Thursday, June 28, 2012

For real?

There, Just blocked someone on facebook. YaY. No idea why  haven't done it sooner?
A very creepy motherfucker that has been stalking me for some time now... with creepy I mean creeeeeeeepy. Like weird. Not pervy but weird.

And he always wrote weird things, not quite understanding that we were indeed NEVER friends. O__o Well this was the last time he could write to me on facebook anyway. My blog unfortunately is a different thing.

    • hi there
      hey dear how you doing?what have been the ups and downs of your days since your last birthday?take confort in th efac that i am here to help you as i studied psychanalysis and psychology with faith.
      it is sad ot say you will need a differen ttherapist a smy skills are poor ot average 
      i had a rotten holiday at start as i did not remember mauritius island with my heart but upon explaining my problems it got friends avoid me for unknown reasons so i just stay at home and surf th eweb
      do you plan on get fianced with your current boyfriend?
      what it is that attracts you to asia|?the lifestyle history or just sight seing?
      tk care
  • NIcholas Ng Sing Kwong
    den 23 maj 2011
    • hey girl i'm sad yiou didnt reply to my mail
    • how do you do?what is exciting about life in sweden?
    • we have the eternity to become closer friends my beautiful one 
  • NIcholas Ng Sing Kwong
    den 12 maj
how are you oding girl?

This is just some of the weird messages  I've gotten -_-

Frost does not like it when anyone tries to touch his koala.

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