Saturday, June 30, 2012


See, I told you this evening would be mighty fine. First of all, my derp brother managed to get internet for my laptop! OH YAY! cause I've been using my phone all the time now since I don't have a router for the net. YET. I'll get one ok? So, basically I'm freeloading of the neighbours internet. Scchh...don't tell anyone. it's working quite alright :)

And secondly, my brother just left. He's staying somewhere else tonight. When I asked him where he was like "uh... well i dunno. here and there I guess? I don't KNOW."

....right. So when I asked him if he was meeting a girl his eyes went like O__O hahaha And then he turned kinda red. Hmm... well, i'm happy :D I don't really care anyway. I just wanted to know if he'd be back or not. Which he wont. So I went on a strek here :D got the place to myself. Been putting in the clothes in the closet. Ran around naked in the apartment just cause I could and now I'm here on the kitchen table.

No idea why this is where I ended up though.

well anyway. I'm eating Malaco, Gott & Blandat candy. My favourite! Half of it is liquorice so I'ma have to throw that away. Mwahaha it's the other stuff I want anyway. NOM.
I love the red and orange ones :)

there's something about the way it feels in the mouths which makes me like them. Hmm.. I'm not a huge fan of jelly stuff otherwise. Nope. But this, this is GOOD.

My little sister

So this is me and my little sister.
Say Hello to my lil' sis. Cute one she is. And just as odd as me. We're the complete opposites of one another. Haha
Yeah she's a lot taller than me I guess. THAT DOES NOT MEAN I'M SHORT. I'm above average yes?

I had a short moment yesterday... Couldn't reach what was on the second shelf in the cabinet. Seriously. Haha Was this place built for giants?! Just cause my brother is.. What? 6,5 tall? Hmm... Anyway.

My lovely sister made so many cakes today and she was such a good girl for getting up early and making them and so on so I just wanted to praise her for doing good, that's all :) I'm really proud of my sister for putting in such an effort <3

Uh oh

Ah this ain't a good thing. Probably. Haha!
I was talking to Frost. And then he was going for a ride and said he'd write when he got back... Fine by me I thought. I figured I could go back to the old place and pick up the rest of the remaining stuff. (OH btw he got a haircut today. Must see. He so fine you know) I was just gonna lay on the sofa for a while first....

So I said bye to Frost................. And I woke up now. A few hours later. This is probably not good haha. It's like 9 in the evening.... And well tbh I'm feeling pretty fucking tired. But I'm about to drink my rocket coffee which will launch me to out of space or something. Haha

I feel funky haha My brain is going rooaaaaaaaaaaarr.... . . . No. *snore*

Yep I can tell that this'll be a mighty fine evening. I wonder if I'll even sleep tonight. Yay. doubt it.
Or maybe this'll make me go into zombie mode and make me sleep all night as well? Hmm? Time will tell.

Cheerio fuckers!

A good day

It doesn't remind me of anything

I wouldn't mind getting lost here. :)
We're heading to the lake.

Our forest

It's a nice place to be :)

Me today

I don't look half bad today aye? Haha

French meringue

Omg. My sister is a GODESS when it comes to make cakes. Mmmm....

Well, I've been sitting inside with her making cakes and salad and coffee to serve everyone. Yay me.

Dancing with myself

Yup. On the highway.
Wroom wroom. Good thing I ain't allowed to drive haha Cause we would've flown across the roads lol

Ah we're listening to Billy Idol :) the Bloody Irish boys and flogging Molly are coming up. Lalala...


Yeah I needed a wee breakfast before leaving town.
Off we go!

Good morning!

So, tonight was the first night I spent in the new apartment. I haven't really all? Yay! Haha no idea why I couldn't sleep. I was so tired yet I just rolled around in my bed. Which is btw motherfucking HUGE. How come I never realised how big it is?

Ah well, more room to move around in anyway. Haha

lol I went to bed with wet hair btw. I look like a charming little troll now :D


In lying in bed right now.. Talking to Frost.
Ah me and Lei Lei had some nice quality time together earlier tonight. She kinda makes it hard to move when she decides to be this close to me though.

Welp, I've had an awesome day. :) good food, good people and loads of love haha Oh I get all the love I need... My tree be spoiling me yus.

Time for sleep soon I guess. Tomorrow is a big day as well. Gonna go out to Zinkgruvan and celebrate Lasse's 60th birthday! I WANT CAKE! Nom.

Oh and we got him the best birthday gift ever. Haha

Midnight snack

Aahahah lil' sis came over for some Texas pecan ice cream. Oh yeah... Friday night is secured.


Aaaah I needed a break from moving all those freakin' furnitures and shit... My body is aching.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Little cousin

Aws my little cousin has grown up. Cry baby Johannes lol

He'll always be a cry baby in my eyes :)


Aaahaha I just made the loudest burp ever!! Or so I thought, cause then Josse came and won the prize haha

Fancy fuckers.


Nibble nibble!
I guess I was hungry. The dumbfuck siblings are having dinner. The best kind I might add haha

This shall be a great day

Cause we started it in a great day :) lol see what I did there? I wrote 'we'... aaaw haha. Moving on. I need to run to the new apartment and drink some coffee.
Bah... my coffee maker is over there now. And the microwave as well.

I will warn you all that I might not answer the phone or reply to any messages that much today (or tomorrow either)  cause I'll be busy as hell. I kid you not. Today is a busy day. Moving so many things from my place. Cleaning, fix the contract with Johannes. Fix up Lei Lei as well cause she's gotta look her best tomorrow. PACK. Leaving town tomorrow and I'll be back... uh... well I have no idea when I'll be back. Might be back tomorrow night, or the day after or whatever you can never be too sure lol

Aaah I didn't get the job. DAMN IT. How could I NOT get it, with my awesome optimism and all that? Hmm... oh well. Vad gör det om hundra år?

Got rejected in the weirdest way ever. He gave me an ego boost deluxe. O__o Talking about my personality and how awesome I was, finished it all by saying, "well, it's a sunny day today, will you spend it sitting somewhere listening to Big Bang I wonder?"

..... How can a person remember such things. Ah he wasn't talking about Big Bang Theory. He remembered that I used to listen to Big Bang lol.

What a weird fucking rejection I got.

Meh, they told me to come visit them often cause they liked me. "say hi next time your'e here. We can talk then"

Meeeh....... penis. I want pizza now...

And Frost. I want Frost now. Yeah. I need hugs. Cause I'm feeling awesome and less awesome at the same time haha. Make any sense?

well, I'm off to carry heavy things. Even though I don't really feel well. Think I'm getting sick...darn it.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strawberry yoghurt

You're supposed to get it in the mouth..
But my tits were apparently hungry. Yay.


Look who found a nice bell to play with! Haha

Yep he shook it hysterically for a long time... My brain hears things now. Haha He stopped a while ago but I still hear the sound hahaha

For real?

There, Just blocked someone on facebook. YaY. No idea why  haven't done it sooner?
A very creepy motherfucker that has been stalking me for some time now... with creepy I mean creeeeeeeepy. Like weird. Not pervy but weird.

And he always wrote weird things, not quite understanding that we were indeed NEVER friends. O__o Well this was the last time he could write to me on facebook anyway. My blog unfortunately is a different thing.

    • hi there
      hey dear how you doing?what have been the ups and downs of your days since your last birthday?take confort in th efac that i am here to help you as i studied psychanalysis and psychology with faith.
      it is sad ot say you will need a differen ttherapist a smy skills are poor ot average 
      i had a rotten holiday at start as i did not remember mauritius island with my heart but upon explaining my problems it got friends avoid me for unknown reasons so i just stay at home and surf th eweb
      do you plan on get fianced with your current boyfriend?
      what it is that attracts you to asia|?the lifestyle history or just sight seing?
      tk care
  • NIcholas Ng Sing Kwong
    den 23 maj 2011
    • hey girl i'm sad yiou didnt reply to my mail
    • how do you do?what is exciting about life in sweden?
    • we have the eternity to become closer friends my beautiful one 
  • NIcholas Ng Sing Kwong
    den 12 maj
how are you oding girl?

This is just some of the weird messages  I've gotten -_-

Frost does not like it when anyone tries to touch his koala.

First of the day

Aaaah first coffee of the day. On the balcony none the less. How awesome is that?! Mmm...

Ah the reason in looking a weeeee bit annoyed/tired is probably cause my brother managed to push my every button that shouldn't be pushed haha
I went to bed rather early, and went up kind of early as well. But I got at least 7 hours of sleep. Meeeeh...

Anyway. Today is a day when I feel like I want to be alone. My phone has been ringing 24/7 lately. And it annoys the hell out of me now. I don't mind having people calling me, and I don't min helping people out, but when everybody wants my help and company at the same time, I get a little pressured. Especially since I too have stuff to take care of. So, I'ma turn my phone of. I'm not kidding when I say I got like 140 messages yesterday and 74 phone calls.

And I kinda hope that none of you will get angry at me. I'm actually AM sorry for not being able to back everyone up. But everyone wants my utmost attention. And one cannot have that if everyone needs it at the same time right? Simple logic. I'm just one person and I can only be at one place at a time.
I'm just tired, that's all :) give me a day or two. The only one I talk to all the time is Frost. <3

Ah well I'ma finish what I started now. Todeloo!

Well this is just awesome

Breakfast with Daniel. Yay.

Aaah one thing that bothers me though is that I can't seem to eat that well cause it hurts when I eat. My throat hurts... But not like a "cold-pain" cause I ain't sick. This just hurts. And makes me feel sick and throw up. Weird.

But I'm eating sandwiches right now. With my faaaaavourite kind of cheese on it, and ham. Mm.. Simple is goooood. It's huge btw.

I did well. PRAISE ME!


Pancake tree be sleeping yes, so I don't wanna wake it. Scchhh....
I'ma climb up and snuggle.

I just wanted to say Hi!! Without waking sheepy tree up. Yus.
So I say Hi here!

Hi! *waves*

Drink yoghurt

I like it!
Welp, Big brother just came over like a kid on crack. Yay...

Anywaaaaaay, this yoghurt is good on so many levels. Good for the body,  good for the immune system and whatnot and good for moi cause it's delicious. hah!


Aah me be hiding under the covers. Very comfy yes.
I'm having a breakfast party under here. But it's a bit boring alone...

I'ma sleep a bit longer I guess. Ah I sleep way too much now.. Hmm..... Oh
Microwave. I need to move that today. *snooooore*

I am wet

I am trying SO very hard to sleep right now.
I went up and washed my face and thought hmmmmmm if my face goes down a sink full of warm water then maybe, juuuuuust maybe I'll wanna fall asleep?

It didn't work.

Well it did and it didn't. I got wet. All over actually. Yay me. I got tired from trying to dry myself haha (still wet though.. Dripping everywhere. So I have up and went back to bed. Wet. Not so smart...)

Aaaah I'll fall asleep eventually. I hurried home tonight yup, cause I wanted to talk to my Tree!  I'm trying to be all good and whatnot haha Well good night!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Kitty cat... Here kitty kitty kitty....


Good news everyone. I've solved the money issues for now. Still gotta deal with most of it later but a big part of it is solved for now. YAY ME.

And I also have a few backup plans. Perfect. So if things go wrong I always have my oh so brilliant backup plans ;) haha

Well, I've already told Frost about this and that I'm sooo happy now hahaha So I guess I should call my mum now. YAY! hah... nowadays Frost gets to know everything before everyone else. haha Aws see, special. yep.

Moving on.
Yeah. So, now I'll sit here and pray to get that job. I WANT IT. I'LL GET IT. CAUSE I WANT IT SO MUCH. Right? Me wanting something badly enough will end up with me getting it right? That better be how it works. *mumbles something about a lil' pancake tree...* Yeah this should work. Totally.

Oh btw, I so hate the heat right now. My body can't handle it when it get's this warm . . . . I'm the type of person that enjoys a bit chillier climats bleh... 90 degrees makes me wanna kill myself. 68 degrees... I can handle it. 50 degrees. PERFECT FOR ME.

-22 degrees... is quite enjoyable as well if you ask me haha

Anything below 68 degrees is totally fine.

Our climat is weird.

-22 in the winter sometimes, and 90 degrees in the summer.
What the fuck is up with you sweden?!


'Btw, u remind me of the punk ass girl in About a Boy. U look like her, and act like her, GO CHECK HER OUT. The movie. Starring Hugh Grant. And check out the song 'Shake Yo Ass' by some vulgar rapper. It's from that movie and hilarious.'

I am so totally taking that as a compliment. 
It better have been meant as one anyway. 
And I've seen that movie, it's ace haha.

My friends are cute sometimes hahahaha
Btw do I act like that?! O_o

Aaws, it's rather sweet.


Big sunglasses yup... But oh so good.

Glasses... the beauty of them is that whenever you look shitty as hell you can always hide behind them. And also, my eyes suck at handeling too much sunlight so haha

Me and Ida, derping around. As one oughta do every now and then.

now would you look at that

I was the first one to get tossed away like trash.... and now they're throwing away my friends like trash as well. Hah, why on earth would anyone ever wanna work for the commune when they treat us like shit?

Aaah... I feel bad for my friends. They have kids. :/ Well, they have husbands to help them though, but still. That job, was our life.

I spent everyday there. 7 days a week. 14 hours a day most of the time. To loose it sucked balls and I seriously did cry a lot. But now I'm more in like a hate - mode towards my useless old boss. She can go fuck herself.

I'ma head back there this winter, cause they'll get another boss then. I'ma stomp in there and put my foot down and show them how disgustingly awesome I am and work there yet again.

But as long as my current boss is there, NO. Biggest most incompetent idiot I've ever come across.

I hope things work out for my friends though...

St Nikolai church

Felt like taking a picture. So I did :)

Yum with Ida

Uuuh people buy me food all the time and I feel like a chubby idiot. A poor chubby idiot -___-

But I am ever so grateful and omg this is so delicious!!


I'll snuggle a wee bit more today before getting up.
Mmm *snuggles my pillow*
I'ma hide under the covers now. BYE!

Oh look

I'm at my spot again ^_^
How nice.

Buuuuut Lei Lei wants to go out. I don't. The rain is pouring down and if you ask me, wet dog ain't my favourite kind of thang haha So NO. For now, let's just be still for a moment.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Le me today

Yeah this would be me today. A bit raggedy and worn out haha.

Happy though :)
it has been a good day, and I've had bad news and I've had fun. Mmm, all in all: A good fucking day. Bit hectic but still. I even got myself a foodbox home from Carro and Bassem :D nomnomnom....

Couscous. How delicious. I've been eating a LOT today. And sushi.  Frost better praise me loads now.

The secret

Well, this certainly has been a busy day for me.
And shitty internet on the phone as well. Yea, I rely on my phone way too much. Which makes it hard for me when the internet connection is a total cunt from time to time.
Internet is my life at the moment. lol

So, I have done oh so much today. Haven't been home all day. And now I'm finally on my couch.... not doing shit. Worrying a wee bit about financial issues... ah... Looks like I need 10 000 kr by friday. haha I am just SO screwed aren't I?

At first it was like 5000, and now it's suddenly 10 000. LOOOOOOOOL Just kill me now haha

But, I'm still not too worried, maybe it's the stupid side of me taking over a bit... All things will just clear up eventually.

Which reminds me, I read something very very interesting on Xiaxue's blog. About "The secret". Oh I've heard about it before but never paid any attention to it really... But it's actually such a logical and simple thing. So I copied what she wrote explaining the secret.

For all of you who have no idea what "The Secret" is, I shall start by saying it is kinda like a... school of thought popularized by the best selling self-help book "The Secret", written by Rhonda Byrne. She also made it into a movie. As the movie has no plot whatsoever, I don't think it was ever played in Singapore's cinemas so I doubt many Singaporeans have watched it. I personally find the book better anyway!

Let's start from the beginning... I was watching Entourage with Mike and suddenly the characters mentioned "The Secret". I asked Mike "What are they talking about? What Secret?"

And would you have it? Mike had The Secret's movie's dvd somewhere and we finished that episode of Entourage and watched it.

And as I watched, light switches kept flicking on in my head. It was the closest thing to an epiphany I've ever felt. Within an hour, my entire outlook in life changed.

As I said I cannot explain The Secret as well as the book did... Plus the book is so chockful of information... but I will try.

- Thoughts become things... Whatever you dwell on will manifest into real life events, be it good or bad.

- Law of attraction states that when you think of good things, good things come to you. Dwell on the bad, depressing or keep giving out negative energy, bad things will happen to you.

Ok it sounds like some enlightenment scripture crap so far but here's the awesome part...

You can attract into your life EVERYTHING you have dreamed of if you use The Secret, and use it well.

You can have money, looks, love, career, health - ANYTHING.

You can even wish for a harem or a spaceship. The secret isn't like religion, it doesn't judge. It doesn't care about whether you are a good person or a paedophile. You just need to follow the instructions.

And what are the instructions?

You start by asking. 

You ask the universe for what you want, and it will find a way to deliver it to you. You don't have to figure out how to achieve it, the universe will just GUIDE you there.

Don't believe it? When Walt Disney first put pencil to paper and drew a mouse, do you think he ever envisioned or planned the route to movie empires or giant theme parks? No, he had a dream, and the universe made it happen for him.

After asking you virtualize, try to imagine yourself already obtaining your wish. Never ever do "negative" wishes ie "I don't want to be poor" because if you keep thinking you are poor, you will constantly be. 

Change it to "I want to be rich!". So no "I wish my mom will stop yelling at me." Say instead "My mom and I get along so well and for that I am thankful!"

Other than making your wishes here's the hardest bit - ALWAYS HAVE GOOD EMOTIONS.

The book says that there are only 2 kinds of emotions - GOOD AND BAD.

Good is when you are happy, inspired, contented, hopeful etc... And the bad... Depression, disappointment, anger, jealousy, dejected etc.

How your mood constantly is will generate MORE of that sort of mood for you.

Do you want to constantly be depressed? If no, snap out of sadness asap.

You can use tools to help you, such as remembering a super funny event or thinking of your cute pet or listening to your favourite song. Whatever helps! I like to virtualise Igloo's fuzzy head and his ears flopping when he runs, it's hilarious.

I find this part the hardest because it isn't easy to get rid of anger for me. I don't really get sad anymore, but I do get mad easily. And I know that the little spurts of anger I have will accumulate and create some nasty occurrence in my life. :[

Another emotion that is hard to get rid of is doubt. The moment you dream about something, a logical person will think "But how is that possible? Zac Efron will never fall in love with me..." Well, if you say so (or rather, think so), the universe delivers. 

So see? It is not 100% foolproof. You can control your fate, but unless you somehow master your brain and emotions, you cannot control it 100%.

But if you didn't know about the Secret, at least you are now aware that you can change if not everything then a huge part of your life!!

What you have in your life right now is entirely your own doing. Are you a happy person and lucky things keep happening to you? Or are you a Negative Nelly and shit keeps happening to you? It isn't a coincidence - it is cause and effect and it's a cycle. Snap out of a vicious one!

One emotion that the Secret says you should always have is Gratitude. 

In fact, Byrne wrote 3 books, The Secret, The Power, and The MagicThe Magic is entirely on just gratitude itself.

The book states that whatever you are grateful for, you will get more of. Whatever you take for granted, whatever little you have will be taken away from you.

Ok enough lifting material from the books... Please go buy them yourselves.

Now that you know the rough contents, I will talk about how The Secret affected me!

When I was reading the book I read a paragraph that says something like... If you master The Secret, you will lead the sort of life that everyone will be envious of and amazed by.

I reflected upon my life and I thought... I already sorta have that, don't I?? Every other day someone tells me they wish they are me or have my job/hair/weight etc. And how is this possible when I didn't know The Secret before?

The fact is, I already discovered it when I was 14. Well actually, just a tiny, tiny part of it. And even so, it has already made my life so awesome.

When I was 14 my friend Eileen was a fan of Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert comics. She lent me a book he wrote and there was a small chapter called "Affirmations".

Adams believed that if you wrote something down on paper everyday for 10 times a day, it will come true. He said you didn't even have to believe this works... Just do it. Be as skeptical as you want. Make a wish, form it into a sentence and make it specific. Write x 10, everyday.

And yes, I do apologize for it looking so freakishly weird here haha. But it's interesting stuff I tell you.

On the road

Yup. On the road.. Listening to Guns n' roses. Schweeet!


I'm out for a walk with Sofi and Sigge. She waited so kindly for me while I was on the interview :) naaaw...

Oh. And I aced it. It went so freakin' well! They'll call me on Friday to let me know if I got the job or not. Hope I do!!!

Ah and thank you all for wishing me luck. D'aaaw makes my heart a bit warmer yes ^___^


Sofi has been driving me around all day. And we ended up at Carro and Bassem's place. Mmm... Arab food can be quite tasty sometimes. And I hadn't eaten since yesterday so this was peeeeerfect!

Well off I go to the interview :)
Wish me luck!

Good morning

I'm staying in bed a wee bit longer today. I woke up early :) But I'm not moving yeeet...
Pancake tree be sleeping <3

Oh looksie, me first thing in the morning. Hah.

dear lord

What can I say? 
He brings out the perv in me.

Loving and adoration from Jo at it's best.

Hmm?, made no sense? Yeah go figure. I rarely do.

me like

ooh, this app is awesome.
Yeah well these pics were taken in march BUT I had to pick some pictures so I could play around with them. This is fun.

Purdy colours and whatnot. Me is enjoying myself now.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I forgot to mention.
I have a job interview tomorrow! At a gamestore :3
And I'm nervous and scared as fuck to mess up...
Keep in mind that is has been ages since this lil' lady went on a job interview. Usually I always get the jobs but now... one can't be too sure. Especially when other huge-mega-thunder-nerds has applied as well. Apparently I'm the only woman so far . . . hmm.... good or bad thing? Hmm..

I'll try and act "normal" tomorrow.

Yeah, I'll totally have this song playing in the back of my head.
Just imagine me walk my walk of the Glorious Jo with this music ahaha


Oh so snuggly evening.

Someone's been spooning me on her own free will.
She's been acting weird today. 
Usually I force her to snuggle me, 
this time she forced me.
Made it very hard to respond to Frost as well 
cause I couldn't move...
But see, I haz a phone mwahaha. 
I didn't have to move. HAHA
But the cuddles, were highly appreciated.

Aaaw, look at her holding me. 

Yeah it's rather easy to please me.
All I need is love and I'm all good. :)


Dear lord the weather is freezing today. 
Rainy and windy as fuck. I need a comfy bed, warm covers and a Frost.


Aws happy moments.

When I was waiting in line at the store, someone came up and grabbed my butt. Y'all know how I feel about touching right?

I was about throw a high five at that someone's face when I saw a huge familiar smirk on that face. I recognised that smirk. Aws... Pyret! That was a nice surprise.
Though I told her that she better be careful when doing something like that in the future.. My reflexes are faster than my brain. But she said she was prepared haha She had already moved out of the danger zone. Clever woman.

Good day for me :) Loads of coffee with an awesome crew!

And tomorrow Sofi will drive me to the vet! Thaaaank yoooou!

Jo of the day

OOOH It is such shitty weather outside today. The rain is pouring down... This would be a day for snuggles under the covers. Buuuuut instead I'm heading outside. Weii....

Moving on.
So I'm going to meet up with Sofi soon. Ah today's topic would probably be all about men and love. Yup. :) AND COFFEE.


You know what?

Hot passionate wild intense sex. That's what's on my mind lately. I want it.. What's on your mind? Hmm? Do tell? I wanna hear.

Here's a good thing to do when you can't....always get what you want when you want it.

You watch the muppets. Not only am I laughing my arse off... But I am so not imagining things at all, like his touch or his eyes or voice. Nope. Yeah the Muppets are like TOTALLY working.

As long as you NEVER EVER EVER PRESS PAUSE. Don't ever press it. EVER!!

Just sayin' . . .
This should keep everyone's mind of sex hmm?
How kind of me to help the world. And make a difference you know? Mmm, Ya'll just love and adore me right? 


Aws I really do like their new album... well, most of the songs anyway.
Well, These two songs are the ones I like the most.

Wanna know how you know you've made a really great song?

If you make someone smile, or feel better, or make someone go around humming it. THAT'S how you know you've made a great song. Make it have meaning. There will always be people saying 'oh that song sucks' or 'Meh I don't like it'. But to someone, that song might've just saved his/her life or maybe brighten up someone's shitty day. Haters will hate. Simple as that.

Well, my favourite songs by these guys are still Sound of Madness and Diamond Eyes.

I'll Follow you is beautiful... I love it. I really do.
Buuuut english ain't my native language. Ooooh shocker I know. or not? Anyway, since it's not my native language I sometimes have a hard time following some expressions. Many expressions and metaphors I already know, but there's still some I don't know yet. So when it comes to lyrics... I can't always figure out the meaning behind them cause sometimes they're just fucked up, simply put. Sooooo makes me wonder, are they metaphors/expressions I haven't heard before, Or are they simple wordpoop?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Being forced to eat

Yep being forced to eat food, in a rather ...unique way hahaha Aaaw. How can one say no to eating now. Aaah I love you haha