Monday, June 20, 2016


I've had a nice quiet week off from work. It's been so nice. I probably needed this real bad. It's legit the best feeling ever, when you wake up and you realize 'Ah, I don't have to do do shit today, other than being a mom haha'. And you can just chill.

I went to an acquaintance today. Freya got to play and eat lots of food, while me and her chit chatted and Frost screwed some bookshelves together. It's good to have a handy man like him :) He was offered a job too. Must be cause he's so sexy. Yep. ;)

I've played tons of videogames, Freya's had a fun week, she's so sweet and happy. 
My perfect little offspring lol She's eating more on her own these days. Such a big weasel.
Who would've though that it was possible to really love like this huh?
Oh and I went to the movies with Frost the other day too. 
We saw The Conjuring 2. Creepy shit I tell ya.
I may or may not have yelled once. Possibly twice. Or none. Yep.

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