Monday, June 6, 2016

Good morning world

I made Freya like the tastiest breakfast ever. Yep. *Proud face*

Fresh strawberries, vanilla yogurt and gluten free fruit granola :)

I've slept a few hours last night actually. Yay me! I really needed that. Can't function properly without sleep. Nope.

Well I can tell you that even though Freya ate a really huge breakfast.. she's still trying (and pretty much succeeding) to eat mine now too. She a glutinous little turd. Yeah she's definitely succeeding eating mine. -_-
My lchf crackers with butter and cheese... and my strawberry. :(

Mean little kid. Eating mommy's breakfast like that. She even tried to drink my damn coffee.
She's got a huge appetite, despite being so tiny. haha

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