Friday, June 3, 2016

It's been a good day huh?

Has it been a good day for you guys too?

Well I don't really think I need to write that much really. The pics kinda speak for themselves. It's been a fun day 😃 But then again, why not write a longer post huh?

So, we've been to the park today, Freya went down the big slide all by herself today for the first time. THE BIG ONE! Much mighty. Such cool, so wow.

(She's superAdorable in her new sunhat right? She got it from granny & grandpa)

Freya has been eating a lot of strawberries today. She LOVES strawberries. :) My little snugglerump <3 Hot days like these I like to put some frozen raspberries and cold water in her sippy cup. Perfect on a hot day. :)

Ah right, after the park I had fika out back with mom and Josse. Freya passed out and had her early noon nap in her room in front of the fan. Much to my mom's disappointment. But she was so tired from playing for so long in the park haha, plus it's mega fucking warm outside today *miserable* Oh, and I talked some to Sofia on the phone too....and also played CoD online with Nathalie & Frost haha 
Frost's been helping me set my new phone up. Motorola :3 It actually works. Soooo much storage, I can have all my aaaaaapps haha Frost is a genius. 

Freya definitely had fun today. She's been laughing and smiling aaaaaall day. We've also had time to snuggle, play, talk and watch stuff.
Yep, the days off work are the days I work so extra hard for. 

Freya's growing so freakin' fast... it's a little sad almost haha I mean, She's so cute. And snuggly. OOoooooooh I love snuggling her, cause it feels like it's perfect. Absolute warm sweet loving perfection. Haha  ❤
And see, one day she'll grow up.... and she won't want her mama's hugs,  snuggles and kisses anymore. 😞  I can't hold my baby girl while she's sleeping then... she won't wrap her little arms around my neck while she's sleeåing again, or snuggle up against my back. No more kisses on the mouth.... How do other parents handle kids growing up?

And I'm pretty fucking sure I won't wanna snuggle an angry 16 year old either lmao
But yeah... I try to so snuggle her as much as possible for as long as possible 😃 Gotta enjoy the now. There's no use worrying too much about the future. My Freyster will give me many more snuggles for many years to come anyway :D
Frost on the other hand, weeeeeell, now that's premium snuggles I get to enjoy every night ❤ teheeee~

Talking about snuggles, Freya snuggled LeiLei quite a bit earlier. It was adorable to see haha she kept hugging her and kissing her. And leilei just stood there, it looked almost like she enjoyed it-  haha LeiLei's a very sweet and loyal dog. A lot of dogowners would probably call me an idiot for saying this, but I feel completely safe leaving those two together in a room. I trust LeiLei. It's Freya you gotta be careful with lol

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