiide!!!" which all the kids soon wanted too lol

And eventually I felt like I had to say thank you to her for pulling Freya up every time and explain the reason why it meant so much to me, Cause she felt that it wasn't anything special.
So I told her that it was, and that I can't do that myself. 
I felt awkward teloling her that my knee can't walk in the snow uphill without me being able to focus on it 100% or it would dislocate pretty quick.

But she and I became friends and we kept playing with our kids for hours.
And a man with his son also played there. His son wanted the snowmonster too lol
I'm just gonna assume they were from Afghanistan (cause they were both really fucking beautiful that way)
He started pulling Freya up too with his kids. Cause she just wanted to be pulled apparently. lol
When J pulled her up the first time...Freya just had to be pulled each time.

The dad and I hit it off too haha He was kinda shy but really kind.

So we all just had a real nice time while our kids played.

On a good day I can say that this is a "gift" that I'm blessed with.
I can even go as far as to say that I like the fact that people find me easy to talk to.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Best season

Man, I fucking love the winter.
And so does my offspring. 

Now all we need is some snow and we're good to go. Haha

Freyster kept me company in the kitchen today while I did the dishes. She sat there and enjoyed her raisins haha She's so cute.

Tomorrow is yet another workday for Frost. 
But I've got some other stuff on my schedule. Meh. 
But hey, at least Freya will have fun with mom while I'm at the meeting. 

Planning some fun at the park with my little weasel tomorrow too. And Nathalie. And hot coffee. Haha 

I'm also going to make some sort of dinner lmao 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Morning sunshines

You know, it's my just any Friday today.

It's Punisher Friday! It start today actually. The entire season is out and we are so totally gonna binge watch the shit out of it. Woho! 😁

Yep yep. Obviously I'm caring enough to wait for Frost. Duh. Wouldn't watch it without him.

Anyhoooo...I'm about to play some cod WW2, and chill with Freyster. She's watching My little pony now and she's really into it.
I gotta admit I'm kinda watching it too from afar. I can't help it lol  (though it was definitely so much better in my time) But whatevs. Kids these days won't even know how amazing it was back then, compared to cartoons these days. True story bro.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Good evening

Okay, so Frost's first day is finally over.
lmao it was awesome and awful at the same time.
Y sleep last night. Freyster was like a whirlwind and she just wouldn't be quiet or sleep or stay still or anything of the sorts. She was just all over the place. Nothing was right. And she got mad since she didn't like the feel of the covers or the feel of not having the covers and so on and on and ooooon.

So, we went to work supersleepy👎 But he met so many nice cool dudes at work👍 And he even met a guy who's a good friend to my cuz, so that's cool. I guess he used to work with him before or something? But all the dudes hit it off. A broship in the making. lol

Anyhooo... all of them were so excited to meet him and they loved speaking english with him. One chick even came up to him and told him she was happy he was there cause she really looked forward to talk english with him. So yay Frost! My man has a great fucking job! Wooooohoooo!
(I bet it feels nice when everyone is happy to meet you and excited to work with you.)

But theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen...... once his shift ended he left work.....   

                                . . .   and got lost. ⇦

lol I felt so sorry for him. 💚 He got so lost, didn't find any bus stops (cause it's slightly out of town)
Well in the end he finally found the right one. Basically he'd been walking around for like 50 minutes.
And he didn't wear mittens nor a boggin, and he didn't wear good socks either so he got blisters all over his feet from the new workboots.  Good god....

He's finally starting to chill out now lol

My little snuggletree. At least he has awesome work buddies. Yay for that.

Time to watch some Rick and Morty and chill 💛

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More snow

I'm currently on the phone with Marty. She my "go to for advice" person sometimes ahahah

I'm basically just talking about how to handle certain people and shit. How to avoid stupid drama etc. And just plain babbling which is pretty much what we do best lmao 

Ah, Frost and Freya and I went for a walk in town earlier. It was really nice actually ❄️💖 

I can feel it in my body right now though...eheheh....😅

Some smoke in the horizon

uugh...I can smell drama in the horizon.

And what do I do when I feel that drama is coming this way?

Yeah I get back to sleep.

Yep. Ain't my business. Leave me alone. 👍
That's your shit to deal with, yup yup.

Good god.

I forgot

Here's some pics from sunday. I just forgot to post them I guess.

We had waffles as mom's place and then we played in the park and went on a walk to feed the ducks.

There was so many ducks, and they weren't shy at all either. They even followed Freya when we left hahaha It was so adorable! 😂

Well, Freya did  drop the whole box of oats on the ground, so the ducks got fucking excited as hell lmao Duck buffet! Hahaha

It was a really nice Sunday though 💜


I was so damn tired when I woke up this morning. Good god.
But Freya woke up at the same time and jumped on me being all excited and cute and shit. Damn it...why is she so freakin' cute? 💜 haha

So we got up, had breakfast... while I sat there half asleep drooling. (yeah I really am gorgeous when I wake up in the morning) And after I left her at preschool I went and bought some bread.
It's a hot chocolate and good bread kinda weather today 👍

Oh and also!
🌨️🌨️ Hooray it's snowing! A lot! ❄️☃️
Gosh I'm so excited! 
I mean, those who know me knows that I loooove this season haha 
OMG and it's almost Christmas!

Frost and I just finished watching the lastest episodes of The Gifted (cause we sure love x-men⭐) and Stan against Evil (now that's a funny and goofy show mixed with horror. Right up our alleys in other words lmao)

I guess I'll make us some tasty breakfast and stuff... But good God I'm sleepy.

Oh oh oh can you imagine? Frost starts his new awesome job tomorrow! Woooh!
We're so excited. And I'm hanging out with a snuggletoot toorrow which will be sweeeeet, and then on saturday my sweetnut Moa is coming over. YaY!
Oh right, I started talking to a really old close friend of mine too recently. We kinda just fell out a long time ago (we used to be superclose back in the day but then life kinda happened and shit..) It's been 5 years now.
It's kinda funny, the only reason that I started hanging out with her was because her boyfriend begged me to cause she was so jealous of me. Since he was one of my best friends I agreed to do it. And all of a sudden she and I hung out all the damn time haha
She said she missed me...and we talked a bunch and now we rekindled our friendship tihiii

It's been like 5 years since we last spoke...sooo it was a little awkward at first...but she's the same old weirdo just like me.  💛 This feels nice.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Misty mornings

I do love Misty mornings.

The other day when I woke up, it looked like this outside. 
Magical right? 😄✌️