Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm going to die tomorrow.

Earlier, I was commenting on a buddy's blog............ but I kinda got distracted by Orange Is The New Black (haha I mean, it'd an awesome show so...) so I didn't press send. I just left the page open. I figured I'd send it afterwards. 1
Buuuuut.... I turn my head and look on the laptop real quick, and in that moment, a word pops up where I was typing. (In MY comment field) right after the comma on the message I was writing....

In capslock even.Biiiiiiiig letters. Yes.


So...obviously, the only logical thing is: I'm going to die tomorrow. In a mass shooting most likely on the bus to work. Yep. I'm 94% sure.

What the fuck was that even? How did it come up in my writing? Frost wondered if I could've possibly hit the paste button somehow and accidentally paste a word... but here's the thing. My laptop is set to english. Not Swedish. And the entire word MASSKJUTNING is not a grammatically correct word. A laptop, phone, any device at all would NOT accidentally type that word. It's not a real fucking word.

Plus, I didn't even touch my laptop. I just turned my head.

Naturally, I panicked and deleted the word hahaha and then sent the original comment I was gonna send lol

And then I blabbered about it to my sis in panic toooooo. And got comforted by honey at the same time lol

So.....yeah. Wish me luck tomorrow.


  1. Maybe because you got too distracted?!?!?
    Also you might have read something about the Orlando shooting so...

    Min autocorrect ville att jag skulle skriva mordbrännare istället för mordernare vilket fick mig att skratta. Jag använder tydligen ordet mordbrännare mer än mordernare. mina prioriteringar ftw.

    1. Well, min dator har inte autocorrect O_O Thaaaat's the problem.

    2. nej men jag menar att du blev distraherad då du skrev det :'D

      jag tänkte bara fun facts: mordbrännare. LOL.


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