Saturday, June 30, 2012

My little sister

So this is me and my little sister.
Say Hello to my lil' sis. Cute one she is. And just as odd as me. We're the complete opposites of one another. Haha
Yeah she's a lot taller than me I guess. THAT DOES NOT MEAN I'M SHORT. I'm above average yes?

I had a short moment yesterday... Couldn't reach what was on the second shelf in the cabinet. Seriously. Haha Was this place built for giants?! Just cause my brother is.. What? 6,5 tall? Hmm... Anyway.

My lovely sister made so many cakes today and she was such a good girl for getting up early and making them and so on so I just wanted to praise her for doing good, that's all :) I'm really proud of my sister for putting in such an effort <3

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