Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I've been a bit passive about the blogging. It's cause we haven't done much.

Went to play at a baby pool with Freya and Nathalie. I've been working.... Oh and I've been ready to fucking die due to this god damn heat. 
I'm all good now though. It's cooling down a little. 
Freya had problems sleeping too cause it was just too hot in her room. But she's got her own fan now and she's sleeping really well ❤️ 

She's developing fast these days. Growing up more and more. Gosh. Such a big girl ❤️

Oh. And video games. Yes. Those.
I've been playing them a LOT lately.

oh oh oh and I gotta brag a bout something lol
I got an achievement in Halo Team Death Match.. "Bite The Hand".

I was wondering what the fuck that achievement was....apparently I killed a creator of the game! Someone who actually worked with creating the game Halo. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Hah. I shot him in the head.
Apparently it's a rare achieve my too.

What else?
Meh nothing more to write about... 
I got new painkillers. The get rid of the pain pretty well. But unfortunately I gotta eat a lot of them, plus they can make me nauseous. So... Meh. No good news on that front either I guess. 

It is difficult at times to live with EDS.
And sometimes it's not. But for the past 8 months it's been a living hell. 

I'm doing soooooo much better these days. :) 
It's going forward. Slowly. 

I'm looking forward to September too. 
I'll get a better income, and I can also start my diet again. Cause it's fucking expensive to eat healthy. :(

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