Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy midsummer

It's midsummer's eve today, and I hurried home from work so we could celebrate it. :)
It's been a lovely day really. I'm a little sore though, but we've had a lot of fun.
Freya enjoyed herself too. Her favorite part was the accordion society that played there haha she clapped and hummed and danced. Yeah we both sat there and looked at each other and said 'our daughter is way too cute. We seriously have the best little kid'. SuperProud parents.

Yep. Next year I'll plan it even better :)

Got some special treatment from a restaurant owner too, who was closed but apparently recognized me, so we got food and stuff. And Freya got to walk LeiLei on our way home. She was soooo proud. And LeiLei walked so nicely alongside with her. My sweethearts <3

(they got to walk together cause the streets was completely empty.)

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