Saturday, June 25, 2016


When mommy's been working too much, but tries to save the situation anyway.

If I don't have the time to bake a midsummer cake, I'll buy one! Next time I'll try my hardest to be off work and bake an awesome summer cake, and we'll definitely have a car next summer. So we'll take you to Harge to swim and play too. We'll even go to Zinkgruvan :D

And your dad promised me that we'd go around and do summer stuff then hahaha
He's a good man, your dad. We'll definitely have a better summer next year.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy midsummer

It's midsummer's eve today, and I hurried home from work so we could celebrate it. :)
It's been a lovely day really. I'm a little sore though, but we've had a lot of fun.
Freya enjoyed herself too. Her favorite part was the accordion society that played there haha she clapped and hummed and danced. Yeah we both sat there and looked at each other and said 'our daughter is way too cute. We seriously have the best little kid'. SuperProud parents.

Yep. Next year I'll plan it even better :)

Got some special treatment from a restaurant owner too, who was closed but apparently recognized me, so we got food and stuff. And Freya got to walk LeiLei on our way home. She was soooo proud. And LeiLei walked so nicely alongside with her. My sweethearts <3

(they got to walk together cause the streets was completely empty.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I'm so gorgeous. Yep. Or not haha

Either way, here I am. Slacking off on the sofa at work... 
watching the latest episodes of Game Of Thrones and Outlander. 

A slacking kind of day indeed.

Oh and I also got a free pizza from a pizza man. Turns out he recognized me hahaha and gave me the pizza cause the one who ordered it didn't wanna pay. Hah. Funny.
And here I was worrying about mass shootings and shit.

My cutie

hahah she's a funny one.

She's been out and about with her dad today :D


It appears that I survived the trip to work this morning. Hah. I laugh death straight in the face! Hahahaaaaa.
Well, with all due seriousness.... I had a very tasty cup of coffee. A cappuccino to be exact. Yup.  
I'm sleepy as fuck too, so I might close my eyes for a bit. Aaaand I might not. Who knows?

Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm going to die tomorrow.

Earlier, I was commenting on a buddy's blog............ but I kinda got distracted by Orange Is The New Black (haha I mean, it'd an awesome show so...) so I didn't press send. I just left the page open. I figured I'd send it afterwards. 1
Buuuuut.... I turn my head and look on the laptop real quick, and in that moment, a word pops up where I was typing. (In MY comment field) right after the comma on the message I was writing....

In capslock even.Biiiiiiiig letters. Yes.


So...obviously, the only logical thing is: I'm going to die tomorrow. In a mass shooting most likely on the bus to work. Yep. I'm 94% sure.

What the fuck was that even? How did it come up in my writing? Frost wondered if I could've possibly hit the paste button somehow and accidentally paste a word... but here's the thing. My laptop is set to english. Not Swedish. And the entire word MASSKJUTNING is not a grammatically correct word. A laptop, phone, any device at all would NOT accidentally type that word. It's not a real fucking word.

Plus, I didn't even touch my laptop. I just turned my head.

Naturally, I panicked and deleted the word hahaha and then sent the original comment I was gonna send lol

And then I blabbered about it to my sis in panic toooooo. And got comforted by honey at the same time lol

So.....yeah. Wish me luck tomorrow.

Busy bee

I'm having a very good day today.
It's a 4 on the painscale today, and everything below a 5 qualifies as quite a decent day :)
I've been cleaned all morning. Rearranged shit in Freyster's room, made it a little cuter haha

Uhm... oh yeah, I spray painted a few things the other day too.  My hideous mossy green glass vase is now much more pleasant for the eye. Bright pastel blue :3 And the ugly medicine pot in the bathroom. It was in glass and bright orange -_- uuuuh ..  and now that's light blue too. My grey glass italla bowl was sprayed bright pink, but I didn't quite like that shade of pink cause it fucking looks like the insides of someone's intestines. Gross.

It's now more like shades of blue aaaand a wee bit if pink in splashes. You can definitely see shades of pink in it. Same with my ceramic pot. :)
My acquaintance might sell her antique children's bed (one you make larger as the child grows) it's absolutely fucking gorgeous. She said she'd call me if she decided to sell it. 1500kr for that beautiful bed ain't bad.

It kinda looks like this. She wanted to paint hers white eventually but now she can't so she's probably selling it.
Me on the other hand, I want to spray paint it matte black.

(obviously these pics ain't mine, but I found them on google and they do look similar) 

Oh aaaaand I'm doing laundry now too. For the first time in ages. I'm so proud lol it's always Frost that does the laundry haha But I just feel good today. Or maybe it's cause I had to take a large amount of painkillers early this morning. My right leg just wanted to get dislocated all the time.


I've had a nice quiet week off from work. It's been so nice. I probably needed this real bad. It's legit the best feeling ever, when you wake up and you realize 'Ah, I don't have to do do shit today, other than being a mom haha'. And you can just chill.

I went to an acquaintance today. Freya got to play and eat lots of food, while me and her chit chatted and Frost screwed some bookshelves together. It's good to have a handy man like him :) He was offered a job too. Must be cause he's so sexy. Yep. ;)

I've played tons of videogames, Freya's had a fun week, she's so sweet and happy. 
My perfect little offspring lol She's eating more on her own these days. Such a big weasel.
Who would've though that it was possible to really love like this huh?
Oh and I went to the movies with Frost the other day too. 
We saw The Conjuring 2. Creepy shit I tell ya.
I may or may not have yelled once. Possibly twice. Or none. Yep.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

What I want

I've heard mixed opinions about Limecrime.
Some say it's awesome, others say they suck.

I wish they weren't so expensive. That way I could try it too :3

(turns out they're trash. Thanks for telling me cutie :3)

New treasures

So, we just felt like buying Freya some new clothes yesterday. And I also bought her a new hat :3

(And here she's pulling mom's chocolate flower out x'D haha)
She left yesterday with mom and Lasse, they're spending the weekend in Zinkgruvan. 
Which is ok, since I'm working I still wouldn't get to meet her. My little snugglepuff.

She's a pretty little doll, ain't she? Can't wait till she comes home tomorrow. I'll be home tomorrow around noon too! YAY! And then I'm off from work till tuesday...and theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.,... then I'm off for a week. WOHO!