Monday, December 29, 2014

Sucky monday

It's sucky so far lol
I could barely get out of bed this morning -_-

Around 1 o'clock my little sister is coming over for a walk :) And so is Nathalie. YAY. I plan on going to the river and feeding the duckies. I bet they're hungry. Aaaws. and cold. Brr.

It's seriously fucking cold outside now.
Great, I don't have any winter clothes to wear haha
After the pregnancy I'm just not thin anymore so I can't wear the same jacket I wore last year. Boo. Oh well. All in due time. Aaaaaall in due tiiiimeeee.....

Tried calling the clinic today but they didn't have any appointments available. Boo. I'll call tomorrow again. Stupid back.

I started watching A Crime To Remember. A cup of coffee on that and I'm good.
it seems ok. 
I just hope all episodes won't end up with not knowing if someone really did it or not...
I kinda like to know who did it.

Oh and all murders are actual real events.
Yup. The first episode took place 1967.
I kinda like that concept.
It was from the neighbors point of view then.

anyway, moving on.
Look at this painting!

Freya got a beautiful painting from mom and Lasse yesterday. I'll be super pretty in her room :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih! it's christmas eve!
It's Christmas eve!!!

We had our annual Christmas breakfast with rice grain porridge at my sisters house :) Robin made delicious Christmas ham sandwiches. Mmmm.... Nom. And the porridge was tasty as always. Yum ;D
Frost isn't used to all this Christmas celebrations we have, (He's used to spending it kinda alone) but he's part of our family too now and so he's with us celebrating and shit (even if he's somewhat reluctant to do so lol)
I LOVE Christmas! And I'll be damned if something gets in the way of my Christmas spirit that's overflowing and bubbling :D hahaha

Tomorrow is the 25th, so we're spending that all by ourselves. It's Frost's Christmas day :)

This is my absolute favorite Christmas song that I play aaaaall the time in the house during christmas time.
This, and obviously the old classic christmas sings. Duh.

 Freya wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

aaaaaaand since this little winterprincess puked all over herself, it's time for a Christmas bath in her little mini baby bathtub haha 

Christmas time

 I'm ready!
I'm kinda satisfied anyway with the gifts I've bought for everyone.
I wish I could've gotten better gifts for Frost though, but I'll make it up to him next year ;)

Freya's been standing up a lot today.

Freya got gifts yesterday from Pawpaw Joe and Betty in Alabama :D
Some clothes, and a frame they've made themselves for Freya, and some bows for her so not fluffy hair lol She looked adorable don't ya think?

obviously THAT baby in that one fram ain't my baby lol


It's the 24th! (Scandinavia celebrates christmas on the 24th, not the 25th) Frost and I (and the Freyadoodle of course) will celebrate the 25th on our own too <3 it'll be sweet.

This Christmas hasn't been as... how should I say it..? As "exiting" as it usually is?  There's a reason for it though..
Not cause I have a baby now, if anything, it should be even more fun then.
 I just haven't done much this time. Although I fucking LOVE Christmas...

But because we're ridiculously poor..( you KNOW that sucks) I'm in debt cause of it, and cause I'm in constant pain these days. (same old shit..) my mood is just really...not good. Yeah. It downright blows to be honest.

It's starting to show a lot. My patience is close to nothing, and I'm grump as hell. I'll have little rage spurts when shit's not working as i want them to and so on...
I've been walking around for almost 2 months now with this pain. Usually it wear off after a month...but this just keeps getting worse.

I feel like throwing up a lot cause of it.
Ever been in that much pain so you wanna throw up?
Yeah it sucks..

But anyway. I've done my best this year.

Frost has obviously noticed the drastic change in my mood lately..
Like I'm very happy doodely in the middle of the day, but the morning and evenings and nights are just torture for me. Especially the early mornings...I'll cry and whimper a lot then.

Next year, we've decided to bake a LOT (together as well cause it'll be a fun family thing)  and christmas shopping in town. Our economy will be slightly better then too I hope. I have a job waiting for me when it's time to start working.

I don't care what mom says, it'd be great if things worked as she say...  But in reality, we need money. I can't afford being in pain and not working. I can't afford waiting for "the right job".

So I'll start working next summer :D

Next Christmas will be the best christmas ever!
Cause Freya will be over a year old then and stand and walk and play! Oh and open gifts!!! Oh she'll love it!
I'm already looking forward to it hahaha

Plus I might actually buy gifts I reallly really look forward ot buy!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Well hi there~

Aaaah, fucking CDON. They can go shove a christmas tree up their asses for all I care.


I bought mom's last Christmas gift today. YAY!
I hope she'll like it. I bought it for a reason, she seemed to/need that.

Aaaah, I have laundry at 7, and then after that I'm taking the pigbear for a walk to ICA to pick up a package!!! ;D
YAY! A christmas package from the U.S

I wonder what it can beeeeeeeee?
gifts for our babypuff <3

After that, I'll make some peasoup for ME to eat, and maybe go pew pew in Ghosts multiplayer...Maybe not. Who knows?

Oloooo~ Just thought I should let ya'll know that I don't have a phone.
Or...well I do. But Freya kicked it and it fleeeeeew and hit the ground. And after that all I can see is black, and then a few blue stripes. Yup. Fancy that.

I can however answer phone calls, despite the dead screen.
I just have no idea who's calling lol

Ooooh it'll be like back in the day when you actually had to answer the phone to find out who's calling ;D lol

Gosh, I want my phone. Aaaws...Bye bye phone.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas

Ain't she cute? 
Yeah, she had a hard time NOT playing with the Christmas presents..

We (Note I ) wanted to make a Christmas card or something with babypuff...
Easier said than done.

After a while of not giving a fuck she decided to start opening the gifts and I gave up. haha

Anyway, mom and Lasse dropped by with lussebullar and we had advents fika :D

Fourth advent

Yay! It's the fourth, and the last advent.
It's Christmas eve soon! :D

I'm sipping on my coffee (which I needed incredibly bad apparently...) and playing some multiplayer on Ghosts.

Aaah, I've been having annoying headaches these past couple of days... Maybe it's cause I haven't had so much coffee? I wonder. It's annoying the FUCK out of me. Plus Freya's not feeling super fly either. Poor babypuff. I hope she'll get better soon.
The doctor said I should feed her more, cause she's not gaining as much weight as she should (But she's not malnourished or anything, she could just eat more to catch up the height she has) so it kinda feels like all I've done lately is breastfeed haha

Anyway, fika today huh?
Mom's place? Mine? Where? I dunno.


The 20th of December

(that was yesterday yes..I'm not retarded)
Freya turned 4 months old yesterday! Wheeee~

Aaaaand she celebrated with a high fever. -_-
She's been so pitiful and whiny. A real mama's girl too :)
Couldn't put her down, she just wanted to lean on a shoulder.
So daddy and me had to take turns really. So things could get done in the house.
She finally fell asleep on the sofa. Still feverish...But she's been eating alright so that's good.
Yesterday I fixed the last Christmas presents. I hope?
I kinda gave up on Frost's gift to get here so...that's great -_-
Boo.... All that is left if my dad's gift. And just sent me a text saying he wants underwear............................................................... -_- Oh well.

Anyway, me and Nathalie went for a long walk yesterday. Lei Lei obviously loved it. haha A feverish Freya,..not so much.
She was wearing my jumpsuit yesterday, that I wore on my first christmas. When I was 8 months old. <--- She's 4. hahahahah Tall squirrel.

I have two, no three christmas gifts to wrap and then I'm done. Yup.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The week in pictures

Well I've been kinda shitty at updating lately apparently. Ooops. My bad.
I've done stuff...and junk.

Let's do it with pics shall we?

Aaah yes, the tuesday. I played with Karin! :D Snurre Kurre. She got some free snuggles from Freya too. Frost was at SFI so after that I managed to go buy some other christmas gifts. That was nice.

But, I'm VERY upset. I ordered certain gifts (one for Frost) from CDON. And this was like two weeks ago, I PAID the bills I got (and since I was kinda broke I still bought the shit and decided to pay it off every month instead) Did and done.

BUT, here's the deal...only TWO gifts got here. 2. Two. Dos.  Due. Zwei. Två. два <---

Urgh... I've been able to buy some stuff in town WHEN I was given the chance to go there....But it's been easier to go to CDON and stuff like that now that Freya has been sickly.

Frost's gift could only be found at CDON too. Motherfuckingfuck.
So basically I have debts cause I wanted to buy christmas gifts to my family. Yet they didn't send me the shit.

Anyway, that was Tuesday. Fika with Karina and then Christmas shopping in town with Freya.

Wednesday, well you know.....Freya fell. -_- uuuh..let's not think about wednesday.

Now, on thursday there was some baby play and coffee sipping.
Yes, we do love our coffee
After the our company left, Freya took a wee nap before the peeeediatriciiiiaaaan.. 
Oooh. Scary.
Not really no..

(don't mind the pants, she too tall)
My squirrel stood on her own with out me!
I was holding her and snuggled her while waiting for the doctor. So I let her half sit on the sofa with me. But then she wanted to stand so I thought I'd do what we always do. I hold her and go 'wheee you so biiiiig and miiiighty'. But instead she brushed of my hands when she was up and stood there holding the sofa all on her own, watching the baby crap on the floor.

'hahahaaaaaaa you puny babies. I am a generous God' she said.

or I'd like to imagine she said that.

So, the doctor said we have a VERY tall baby. No shit?
I can't find ANY clothes that actually fit her. Pajamas's are too big but too short. Pants are just about right but they're too big in the waist them too.
If I get something that fit around her waist, the pants end at her knees. *le sigh*
We all know she can't go around with bare legs in the middle of the Scandinavian Winter.

Which btw is weird, there's no snow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The mother of the year award goes to...

Aaaah... I hate myself.

Freya had her first real tumble and fell from the sofa yesterday.

I panicked and cried like an insane person, holding her rocking her back and forth till I realized that she stopped crying and looked at me wondering why the fuck I was the one crying. -_-

She cried for a few minutes and then stopped. She rubbed her head a little and then the whole incident had been forgotten. But not by us. I don't think I've ever felt so bad about anything my entire life. Needless to say I called around and doubled checked her and everything. Just in case. She on the other hand laughed and giggled and showed us how loud her shrieks can be now.

Gosh...She's way stronger than a baby her age should be.
And now we know she can push herself away really hard if she feels like it. Like PEW. Good to know.

I stayed up all night and watched her sleep just in case.
I know their heads can handle it (the doctor said so)and she didn't show any signs of pain or injury or anything. I poked her a little now and then when she slept just to get a reaction.

My god, I love that poot more than anything. I'd die for her <3
It's time to feed her and give her her daily dose of a thousand kisses :P

Monday, December 15, 2014

CoD Ghosts Multiplayer

Been playing CoD Ghosts multiplayer online lately.
I have anger issues, when it comes to multiplayer.
But I had 17 headshots yesterday so I was pretty happy with that, even if I didn't rank in the top.
I even enjoyed it on the hardest difficulty level. (I know, who would've thunk?)

But some maps are just retarded in Ghost.
And thus, my anger issues arrised.
First of all, they put me right between two people killing each other when I was revided. WHY WOULD YOU REVIVE ME BETWEEN TO PEOPLE KILLING EACH OTHER?! Naturally, when killing the other dude, they automatically killed me too. 5 times.

5 FUCKING TIMES. Can you imagine that?? Being revived only to be killed within a split of a second. Yes, YES I lost my temper. A lot.

And in other maps I got killed as soon as my feet touched the ground after being revived.

Aaaaaand then there was other maps when I ranked 2nd.

We all have our preferences of how we like to play.
I like to sniper, and then run like Rambo on a killing spree from place to place between sniping lol It doesn't get you the most kills, but it's what's most fun for me :)

I got ranked second when I just decided to run around killing people like Frost. He actually hit the killing record and they put him in some mode where he could only knife people and he was hard to kill.

lol I shot him in the head quite a bunch of times. hahahahah

Things I learnt by playing CoD Ghost multiplayer:

If you wanna kill a dude with his dog.
Can't tell you how many times I died because of a stupid dog. -_-
Shot their owner, and then they'd get mad at me and go ROAR. Those fuckers can obviously climb on walls too. Cool.

My dog was kind enough to wait for me to be revived. That was sweet.

So I have decided to play CoD Ghosts today as well if Freya lets me 

Merry Christmas

We finally got a Christmas tree yesterday!
I'm so freakin' happy! This is the first time that I have a REAL Christmas tree! I mean, I grew up always having real trees but when I left home I never actually bought a real one on my own, I had a plastic one.

But this is the first Christmas as a mother, I wanted something nice. :)

I went with the old school christmas tree this year. :)

Next year I AM buying a plastic tree. Not just any tree.
A gorgeous christmas tree (It's extremely expensive over 3000SEK) It's worth it. It looks like  real tree. Like the PERFECT tree should look lol

I realized that christmas trees are probably getting rare.
We cut them down every year. Poor little trees.
So why not save 20 christmas trees by buying a pretty plastic one that'll last for 20 years! :D

Here's some. (I didn't put those for 5000SEK out...)


Calgary: (the cheapest of theeese, 1799SEK)




And then finally the Toronto. With little pine cones in it.

I'd like to, if possible, buy one of these in the future :)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Viva la tacos

and junk.

But tacos...Ooooh Lawdy I love tacos.

This is how we eat tacos. Yup. Delish. hah!
Nah but seriously, it's fucking awesome drenching it with cheese like this. I love cheese. :)


I fucking love making Detox water these days.
Cause you get so many vitamins, plus you get to detox your system as well as rehydrating yourself. Now I know it's not that big of a deal, and I have a long way to go, but it's a good step on the right direction though :D

And I absolutely love this jar. It's my water jar from now on. YAY!

This was made with one orange, half a lemon and half a lime and a fist full of raspberries. Nom.

My dear mother gave this jar to me, and a heating pad for my back. <3 Oh the waaaaaaarmth...aaaaaah... *feelerz everywhere*

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday and Breastfeeding

I just got home a lil' while ago.
I went to the gynecologist . (uuuhuhuhhh....) I put in a spiral, so now I'm all good to practise safe coitus. lol

That word...coitus. haha

Oversharing? Me? Noooo...never.

Anyway, I just got home, and saw this sunshine lighting up the house.
Raaawr! I think I have the kissing disease, cause I can't stop kissing her! *smooooch*
So yeah, she's laying next to me in sofa right now. Kicking like crazy and waving her arms.
Makes me wonder why she does that. Is it to figure out how the legs work?
Cause I think she's pretty much established that already.
It's fucking hard to even catch the feet on a photo hahaha

I'm still breastfeeding this little snugglemonster (she's almost 4 months now) and I noticed that a lot of people find it gross. (Mainly women, not men apparently. Why would they? They love boobs.) I don't know people that find breastfeeding gross per se, but you find them a little here and there.


Well, I normally don't breastfeed in public cause I'm simply uncomfortable with it, but there's nothing wrong with doing so if you baby needs food.

 So why is it gross I wonder?
 I don't get it. It's the most natural way to feed your baby? She get's a full immune system from you feeding her. More nutrition too. Plus you get to bond in a way that you can't even compare with anything else. I love breastfeeding, and she looks too cute while snuggling on my chest. There's nothing dirty or weird about that. Yet people still find it hard that a woman nurtures her child.
I hope I can breastfeed her till she's about 8 months old at least :) That's be great. (And cheap lol) I can understand if a woman can't breastfeed her baby though, cause it really ain't just about shoving you tit in her mouth. It's a fucking process of art I tell ya. I know plenty that just couldn't breastfeed, for various reasons it just didn't work. It's easy to do it wrong so you smother the child instead and junk.

 I was lucky to get a very strong and big baby so she could always lift her own head if she noticed that the nose got blocked. (Although I always paid attention to that mind you) 

Nah, I think more mothers should breastfeed their babies if they can :D
Viva la Boobies!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Man, it's been a rainy day.

Though I woke up to this little babydoodle wiggling and kicking in her crib, so I always wake up with a smile.
Gosh, The positions I find her in yesterday I found her completely upside down.

I got so pissed off earlier today so in the end I dragged Frost and Freya on a loooong walk. yup, around town and shit. It was actually very nice and I had fun. :)

And now I'm enjoying some cappuccino and a round of CoD Extinction. Wheeee~

Yeah, we've already played through everything so many times that it's not even hard anymore. But it's still so fucking fun. Plus you can always buy new maps. Which I think I'll do someday soon. :D

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Detox water

 I made detoc water today :)
Refreshing and tasty. Put mint leafs in it too.

Other than that, my mom dropped by and played with Freyfrey.
Oh and I made awesome food. Mmmmm.....Plus two lunch boxes. Yay me.

And I also drew this.
I have to say, I do kinda like it.
(Until I'll find small flaws and defects and such that is)
It's a kumiho. A nine tailed fox from korean folklore.
There's the japanese version too, a kitsune.
But since mine has the hairstyle from the joseon era, it's obviously korean hahaha