Monday, June 20, 2016

Busy bee

I'm having a very good day today.
It's a 4 on the painscale today, and everything below a 5 qualifies as quite a decent day :)
I've been cleaned all morning. Rearranged shit in Freyster's room, made it a little cuter haha

Uhm... oh yeah, I spray painted a few things the other day too.  My hideous mossy green glass vase is now much more pleasant for the eye. Bright pastel blue :3 And the ugly medicine pot in the bathroom. It was in glass and bright orange -_- uuuuh ..  and now that's light blue too. My grey glass italla bowl was sprayed bright pink, but I didn't quite like that shade of pink cause it fucking looks like the insides of someone's intestines. Gross.

It's now more like shades of blue aaaand a wee bit if pink in splashes. You can definitely see shades of pink in it. Same with my ceramic pot. :)
My acquaintance might sell her antique children's bed (one you make larger as the child grows) it's absolutely fucking gorgeous. She said she'd call me if she decided to sell it. 1500kr for that beautiful bed ain't bad.

It kinda looks like this. She wanted to paint hers white eventually but now she can't so she's probably selling it.
Me on the other hand, I want to spray paint it matte black.

(obviously these pics ain't mine, but I found them on google and they do look similar) 

Oh aaaaand I'm doing laundry now too. For the first time in ages. I'm so proud lol it's always Frost that does the laundry haha But I just feel good today. Or maybe it's cause I had to take a large amount of painkillers early this morning. My right leg just wanted to get dislocated all the time.

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