Thursday, July 16, 2015

Smackdown...inside my head

Yep, there's a WWE smackdown inside my brain right now. Can't even think properly lol That's ok though... It's just that my new medicine is very... I dunno how to put it so you can imagine it, or understand.... Ah! I feel like I'm high but with a hangover at times. And sometimes  I'm a zombie. Raaawr...

Today's just been too fucking sleepy for me. All I've wanted to do is sleep. 

Me and Frost has THE best nap before work too. So awesome. I just snored  away while laying with my head on his chest. And all of a sudden it was 14:15. Fugesickle. 

Not even coffe can save me.

And I'm working this ENTIRE weekend, morning till night. 
Luckily I've got my pills and shit so I can handle it, I guess. 



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