Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's what...almost 2am now?  Damn... I'm Fucking tired.
And my little snugglepuff woke up right when I said I was gonna play my last game for the night when I joined a party online. -_-

And now I'm laying here, in her bedroom...with her on my chest. And its like the most relaxing feeling in the world. I told Frost I'd probably sleep in here for a while too lol... I love being close to her.
Freya's teething again so she's extra sensitive and worried at night now.

So now I'm here. ❤ 

It's been a good day. Managed to level up some in destiny, go on walks with my family, pick Freya's b-day gifts up, and then me and Freya watched House while I knitted and Frost played some video games in the other room.

Yep. It's been nice.

Plus my daughter is just all in all awesome. Like me haha
So cute in the bow I knitted just for fun hahahahah

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