Saturday, January 21, 2017

I'm bringing bombastic!

This is such a freakin' weird video.... and I can't help it, but it's fucking catchy. Especially on a loud volume.

Unfortunately she has a tendency to make crappy songs imo.

I've been knitting like a maniac lately.

I'm going out to meet Hanna today. We'll see where we end up.

Frost went through aaaaall the drawers in the big TV drawer. I'm paralyzed.

this is my first and second....and third reaction.

So many of my things that I've hoarded lol Things I don't need. (But what if I dooo need them?!)

But it took a mountain of all those things placed on the floor for me to understand.
Like this is seriously about 4 bags of junk he's found O___o
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I'm so ashamed.
Uuurgh get away from me shame.

I have a tendency to just put something away without thinking. And then it'll just let it lay there without another though. He found so many sketches and drawings but I decided to actually throw them away. I kept the ones I like of course. :)

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  1. I'M THE EXACT SAME. I will legit put something in a box and be like: well... I might need it some day. Heck, it can even be things I don't even want simply because I THINK I MIGHT NEED IT SOME DAY. Like wtf.
    But it's so nostalgic to go through them sometimes.
    Also shameful... *cringe 666ever*


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