Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Best morning

So, the morning started with me and Frost doing our regular morning routines, getting ready, fixing Freya etc... and then we both dropped her off at daycare. She didn't even cry one bit today. That's nice, it make it easier for my heart. It seriously breaks a mom's heart to hear your child cry like that when you have to go. Gaah..it's the worst.

So this was a nice happy Bye :D

After that Frost and I walked to the store, I bought a banana and a Loka, he bought himself a drinkydrink too and skittles. LOL
And then we walked to the trainstation together. :) See, we never get to do this cause I'm always so stressed in the morning. But now it's the summer schedule so I start work at 08:45 instead and that's fucking awesome!

I missed the bus though but that was ok, I made it with the other one.
It was like me and Frost had a little mini-date early in the morning.

I loved it :)

We just sat there, and talked and stuff. And we decided that we should do this more often.
Just small stuff like this can matter so much.

It was a smelly and warm busride. But it got better after a while, I just needed more space.
But seriously... I look around at all the people (me and Frost discussed people earlier) are the same. They're striving to be the same as the next one. Looking the same, dressing the same. FEELING the same. Eating the same, liking the same shit. There's no characters really. What's funny is that everyone's going for the "be unique, be different" style that is exactly like everyone else hahaha

And a good friend of mine said that it might be because I usually don't care about such things, and I'm my own person, that some people just don't go well with me. Could be.
I'm more like "just be. Do shit you like, be and idiot, and be kind every now and then."
I like  my motto better haha

I'm a lavender in a field of roses. :)

And here's my breakfast :D
It's perfect isn't it? :)

My diet is going better now. I was feeling a little low for a while, but I found new motivation again.
Yay me!

Welp, it's time to continue working I guess. Laundry, laundry... -__-
My mom's gonna pick Freya up at daycare now. I hope she had a good day <3
And Frost's meeting is about to start! Oooooh. Good luck honey <3

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