Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Finally home

Unfortunately, I'm not tired anymore. I've walked the LeiLeiPoot... Showered and now I'm fresh and very much awake.
Although, I can feel a hint of sleepiness somewhere.

Apparently Freya was a wild one last night. I got a text from Frost telling me how wild she was and that she refused to sleep. Somewhere around 1am she finally gave up and fell asleep on the floor, so he could carry her to bed and then go to sleep aswell. Yep, she did NOT want to sleep in a bed. With or without her dad. 

So I'm actually laying in here now :)

Since Frost seems to be in a deep sleep.. And Freya as well. I might as well lay in here, cause if I lay down in our fucking bed.... You know everyone will wake up -_- That squeaky so piece of s**t!! 

No.. No, I didn't mean that. 
I actually like our bed. It's just so god damn squeaky. I don't want to wake up Frost now ❤️ 
Plus, I've missed my little spawn of snuggles! 

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