Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life with EDS

It's a new day.
New possibilities and what not...

Frost and I stayed up very late last night, talking about how our lives will look from now on. It's not just me living with EDS. It's my entire family. Frost is a huge support. He's spent so many hours researching about it. It's opened up our eyes actually.

We watched videos made by people with EDS, and it actually made me cry a little. I've been in the denial state for some time now, hoping and pretending that it's a phase, it'll pass. Despite the doctor giving me the diagnose several months ago.... I still somehow didn't accept it.

But Frost wanted to talk serious, and so we did. I had to open up and admit my state. 

This ain't a phase, I know that. It's something that'll be with me till the day I die. 
But we've been discussing specialists. There's specialists all over the world, unfortunately Sweden isn't that far advanced when it comes to eds. But there apparently a very good hospital in Seattle.

I actually wanna show you what I'm going through, but it's impossible for anyone to understand.
Basically I'm falling apart, while Frost tries to pick up the pieces.

So here's two videos... they hit me right in the gut, This is my life.
Maybe this will make you understand me a wee bit better?

I can't function without painkillers now...
my body just ain't the same.
I used to suffer excruciating pains twice a year, and it'd last for a month or two, and then I'd go back to normal.
But it's not like that anymore. And not that many people know this about me.

Anyway, we cheered up a bit by making our angelpuff smile :)
That always works!

And also, many get well wishes for my mom. ❤️ 

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