Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Early morning

It's around 6am today. And I'm laying half dressed like zombie in bed. 

I choose to see it positively and say that I'm half ready. Yeah. Not half dead.

But here's the thing. Frost is in the shower. (I know right? Wtf is he doing up now?) He's up cause it's a short amount of time he gets to spend with me. 

That doodle is too sweet so it makes my heart twist and twirls sometimes haha 

I'm glad I bought him sown thing tasty yesterday while working :)

Well, I have the "shorter" shift today. So I'll be coming home around 3 today (that's when the shift ends anyway) 

And I need to make sure I get home then cause my coworker had decided to take the resident to his place outside of town. And this is gonna take some time for us.... Damn it.

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