Monday, January 23, 2017


The other day when Frost was cleaning and throwing away all my stuff. .  We found my photo/scrapbook.

It very nostalgic. I really do miss my old friends. 

Somehow we all grew apart. Especially when I broke up with Kirre. 

Some of them though, I occasionally stay in contact with. 

But thanks to Hanna I might see them soon. She told me that they might actually be happy to hear from me, so why not give it a shot? 

Alex on the other hand... he's still crazy. And that ain't gonna change. Met an.old buddy a while back and he told me that alex still has never worked. That means that he's 30 and still leaches of his girlfriend. Uugh... Alex and I used to be like two peas in a pod. Inseperable. I was heartbroken when the friendship ended. But he was getting too paranoid... he thought i became friends with the man whom his girlfriend cheated with. Yeah it was a very weird situation. He still hates me for something that never happened. But I don't hate him. I could never hate him. I don't know the person he is today though... 

And Tobias. We kinda grew up together. And he was close friends with my ex >_>

His little brother is someone I used to be very close to... I think I wanna hang out with him again. But I've heard that he gets cut off when he's got a girlfriend which he has now. He never used to be that way before by we'll see. I wanna see them both again.

And Frida... I kinda miss her too. But we can always manage to catch up.

Hoey...well I don't really know which part of the world he is in atm...he like a to tracek around. We still keep in touch at times. 

The ones not in the picture would be Martin, (whom I haven't heard from in almost 8 years) and Nicky (who I still talk to)  and Besart....who is closer than you think lol there's also Erik, Tomas, Mike and others... 

As you may have figured out.... I didn't have many girlfriends at the time. Haha 
And it didn't bother me. This photo was taken when I was turning 18. Or maybe I was just 17... no 18. Cause my sister is in the pic.

Anyway,,, I never minded having only guys as my closest friends. It wasn't weird or awkward. Just like..normal?

Sitting in a cramped up room with 7 smelly guys playing videogames was the awesome. I never regretted nit ha ing girlfriends. 

I had Virre and Frida and.. at a younger age I even had annica. 

These days are different. 

But I'm surrounded by awesome people haha

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I'm bringing bombastic!

This is such a freakin' weird video.... and I can't help it, but it's fucking catchy. Especially on a loud volume.

Unfortunately she has a tendency to make crappy songs imo.

I've been knitting like a maniac lately.

I'm going out to meet Hanna today. We'll see where we end up.

Frost went through aaaaall the drawers in the big TV drawer. I'm paralyzed.

this is my first and second....and third reaction.

So many of my things that I've hoarded lol Things I don't need. (But what if I dooo need them?!)

But it took a mountain of all those things placed on the floor for me to understand.
Like this is seriously about 4 bags of junk he's found O___o
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I'm so ashamed.
Uuurgh get away from me shame.

I have a tendency to just put something away without thinking. And then it'll just let it lay there without another though. He found so many sketches and drawings but I decided to actually throw them away. I kept the ones I like of course. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


It's been quite the... odd week I must say.

We've redecorated the living room. (my idea) and I like it.
No more sun on the TV :D I should be able to see the screen properly in the daytime now. Awesome.

LOL Me and Frost started watching A series of unfortunate events yesterday.. (You know, Lemony Snickets) 
And there was this one thing they siblings said that just made me laugh so fucking hard.
"You can't keep us locked up in here!!"
"You know who else says that? Prisoners." loooooooooooooooooooooooool
That was some funny shit.

And now we're watching Hotel Transylvania and I LOVE IT. It never actually crossed my mind how awesome it is haha

Aaaaand I also styled Frosts hair :D Because I'm gonna cut it soon. Woho! ME! I'm going to cuuuut it! Cool huh?

He's handsome right? Oh and we've also had a crazy-ton of sex. haha
Oversharing? Yeah? Suck it up. :P

So yeah. Decent week. Yep.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


We've had a good day today!

Freya walked Lei lei aaaaall by herself (well obciously i walked next to her lol) But I could tell that she felt very big while doing so. She was adorable.

She ate a huuuuuge lunch too. Like a giant bowl of spaghetti and meatsauce. Omnomnom... 

Unfortunately I've felt a migraine come creeping up on me all day... And now it's finally appeared. It fucking sucks. And it's painful. Like meningitis painful. Smacked me right in the god damn face it did. Yep.

I'll be playing black ops3 later and try to distract myself... but I don't think it'll do much. 

Oh oh. Oh I've totally forgotten to mwntion this: my oldest friend had a son the other day! Tor! (Or as you guys might say: Thor) He is incredibly cute. I'm so happy for her and her fiance. ♡♡♡

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesdays can be boring

But not this Wednesday. Hah.

I'm making tasty dinner in a minute aaaand swedish pancakes later before Freya goes to bed too. Yep. Yum yum. Delicious aye?

Yesterday I was so happy cause I got some good news, so I made american pancakes ♡ Ah they were fucking fluffy too. Excellent job Mama Jo.
 Frost gobbled it down haha

Gosh this morning when I woke up...the pain was excruciating. It's been a while since I had this much pain. :/

But I'm staying positive cause I'm finally going to meet the magical unicorn physiotherapist! Yay!!! 

Well I guess I should start with the food soon...nom!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Freya got to choose lunch today. Since I'm making a slow cooked stew for dinner later tonight... I figured she'd be happy with this.

Which she was. 

And tbh.... it's been years since I ate simple swedish pancakes. :) 

She gobbled it down pretty fast. And there's a few left for later. Nom nom.

Freya and Frost are watching The carebears now. Haha Freya's really unto it now. 

There's one show she loves more than anything else though....  
'Daniel Tigers neighborhood.' ♡ she's crazy about it. It's quite adorable.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My cool

It's been such a long time since I heard this song.
I actually like this one :D

Felt a little nostalgic earlier :)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I found Eurodancer too. And I suddenly remembered how much I hate that fucking song. My little sister would play that song on repeat for literally HOURS.... like no end too it. Guh... hahaha Memories.

I've been having severe tummy aches lately :/
It hurts like crazy... and my EDS has taken a turn for the worse. I suppose that's what I get for getting so happy when the pain had lessened a little.
I almost believed that I could be normal there for a moment... and now this.
The pain is insane.
 But then again, Frost gives me massages and he just made an awesome lunch for me. Nom nom. So it's alright for now I guess.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy new year!

Its 2017. ☆

We had a great time yesterday. Though I'm a little sickly and I almost passed out straight after midnight lol  I'm lol

But the dinner was awesome and the dessert too. Well i failed with one of the desserts....but that taste is totally fine.

Anyway, I hope everyone gets a wonderful 2017.