Friday, July 31, 2015


A picture says more than a thousand words aye? lol

Thursday and rain

LOL mom and I got stuck in a rainy thunder"storm" today when we wet for fika haha but all of a sudden it turned into a hailstorm :0 Chunks of ice that came down while we were stuck under the roof outside haha Thgere was NO way we could move cause we'd get absolutely soaked within seconds. But I had a nice time :) Hot coffee and against a pretty nice wall, watching it rain in the nature.

It was actually kinda cosy tbh...I like it. :) Plus I had the best damn cheesecake in the world I tell you.

LOL And see this is my beautiful family, I love Freya's facial expressions...there's a new one everyday hahah Frost says she gets them from me hahaha

It looks like she finds it gross, but it's actually her favorite oatmeal lol
That baby is too funny. My precious snugglepuff. lol My little family is funny.

All in all, it's been a good day. A VERY good day. Plus my boss texted me so i have work all weekend. But I'll still make it to Lea's birthday party on sunday (might just be a wee bit late) Frost will go look for birthday gifts for her :)

We already know what to get Alicia so we've got the covered.

And for those of you who might wanna know: We're celebrating Freya's first birthday on her actually birthday. Thursday the 20th of august, So ya'll are welcome at our place after 17:00. (figured most peoples jobs ended by then) I actually had to ask Stina about what she thought. haha And since the first birthday is such a big thing for us, it has to be on that day :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's what...almost 2am now?  Damn... I'm Fucking tired.
And my little snugglepuff woke up right when I said I was gonna play my last game for the night when I joined a party online. -_-

And now I'm laying here, in her bedroom...with her on my chest. And its like the most relaxing feeling in the world. I told Frost I'd probably sleep in here for a while too lol... I love being close to her.
Freya's teething again so she's extra sensitive and worried at night now.

So now I'm here. ❤ 

It's been a good day. Managed to level up some in destiny, go on walks with my family, pick Freya's b-day gifts up, and then me and Freya watched House while I knitted and Frost played some video games in the other room.

Yep. It's been nice.

Plus my daughter is just all in all awesome. Like me haha
So cute in the bow I knitted just for fun hahahahah

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Xbox one adventuresvi

Man I've been having a lot of fun on the xbox lately haha
Feel free to add me there too cause the more the merrier I guess. :D

(awesomest koala) Using headset is actually pretty fun lol
Though keep in mind I use Xbox One.

Today i came in first in a race on the new Forza game too. Which was pretty cool considering it's me we're talking about here. I fucking suck at racing games hahaha

Some complaining I've got to do is about you god damn for fuck sake.
Play like any other person, why cheat you little asshole?
 Like, I'm having fun...and then there's you.....

Tomorrow is yet another day without aaaaany work, just playing with my daughter, maybe some gaming and definitely snuggles with my man. Sounds about right.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Toodles doodles!

I love taking photos with this phone haha
Only thing I miss is my old photo apps...but I can live without them right? Haha

Freya went to the clinic today, and guess what? She gained almost a kilo! Yaaaaaay! I knew it! Woop woop!

On the way there I took some pics of the flowers ^_^ Much pretty, such flower, wow.

Oh and I also manage to get a photo of my man ^_~ yum! He so fiiiine~

Our lives are going really well now...everything is awesome. :) And it feels great!
Our love is just growing stronger each day and we're doing awesome teamwork. (insert proud turtle face here) I like the pace everything is going in too.

Sure...there's always EDS issues. But I'm fucking awesome either way.
Plus it always helps to have a partner that supports you.
But really... This is nice. I like this.
Life is good right now :)

And here's the bestest of the bestest part!
We've got Freya's birthday covered already! Everything is ready and set. Woho!!! We bought like the coolest and child friendly toys! Ooooooh we can't wait! Frost got her something from Leapfrog who's won awards on their stuff for activating kids and stuff. :D

Come August!! Come now! :D


Hey dudes and dudettes.... I just happened to stumble across the spam comment section on my blog..... And holy fudgsicle!

I mean shit....

First of all, some of the comments weren't even spam. So I'll openly apologize here to you for not responding at all. I rarely check the spam section. I had no idea.
so I'm truly sorry you guys.

And thanks btw...both for complementing my header and layout, but also my writing skills. I know I joke around a lot and shit but yes, I'm quite good with my vocabulary when needed haha

Also, I'm aware that my blogposts are different these days...but I am so fucking new to this whole new phone I have so... Patience is a virtue huh?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rainy day

It's been kind of a rainy day today... Which in my opinion ain't that bad haha

But we've done a bunch today. Got bunches of a shit done, got leileis dog food, went to the bank etc... Yep. It's been an ok day.

Plus my boss texted me today, giving me some work shifts in August. Yay me!


I can't help but being sleepy, even though Freya is like everywhere and no where at the same time 😁

I made my special formula for her to drink, coconut cream, wheat flour, rose-hip flour, vanilla and cinnamon. I boiled it all up, cooled it down and bottle fed my darling baby this fine morning :)

A good Sunday

Frost and I took a long walk with Frey and Leilei...had som nice coffee....
Oh and Nathalie and I had some lemonade while having fun on headsets on Cod looooool

I'm honestly too tired to write anything else now so NIIIIIIGHT!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


We went to play with Freya's aunty Josse today :D 
Fed the duckies and stuff like that... Freya mostly tried to pet Doris in a sweet and gentle way, which makes me proud of her. Petting nicely on animals (and humans too ffs) is important ❤

My body is sore now so I'm reeeeeaally gonna enjoy the bed now ^_^

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chocolate pie

Oh right... I forgot to show you how deliciously awesome my chocolate pie turned out at work the other day.

Yes... Of course they love it when I'm working, cause I always bake stuff lol

Welp... Got some destiny to play now. Ciao!


So guess what?

I've got a new phone for our anniversary.... It's microsofts Lumia 535, and its a hot looking little thang.

I've been shitty at updating on the blog too because...lets face it. I have no fucking clue on what the hell I'm doing right now hahhah I'm learning my new phone. I wanna name her... She's so friendly lol

Basics, it's blue, big! Pretty ^_^ Aaaaand I've got Cortana on her. That might not mean anything to most of you... But to anyone who's played Halo. It should ring a bell. 100 times better than Siri. I can ask her to find me the best cheesecake recipe and she does. Yay!

Only problem is... I don't know how blog from this phone haha (I'll learn though)

But anyway... Different apps and shit yeah... But here's a cool thing: When I do online gaming, I access the Xbox One through the phone.
I love it! Haha I have an extension of my Xbox one. (and I play Destiny a looooot so I need it)

Here's some pics, cause its all I can give you for now haha

plus it takes much better photos.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Work and Celsius


I got a vitamin drink with lots of caffeine in it to shake my head in order lol

I just got a text too.

Freya and Daddy got mommy a gift?! Yay! It's a late anniversary gift, I know. BUT I'M STILL SO EXCITED!!! ❤️

Dude. Yes.

So I'm at work. And it's all good, man.
My EDS went down a notch so that's nice. I limp, nothing more. *victory bro fist* 

Fine... I maaaaay have taking slightly more painkillers than I should have, but I ain't a person to call in sick just cause my body ain't functioning. I'll do whatever it takes. If make a promise I keep it.

I will not fucking be on sick leave again! 
So, if I can get out of bed... I work.

Luckily my shift started at 11 today, and Frost dragged me out of bed sometime between 7-8ish this morning. I was in such bad shape then.... With the knee and the cramping muscles in the back, he actually had to help me get dressed. I couldn't put on my pants on my right leg cause I can't bend it. So he had to do it for me.

But now I'm fine! 

Me and the boss had a nice chat too. 
Looks like I'll be on a schedule soon. OMGFUCKINGYAY! *wiggles and twirls*

More night shifts too. Awesome possum. 

EDS bitchery

Today my EDS is acting up quite a bit. 
My knee probably got dislocated in my sleep, and now I can barely walk. I've taken my pills and I'm ready for work I guess... 

On the other hand, I might take this dude up on his offer tonight. Yep. I actually like Destiny ^_^ 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Newcomers and playdates

I see new readers! Neet. :D

I like my readers. You're kinda fucking awesome. Just sayin'.

So welcome to my blog people! 
I have no idea why you're reading it, but go on. Haha 

Freya played with Lea today. Aaa and Inplayed with Stina. Mom's play together too ya know. We had a so much fun. Freya got to pee on their floor. Play with their toys, I got to eat baked beans and bacon. I.Fucking.Love.Bacon. ❤️ Plus Freya had a bowl on her head which was adorable lol

Played some destiny when Freya fell asleep while my oh so wonderful and helpful man fixed stuff for me in the other room. Ah, and there's a dude who wrote me on Xbox Live who offered to help me level up in Destiny,  which I kind need -_- Muchly appreciate, man. *bro fist* 

I mean, I ain't a complete fucktard. I do ok. Even though I just literally started playing it. :) But it's fun. I like it. I'm just sayin' it'd be nice to get some help to level up faster. 

Buuut this game made me more excited about the new Halo 5 sooooo much more now. My expectations are sky high. (They made Halo....) right, Moving on.

This wasn't at all what I was gonna write about. I was gonna say that I've had a nice fucking day, and that I love my
Little weasel baby and my Honeypuff of Glory. 

And that I appreciate the people in my life. Especially those very few who I can tell about very certain things. Well I guess you know who you are. 

I just need to be a bitch once in a while to Function. Get it all out. I suffer from the resting bitch face syndrome anyway so it's not like it's a surprise that I can have bitchy moments I suppose. (Although, I think I'm kind of a sweet potato most of the time) 

Plus, imagine being me- who always speaks her mind and is always honest (there's a difference between being honest and being a cunt btw) The one who you shouldn't ask for opinions unless you actually want it, 
 so just imagine me NOT being able to say what I REALLY FUCKING WANNA SAY out loud. It's eating me up. 

It's like... There's a rabies infected raccoon inside my head screaming like crazy and throwing garbage around. Or something. 

Therefor it's quite necessary to have someone to vent it out to. 

Or accidentally murder someone. 

Moving? Fun day o had. :D
My man got me a late anniversary gift too, woho!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


So, I started the day with playing some Destiny ❤️
And after that we went away with Stina and Lea :D 

We had baked beans and bacon... Mmmm...

I'm off from work till Thursday!  Woho!


Getting this kind of text when I'm at work,  is just melting my heart. ❤️ 

Early morning

It's around 6am today. And I'm laying half dressed like zombie in bed. 

I choose to see it positively and say that I'm half ready. Yeah. Not half dead.

But here's the thing. Frost is in the shower. (I know right? Wtf is he doing up now?) He's up cause it's a short amount of time he gets to spend with me. 

That doodle is too sweet so it makes my heart twist and twirls sometimes haha 

I'm glad I bought him sown thing tasty yesterday while working :)

Well, I have the "shorter" shift today. So I'll be coming home around 3 today (that's when the shift ends anyway) 

And I need to make sure I get home then cause my coworker had decided to take the resident to his place outside of town. And this is gonna take some time for us.... Damn it.

Family dinner

Kuti's sister and husband with kids were in town so of course we had to have a huge family dinner. (Even though I had worked like 3 13 hours shifts in a row....) 

But damn it, we sure had fun :)

Ah, me and Nathalie played some CoD too. Gotta get with it when you finally have some time for it.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I've been doodling today!! 


PYes. Work again. 

And this is the breakfast for a champion huh? Or not.

Oh update!!

I've been trying to learn how to do French braids and shit on Aldina...

Yeah..... I know. 

I suck.


When I came home from work tonight, I got a gift from Frost :D

Yeah, I got pretty happy! Yay! I wanted that one. Plus it's nice to have my cards with me now. (You know... I think I may have grow up a little. Now I enjoy having my cards close to my phone lol) Btw, did you know that there's two episode from HOUSE with eds patients in it?

I'ma watch it someday.

Night night! Got a tough and looooong day tomorrow as well.  

Friday, July 17, 2015

I love Pie

Pie pie pie! I fucking love pie.

So I made two blueberry pies at work (with a little bit of raspberries in them too) Yeah, needless to say, they were a big hit. :) 

I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying that this was the most tasty pie I've ever had. 
I added honey in the crust to make it wen chewier. (They didn't have syrup here) But it turned out awesome.

Jonathan and Therese loved it too lol
And I'm actually having seconds hahaha 

Oh and a big thank to Jonathan for getting me this:
Hopefully I can manage through the day now. Bleh. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Smackdown...inside my head

Yep, there's a WWE smackdown inside my brain right now. Can't even think properly lol That's ok though... It's just that my new medicine is very... I dunno how to put it so you can imagine it, or understand.... Ah! I feel like I'm high but with a hangover at times. And sometimes  I'm a zombie. Raaawr...

Today's just been too fucking sleepy for me. All I've wanted to do is sleep. 

Me and Frost has THE best nap before work too. So awesome. I just snored  away while laying with my head on his chest. And all of a sudden it was 14:15. Fugesickle. 

Not even coffe can save me.

And I'm working this ENTIRE weekend, morning till night. 
Luckily I've got my pills and shit so I can handle it, I guess. 



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life with EDS

It's a new day.
New possibilities and what not...

Frost and I stayed up very late last night, talking about how our lives will look from now on. It's not just me living with EDS. It's my entire family. Frost is a huge support. He's spent so many hours researching about it. It's opened up our eyes actually.

We watched videos made by people with EDS, and it actually made me cry a little. I've been in the denial state for some time now, hoping and pretending that it's a phase, it'll pass. Despite the doctor giving me the diagnose several months ago.... I still somehow didn't accept it.

But Frost wanted to talk serious, and so we did. I had to open up and admit my state. 

This ain't a phase, I know that. It's something that'll be with me till the day I die. 
But we've been discussing specialists. There's specialists all over the world, unfortunately Sweden isn't that far advanced when it comes to eds. But there apparently a very good hospital in Seattle.

I actually wanna show you what I'm going through, but it's impossible for anyone to understand.
Basically I'm falling apart, while Frost tries to pick up the pieces.

So here's two videos... they hit me right in the gut, This is my life.
Maybe this will make you understand me a wee bit better?

I can't function without painkillers now...
my body just ain't the same.
I used to suffer excruciating pains twice a year, and it'd last for a month or two, and then I'd go back to normal.
But it's not like that anymore. And not that many people know this about me.

Anyway, we cheered up a bit by making our angelpuff smile :)
That always works!

And also, many get well wishes for my mom. ❤️ 

My baby sisters birthday

Yep. She turned 25 on July 12th. 
And naturally, since it her we're talking about... It had to be celebrated big time. 

Wild West steakhouse, and then home to her place for some fucking uh-maaaiii-zzzing cake! So good. Mm... I could actually go for some cake right now.

Yeah there's no pictures of her though, but she was there lol

I prepared a special birthday gift too that I'd been working on for some time. 
I hope she liked it... I wanted to remind her about how much she actually matters to people :)

So, happy (late) birthday again baby sister! 

She ain't no baby anymore. lol

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


It's been a while agaaaaaiiiin since I blogged.
Yes, I know. I'm super fabulous and funny and you miss my blogging. Obviously.  

Moving on, my humor is still awesome. 

Living with EDS... It's a god damn roller coaster.
With painkillers I can handle it pretty well. 

However... I'm laying here... In mega-pain. All out of painkillers. My doctor don't seem to understand that it takes a pretty fucking heavy dose to keep my pain under kontrol. Although I can feel it I my head even with small doses, it won't affect the pain at all unless it's a pretty big one. 
And this last kind he gave me wasn't strong and long lasting as the previous ones. And I had to take the double of it to be able to work. And I lost my appetite completely on it. So I'd rather not continue eating these, even if they did help the pain. And I told them that today. :) I no want those no more. No.

So, now I'm back at square one.
My mood is dropping quickly,,, and I have problems getting up, so this is why I've been a wee bit absent I guess. It's been a tough couple of days here, pretending everything is fine when I'm screaming inside lol I've still been at work. The night shifts are kinder to my body lol

I'm waiting on new painkillers. 
I'm my doctors little test bunny. (How the actuall fuck do you spell guineapig?)  I listen to my doc, I eat what he tells me too... But I've asked him to consult another doctor now. She's "specialized" with EDS patients so if he asks her she'd give him advice on what to give me. 

But, don't get me wrong... I've still had fun. I'll show you in my next blogpost. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

You say today, I say tomorrow.

Yep, that's how it is..

When two people are making a decision, while they're both in different time zones.

One's still in the 10th of July, the other one I the 11th.

You had my heart long before July. 
But we decided to make out relationship public this day. 

So happy anniversary honey!❤️
I love you insanely much, you're my twin flame, my true love, my partner in crime. 
I love that we have so much fun together. Pew pew! 

You gave me the greatest gift I could ever have asked for ❤️❤️❤️ I love being your other half. And I love being a mother to the best baby in the world  ❤️

So enough of my cheesy yapping now.
You already know...