Friday, July 31, 2015

Thursday and rain

LOL mom and I got stuck in a rainy thunder"storm" today when we wet for fika haha but all of a sudden it turned into a hailstorm :0 Chunks of ice that came down while we were stuck under the roof outside haha Thgere was NO way we could move cause we'd get absolutely soaked within seconds. But I had a nice time :) Hot coffee and against a pretty nice wall, watching it rain in the nature.

It was actually kinda cosy tbh...I like it. :) Plus I had the best damn cheesecake in the world I tell you.

LOL And see this is my beautiful family, I love Freya's facial expressions...there's a new one everyday hahah Frost says she gets them from me hahaha

It looks like she finds it gross, but it's actually her favorite oatmeal lol
That baby is too funny. My precious snugglepuff. lol My little family is funny.

All in all, it's been a good day. A VERY good day. Plus my boss texted me so i have work all weekend. But I'll still make it to Lea's birthday party on sunday (might just be a wee bit late) Frost will go look for birthday gifts for her :)

We already know what to get Alicia so we've got the covered.

And for those of you who might wanna know: We're celebrating Freya's first birthday on her actually birthday. Thursday the 20th of august, So ya'll are welcome at our place after 17:00. (figured most peoples jobs ended by then) I actually had to ask Stina about what she thought. haha And since the first birthday is such a big thing for us, it has to be on that day :)

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