Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Newcomers and playdates

I see new readers! Neet. :D

I like my readers. You're kinda fucking awesome. Just sayin'.

So welcome to my blog people! 
I have no idea why you're reading it, but go on. Haha 

Freya played with Lea today. Aaa and Inplayed with Stina. Mom's play together too ya know. We had a so much fun. Freya got to pee on their floor. Play with their toys, I got to eat baked beans and bacon. I.Fucking.Love.Bacon. ❤️ Plus Freya had a bowl on her head which was adorable lol

Played some destiny when Freya fell asleep while my oh so wonderful and helpful man fixed stuff for me in the other room. Ah, and there's a dude who wrote me on Xbox Live who offered to help me level up in Destiny,  which I kind need -_- Muchly appreciate, man. *bro fist* 

I mean, I ain't a complete fucktard. I do ok. Even though I just literally started playing it. :) But it's fun. I like it. I'm just sayin' it'd be nice to get some help to level up faster. 

Buuut this game made me more excited about the new Halo 5 sooooo much more now. My expectations are sky high. (They made Halo....) right, Moving on.

This wasn't at all what I was gonna write about. I was gonna say that I've had a nice fucking day, and that I love my
Little weasel baby and my Honeypuff of Glory. 

And that I appreciate the people in my life. Especially those very few who I can tell about very certain things. Well I guess you know who you are. 

I just need to be a bitch once in a while to Function. Get it all out. I suffer from the resting bitch face syndrome anyway so it's not like it's a surprise that I can have bitchy moments I suppose. (Although, I think I'm kind of a sweet potato most of the time) 

Plus, imagine being me- who always speaks her mind and is always honest (there's a difference between being honest and being a cunt btw) The one who you shouldn't ask for opinions unless you actually want it, 
 so just imagine me NOT being able to say what I REALLY FUCKING WANNA SAY out loud. It's eating me up. 

It's like... There's a rabies infected raccoon inside my head screaming like crazy and throwing garbage around. Or something. 

Therefor it's quite necessary to have someone to vent it out to. 

Or accidentally murder someone. 

Moving? Fun day o had. :D
My man got me a late anniversary gift too, woho!

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