Monday, January 23, 2017


The other day when Frost was cleaning and throwing away all my stuff. .  We found my photo/scrapbook.

It very nostalgic. I really do miss my old friends. 

Somehow we all grew apart. Especially when I broke up with Kirre. 

Some of them though, I occasionally stay in contact with. 

But thanks to Hanna I might see them soon. She told me that they might actually be happy to hear from me, so why not give it a shot? 

Alex on the other hand... he's still crazy. And that ain't gonna change. Met an.old buddy a while back and he told me that alex still has never worked. That means that he's 30 and still leaches of his girlfriend. Uugh... Alex and I used to be like two peas in a pod. Inseperable. I was heartbroken when the friendship ended. But he was getting too paranoid... he thought i became friends with the man whom his girlfriend cheated with. Yeah it was a very weird situation. He still hates me for something that never happened. But I don't hate him. I could never hate him. I don't know the person he is today though... 

And Tobias. We kinda grew up together. And he was close friends with my ex >_>

His little brother is someone I used to be very close to... I think I wanna hang out with him again. But I've heard that he gets cut off when he's got a girlfriend which he has now. He never used to be that way before by we'll see. I wanna see them both again.

And Frida... I kinda miss her too. But we can always manage to catch up.

Hoey...well I don't really know which part of the world he is in atm...he like a to tracek around. We still keep in touch at times. 

The ones not in the picture would be Martin, (whom I haven't heard from in almost 8 years) and Nicky (who I still talk to)  and Besart....who is closer than you think lol there's also Erik, Tomas, Mike and others... 

As you may have figured out.... I didn't have many girlfriends at the time. Haha 
And it didn't bother me. This photo was taken when I was turning 18. Or maybe I was just 17... no 18. Cause my sister is in the pic.

Anyway,,, I never minded having only guys as my closest friends. It wasn't weird or awkward. Just like..normal?

Sitting in a cramped up room with 7 smelly guys playing videogames was the awesome. I never regretted nit ha ing girlfriends. 

I had Virre and Frida and.. at a younger age I even had annica. 

These days are different. 

But I'm surrounded by awesome people haha

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  1. Awesome people, aye?
    I'm just gonna count myself into your crew! *^*


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