Thursday, June 9, 2016

Good morning peeps

I'm having a good morning. Besides the fact that I burned the shit out of my fucking hand..... ouch. I kept burning it on my hot coffee for about 10 while minutes. -_- idiot.

But yeah, it's still been a good morning. I hope Freya and Frost are ok today.. they both don't feel good. Freya spent the entire night crying and screaming out of pain. It breaks my heart when she's that hysterical and in pain and I can't do shit about it. :( My poor baby...

She finally fell asleep around 4. And she only wanted mama lat night. My little doodlepuff. Frost is feeling crappy too so I'm hoping maybe there's a stupid stomach bug going around? And I hope it'll pass soon.

Well, I'm off to work.

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