Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I'm so gorgeous. Yep. Or not haha

Either way, here I am. Slacking off on the sofa at work... 
watching the latest episodes of Game Of Thrones and Outlander. 

A slacking kind of day indeed.

Oh and I also got a free pizza from a pizza man. Turns out he recognized me hahaha and gave me the pizza cause the one who ordered it didn't wanna pay. Hah. Funny.
And here I was worrying about mass shootings and shit.

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  1. Was the pizza nice? Amazing what food can do to people emotionally... My friend Gordon went out for a cheese toastie (grilled cheese sandwich) and when he got back he asked his girlfriend to marry him. Just have been some super milk in that cheese. Good for you on having you time! Go you!


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